National UFO Reporting Center
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2010/06/03


Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
6/2/10 23:15ModestoCAUSAUnknown2 secgreen light over modesto6/3/10
6/2/10 23:00Fort WayneINUSAFireballfireball in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Venus. We spoke with the witness, who indicated a time of 11:00 p.m... PD))6/3/10
6/2/10 21:10TempeAZUSADisk5 minutesSaucer shape, flying over Tempe, 6-7 white lights making a pattern as flew south. June 2, 2010 at apx, 9:10pm.6/3/10
6/2/10 19:10HollywoodCAUSAOvalA few secondsdeep black oval object flying smooth over Hollywood/Los Angeles.6/3/10
6/2/10 18:20PeoriaAZUSAEgg15 secondsSilver, solid, egg shaped object heading NW.6/3/10
6/2/10 10:45Fleming IslandFLUSAOther1 min apox060210 10:30PM/Fleming Island, FL While on my 3rd floor patio, I saw an object shaped like a top surrounded in fluorescent red light6/3/10
6/2/10 04:30Anaheim HillsCAUSASphere3 min or soBlue ball of light over the Anaheim Hills area off the 55 N. when it meets with the 91(California)6/3/10
6/2/10Ilkeston (Derbyshire) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball10 minutesDerbyshire fireball.6/3/10
6/1/10 22:56Rouyn-NorandaQCCanadaTriangle3-4 sec.Black triangle / lights formation in triangle shape sighting with sound6/3/10
6/1/10 22:50WaynesvilleMOUSATriangle10 secondsApprox 10-12 orange lights in a V-formation or triangle shape6/3/10
6/1/10 22:00ChesterfieldVAUSAUnknown2hrsfour objects passing over chesterfield6/3/10
6/1/10 20:45MiamiFLUSACircle5 minutesWeird round object hovers over Miami skies before it's gone!6/3/10
6/1/10 20:30Sunrise BeachMOUSAChanging1 hourI saw a very bright object in the western sky that appeared to have segmented lights.6/3/10
6/1/10 20:00IndianapolisINUSARectangle1 minuteHuge, translucent vertical rectangle spotted floating in sky before sunset around 20:00 in Central Indiana6/3/10
6/1/10 19:15NoblesvilleINUSAFireball7 minutesUnknown light in sky headed toward Tipton6/3/10
6/1/10 19:05New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAOther5 minutesAn unidentified, misshapen flying object east of Manhattan, moving eastward over Long Island, at a constant rate at a constant altitude6/3/10
6/1/10 05:00BuffaloNYUSAFormation10 Sec.Low flying starlike orbs in urban area, triangle formation make for the sky silently at at unseen speeds6/3/10
6/1/10 00:45DaytonOHUSATriangle5 minutesElongated triangular shaped craft seen over east Dayton, flying south before splitting into 2 seperate lights.6/3/10
5/31/10 22:10ElginILUSAFireball5 minutesTwinkling, firely light surrounded by or in front a red circular shape moved across the sky before hovering and dissappearing.6/3/10
5/31/10 22:10ElginILUSAOrb3 minFirey orange orb seen in sky over Elgin, Illinois6/3/10
5/31/10 20:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAOther30minlights shooting across NM sky.6/3/10
5/31/10 13:20TampaFLUSACylinder5minjust a black cylinder that hovers with no sound. and a helicopter near by.6/3/10
5/31/10 11:15Thousand OaksCAUSACircleten minutes (twice)The first sighting was about 11:00am. The object appeared white, not shiny. Altitude, maybe around 5000 feet and very slowly moving to6/3/10
5/31/10 09:40GravetteARUSALightcurrentBig bright light over arkansas watched from gravette.6/3/10
5/31/10 02:50MasticNYUSACircle3 secondsGreen light with white outline zooming past and disapearing6/3/10
5/31/10 01:00MundeleinILUSAUnknownMINUTESAround 1:15 a.m. I witness a bright light over some clouds. At first looked like lightning but then it happen again same place or dist6/3/10
5/31/10 00:00ParisKYUSALight3-4 secondsvery bright flashing light streaking over Paris KY, disappeared before reaching horizon6/3/10
5/30/10 22:30DraperUTUSACircle45 min or longerTwo bright circles soaring independently through the sky, one remained bright green while the other changed from white to blue to red6/3/10
5/30/10 21:00GilbertsvillePAUSAUnknown10 minutesGlowing object over Gilbertsville PA6/3/10
5/30/10 13:45Las VegasNVUSAUnknown30 minsObject with no contrails, fly erratically over Las Vegas Valley.6/3/10
5/30/10 12:30SeattleWAUSARectangle2minI was driving North on I-5 about to take the 405 exit, and over the hills/treetops I saw a dark gray object that was the shape of a lar6/3/10
