National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 220422

Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
4/22/22 11:00 Mansfield OH USA Cigar 15 min It was at least a mile long .all lite up . 4/22/22
4/22/22 05:35 Howard City MI USA Cross 5 minutes It was Shaped like a capitalized letter "T" 4/22/22 Yes
4/22/22 00:12 Tipton IN USA Cigar Saw the craft for 5-10min Saw a cigar shaped craft with lights on the underneath hovering above the city flying at fast speeds ((Starlink satellites??)) 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 22:55 East Concord NY USA Cylinder 5 minutes It was a silver/grey large cylinder shaped, moving slow and silent, going from north to south, as we tried to video it, it faded out. 4/22/22
4/21/22 22:02 Blairsville PA USA Cigar 2minutes Long cylinder, could see was metallic. Looked yellowish, lights along top. 4/22/22
4/21/22 22:00
WV USA Cylinder Long lots of white lights I saw this object flying over me it was long in shape lots of white lights then it was gone 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:56 Akron OH USA Cigar Approx 30 -45 seconds What at first appeared to be a weird cloud moving east turned cigarshaped with lights on side then disappe 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:52

4 aircraft reported, many pilots discussed on frequency. ((NUFORC Note: Report from /faa employee. Starlink satellites?? PD)) 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:51 Bloomington IN USA Formation 1 minute String of lights heading west to east across sky. 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:50 Painesville OH USA Other 2-3 mins. that we saw Straight line of lights in formation 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:50 Flat Rock MI USA Cigar 3-5 minutes Saw an amber string of lights fly west to east at airliner altitude, then seemingly faded into a perfectly clear night sky. 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 21:50 Parma OH USA
3 minutes approximately 10-12 evenly spaced lights appearing in northwest sky travelling southeast, fading out one light at a time. ((Starlink satellites??)) 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:50 Natrona Heights PA USA Disk
Straight line on 20+ that just disappeared 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 21:50 Muskegon MI USA Formation 2-3 mins Long, tight row of lights flew from over the lake going inland ((Starlink satellites??)) 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 21:49 Riverview MI USA Star 3 minutes Connected lights in the sky. 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:26 coraopolis PA USA Unknown
I was walking down the street the I looked up and see a UFO, than I was talking loud then UFO slow then it goes 4/22/22
4/21/22 21:22 Alvarado NM USA Oval Just over 1 minute Orange line turned into green oval 4/22/22
4/21/22 20:52 Evansdale IA USA Cylinder 1 minute Long straight bright white object, bright as the stars 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 20:47 Fareham Hampshire United Kingdom Changing 1 min There was a white round cloud and a bright light behind it moving at the same speed and distance. 4/22/22
4/21/22 20:46 Lewes East Sussex United Kingdom Light 1-2 mins We saw what looked like a moving cloud in a cloudless sky then a moving light appeared next to it and moved smoothly across the sky 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 20:32 Gretna LA USA Star around 5 minutes total Bright ball of light appeared twice. First time was under a minute. Second time for about 10 seconds. 4/22/22
4/21/22 20:23 Norwich Norfolk United Kingdom Light Couple of mins Ball of Light pushing a cloud? 4/22/22
4/21/22 15:30 Daytona Beach FL USA Triangle 5 seconds ((HOAX)) alien 4/22/22
4/21/22 10:06 Imperial PA USA Cigar About 3 mins. Bright very slow no Soundwave very bright 4/22/22 Yes
4/21/22 01:53 Grants NM USA Changing Last 5 months We are above Grants New Mexico stationery and moving every single night 4/22/22 Yes
4/20/22 23:19 Lafayette CO USA Circle 10 seconds I was looking out the window when I saw a circular shaped saucer at complete standstill in the sky. 4/22/22
4/20/22 22:14 Rosedale MD USA Light 5 min or longer Lights changing and moving 4/22/22 Yes
4/19/22 23:56 Lumberton MS USA Triangle All the time IN DANGER Actual footage of UFO's and Alien on security system some paranormal, orbs, radio frequency and voices camera footage of all 4/22/22 Yes
4/19/22 22:30 Cancun Quintana Roo USA Star 8-10 seconds Looking at stars, we noticed a shooting star moving in an unnatural way. 4/22/22
4/18/22 20:27 Farmington NM USA Circle 23 seconds Orange UFO passing over my house 4/22/22
4/18/22 19:55 New Port Richey, Florida

Unknown Not sure I was looking at ants on my windshield and I saw something entering the atmosphere 4/22/22 Yes
4/18/22 05:15 Port Jefferson NY USA Light 10 seconds A round ball of light whizzed past me in the early morning 4/22/22
4/18/22 02:25 Parrottsville TN USA Light 90 seconds Super bright and unusual light hover and disappeared 4/22/22
4/18/22 00:30 Newport WA USA Unknown 3 minutes Grey blob hovered over me 4/22/22
4/17/22 23:13 Rowley MA USA Triangle 10 minutes Triangle formation of lights 4/22/22
4/17/22 22:35 Damascus OR USA Sphere 20+ minutes Hovering lights over Damascus Oregon 4/22/22
4/17/22 20:05 York PA USA Other 10 minutes Long straight vertical object 4/22/22 Yes
4/17/22 16:30 Mansfield MA USA Other Unknown I was taking a photo of the sky and caught what looks like a ufo in the picture. 4/22/22 Yes
4/17/22 16:00 Apache Junction AZ USA Oval Unknown The item just pops in the last second or 2 of a short video. 4/22/22 Yes
4/17/22 02:04 Citrus Park, Tampa FL USA Light 45 Seconds It was captured by my exterior surveillance camera. 4/22/22
4/17/22 01:48 San Bernardino CA USA Other 5 seconds Flash of lights 4/22/22
4/16/22 23:30 Eugene OR USA Cross 15 My girlfriend and I saw 7 cross shaped crafts across the river. 4/22/22
4/16/22 22:06 Bellingham WA USA Triangle 3 - 4 minutes As I was walking through the parking lot of my apartment complex I watched a cluster of 3 bright orange lights rising to the south. 4/22/22
4/16/22 20:21 Stillwater MN USA Sphere 10 minutes Group of 3 red orbs flying from West horizon to East horizon. Then separate individual red orbs about every 45 seconds. Same path. 4/22/22
4/15/22 21:55 Hellertown PA USA Circle
Helicopter white green red flashing circle 4/22/22
4/15/22 21:21 Boise ID USA Sphere 40 seconds Went out to observe the sky tonight for my college astronomy class and saw a bright orange orb west of my house pulsating. It was the 4/22/22 Yes
4/15/22 21:05 Tiszanana Heves County Hungary Light 1 minute / 5 minutes Light in sky does physically impossible maneuver with split second acceleration and speed, disappears then returns and hovers. 4/22/22 Yes
4/15/22 18:47 Chennai Tamil Nadu India Disk 1 min Saw a disk with lights in sky ((NUFORC Note: Possible lns flare. PD)) 4/22/22 Yes
4/15/22 14:20 Aurora IN USA Circle
noticed blue orb in my photos of the sun 4/22/22 Yes
4/15/22 07:22 Riverdale UT USA Light Saw on tv and backyard Was seen on tv show street outlaws flashes and streaks accross sky 4/22/22 Yes
4/15/22 05:30 Normandy Park WA USA
1-5 min A round circle of light in Puget Sound 4/22/22
4/15/22 03:10 Sydney New South Wales Australia Light 10min A light flying above which I thought was satellite until it stopped and changed direction. I can rule out plane, helicopter, satellit 4/22/22
4/15/22 01:00 Orlando FL USA Triangle Brief Approached from my right swooped on its side then leveled up and practically disappeared 4/22/22
4/14/22 22:42 Avon OH USA Light about 40 seconds Two sequential bright, motionless, silent lights 4/22/22
4/14/22 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC USA Changing 5 seconds Red lights multiply then collapse and disappear 4/22/22
4/14/22 18:00

