National UFO Reporting Center
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2015/04/30


Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
4/30/15 03:00PortlandORUSALight10 secondsStar-like white light in SE PDX. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD))4/30/15
4/29/15 20:30Marina Del ReyCAUSATriangle30 secondsAircraft with no lights flying over Marina Del Rey, CA at 8:30 PM 04-29-2015.4/30/15
4/28/15 23:30BrewsterMAUSATriangle20 minutes2 dim orange triangular/orb. First hovering north west cape cod bay . Moving away from each other in consistent high spe4/30/15
4/28/15 22:40CrestviewFLUSADisk10 minutesVery large disk traveling east then north above the clouds, blocking out first a 3/4 moon and then stars as it traveled.4/30/15
4/28/15 22:21Mountain HomeIDUSALight45-60 secondsSmall light darting across sky NW of the moon.4/30/15
4/28/15 22:15LewisburgPAUSAUnknown30 minutes3 disco ball objects flashing in sky hovering and moving up down and horizontally4/30/15
4/28/15 22:00YorkPAUSACone40 minutes3 nights same thing brightest object in sky moves hovers? ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))4/30/15
4/28/15 22:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaCircle10 seconds3 red circles spotted in Montreal.4/30/15
4/28/15 21:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight>1 hourDocumented unexplained light. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))4/30/15
4/28/15 20:15PhoenixAZUSAOrb3 minutesOrange orb moving side to side, then disappeared.4/30/15
4/28/15 20:10McKenzieTNUSALight15 minutesSilent, red lights flying from horizon to horizon one after the other.4/30/15
4/28/15 19:30Chandigarh (India)IndiaLight4-5 minutesA green light seen in the Chandigarh's sky on 27th April 2015.4/30/15
4/28/15 15:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaOval30 secondsFLYING KITE WHEN SILVER DONUT SHAPED OBJECT APPROACHED.4/30/15
4/28/15 11:15MiamiFLUSA6 minutesI am a sky watcher and this was something special.4/30/15
4/28/15 01:00Orland ParkILUSAOval3 secondsAs I lay down to sleep my eyes glanced the bedroom sliding glass down. An oval orange light flew by, travel east.4/30/15
4/27/15 22:00Avra ValleyAZUSAUnknown15 minutesV-shaped, lighted objects hovering and moving in westerly and easterly directions4/30/15
4/27/15 22:00Lake GeorgeNYUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange/red object in the sky.4/30/15
4/27/15 21:45Asheville (near Airport)NCUSAChevron>1 hourMoved around at frist in the sky slowly. Then got closer to the ground.Look like two or three different color lights on it. Saw one big4/30/15
4/27/15 21:15ManchesterIAUSACylinder1 minute4 witnesses to what first appeared to be a star in the west sky. The bright light then started moving alarmingly fast in a west to east4/30/15
4/27/15 20:11Bangalore, Karnataka, IndiaIndiaUnknown2-3 minutesCiting of an UFO traveling from one star to other4/30/15
4/27/15 12:50BeniciaCAUSAOther5 minutesTwo ufos over Benicia, CA.4/30/15
4/27/15 10:30BeavertonORUSAOrb30 minutesBright orb lighting up Oregon sky.4/30/15
4/27/15 05:30Thompson RidgeNYUSALight2-3 seconds5-6 dim white lights hovering over Thompson Ridge NY swamp4/30/15
4/27/15 01:07New CastlePAUSACircle3 secondsBright white ball of light appeared in sky then shot toward ground, SSW direction.4/30/15
4/27/15 00:00Chateauguay (Canada)QCCanadaCigar5-10 minutesCigar shaped, bright flashing red/white lights, no sound.4/30/15
4/26/15 23:07EugeneORUSACircle20 minutesStrange object in northwest sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))4/30/15
4/26/15 22:30YorkPAUSACone20 minutesUFO large moved fast then slow moved 3 feet in sky in instant,40 miles from first site.4/30/15
4/26/15 22:15FairbornOHUSAUnknown10 minutesI've seen this light many times, but tonight it moved while i was watching it. Close to WPAFB. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD))4/30/15
4/26/15 22:00Berkeley (above)CAUSAFormation5 minutesFormation over Berkeley, CA.4/30/15
4/26/15 21:48Flint/LansingMIUSAUnknownindefiniteNotified 911- An Officer of the Law witnessed this also! Red, Green, & White flashing lights, hovering in the night sky's.4/30/15
4/26/15 21:30FremontOHUSAChanging5 minutesAmeoba-like UFO.4/30/15
4/26/15 21:00Newcastle (Australia)AustraliaChanging1((HOAX??)) You don't see something this big in the sky, and no sound; it's like time was still.4/30/15