5/30/10 10:30WatertownNYUSACircle2 hrVery fast moving lights that showed a circular formation; red and sometimes orange and white. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))6/3/10
5/30/10 02:30Granite BayCAUSAChanging10 MinutesStrange color and shape changing light over Northern California6/3/10
5/30/10 02:20Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle1 minuteLarge rectangular UFO with glowing lights spotted in the United Kingdom.6/3/10
5/30/10 00:50Williamsburg (2 miles north of; I-75)KYUSAUnknownroughly 5 secondsSudden appearance & equally abrupt disappearance of illuminated & extremely fast UFO flying in the night sky above I-75 South.6/3/10
5/29/10 23:12MinneapolisMNUSACircle60 min so farUFO over mpls 5/28/2010. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))6/3/10
5/29/10 23:10Santa CruzCAUSALighttwo minBright light hover over Santa Cruz, CA6/3/10
5/29/10 22:44Iowa CityIAUSAChanging:30Iowa city group of lights6/3/10
5/29/10 22:30New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown4 minutesSlow moving, starlike object brightens and dims as it goes.6/3/10
5/29/10 22:30FondaIAUSASphereEvery NightThe object changes colors and moves. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a celestial body. PD))6/3/10
5/29/10 22:00Oregon CityORUSAOrb5 minutesOregon City Sighting on 5/29/2010 - Approximatley 12 red-orange lights ascending in the east.6/3/10
5/29/10 22:00CerescoNEUSAFireball5 minA fireball behind a unknown shape craft over Ceresco Nebraska traveling at a high rate of speed.6/3/10
5/29/10 22:00RichlandMOUSAChangingstill occuring.I saw three craft-like objects that were shades of red in the sky.6/3/10
5/29/10 21:30Oregon CityORUSATriangle3 minsTriangular light formation hovering over Oregon City/ West Linn area Oregon.6/3/10
5/29/10 21:30Oregon CityORUSALight20Oregon City UFO sighting like red shining stars in triangle formation6/3/10
5/29/10 21:10SarasotaFLUSASphere1 minuteLarge glowing red object moving slowly6/3/10
5/29/10 20:05TaosNMUSAFormation5 minTwo large craft that released a dozen smaller craft which dissapered as the larger craft kept flying6/3/10
5/29/10 13:00LancasterOHUSAChevron2 sec.A white chevron UFO moving at high rate of speed in perfect visibilty.6/3/10
5/29/10 10:30MinneapolisMNUSACircle5 minutesA amber light with a surrounding halo was hovering above Wells Fargo Center for approximately 5 minutes on 3 separate occasions. It wo6/3/10
5/29/10 06:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesStrange black object flies inland from ocean preceding sunrise6/3/10
5/29/10 02:00CommerceCAUSACircle3 minutesA bright like in the sky looked like a normal star then it started to get really bright and pulsating very fast and took off.6/3/10
5/28/10 22:12Green BayWIUSAUnknown30-45 secondsOrange object seen moving across night sky. Did not have a trail, nor did it fragment, explode, or change size6/3/10
5/28/10 09:10RockfordILUSACylinder7 minutesLong black tube seen in Rockford IL6/3/10
5/28/10 02:37PattersonCAUSATriangle30 seconds3 lights hovering and flying past the freeway in Patterson, CA.6/3/10
5/28/10 00:16North MankatoMNUSASphere:17Object flew from the southeast gaining slight altitude as it floated across the sky just under cloud level at a high rate of speed. Obj6/3/10
5/27/10 22:20RochesterMNUSALight1 hourAppeared to be a plane, but had three bright lights and hovered.6/3/10
5/27/10 22:15VenturaCAUSAOrb10 minutesI saw a red and white flashing object that moved in any way other than a straight line, and I think it noticed me.6/3/10
5/27/10 22:00ChicagoILUSAFireball15 seconds((HOAX??)) Glowing Fireball witnessed by 6 sober people in front of a chicago bar.6/3/10
5/27/10 21:00Apple ValleyCAUSALight45 minHigh Altitude Bright Objects appearing in the sky accompanied by smaller, faster objects.6/3/10
5/27/10 17:58PalmdaleCAUSAOrb2 minutesround black orb about 10 feet wide was spotted. Reflect a white color as the Sun light hit object. Slow moving.6/3/10
5/27/10 01:00TucsonAZUSADisk1O MINUTES((HOAX??)) Tucson, AZ Saucer caught on Video!!6/3/10
5/27/10 00:00Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknownone hourUFO Over Western Colorado May 27, 2010?6/3/10
5/27/10PhoenixAZUSALight25 minbright light over west phoenix ((NUFORC Note: Time of sighting not indicated by witness. Possible sighting of Venus. PD))6/3/10