2 seconds On tv show 4/22/22
4/14/22 15:23 Baker FL USA Disk during photo iPhone photo reveals UFO 4/22/22 Yes
4/14/22 08:10 New Caney TX USA
25 Visit thier curious I think. 4/22/22
4/14/22 07:50 Payette & New Plymouth ID USA Sphere 15-30 Seconds Spherical object, Black, high speed with short bright blast of light. 4/22/22
4/14/22 05:03 Loganville

Fireball 3 min Glowing orb traveling at a slow rate of speed 4/22/22
4/13/22 23:00 White Hall IL USA Formation Several minutes Multiple lights in formation appearing from clouds then reentering clouds 4/22/22 Yes
4/13/22 22:30 Lake Ketchum WA USA Diamond 15 seconds I heard a loud whirring sound and looked above me to see a diamond shape craft fly over and turn invisible 4/22/22
4/13/22 21:45 Autin TX USA Circle We stayed outside 30 min One Brighton Light 100 Little lights flying around it fast as it moving around . 4/22/22
4/13/22 17:50 Voleny NY USA Oval 1 sec Taking photos of storm got a photo of a disc 4/22/22 Yes
4/12/22 21:10 Buffalo Township, Butler County PA USA Circle 30 minutes multi colored round shape 4/22/22
4/12/22 21:00 Holdingford MN USA Star Fifty minutes One stationary and squadron of UFOs buzzed by multiple military Camp Ripley Planes 4/22/22
4/12/22 20:58 Prague OK USA Disk 15 Seconds A Disk Shaped Craft with Rotating Lights/Alternating Brightness 4/22/22 Yes
4/12/22 20:50 ABERDEEN MD USA Rectangle Saw this moving in sky Saw this 4/22/22 Yes
4/12/22 12:15 Lebanon OH USA Rectangle 3 minutes Gray rectangle in the sky with small whitish square on the bottom center 4/22/22
4/11/22 21:30 bonita springs FL USA Unknown 30 seconds flying east to west about 30 seconds maybe 2-4000ft elevation with rectanglar bright lights all accross the rear of the vehicle maybe 4/22/22
4/11/22 21:00 Schertz TX USA Unknown It was up in the sky. At first there were two of them but when I ran to get my phone, one only stayed and that's the one I recorded. 4/22/22
4/11/22 21:00 SeaBrook Island SC USA Sphere 10-30 seconds Two red lights: One stationary, other moving. 4/22/22
4/11/22 18:57 Melbourne Victoria Australia Cone 8 seconds Very low, very fast and a bright blue then white light from the back 4/22/22
4/11/22 15:25 Cincinnati OH USA Disk 3 seconds max Slowed down, stopped for maybe a second or two, then sped up and "disappeared" 4/22/22
4/11/22 13:50 Fresno CA USA Formation 4 minutes Black large silent object hovering over Fresno 4/22/22 Yes
4/11/22 13:15 Saint Louis MO USA Other A few seconds 2 large "S" shaped crafts hovering fairly low 4/22/22
4/11/22 11:33 Jericho VT USA Unknown About 5-10 minutes Saw something falling from the sky, leaving a smoke trail behind it. 4/22/22 Yes
4/11/22 09:15 Interstate 78 Near Lebanon exit PA USA Circle A few seconds I Was watching a jet going extremely high in the sky, and as I was watching my point of veiw showed a circular Disc flipping, moving aw 4/22/22
4/11/22 00:01 Saucier MS USA Cross 20 minutes cross shaped object heading south Northwest. while being chased by three solid black helicopters 4/22/22
4/10/22 20:36 Flatrock NC USA Unknown 1-2 minutes Large, silent object 4/22/22 Yes
4/10/22 20:00 Thornbury, Bristol South Gloucestershire United Kingdom Cigar 1 sec son photos the moon, catches ufo 4/22/22 Yes
4/10/22 17:15 Jacksonville FL USA Circle 25 minutes Stationary white objects observed for 25 minutes 4/22/22
4/10/22 07:20 Dallas TX USA Oval 5 minutes Saw a flying tic tac 4/22/22
4/10/22 01:57 clarksburg WV USA Cigar 20h hours 2 craft meet on ridge and disappear 4/22/22
4/9/22 23:16 Summerville SC USA Circle Second Was driving late at night on highway and saw a a ufo appear to crash but no explosion afterwards. 4/22/22
4/9/22 22:26 Annapolis NS Canada Other An hour Changing form and moving all directions then disappeared more vid if needed other than what I submitted 4/22/22
4/9/22 20:55 Reno NV USA Light 5 minutes 2 bright lights hovered in place above the city. 4/22/22
4/9/22 20:30 Gravesend Kent United Kingdom Light 15 Seconds Fast Moving light in the shape and size of a star 4/22/22
4/9/22 20:19 Coachella CA USA Circle 2 minutes Two circular objects moving irregularly with trails 4/22/22
4/9/22 19:57 Kansas city MO USA Circle 1 min 30secs I was laying in my hot tub with the machine off looking up and I could look up in the sky and see around sphere 4/22/22
4/9/22 19:46 Liverpool Liverpool United Kingdom Cigar Aprox 20 minutes Flew overhead leaving a trail; then stopped at a fair distance away and stayed stationary in the air 4/22/22 Yes
4/9/22 14:00 New Plymouth
New Zealand Circle Heading south west 2 mins A white ball looked like a balloon but was going against the wind 4/22/22
4/9/22 11:57 Austin TX USA Triangle 2 minutes Just now - heard helicopter over my apartment - looked out to see Triangle craft - being followed by police chopper 4/22/22
4/8/22 21:47 Sanford ME USA Formation Currently Saw the entire ufo tilt to the right and move further towards Lebanon 4/22/22
4/8/22 21:03 Powell OH USA Disk Several minutes Saw what we thought was an airplane off in the distance. 4/22/22
4/8/22 21:00 Cuba NM USA Sphere 20 minutes Like Steve glowing Celtic Cuba for 20 minutes then vanished no sound no nothing 4/22/22
4/8/22 20:00 Paris IL USA
1-2 hours or more Neighbor tells me for 2 months to look at sky when I finally do I saw that a plane wasnt a plane. now see them nightly 4/22/22
4/8/22 19:10 Fort Lauderdale FL USA Circle 4 hours Bright circle sitting right beneath the moon. 4/22/22
4/8/22 11:17 Orlando FL USA Diamond 8 seconds of video Multi sided black reflective object flying across day sky rotating. 4/22/22 Yes
4/8/22 09:00 California MO USA Star On and off 30 mins Sat looking at stars w/ family. Our hobby. On and off star like craft moved across the sky, laser in front of them they go higher 4/22/22
4/8/22 03:35 Landers CA USA Diamond 4 hours Around 3-4am noticed a bright light hovering low on the horizon. Hovered for a few hours before disappearing. 4/22/22 Yes
4/7/22 22:30 Stockton CA USA Sphere About 10 seconds Random 4/22/22
4/7/22 21:49