4/26/15 21:00KalamazooMIUSALight5 minutesI have been seeing them for days. Every night I go outside to smoke around 10pm. Facing north when I go out my door I see orange lights4/30/15
4/26/15 20:48AllentownPAUSAUnknown2 minutes2 glowing objects that disappeared.4/30/15
4/26/15 20:30SurpriseAZUSACircle3 minutesAmber colored object makes 90degree turn and disappears.4/30/15
4/26/15 19:10Scotch PlainsNJUSAFormation5 minutesTwelve dots moving in formation 20 miles southwest of Manhattan4/30/15
4/26/15 05:00BryantARUSALight45 minutesThey were creating a show.4/30/15
4/26/15 04:30Londrina (Brazil)BrazilLight7 secondsUfo or satellite?4/30/15
4/26/15 01:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaFormation10 minutesTwo lights move towards each other, followed by a complete formation appearing, Edmonton, AB.4/30/15
4/26/15 00:30MesaAZUSALight2 minutesAs a friend of mine took our dog out to the backyard last nite she saw a very bright light in the sky.I saw this same light thru an ope4/30/15
4/26/15 00:00StockbridgeMIUSALight4 hoursGlowing ball of light that changed in color and bounced around.4/30/15
4/25/15 22:40AnacortesWAUSACircle5-10 minutes3 large, bright orange discs traveling from SW to NE in perfect formation. They were completely silent.4/30/15
4/25/15 22:30EverettWAUSALight2-3 minutesA large, bright orange light moving across the clear sky4/30/15
4/25/15 22:00GoldenCOUSAUnknown2 hours +Color changing orb in the sky.4/30/15
4/25/15 21:45GalvestonTXUSAOval20 minutesLarge Hot Pink/Red very low and slow orbs over West end of West Bay. 7 seen in total4/30/15
4/25/15 21:45HoustonTXUSAOval0.5 secondsDowntown Houston, Texas, 3 people witnessed a quick oval flash through the sky at a fast speed.4/30/15
4/25/15 21:00MiddletownCTUSAUnknown10 minutesRed and green object flying over Arbutus St., Middletown.4/30/15
4/25/15 20:30McMinnvilleORUSASphere5+ minutesAll 3 of us are trying to figure out what this could have been.4/30/15
4/25/15 17:22New Plymouth (New Zealand)New ZealandOval?Unusual objects in photograph.4/30/15
4/25/15 14:00LanderWYUSADisk1 secondBlack oval shape caught on video flying overhead.4/30/15
4/25/15 02:45New BritainCTUSAFireball0:00Falling blue light.4/30/15
4/25/15 00:35Black Rock Campgroud Joshua treeCAUSATriangle3 minutesJoshua tree friday night (sat morning) 7 campers saw a UFO in the NNE sky.4/30/15
4/24/15 23:30Fort WayneINUSADisk3-5 minutesBright white disk that made a ton of noise. At first thought it was a place then it turned sideways and showed its circular shape.4/30/15
4/24/15 22:30Lake WorthFLUSALight45 secondsNight sky lights up bright blue for nearly a minute.4/30/15
4/24/15 21:45HagerstownMDUSALight15 secondsOrange and Blue lights seen moving away from each other rapidly.4/30/15
4/24/15 21:04MissoulaMTUSAChanging4 minutesTen orange bottomed objects seemed to shape-shift, one blacked out its light as it swooped down over the city.4/30/15
4/24/15 10:00West Palm BeachFLUSALight30 secondsScene Gary green and blue lights light up the sky the whole sky pretty sure I'm not the only one that seen it.4/30/15
4/24/15 06:00Grand RapidsMIUSACircle10 secondsShooting green light moving very fast from east to west.4/30/15
4/24/15 05:23MadisonWIUSAOrb5-6 secondsA shining green orb appearing suddenly in the sky in Madison, WI.4/30/15
4/24/15 02:30DaytonOHUSAFireball2 hoursFireball/yellow/orange "dancing figure" hovering, ascending, descending, (slightly); NEAR WPAFB.4/30/15
4/24/15 00:30FlorenceNJUSALight5 minutesOrange glowing object(s) that manipulated and transformed shape before vanishing into the sky.4/30/15
4/23/15 22:10King GeorgeVAUSARectangle5 minutesHuge rectangular craft, lights at both ends, slowly flying parallel to the Potomac River in Virginia.4/30/15
4/23/15 22:00WythevilleVAUSALightMinuteTwo blue lights chasing each other across the interstate.4/30/15
4/23/15 21:30Coon RapidsMNUSAOrb2:30Three red orbs in the sky that slowly disappeared.4/30/15
4/23/15 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOrb19:00Orange Orbs or Binary Pair + Fake Plane over SLC4/30/15
4/23/15 21:00BarringtonILUSALight10 minutesI randomly have been seeing small light in the sky changing colors moving around. It's been like this for the past week.4/30/15
4/23/15 20:10BuckeyeAZUSATriangle5-7 minutesAir Force jet's pursue 2 triangle shaped craft over White Tank Mountain Range4/30/15