5/27/10EnersonARUSALight20 seconds((HOAX??)) i was calling for my wife and kid and it was gone i live in emerson ar. i live 21XXX hwy 98 emerson, ar.6/3/10
5/26/10 23:45ArlingtonTXUSALight3 secondsA star like object moving up and down rapidly and disappeared in the sky6/3/10
5/26/10 23:25NorwalkCAUSALight5 secondsabout 8 different shaped, circular lights. moving slow across norwalk, ca6/3/10
5/26/10 23:15MorristownTNUSATriangle2 hourstriangular shaped craft in sky over east tennessee6/3/10
5/26/10 22:08Torquay (Devonshire) (UK/England)United KingdomLight4 minbright red glowing lights,flashing with inner white to amber6/3/10
5/26/10 22:00West MemphisARUSALightTwo hoursI small star like object moved and changed directions several time for a total of two hours6/3/10
5/26/10 22:00JohnstownPAUSALight30 minutesBright Orange (oval shaped) object over Johnstown PA flys for short period then remains stationary in sky for over 30+min6/3/10
5/26/10 09:30Santa FeNMUSAFormation1:00Two gold "star like" objects moving silently in formation.6/3/10
5/26/10 03:30MiamiFLUSADisk10 mins((HOAX?? Date discrepancy.) my girlfriend and i were laying outside on a hammock around 3:30 we were both awaken by a humming noise6/3/10
5/26/10 00:20LouisvilleKYUSAChangingits still in the skyTwo crafts Hover over Neighborhoods6/3/10
5/25/10 23:00Mount WashingtonKYUSATriangle45 minutesFlashing multi-colored lights appear to be in triangle shape form hovered for 45 mins then disappeared.6/3/10
5/25/10 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlash10mina bright light over Albuquerque NM6/3/10
5/25/10 21:48La MesaCAUSATeardropFew SecondsTear drop comet looking objects in the sky6/3/10
5/25/10 21:35St. Louis (Creve Couer)MOUSAOrb30 secondsWhite Light, circular, N to S flight path, dim at first then bright whight back to dim, 30 seconds6/3/10
5/25/10 21:30Los AngelesCAUSALight30 secondsSingle bright light appeared to approach and then move off to the south in the sky over Los Angeles. ((NUFORC Note: Reflection? PD))6/3/10
5/25/10 21:30New York City (Bronx)NYUSAUnknown20a few red light many white illumining lights, in the Bronx, observed from my bedroom window and the other individual was in the street6/3/10
5/25/10 21:30Fort Leonard WoodMOUSAUnknown5 SecondsCircular lights in sky over Fort Leonard Wood, MO6/3/10
5/25/10 18:00QuakertownPAUSACigar30 secWhite cigarette shaped object traveling northbound Quakertown Rt. 3096/3/10
5/25/10 14:00Las VegasNVUSAOval5 minutesLas Vegas Nevada. White orb in the sky spotted at 2:00PM, Orb then disappeared and re-appeared several times over a period of about 5 m6/3/10
5/25/10 04:07CirclevilleOHUSAOther90 secondsI went outside to look at the stars, bored out of my mind and that is what I do when I get bored. I have been seeing an unusual amount6/3/10
5/24/10 21:30Fort Leonard WoodMOUSAFireball20 secondsa dog fight between two foes6/3/10
5/24/10 20:00WestbrookMEUSAOval30 minutesbright light in the sky in westbrook maine ((NUFORC Note: Either Venus, or a twinkling star?? PD))6/3/10
5/24/10 14:30CharlestownRIUSAOther1 hourStrange aircraft again over southern Rhode Island6/3/10
5/24/10 09:15Green LakeWIUSAStill going on, 30 min anAt present, there has been a light in the southwest sky, about half way between the moon and Venus, it has been moving in all patterns,6/3/10
5/24/10 07:45HonoluluHIUSASphere60 secI was on the Sandy beach at 0745 and had noticed something flying over me and as I looked I saw that there were 7 sliver spheres half s6/3/10
5/23/10 23:45Rolling MeadowsILUSACircle5 minutesWe saw a circular object flying low in sky with 3 bright blue rotating lights, and it was silent.6/3/10
5/23/10 21:00Mt. PoconoPAUSACross30 minutes80-W and 380-N Intersection Sighting of Cross-Shaped UFO6/3/10
5/23/10 20:55BrooksvilleFLUSALight2 minRed light seen towards the east coast of central florida6/3/10
5/23/10 18:15Thornton Heath (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle5 minutesNow I see ufos nearly every day6/3/10
5/23/10 02:15DallasTXUSADisk10 secondsUFO6/3/10
5/23/10 02:00Los GatosCAUSAOval5 minutesI saw a large, dark, slow, loud, UFO that was 60 ft from the ground.6/3/10
5/23/10 01:16AlgonacMIUSAFireball5 -7 minutesFireball over canal, changed directions and eventually split into 3 lights forming triangle.6/3/10