Mexico Light 15 minutes One solid light and one blinking light moving separately very erratically. 4/22/22
4/7/22 19:05 Stow OH USA Unknown Unknown saw in pictures Saw something in one of two pictures I took seconds apart 4/22/22 Yes
4/7/22 14:12 dallas GA USA Sphere 60 to 90 secs. daytime 2:12 pm, large areas of clear blue sky with some clouds 4/22/22
4/7/22 14:03 Dallas TX USA Disk Approx 30 seconds Managed to snap two quick pics looking east at approx 45 degrees 4/22/22 Yes
4/7/22 07:45 Mat-Su Valley Area AK USA Sphere 30 minutes or so Falling Thing Over Mat-Su Valley Area 4/22/22 Yes
4/6/22 23:15 Fall River MA USA Circle 30 seconds I observed two white lights above the highway, out of the ordinary in terms of size and distance apart. 4/22/22
4/6/22 20:46 Macomb MI USA Oval 3 min The the green object appeared on phone photos 4/22/22 Yes
4/5/22 23:15 Glenside PA USA Disk 4, 3, 4, 12 minutes White small moving disc with vertical glow around it 4/22/22
4/5/22 22:27 Hayden ID USA Triangle lasted about 30 seconds Huge triangle shaped with one white light at each corner at about 25k feet above me fly by 4/22/22
4/5/22 21:15 Lakewood CO USA Other 5 seconds Photograph 4/22/22
4/5/22 20:30 Holdingford MN USA Star 5-10 minutes UFO and separate UFO light 4/22/22
4/5/22 19:55 Bellingham WA USA Teardrop 3 to 5 minutes A UAP- flying object that looks like a white color teardrop with a trail when moving fast. And no trail at some points of it's maneuver 4/22/22 Yes
4/5/22 19:53 Whitefield OK USA Fireball Roughly 20 minutes We watched this from Stigler, Oklahoma to Whitefield, Oklahoma the end of the video was at 7:58pm 4/22/22
4/5/22 08:15 Harrisburg PA USA Other 60 seconds Around 8:15am I was home and looked out my window where I saw an object pretty high in the sky that seemed foreign after observation. 4/22/22
4/4/22 21:25 Ballston Spa NY USA Star 15 minutes pulsating yellow/white/orange light quickly changing directions 4/22/22
4/4/22 18:15 Folsom CA USA Cigar I was on a plane I was flying over Folsom from Sacramento to Vegas and saw a pill shaped dark grey object suspended in the air that did not move. 4/22/22
4/4/22 14:28 Sacramento CA USA Egg 20 years, I am with Alien UFO 4/22/22
4/4/22 09:31 Alexandria Alexandria Governorate Egypt Disk 1 second UFO caught on mobile camera 4/22/22 Yes
4/4/22 06:30 The Villages FL USA Circle approx 15 minutes. We see Venus recently every morning but for two mornings there were 2 non-moving lights, slightly above and to the right of Venus. 4/22/22 Yes
4/4/22 02:01 Big Cedar OK USA Circle 2 minutes Medium craft about 1000 ft above mountain top 4/22/22
4/4/22 01:13 Cornwall ON Canada Light 30 mins Inside the tree In my backyardThere was light and an creature with white eyes I have it on film, 4/22/22
4/3/22 21:21 Sevierville TN USA Light 30 seconds Was not a plane. Viewed through Binoculars. No nav lights only steady orange light 4/22/22
4/3/22 21:20 Garner NC USA Triangle V shaped UFO with 3 light My wife and I were on our porch looking at stars. Saw craft heading northward. no sound. 3 lights, non blinking. Faded away quickly. 4/22/22
4/3/22 14:00 Waco TX USA Triangle 3 minutes Triangular UFO 4/22/22
4/3/22 08:23 Nampa ID USA Circle 30 seconds 3 round silver objects formed a triangle 4/22/22
4/2/22 23:30 Sellersville PA USA Circle 2 minutes Bright orb steady movement east to west 4/22/22
4/2/22 23:00 Ijamsville MD USA Changing 7 minutes bright circular in shape inlarging to maybe 5 times the size spinning counter clockwise. 4/22/22
4/2/22 22:45 Babb MT USA Light 2-3 minutes 3 lights coverage into a triangle, spin and disappear 4/22/22
4/2/22 22:35 Tewksbury MA USA Circle 5 to 10 seconds Bright light in the sky, suddenly took off. 4/22/22
4/2/22 22:04 Lebanon OR USA Circle 8 minutes Bright circular moving objects following each other appearing in one area moving then disappearing. 4/22/22
4/2/22 22:00 Tikhoretsk Krasnodar Krai Russia Other 10 seconds They were about 10-15 lights. Shape of L or something like this. Separated little lights. Moved fast, no sound, high 4/22/22
4/2/22 21:00 Cheyenne WY USA Changing Roughly 10 or 15 seconds Low flyover of close grouped lights 4/22/22
4/2/22 21:00 caracas Miranda Venezuela Formation 10 sec for some reason I sensed the passing of the objects but I never imagined seeing so many together 4/22/22
4/2/22 20:34 cmch NJ USA Circle it was about 37 seconds. ORB accelerates towards the ocean 4/22/22
4/2/22 20:30 Tumwater WA USA Triangle 5 minutes Two triangle shaped craft silently hovered over 4/22/22
4/2/22 19:50 Jhabua Madhya Pradesh India Disk Almost 1 minute from local market of jiran 4/22/22
4/2/22 17:44 Lawrenceville GA USA