4/23/15 20:00NewtonMAUSADisk20 minutesRound object that was brightly lit, moved slowly, 2-4 objects, fairly large.4/30/15
4/23/15 06:27WalkerMIUSALight2 secondsShooting star changes course and vanishes from view.4/30/15
4/23/15 01:00SahuaritaAZUSACylinder11 minutesSaw a bright green light shaped in a sideways oval shape move very slow in a straight line. The light seemed to scan the desert. It was4/30/15
4/23/15 00:00CorvallisORUSAOrb~30 minutesBright orbs of lights rapidly moving above and through Jackson Frazer Wetlands4/30/15
4/22/15 23:05LexingtonKYUSALight8 secondsSingle bright light the size of a large star moving faster than jet with no sound.4/30/15
4/22/15 22:00ElizabethtonTNUSACylinder5 minutesBlack cylinder craft slowly passes over head. At least the size of football field.4/30/15
4/22/15 19:00KelseyvilleCAUSALight15 minutesLake County.4/30/15
4/21/15 22:54South BurlingtonVTUSALight1 minuteBig blue light above Shelburne Rd. maneuvered in a 90 degree angle then disappeared.4/30/15
4/21/15 07:00CantonGAUSA15 minutesStrange noise.4/30/15
4/19/15 20:15ClintonWIUSAUnknown5 minutes +Loud roaring noise heard over all southern Wisconsin yet military and radar stations deny contacts.4/30/15
4/18/15 23:45HerkimerNYUSADisk5 minutesStar watching when we saw a very bright large obj. moving in very fast movements unlike any a/c. Up down and L to R. ((Venus??))4/30/15
4/18/15 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTeardrop7 seconds5-6 meandering and mingling translucent white teardrop shaped phenomena.4/30/15
4/18/15 21:15Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOrb45 seconds2 orange-red orbs or a cylinder with litted ends although no apparent connection between ends4/30/15
4/18/15 21:05Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5 secondsWhite streak in straight, horizional path. Head turns yellowish then red then dissappeared/disintegrated.4/30/15
4/13/15 12:30TrentonNJUSAOther3-4 minutesStar-like object not moving.4/30/15
3/28/15 23:00St. PetersburgFLUSAOther10 secondsLong, tubular white lights and fast.4/30/15
3/14/15 20:30ChandlerAZUSATriangle15 secondsTriangle shaped UFO hovers over Ostrich Festival.4/30/15
1/15/15 02:30Lordsburg (E of, on I-10; 10 mi. W of AZ)NMUSATriangle3 minutesLarge, unmarked, grey triangle shaped craft with bowl shaped hull underside as if to deflect heat upon re-entry under camo-net.4/30/15
8/20/14 02:00NorfolkVAUSACircle1 hour totalWe were off the coast of the eastern seaboard, not 100% sure but I think we were off the Carolina's. The boat was doing work ups getti4/30/15
8/14/14 17:00SelkirkNYUSADiamond35 secondsI was witness to two silent triangular UFO's flying at exact speed very close to one another. One UFO was slightly ahead of the other.4/30/15
8/12/14 13:30Green ValleyAZUSAOrb10 secondsBright light orb.4/30/15
7/4/14 20:00DowningtownGAUSACircle3 minutesI was at a fourth of July event in downingtown, PA around 8 pm. I was with my boyfriend at the time. I look over to my left and there a4/30/15
11/1/13 05:00ColumbusOHUSASphere10 minutesDancing, darting, bright white sphere, opaque plasma, basketball size, seen by 2 people together.4/30/15
7/4/11 21:25Redond BeachCAUSADisk3 minutesFleet of 11 color-flashing craft making formations in the night sky4/30/15
7/10/10 02:00Las VegasNVUSARectangle1 minutesVivid UFO craft siting.4/30/15
10/15/06 23:00Mineral CityOHUSAFormation1 minuteThe right time and the right place,very lucky.4/30/15
4/18/05 22:00ChaskaMNUSALight20 secondsSolid red light, 80 degree fast turn, faster than an airplane. Not a meteor or airplane maneuvers.4/30/15
7/3/02 14:10CurrieMNUSACigar4 minutesMetallic, cigar-shaped craft over Eastrn Murray County, MN.4/30/15
8/20/98 22:00Shawnee MissionKSUSAUnknown5 minutesBright shining light darting fast leaving trails in the sky.4/30/15
7/10/97 03:00StoughtonWIUSAFlashsecondsJust a violently fast moving bright light that crashed.4/30/15
12/3/95 23:00Bakersfield (45 miles from)CAUSALightWe were on a road 1000 ft high from a lake driving up hill I see 1 light then 3 lights in a tryangal the 3 light come at us fast as tha4/30/15
9/15/83 05:30DarlingtonSCUSAOther4 secondsI saw the pilot of this craft, and it picked me up .phm I'm t t t.4/30/15
6/30/81 02:00Desert areaAZUSALight~15 secondsMy sisters, my wife, and I were driving to Phoenix, AZ, when out of nowhere the inside of our car lit up like daylight.4/30/15