5/22/10 23:45GalvestonTXUSAFireball2minOrange Craft Seen Over Galveston Bay6/3/10
5/22/10 23:00IrelandIrelandUnknown3 MINUFO BRIGHT LIGHT IN SKY6/3/10
5/22/10 22:30Brook ParkOHUSALight15 minutes4 lights, moving across the night sky, changing directions and speeds.6/3/10
5/22/10 22:28Mansfield (UK/England)United KingdomFireball10 minutes5+ fiery balls moving at high speed with direction changes.6/3/10
5/22/10 22:25Handforth (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown0-:04came over the house in distance wet past my window and disappared6/3/10
5/22/10 22:05PortlandORUSALight30 minsThe object had a slight amber tint to it. It looked like a satellite, or star, but then it started to change directions. Almost like a6/3/10
5/22/10 22:00Little ChuteWIUSALight40 secondsBright white light moving from north west to south east. Near the Big Dipper constellation. The Light disappeared after it went past th6/3/10
5/22/10 22:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 minsOrange cluster of lights followed by six points of white light - moving in night sky and changing direction.6/3/10
5/22/10 21:24Lee's SummitMOUSATriangle10 minutesBlack triangle in Lee's Summit, MO near Lake Jacomo6/3/10
5/22/10 21:00Fairless HillsPAUSAFireball4 minutesFlame flying across sky6/3/10
5/22/10 20:27RockfordILUSATriangle2 minutesTransparent ship with triangular positioned lights in Rockford, Illinois6/3/10
5/22/10 20:15San FranciscoCAUSAOval1minoval gray flying saucer6/3/10
5/22/10 16:40Cali (Colombia)ColombiaTriangle5 secsarrow point object6/3/10
5/22/10 11:58Howard BeachNYUSACircle30 minutes and countingA bunch of circlular moving into each other below the clouds6/3/10
5/22/10 04:00Marthas VineyardMAUSACylinder35 seconds((HOAX??)) Red Tube In sky.6/3/10
5/22/10 04:00NantucketMAUSACylinder30 seconds((HOAX??)) We saw a red tube in the sky.6/3/10
5/21/10 23:45EdinaMNUSAUnknownongoingI came home from dinner with my two sisters in Minneapolis, and there were 3 lights moving in their own circular directions, converging6/3/10
5/21/10 23:34RiversideCAUSACigar20-30 secondsLarge twinkling/flashing light with smaller one across from it, spinning like a baton6/3/10
5/21/10 22:30McCombOHUSATriangle20 minutesTriangle shaped object with red pulsating lights with instant change of direction and speed.6/3/10
5/21/10 21:55St. LouisMOUSAUnknown12 minutesVery bright amber, green and red lights in the night sky moving slowly to the west northwest.6/3/10
5/21/10 21:30RaleighNCUSALighta few secondssudden white light moving vertcal disappeared then reappeared moving horizontal before disappearing again6/3/10
5/21/10 15:30EulessTXUSAChanging1 minutechanging dark silver cilinder object hovering in sky in daylight appeared for 1 minute6/3/10
5/21/10 00:26PalmerAKUSASphere10 minutesAt about 12:27am on the 21st of May, while getting ready for bed and all was quiet, I heard the same sound I heard in mid-March when I6/3/10
5/21/10 00:05San JoseCAUSALight5 minLight very irregular movement in sky.6/3/10
5/20/10 23:40Port Hawkesbury (Canada)NSCanadaLight15 MinsFive UFO's one very Close and Zipped away very fast6/3/10
5/20/10 22:10BoonsboroMDUSAOval20 minA large ball of pulsating light with 2 smaller flashes of light shooting out from the sides then disappearing.6/3/10
5/20/10 21:40SpringfieldNJUSATriangle10 minutesTwo of us saw a very large UFO for 10 minutes,not moving and silent.6/3/10
5/20/10 21:30TollandCTUSAOrb10 sec2 red blinking orbs.6/3/10
5/20/10 21:00Aransas PassTXUSALight2.5 hoursI saw floating lights dissapear and reappear many times over widespread areas going slowly west.6/3/10
5/20/10 19:15Beverly HillsMIUSACigar5 secondsFast moving, low flying, very large and long metallic object seen in daylight.6/3/10
5/20/10 11:00South KingstownRIUSAChevron5 minutesOdd chemtrail and jet formation over souther Rhode Island6/3/10
5/20/10 01:40MesaAZUSALight5-15 secondsTwo orange/amber lights moving across the sky in a SE to NW direction seen from backyard in Mesa, Arizona at 1:40 a.m on May 20, 2010.6/3/10
5/20/10 01:00ChinoCAUSAUnknown20 secsound - my wife and i were awaken by a sound that i have never heard before in my life it was very quick and very close to our house, i6/3/10
5/19/10 22:43CantonILUSACircle15 secondstwo sets of five/six bright yellow lights too high to be an animal, too low/big to be aircraft /star appear out of nowhere in rural IL6/3/10