MADAR Node 92 4/22/22
4/2/22 08:12 Edgemoor DE USA Unknown I watched it for about 5 Not visible object moving fast in sky creating a super long, thick contrail. 4/22/22
4/2/22 06:39 Sherrills Ford NC USA Circle 45minites ot more 3 then 4 stars in a configuration hovering above tresss 4/22/22 Yes
4/2/22 02:31 salem OR USA Light One minute A cat set of my security camera so I was checking it out when I saw a light that was following the cat. 4/22/22
4/2/22 01:03 Youngstown OH USA

MADAR Node 73 4/22/22
4/2/22 00:16 Kingsport TN USA Triangle 5-7 seconds Walked outside to my back porch and immediately saw a dark triangle shape craft moving totally silent from E to W with dimmed lights. 4/22/22 Yes
4/1/22 22:46 Mesa AZ USA Triangle 10 seconds Triangular shaped aircraft without identification lights and completely silent moving against the local flight pattern across the sky. 4/22/22
4/1/22 22:25 Barrie ON Canada Diamond 20 seconds Saw it hovering in place and then started to move once we noticed it then we saw a hexagon-like shape with a lot of lights and disappea 4/22/22
4/1/22 22:00 Danvers MA USA Light Several hours Three erratically moving, but stationary multicolored lights in the night sky in different locations 4/22/22
4/1/22 20:53 Near Cortez CO USA Light 1.5 minutes Extremely bright light, brighter than all other stars on a very clear, dark night. No noise, slow-ish moving, "turned" and faded off. 4/22/22 Yes
4/1/22 20:00 Pimpri-Chinchwad Maharashtra India Formation 40 to 60 seconds 4 yellow lights followed by single red light just behind (stable lights) 4/22/22
4/1/22 20:00 Pimpri-Chinchwad Maharashtra India Formation About 40 to 60 sec Formation on 5 lights 4/22/22 Yes
4/1/22 16:51 Lumberton MS USA Changing ALL the time I am seeing UFO and recently caught an alien on my porch. 4/22/22
4/1/22 15:53 Weirton WV USA

MADAR Node 192 4/22/22
4/1/22 13:45 Georgetown SC USA Egg Period of 30-45 seconds. Brownish, bronze colored round or egg shaped UFO passed by. Silent and no change of course. 4/22/22
4/1/22 10:41

USA Cross 5 Mins Noticed a flashing stationary red light over glass mountain. The object move west. Hovered and made loud jet noise. 4/22/22
3/31/22 23:50 Lincoln CA USA Circle 10+ min 2 Floating / Hovering Circles of Light 4/22/22
3/31/22 20:57 Hickory NC USA Light 2 minutes Light saw making a circular rotation repeatedly. You could see half of the circle being made then the other half would disappear. 4/22/22
3/31/22 14:08 Coupeville WA USA Sphere 9 seconds approx Black sphere high in sky moving at fast speed 4/22/22
3/31/22 12:07 Bloomington IN USA Triangle A long time. I have managed to get in a Fight with Invading Extraterrestrials 4/22/22 Yes
3/31/22 10:32 St. Louis MO USA

MADAR Node 70 4/22/22
3/31/22 06:35 St. Petersburg FL USA Light few secs Light shot across the sky above my head. It was very low. No shape, sound or contrail. The speed was extremely fast. From NE to SW. 4/22/22
3/30/22 22:00 Salton City CA USA Light 4-5 min My friend and I witness approximately 13 very bright amber yellow round lights that held in a hover position they changed formation 4/22/22 Yes
3/30/22 21:00 Salem OR USA Formation 30 seconds Formation of 5-6 circluar objects 4/22/22
3/30/22 20:42 Denver CO USA Disk
going on a walk and we saw a disk in the sky very bright and almost was blinding, heard a sound hurt my eardrums,dogs braked like hell 4/22/22
3/30/22 20:21 Buffalo NY USA

MADAR Node 163 4/22/22
3/30/22 20:14 Wahiawa HI USA
47 seconds A stationary blinking light amongst the stars 4/22/22
3/30/22 16:03 Jacksonville FL USA Cigar About 20 seconds Could see a cigar shaped object behind and then over taking an airliner very high up in the sky. 4/22/22
3/30/22 11:54 Littleton CO USA Circle A few minutes Craft flew right over my car as I was driving North on Santa Fe 4/22/22
3/30/22 05:42 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/29/22 22:10 Wappingers Falls NY USA Light 10 minutes Driving home when I noticed a blue glow moving slowly in the sky.. 4/22/22 Yes
3/29/22 21:50 Fort Smith AR USA Unknown 15 minutes Fast moving objects, moving easy to west. 4/22/22
3/29/22 20:10 Los Angeles CA USA Triangle 3-4 minutes Silent, triangular flying object with a row of 4 dimly-lit lights straight down the underside moving at a slow-medium rate of speed 4/22/22
3/29/22 20:00 Willits CA USA Sphere Approximately 5 minutes Thought it was a balloon then realized it was moving horizontally and it made a very precise 90 degree turn 4/22/22
3/29/22 20:00 Las Vegas NV USA Rectangle 5 seconds 4 green lights suddenly appeared over New York New York during photo and disappeared as soon as I clicked the photo. 4/22/22 Yes
3/29/22 15:00 Long Beach CA USA Circle Approx 10 seconds Three crescent lights traveling high altitude 4/22/22
3/29/22 08:09 Towsan MD USA

MADAR Node 31 4/22/22
3/29/22 05:51 St. Louis MO USA

MADAR Node 70 4/22/22
3/29/22 05:50 Tagish YK Canada
3 minutes A constant slow moving globe of light that moved from the south east to the north east 4/22/22
3/29/22 00:24
NJ USA Rectangle Seen multiple times Ufo seemed to be following me 4/22/22
3/28/22 22:30 Lakewood CO USA Triangle -1 minute Ufo and Blinking light 4/22/22
3/28/22 22:15 Grand Junction CO USA

MADAR Node 75 4/22/22
3/28/22 20:05 Winchester KY USA Unknown 8 Minutes Stationary craft in the sky, red, green, clear light. 4/22/22
3/28/22 19:25 Oro Valley AZ USA
~30 min. See report of 3.18 4/22/22 Yes
3/28/22 19:25 Oro Valley AZ USA
~30 minutes First flew SW to near Cataline Mtns. 4/22/22
3/28/22 10:45 Northbrook IL USA Cigar 5 seconds I looked up from my balcony and thought I saw a vertical feather floating in the wind. 4/22/22
3/28/22 05:20 Seattle WA USA
About 3 min Physical description changed of the being I saw 4/22/22
3/28/22 04:49 Fairbanks AK USA Circle 5mins Circle lights,move fast.from center to northeast 4/22/22 Yes
3/27/22 23:30 Berry KY USA Circle Ongoing Hovering and moving up and down in the same location. 4/22/22
3/27/22 22:29 Indianapolis

Triangle 20 seconds V shape moving south looked invisible but could see the shape 4/22/22 Yes
3/27/22 20:55 LONDON London Borough of Lambeth United Kingdom Changing 3 minutes Pulsating / morphing/ light changing object 4/22/22
3/26/22 22:38 Laurel MS USA Formation 2 +/- minutes Random balls of amber colored glowing light that seemed to softly float followed by more glowing balls of light that disappeared sudden 4/22/22
3/26/22 22:00 Hemet CA USA Circle Five minutes UFO Excperineces 4/22/22
3/26/22 21:30 Daytona beach shores FL USA Fireball 4-5 seconds A ball off fire across the water very fast 4/22/22
3/26/22 20:59 Saint James MO USA Star 4 mins? Two stars light lights traveling northeast. 4/22/22
3/26/22 20:45 Swadlincote Derbyshire United Kingdom Light 2 minutes Bright object West to East. Clear sky went vertical roughly at 20.23 4/22/22
3/26/22 20:15 Moncks corner

Fireball 10 seconds It looked like a fireball in the sky. It appeared out of nowhere, shot across the sky and disappeared 4/22/22
3/26/22 20:05 Maidenhead Windsor and Maidenhead United Kingdom Star 3 minutes Light travelled across the sky high up and there was no flashing lights like you would expect to see on an aeroplane. 4/22/22
3/26/22 19:21 Palm Desert CA USA Triangle 10 minutes Black triangle w/red & green flashing lights, above air traffic lanes, hovering then EXTREMELY fast drop to very low altitude 4/22/22
3/26/22 19:01 Buffalo NY USA

MADAR Node 163 4/22/22
3/26/22 09:44 Manchester CT USA

MADAR Node 151 4/22/22
3/26/22 08:02 Santa Barbara CA USA

MADAR Node 57 4/22/22
3/26/22 05:46 Roxboro NC USA Sphere 1-2 minutes I thought it was Jupiter but it was so bright and low in the horizon. Then it started to move, slowly but clearly moving towards me 4/22/22
3/26/22 04:30 Holland

Unknown 3 hours Huvoring seems like almost every night I check the star map and satellites every single time that I've seen them and it's not a satelli 4/22/22 Yes
3/26/22 00:00 Battle Ground WA USA Circle 1 minute and a half Around midnight I saw a circular object with ever changing colors on it hovering over the field behind where I live 4/22/22 Yes
3/25/22 23:00 Sacramento CA USA Circle about one minute An object with red and blue flashing lights, hovered over my house, then flew off. 4/22/22 Yes
3/25/22 22:39 Dover DE USA Other approximately 1 minute It was about two telephone poles high up in the air 4/22/22
3/25/22 21:23 Bakersfield CA USA Rectangle 2.5 seconds dropped in from space and changed direction leaving disappearing directional trials 4/22/22
3/25/22 21:23 Bakersfield CA USA Rectangle 2.5 seconds dropped in from space and changed direction leaving disappearing directional trials ((NUFORC Note: Flying insect. PD)) 4/22/22
3/25/22 19:52 Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom Sphere 90 seconds Seen looking south from postcode AB123PU 4/22/22
3/25/22 19:00 Sheffield (UK/England) United Kingdom UK/England Changing 1 min 12 secs Regular sightings around our house 4/22/22
3/25/22 13:15 Sanford FL USA

MADAR Node 91 4/22/22
3/25/22 11:29 Pemaquid ME USA
10 minutes Extra terrestrial 4/22/22
3/25/22 07:04 Cardiff (Canada) AB Canada Cigar
Large streak 4/22/22 Yes
3/25/22 06:45 Newington CT USA

MADAR Node 106 4/22/22
3/25/22 06:22 Whitsett NC USA

MADAR Node 183 4/22/22
3/25/22 05:54 Green Moontain NC USA

Beaming light in bedroom/ EMF very high 4/22/22
3/25/22 05:45 Gastonia NC USA Light Has been in sky every day A bright moving light in the sky-light has blue and pink hue. Moves fast in video 4/22/22 Yes
3/25/22 04:25 Boston MA USA Light 1:10:32 I have possibly the longest orb sighting video 4/22/22
3/25/22 04:16 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/24/22 23:59 Richmond VA USA Disk 3 we saw a very bright light out of nowhere. 4/22/22 Yes
3/24/22 23:19 Plain City OH USA
20 min ago Saw dots flying through sky 4/22/22
3/24/22 20:29 Glenmoore PA USA Light 2 min. Ship faint but lights around and smaller cylinder above at 11 o clock. 4/22/22 Yes
3/24/22 17:30 Charlton (UK/England) Royal Borough of Greenwich UK/England Circle 20 It looked like the largest Blue Blob of shooting Stars I,ve ever seen in my went down I could see where behind Houses. 4/22/22
3/24/22 13:55 Franklin NC USA Triangle Approximately 8 seconds Saw a white triangle flying through blue sky and clouds making no sound. 4/22/22
3/24/22 13:20 Forest Grove OR USA Teardrop 10mins Blackbean shaped object, round on top, more angular toward bottom. 4/22/22
3/24/22 06:08 Randolph MA USA Oval Approximately 2 seconds I looked out window at the sky and saw a large low flying grey oval that crossed over Gold St traveling towards Route 24 - Stoughton 4/22/22
3/24/22 05:54 Green Mountain NC USA Light Aprox 60 seconds Bright light woke me up at 5:54am. 4/22/22
3/24/22 02:44 Jemison AL USA
2 secounds Very very bright object fell from the sky at 2:44 am looking north from 11 position to he 5 oclock position 4/22/22
3/24/22 00:01 Exeter CA USA Triangle 40 seconds See them often in this area they are frequent around someone in town 4/22/22
3/23/22 21:36 Kalocsa (south of Hungary) Bács-Kiskun County Hungary Diamond More than 30 minutes The object was staying in the sky and was emitting light from huge, round lights on all of its four edges. 4/22/22 Yes
3/23/22 20:15 North Sutton NH USA
2 hours Two sets of what looks like car headlights in the western sky. The set of lights on the left was not as bright as the set on the right. 4/22/22
3/23/22 20:00 Tulare CA USA Disk 10 minutes or so A saucer disk shape hovering south of Tulare 4/22/22
3/23/22 14:55 Mobile AL USA