5/19/10 22:10SarasotaFLUSAChanging6 minutesRed and Blue lights jerking across the sky and multiple helicopters circling the event during and after.6/3/10
5/19/10 21:15WaynesboroPAUSALight45 minutesVery large and bright low hanging light in the sky, lasted for about 45 minutes before it dissapeared.6/3/10
5/19/10 19:00Mt. ClemensMIUSACigar3-4 min.Best I Can Describe Is A Flying Submarine.6/3/10
5/19/10 14:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 minutesI took pictures of a solid silver object in the sky!6/3/10
5/19/10 12:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSADisk3 minutesFlying saucer making possible telepathic contact and the sacer made a noise. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Hoax?? PD))6/3/10
5/19/10 03:00EL CerritoCAUSATriangle30 secondsAn odd black triangle shaped craft with other unknown crafts slowly difted pass our house6/3/10
5/18/10 23:40Acton (Canada)ONCanadaLight60 secMoving star vanishes6/3/10
5/18/10 22:00HelenaMTUSADisktwo mins.disk shaped object/ military choppers all around the object6/3/10
5/18/10 21:55St. LouisMOUSALight6 secondsBright white ball, flash and and then dimmed straight path, out of nowhere6/3/10
5/18/10 21:30BuffaloMOUSAUnknown5-10 secondsRed Glowing Ball6/3/10
5/18/10 21:30PortlandORUSADiamond7 minutessaw & filmed a pulsating diamond shaped object which changed shape several times over Portland, Oregon about 9:30 PM6/3/10
5/18/10 21:15OcalaFLUSALight10 minRound globe light with a wobble paases by the sky night6/3/10
5/18/10 21:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 hour((HOAX??)) it was scary shocking a starnge.6/3/10
5/18/10 16:20Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaOther30 secondsBulbous looking object seen moving through the sky6/3/10
5/18/10 12:30HephzibahGAUSARectangle<1 minuteHuge Rectangular Craft With LightsTraveling at a High Rate of Speed6/3/10
5/17/10 23:00JessupGAUSAUnknownAbout 7 minutesStrange noise in my ear and strange light in the sky that moved extremely fast.6/3/10
5/17/10 22:20GrantALUSATeardrop10-15 mins2 Teardrop shaped crafts sighted, one followed us down the mountain6/3/10
5/17/10 22:00Cherry Creek State ParkCOUSAUnknown10 MinutesOn Monday, May 17 2010 at 22:00 my friend and I were in cherry creek state park when we noticed 3 lights travelling from north to south6/3/10
5/16/10 23:55La CenterWAUSAFlash5 sec.bright blue/white light6/3/10
5/16/10 23:00RockfordILUSADiamond18 Minutes((HOAX?)) At 11 O Clock Pm Me And My Friend Saw A Dimond Shped Object That Shot A Bliding Light At Us But No Damage6/3/10
5/16/10 21:30HugoMNUSAOther3 minutesTwo bright lights, pentagonal in shape an red in color, moved across the northern sky, hovered, then flew off quickly.6/3/10
5/16/10 21:00PhiladelphiaPAUSADisk5 minutes3 disk shaped object's hovering over my house on may 16th 20106/3/10
5/16/10 19:55Meguro, Tokyo (Japan)JapanLight10 secondsTwo very bright silent lights fly North to South over Tokyo.6/3/10
5/16/10 19:00Cherry CreekCOUSAUnknown10 MinutesOn May 16, 2010 I witnessed a number of strange objects in the day time sky.6/3/10
5/16/10 16:00DenverCOUSAUnknown45 MinutesOn May 16, 2010 I witnessed a number of strange objects in the day time sky.6/3/10
5/16/10 09:40South KingstownRIUSACylinder30 secondsStationary gray cylinder slowly accelerates, turns white, then opaque, and disappears.6/3/10
5/16/10 00:14NortonMAUSACircleless than a min.Ufo flyover on a partly cloudy night6/3/10
5/16/10 00:01BloomingtonCAUSAFormation10 minutesSighting by about 10 persons aged 6-50, orange redish pulsating globes, southern california6/3/10
5/15/10 22:30Las VegasNVUSACross30 sec.Radially flashing lights on cross shaped object in Eastern sky.6/3/10
5/15/10 22:30Preston (UK/England)SKUnited KingdomFireball1 minutelooked like a plane but was lit up red and then it slowed down and stopped then changed direction but going much slower and then just d6/3/10
5/15/10 21:30Somers PointNJUSALight45 secondsI went outside to look at Venus and the Crescent Moon and caught a look at a light that appeared to be an airplane. I followed the lig6/3/10
5/15/10 20:45Gila BendAZUSAFireball10 minDriving West on the I-10 Freeway moments from entering I-8, as the sun set, I gained sight of the crescent Moon and slightly North West6/3/10