MADAR Node 63 4/22/22
3/23/22 12:51 Pittsburgh PA USA Formation
Observing what you call the “sun” phone lens then bottom left to right 4/22/22 Yes
3/23/22 05:32 Norris City IL USA

MADAR Node 115 4/22/22
3/23/22 05:32 Loxley AL USA Circle 31seconds This sighting is real. 4/22/22
3/23/22 04:00 Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Queen Creek AZ USA Disk I haveseenufossinceFeb22 I have seen at least one UFO daily since Feb22 4/22/22
3/22/22 21:21 French Camp CA USA Chevron a few seconds / fly by Saw a chevron shaped dark object absolutely quiet, flying west to east, it had these dim blue lights running along 4/22/22
3/22/22 21:00 Asheville NC USA Triangle 1min Low flying triangle craft with red, white, blue flashing light on corners. 4/22/22
3/22/22 20:21 Monroe ME USA Light 1 to 2 minutes Twelve separate bright lights traveled directly south of Orion’s sword in a upward direction parallel to Orion’s vertical shape. 4/22/22
3/22/22 20:15 Napanoch NY USA Diamond 5-10 minutes Low hovering craft with no sound 4/22/22
3/22/22 19:50 Belchertown MA USA Circle 1 Second Low flying craft flying at exceptional speed. 4/22/22
3/22/22 15:39 Lakewood and Los Angeles CO USA Other 1 second I looked at my digital clock and it was 3:39pm 4/22/22
3/22/22 15:00 Baytown TX USA
30 seconds In RV Park looking to NE across Main St, coming from NW 4/22/22
3/22/22 10:46 Dothan AL USA

MADAR Node 195 4/22/22
3/22/22 05:20 Hampden MA USA Light 2 minutea Silent, no FAA lights, abrupt turn 4/22/22
3/21/22 19:53 San Diego CA USA Circle Less than four are five s I was out with my wife and I happened to glance up because I like too watch the planes taking off from the airport. 4/22/22 Yes
3/21/22 19:30 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Chevron About 30 seconds Dark, silent chevron-shaped object crossed sky with constant speed and bearing 4/22/22
3/21/22 19:30 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Chevron About 30 seconds Silent, dark chevron-shaped object flew over us and faded from view 4/22/22 Yes
3/21/22 02:14 El Cajon CA USA Circle For approx. 20 mins 6circular orbs and another with fire like propulsions 4/22/22 Yes
3/20/22 23:22 Kansas city MO USA Light A few minutes I saw a bright light hovering real slow 4/22/22
3/20/22 22:26 Kasilof AK USA Circle Less then 5min Saw it out of my cabin window before bed. Was a bright circular shape hovering in the air. Got larger, then smaller, and disappeared. 4/22/22 Yes
3/20/22 18:14 Franklin KY USA

MADAR Node 33 4/22/22
3/20/22 15:58 Three Rivers MI USA Cigar 5 minutes Had masking capability but saw it very clearly when unmasked itself briefly when was engaging main engine. 4/22/22 Yes
3/20/22 14:10 Llandudno (UK/Wales)
UK/Wales Unknown Not known, image in photo Something bright in the sky. 4/22/22
3/20/22 10:13 Martinez CA USA Sphere 1 minute 34 seconds Light colored orb traveling at a constant speed, se direction. 4/22/22
3/20/22 03:52 Edmonds WA USA

MADAR Node 61 4/22/22
3/20/22 00:29 Baldwin GA USA Light 2 seconds. Moving bright light in sky 4/22/22
3/19/22 22:08 Ignacio CO USA Unknown Short Was fast ahowed up on picturea 4/22/22 Yes
3/19/22 20:40 Tahuya WA USA Star Approximately 90 second Large, Bright Rapid Zig Zag star 4/22/22
3/19/22 20:30 Rogersville AL USA Oval Approximately 5-10 second First Ever Sighting: Green Aura came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. I’m now a true believer, no longer on fence! 4/22/22
3/19/22 20:00 Maspeth NY USA Light ~ 25-30 minutes Several hovering lights seen moving in strange formations and directions. 4/22/22 Yes
3/19/22 17:52 Collierville TN USA Cylinder 3 minutes Shining cylinder hovered then disappeared instantly 4/22/22
3/19/22 16:46 Lexington VA USA Diamond 15-20 seconds Visiting the area and while walking the dog at 16:46 noticed a bright object ahead of a jet leaving contrails both moving rapidly 4/22/22 Yes
3/19/22 16:35 Spring Valley CA USA Circle Less than one minute. Mysterious object. 4/22/22
3/19/22 15:00 Las Vegas NV USA Light 2 seconds Bright glowing orb shot straight up into the clouds from inside a dry water drainage channel in broad daylight 4/22/22 Yes
3/19/22 14:28 erlanger KY USA Triangle 15 to 20 minutes saw a triangle after coming home from my friends 4/22/22
3/19/22 05:00 Myrtle Beach SC USA Light Every night, March 4-6AM At 4:25AM every night an orange light off the coast, with two accompaning red lights that stay equidistant, that move together as one. 4/22/22
3/19/22 01:34 Staunton VA USA Light 20 seconds Pulsing bright orange ball of light 4/22/22
3/19/22 00:29 Londonderry NH USA Rectangle
I was driving 4/22/22
3/18/22 23:02 Village of Chawton (Hampshire)(UK/England)
UK/England Changing 5-10 minutes sighting of a very bizarre looking object in night sky near my home 4/22/22
3/18/22 22:15 Winlock
USA Circle 10 min Round object hovering 4/22/22
3/18/22 20:20 Clitherall MN USA Light 6 minutes Coming from SW toward NE. for about 4 min.bright light, no tail. Changed direction North became brighter 2 more minutes and vanished. 4/22/22
3/18/22 18:40 Jacksonville Beach FL USA Cigar 5 3 Shapes high in sky with sphere further up 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 12:22 Rahway NJ USA Triangle 15 seconds Triangle shaped aircraft with swirling lights 4/22/22
3/18/22 12:10 Florence OR USA Unknown Unknown I was taking pictures of the far side of the river. Getting the feeling as always I am being watched. I did not see it. 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 09:47 Quakertown PA USA Oval
Brite unmoving white lights suddenly vanish viewed for 5 minutes 4/22/22
3/18/22 07:16 Salt Lake City UT USA Disk One Second I dropped my grandson off to his mom at the Utah State capital building and took photographs of moon going home and 1/8 photos show ima 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 07:16 Salt Lake City UT USA Formation Captured series of photos Took a series of moon photos over city lights and lake 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 07:10 Villa Rica GA USA Egg Not sure, I was driving. 2 VERY bright orbs stationary in sky. 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 06:46 San Bernadino CA USA Light More than 10 minutes Formation of four light that appeared as two at first and kept in formation but appeared and disappeared numerous times. Clear skies 4/22/22 Yes
3/18/22 03:33 Cameron Park CA USA Other 1 hour 45 minutes Ring doorbell in back went off, looked at camera footage saw strange flying object and then a cat walking on deck 4/22/22
3/17/22 23:30 Orlando FL USA Light 1 minute max Bright light hovering in the air 4/22/22
3/17/22 22:20 madison
USA Unknown one minute craft hovering and moving above the trees 4/22/22
3/17/22 21:15 Kettering OH USA Triangle About 5 to 10 mins then 5 Hovering craft comes out of nowhere then flies over. 4/22/22
3/17/22 20:30 Columbus GA USA Sphere All day everday Compare with report from Athens Ga 2/18/22 4/22/22
3/17/22 18:20 Winston-Salem NC USA Diamond About 4 minutes There was a large plane flying over maybe a 747. Tt wasn't very high maybe taking off. There was an object above it. 4/22/22
3/17/22 14:00 Vista CA USA Circle 2 minutes Playing golf at vista valley cc looking approx. North sighted a circular craft with a verticle fin flying on the other side on hillside 4/22/22 Yes
3/17/22 13:56 Dothan AL USA

MADAR Node 195 4/22/22
3/17/22 13:00 Largo FL USA Changing 35 to 45 mins It was a clear sunny day I observed it for 35 or 45 minutes and have 45 minutes on video I noticed it around 1 PM on March 17 as I was 4/22/22
3/17/22 12:30 Land O’ Lakes FL USA Light 10 seconds Fast moving White Object over Central Florida 4/22/22
3/17/22 10:58 Creston CA USA Circle 1 minute Weird pattern in the western sky with object above apex 4/22/22
3/17/22 06:58 Garrettsville OH USA

MADAR Node 64 4/22/22
3/17/22 06:50 Plano TX USA Star about 20 minutes I tried to get my husband and neighbor but they were too slow (asleep) 4/22/22
3/16/22 23:59 Richmond VA USA Disk 4 we saw a very bright light out of nowhere. 4/22/22
3/16/22 22:45 Norwood Young America MN USA Triangle 45 seconds At my kitchen sink I noticed a bright orange thing flying low and over my house. 4/22/22
3/16/22 22:13 Cassville MO USA Changing 15 plus minutes A stack of colored lights that were flashing 4/22/22
3/16/22 22:00 Jackson
USA Unknown Less than a second Strange form of lights 4/22/22 Yes
3/16/22 21:34 Clarington ON Canada Triangle 5 mins+- Extremely Large and under 200ft 4/22/22
3/16/22 20:40 Los Angeles CA USA Triangle 2 minutes Dark, apparently triangular craft, no visible tail against dark sky, bring central light with lights at each point flashing in sequence 4/22/22
3/16/22 20:26 Brimfield MA USA Circle About 3 to 6 seconds Unknown object seen through a thermal scope 4/22/22 Yes
3/16/22 20:15 Kirkwood CA USA Changing 30 mins Two Huge Silver sparkling Spinning spheres coming toward us in the sky 4/22/22
3/16/22 20:12 Lake Havasu City AZ USA Light 5-8 minutes Orb like lights dancing within a large cloud 4/22/22
3/16/22 08:55 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/16/22 06:32 Peterson null USA Changing About 20 minutes This thing keeps coming to my house at night I have several videos!! 4/22/22 Yes
3/16/22 06:20 Weirton WV USA

MADAR Node 192 4/22/22
3/16/22 04:24 Oakland CA USA

Sitting by the water me and dog. Second day of visual sitting. One big mother ship with smaller ones coming out going into water 4/22/22 Yes
3/15/22 21:30 South of Portland Oregon OR USA Unknown 45 seconds Saw spotlight from airplane shining on the ground from something behind plane. 4/22/22
3/15/22 19:44 Brookings SD USA Disk 7 minutes 15 seconds 4 disks appear getting bigger and bigger than disappearing 4/22/22
3/15/22 19:30 Tarzana CA USA Formation Not sure Filmed sunset on timelapse 4/22/22 Yes
3/15/22 19:15 Hoshiarpur (India) Punjab India Triangle 4-5 sec Medium size triangular ufo with dim lights on side 4/22/22 Yes
3/15/22 10:00 Brooklyn NY USA Cigar about 10 seconds Object looked like a plane, but more rounded at one end like a pill (capsule), and blunt at the other, with wings and a tailpiece. 4/22/22
3/15/22 09:00 Staten Island NY USA Circle A few minutes I’ve been noticing cont trails in the sky, took a picture and sure round shaped object. ((NUFOC Note: Lens flare caused by Sun. PD)) 4/22/22 Yes
3/15/22 04:37 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/15/22 02:00 White Oak OH USA Circle 2 minutes Looked like 4 circles stuck together with white light some red 4/22/22 Yes
3/15/22 01:10 Wheatfield NY USA Unknown 10 minutes My mother had a strange sighting late at night in Western NY 4/22/22
3/14/22 20:30 Vista CA USA Light 15 seconds It came fast from East to West, slowed quickly and stopped then flew quickly toward the north star, with no sound 4/22/22
3/14/22 08:39 East Brunswick NJ USA Sphere .5 minute The object was black then turned white and vanished. 4/22/22
3/13/22 14:07 Delawer null
Circle Hour Round glowing craft 4/22/22 Yes
3/13/22 13:14 Las Vegas NV USA Changing 33 minutes Observed an object/phenomena that morphed, pulsed with color, cloaked, maneuvered in advanced manner, rotated, wobbled 4/22/22 Yes
3/13/22 05:00

USA Circle Until the sun come up There was a bright light moving around, at first I thought it might be a helicopter, but then realized it wasn't. 4/22/22
3/13/22 00:43 Whitsett NC USA