5/15/10 20:00DenverCOUSALight3 hoursOn May 15, 2010 I witnessed four ufo's that looked like bright stars or satellites. ((NUFORC Note: Satellites?? PD))6/3/10
5/15/10 19:45BayonneNJUSALight15 secondsA strange light/object that accelerated and changed altitude suddenly.6/3/10
5/15/10 19:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknown45 minVery Large Object.6/3/10
5/15/10 18:45ChicagoILUSASphere4-6 MinutesA Pitch black sphere slowly hovered, moving in a south-eastern direction.6/3/10
5/15/10 16:00ChandlerAZUSALightsmoke like cloud appeared then four lights moving diffrent directions fast disappearing in to cloud for about 10 minutes6/3/10
5/15/10 04:30PuyallypWAUSACircle1 minuteGreen circular object moving from behine MT. Ranier6/3/10
5/14/10 23:30Manchester-by-the-seaMAUSASphereAbout 2 minutes.I witnessed a bright orange glowing object in the sky on a starless night, and disappear as a plane flew near.6/3/10
5/14/10 23:30Fond du LacWIUSAFireball15 minutes"Fireball-like" objects seen over Fond du Lac, Wi.6/3/10
5/14/10 22:00BrazilINUSATriangle3 hours3 FRIENDS SPOT GIANT LIGHT UFO THAT LINGERED FOR 4 HOURS ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))6/3/10
5/14/10 21:45SalemORUSASphere30 minutesvarious objects in the sky near Salem, OR6/3/10
5/14/10 21:35Cedar CityUTUSALight2minstead single white dot heading southeast then rose straight up and vanished6/3/10
5/14/10 21:12SaugertiesNYUSAOrb3 minutesWhite flying light, that flew horizontal then dissapeared over Saugerties, New York.6/3/10
5/14/10 00:00Sedro WooleyWAUSAFireball5 minutesbright wierd fast motions6/3/10
5/13/10 22:30BurlingtonIAUSALight2:00An object flew over my house it looked like a regular star but it was moving very fast no flashing lights6/3/10
5/13/10 21:27TujungaCAUSASphere5 secondsobject disappeared and reappeared in afraction of a second, and descending 90 degrees westward.6/3/10
5/13/10 19:30WestonMOUSAUnknown5 minutesShiny Silver object in sky that seemed to hover in one spot then all of a sudden was gone,6/3/10
5/13/10 16:00EugeneORUSACircle8-10 minCircular object that looked like star in blue sky moved slowly south, stopped, changed directions and went north.6/3/10
5/12/10 23:30AmherstVAUSAUnknown2 min.Mother and daughter see strange lights of ufo for the third time in same location.6/3/10
5/12/10 23:18Riverview (Canada)NBCanadaDiamond5 minutesIt stopped and changed directions frequently, and eventually disappeared.6/3/10
5/12/10 22:30BallingerTXUSADiamond30 minutesBright, oscillating, multicolored diamond shaped object in the western sky, disappeared rapidly to the west.6/3/10
5/12/10 22:14Hood RiverORUSALight40 secBright white light acending.6/3/10
5/12/10 22:04Walpole Island (Canada)ONCanadaLightat least a minuteLarge white light below clouds is not there later on6/3/10
5/12/10 21:55Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight1 secondTwo bright green lights traveling west over our home, one bigger than the other, appeared to be descending. They could have been firewo6/3/10
5/12/10 21:47BremertonWAUSALight3 minutesbright star-like object traveling in a northeasterly direction implodes and dissapears, multi-witnessed numerous times in bremerton, wa6/3/10
5/12/10 19:45ChesapeakeVAUSAFireball8 secondsThe bright fireball dimmeded in appearance, then changed its trajectory, before disapearing.6/3/10
5/12/10 11:25Palo CedroCAUSAUnknown5 minutes or lessGreen streak in star trails image6/3/10
5/12/10 10:07St. JosephMOUSATriangle20-30 secTriangular craft with white light and blinking red lights hovering over field in thunderstorm.6/3/10
5/12/10 03:43WenatcheeWAUSAOtherone hourFlashing and red lights "dancing" and "looping" in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a twinkling star?? PD))6/3/10
5/12/10 00:30Napavine (outside of)WAUSAUnknownAbout 1 MinuteI was just driving home on North bound I5 near exit 71. There were a few people ahead of me and a few behind me, i wish i could know if6/3/10
5/12/10 00:00Hull (Hull) (UK/England)United KingdomOther1 minHull england Lights 1-2 Mins cluster of lights (Around 10-15)6/3/10
5/11/10 04:00Fountain HillsAZUSATriangle1/2 minuteWhite lights flashing in my window6/3/10
5/10/10 13:00WalterborowSCUSADiamondThe pic. i have of the ufo is 4 circles in the shape of a dimond.6/3/10
5/10/10 03:00WilliamsburgVAUSALight40 minuteszig zagging white light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of a "twinkling" star, we suspect. PD))6/3/10
5/9/10 22:00FairfieldCAUSATriangle35 sBoomerang UFO6/3/10
5/9/10 05:10Pens and Panama (between)FLUSACigar10:00We left from my husbands parents house back to ours. Clear as day very high in the sky on the way home was a shiny cigar shaped object6/3/10
5/9/10 00:00MemphisTNUSALight30 min- 1 hourOn Friday, the sky was really dark as if it was going to storm. Around 12:00 midnight, I heard winds blowing hard against my bedroom wi6/3/10
5/8/10 22:11Mill ValleyCAUSACigar5 SecondsSignted as I was driving south on Panoramic Hwy. The object Passed from east to west at very high speed 600-800 mph about 15 degrees a6/3/10
5/8/10 12:45Fort HallIDUSADisk1to 2 minutessilver disk hovering above house6/3/10
5/7/10 17:30LukaMSUSACircle5 To 10 Min.The Object Transmitted A Noise Then Flew Off6/3/10
5/6/10 22:00ProctorvilleOHUSALight2 hrsit was likede it knew we were watching.6/3/10
5/6/10 12:08CaviotaCAUSADiskclear photo of saucer in background of hawk picture6/3/10
5/5/10 11:30Canal WinchesterOHUSARectangle9 secondsLuminous rectangle, no lights or sound, tremendous speed.6/3/10
5/1/10 23:30Edson (Canada)ABCanadaFlashAbout 15 minutes each timMulticolored UFO seen over Edson Alberta Twice6/3/10
5/1/10 22:00Coolidge (Antigua)AntiguaOther8 minIs the military operating escape routes to the Orion System for some as yet, future event?6/3/10
4/30/10 20:30Pacific Ocean (no state)Cruise shipOval1 minThree objects in the sky in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico or USA on a cruise ship.6/3/10
4/19/10 00:30TempeAZUSAChanging5 minsTiny neon blue light ufo wittnessed by three in Tempe, Arizona6/3/10
4/12/10 22:00SalemORUSAOrb15 secondsit seem to sway back and forth slightly as it moved across the sky, brightly lit6/3/10
4/10/10 18:00BransonMOUSALightabout 3-5 minutesWe saw a bright "star" next to the sun as we were out for a drive.6/3/10
4/9/10 21:30IndianapolisINUSATriangle1 minute driving pastBlack Triaglular aircraft with two white lights and one red going across Indianapolis sky.6/3/10
3/19/10 17:45TallahasseeFLUSAChevron10 minaBullet and V Shaped UFOs seen over Tallahassee6/3/10
2/21/10 20:30DarlingtonSCUSACircleufo((HOAX??)) this was a alien vessel6/3/10
1/29/10 13:25JeffersonMDUSAOval1-2minutesOval shaped object sighted hovering over a field6/3/10
12/30/09 19:00StanhopeNJUSALight<1 minutePair of lights seen hovering, or slowly cruising, over Route 80 West.6/3/10
11/20/09 07:00Lac du Bonnet ("RM of" ??) (Canada)MBCanadaLight10 minutesStrange orange glow coming from trees alongside highway.6/3/10
10/28/09 19:30Santa Clarita County (126 freeway)CAUSAUnknown20 minutesI witness the teleportation of an alien spacecraft, as well as the soarce of this technology in action.6/3/10
10/27/09 18:25PhoenixAZUSALight45 minsWerid blue light in the sky, for 45 mins disappearing, reappearing, werid moves,very fast,only could be seen at corner of eye6/3/10
10/3/09 22:00Mill ValleyCAUSAOther20 secondsPossbile UFO Sighting In Marin County California6/3/10
7/10/09 00:00HighlandCAUSATriangleSeveral minutesBig triangular-shaped craft with many lights underneath, including a large white one.6/3/10
7/1/09 15:00San JoseCAUSAChanging3 minutessun shines of fuselage of very large high altitude object, small stationary light visible afterwards6/3/10
5/28/09 03:00San LeandroCAUSAUnknown5 secondsOn april 28 2009 at 3 am pacific time an alien appeared in the living room as i was sleeping on the couch.6/3/10
5/25/09 00:00TempeAZUSA20 secondsHigh altitude night flare over residential area?6/3/10
5/20/09 22:00MadisonWIUSASphere1 minuteWe thought the object was star, it was a white light which moved across the north north-eastern sky heading south and then faded away.6/3/10
5/17/09 21:00Bass Lake (near)CAUSADisk30 secondsProspecting for gold in california but found a UFO, or they found us6/3/10
2/10/09 10:00MesaAZUSADisk3 minPrivate pilot and passenger witness UFO in flight in northern Arizona Skies6/3/10
11/1/08 23:45ReddingCAUSASphere2 minutesRedding, CA Unidentified Flying Object in bright orange light seen with brother and two other friends on November 2008.6/3/10
8/5/08 20:45SpokaneWAUSADiamond15-20 secondsSteel fish-looking ufo swimming through our atmosphere6/3/10
7/15/08 15:00Shamokin (Coal Township)PAUSACigar5 secondsSaw a white flatish oval or cigar shaped white object for 5 seconds and then it disappeared. Clear blue sky with no clouds.6/3/10
3/20/08 19:50HumbleTXUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular object hovering above tree tops.6/3/10
9/14/07 23:23JacksonALUSATriangleApp. 30 secondsTriangular light-formation over forest near Jackson, AL around midnight.6/3/10
6/30/06 01:30MucieINUSAOtherhigh((HOAX??)) it was dark out6/3/10
5/19/06 22:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaDisk1-2minsI was 11 Years my best guy friend and our siblings were playing hide and go seek tag in the dark. Suddenly, My sis was screaming6/3/10
6/15/05 04:00PendletonKYUSALight3 minFour lights came together and made a cresent moon with sparkling lights.6/3/10
2/3/04 02:00LickingMOUSALight20 minThree huge bright white lights6/3/10
6/20/01 01:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown15 secFlying creature in the sky, with form of human dark skin. And moved in a floating motion. ((NUFORC Note: Serious report?? PD))6/3/10
10/15/00 20:00PortlandORUSACircle3 minutesMany, many,many. WOW!6/3/10
6/30/00 15:00SpringboroPAUSAOrb30 mini saw a ufo land and aliens come out6/3/10
10/25/99 21:00YadkinvilleNCUSAFireball3 secondHuge fireball with long tail of fire, streaming across the road in front of me.6/3/10
10/15/99 18:00Sierra VistaAZUSACircle2mina bright white light turned into a floating disk for 2min.than turned back into white light and zipped away.6/3/10
3/1/97 12:30Commerce CityCOUSASpherea few hoursLarge number of high altitude white spheres in sky over Commerce City, CO, in 19976/3/10
1/5/95 21:05SumnerWAUSADisk7 to 8 secSaucer comming in for landing at tree top and I was allmost under it. aprox 250X35 the ship had two doors that was black in color the r6/3/10
6/15/93 04:00KirklandWAUSACircle1 minuteBlue sphere moving slowly at low altitude, stopping twice to hover over road and then lake, vanishing with incredible speed6/3/10
8/10/92 23:00AltivistaVAUSATriangle20 min.This is one of five sightings that I have seen in my lifetime. At the time this occured, i was self employed. I ran a service company t6/3/10
8/29/91 03:00DonnellyIDUSAUnknown1/2 hourWhen there is an animal mutilation, what can you hear?6/3/10
11/1/90 19:00Traverse CityMIUSALight2-3 minThree eye-witnesses to a bluish light that moved so fast it was unreal above the tree tops.6/3/10
6/6/89 02:00Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)GermanyOrb5 minMultiple light-orbs / -spheres, transluciant, multicoloured, appearing rapidly and circling my house.6/3/10
8/8/88 22:00PlymouthOHUSATriangle15 minsWhile driving on ST. RT. 61 between Shelby and Plymouth I spotted a huge triangle shaped object.6/3/10
5/1/87 23:00WinslowMEUSAUnknown15 minutesThis sighting happened beck in the 80'S in winslow maine. I was about 7 or 8 and my brother was about 10 or 11. one night i snuck into6/3/10
11/1/83 20:00Citrus HeightsCAUSADisk1 minutebright orange saucer went from stationary, dropped and then shot back up in a v motion then disappeared.6/3/10
11/15/79 21:00AustinTXUSATriangle20-30 secondsLarge Triangle over Austin Texas 19796/3/10
9/1/77 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSACone3 minutesI know what I saw....I don't care if you don't believe me....6/3/10
12/31/75 22:30LisleILUSALight2 MINUTESDecember 31st, 1975. It was maybe around 10:30 pm. My husband (noW ex-husband) and I had been working in Westmont. We were headed to hi6/3/10
8/16/74 19:30SomersworthNHUSADisk5-10 secondsSaucer seen from about 40 feet away at top of trees in Somersworth, NH, 36 years ago.6/3/10
7/22/73 09:00Warm SpringsORUSADisk30-60 secs.Craft with green beam over Warm Springs, Oregon6/3/10
7/5/73 01:00PowellWYUSA30 secPowell, Wyo - 3 round fireballs going over our home traveling from south to north 07/05/19736/3/10
7/7/70 20:00La HabraCAUSAOrb10-20 minSILENT ORANGE ORB OVER MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE IN 19706/3/10
6/15/68 02:00Panama CityFLUSALight2:00-0215A large circular bright light appeared abruptly and stationary,for 10 to 20 minutes in front of the USS Vigor(MSO-473) at two in the mo6/3/10
8/16/57 21:30Smith's FerryIDUSADisk10 minutesWhen a disk UFO passes within a few feet of the truck cab, the Air Force calls it a lost missile.6/3/10