MADAR Node 183 4/22/22
3/12/22 23:22 Columbia Heights MN USA Light Approximately 3 minutes Light orbs then what looked like headlights zipping around 4/22/22
3/12/22 17:04 Lacey WA USA

MADAR Node 50 4/22/22
3/12/22 11:00 Bakersfield
USA Circle 8 mins Please help me verify of this is a drone or celestial being 4/22/22
3/12/22 08:45 Mountlake Terrace WA USA

MADAR Node 100 4/22/22
3/12/22 07:58 Hereford AZ USA Rectangle 20 minutes Rectangular, stationary object 4/22/22 Yes
3/12/22 05:37 Naperville IL USA

MADAR Node 196 4/22/22
3/12/22 03:56 Ceuse (France)

MADAR Node 131 4/22/22
3/11/22 23:30 Norton MA USA Formation 5-10 seconds Orbs in a cluster formation, orange, split apart, vanished 4/22/22
3/11/22 23:04 Weirton WV USA

MADAR Node 192 4/22/22
3/11/22 22:30 Chickasaw AL USA Circle 25 minutes I looked into the backyard and noticed a round flying disc in the night with different color lights that appeared to shine towards me 4/22/22
3/11/22 21:35 Hamilton MA USA Circle 3-5 seconds I was taking to my husband when this thing flew over the sky behind his head 4/22/22
3/11/22 21:12
ID USA Fireball 5-10 secs Shooting star like 4/22/22
3/11/22 20:18 Eagle River, Alaska AK USA Light 7 minutes 18 seconds + Bright light or lights that brightened, hovered, flashed, moved downward and disappeared, but were replaced by a new light. 4/22/22
3/11/22 15:30 Tucson AZ USA Delta 3 min 3 white oval objects forming a triangle 4/22/22
3/11/22 05:10 Santa Rosa CA USA Formation 40 seconds It was 2 parallel glowing lights. 4/22/22
3/11/22 03:00 South Eugene OR USA Other Till 5am Has happened every night for three years. 4/22/22 Yes
3/11/22 02:00 Kansas City MO USA Circle At least 2 minutes Huge red orb that was stationary over KC skyline. By the time I came back with camera it was gone. 4/22/22
3/11/22 01:05 Doswell VA USA Circle 1 second Enormously bright white light flew over my truck and disappeared 4/22/22
3/10/22 22:54 Youngstown OH USA

MADAR Node 73 4/22/22
3/10/22 19:21 Bethlehem PA USA Triangle About one minute Three very bright objects in a triangular shape 4/22/22
3/10/22 19:20 Haslet TX USA Disk 20 seconds Flying saucer in the sky 4/22/22 Yes
3/10/22 19:20 Mount Union PA USA Circle Maybe 15-20 seconds. Large bright circular object slowly cruising at low heights around Mount Union PA 4/22/22
3/10/22 18:45 Honolulu
USA Circle 10 minutes Strange object biggerYh 4/22/22
3/10/22 18:00 Orlando FL USA Disk 14 minutes or so It was way higher than the plane 4/22/22 Yes
3/10/22 15:22 Bridgeton NJ USA Other
UFOs I witnessed 4/22/22
3/10/22 08:06 Lake Lynn PA USA Sphere 5 minutes Seen two sphere shaped objects in the sky that definitely weren’t a plane, jet or helicopter. This is the third time we have seen this. 4/22/22 Yes
3/10/22 00:30 Tehran Alborz Province Iran Circle 1 min The shape of a circle with twinkling white lights that was rotating 4/22/22
3/9/22 23:30 Haysville KS USA Teardrop 5 minutes lights showing We saw the actual ufo after she spotted a light and caught it on video. 4/22/22
3/9/22 22:00 Duncan Highway-Ladysmith Highway BC Canada Other 15 min While driving home on highway, saw two large square crafts blinking red and green. 4/22/22
3/9/22 21:45 Johnsonville NC USA Sphere 15 min. Bright Orange light over Johnsonville/Cameron area. 4/22/22 Yes
3/9/22 21:22 Jackson OH USA Changing 3.5 hrs Color changing lights slowly approaching 4/22/22
3/9/22 19:30 Between Tacoma and Gig Harbor, WA WA USA Delta Around one minute. Driving home over the Narrows Bridge and saw three bright lights hovering that seemed to be connected. 4/22/22
3/9/22 19:30 Ellensburg WA USA Disk 10-15 minutes 3 odd lights one 1 very large craft moving in a way aircraft do not. 4/22/22
3/9/22 19:30 Ellensburg WA USA Disk 10 minutes Massive craft 4/22/22
3/9/22 19:20 Omaha NE USA

MADAR Node 132 4/22/22
3/9/22 18:38 Harwinton CT USA Triangle Approx 2 1/2 to 3 minutes Massive black triangle with curve corners, a red, yellowish, and blue round set of lights under each side hovering overhead 4/22/22
3/9/22 18:30 Calgary
Canada Formation 10 minutes There was a series of flashing lights on a triangular formation that hovered for about 10 minutes blinking it’s lights continuously 4/22/22
3/9/22 12:12 St. Louis MO USA

MADAR Node 70 4/22/22
3/9/22 11:15 Mountain Center CA USA Triangle 3 seconds Daytime sighting of black craft 4/22/22
3/9/22 06:55 Honolulu HI USA Oval Ongoing (at 7:05am) Two bright oval objects, appear to be lined up, stationary, lights are ring-shaped. 4/22/22 Yes
3/9/22 06:28 Goshen KY USA

MADAR Node 182 4/22/22
3/9/22 04:51 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/9/22 03:13 Fruitland Park FL USA Cigar 3 seconds Recorded and stored on Ring Camera Cloud 4/22/22 Yes
3/9/22 00:48 St. Louis MO USA

MADAR Node 70 4/22/22
3/8/22 23:19 Portage IN USA

MADAR Node 178 4/22/22
3/8/22 21:45 Pickering (Canada) ON Canada Light 5 minutes Very strange colored lights seen moving fast over lake ontario 4/22/22
3/8/22 21:30 Ventura
USA Light I caught part of it on vi I saw aol portal in the sky open up and 10 spacecraft fly out of it 4/22/22 Yes
3/8/22 20:28 Dalton Gardens ID USA Changing 10min Not sure what I just seen 4/22/22
3/8/22 20:00 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Canada Other 30 min Saw a Square craft blinking green and red 4/22/22
3/8/22 19:10 20,000 feet over Trout Lake, WA looking Northwest WA USA Sphere 60 Seconds While flying in a USN EA-18G @ 20k, we saw a large bright white glowing orb flying toward us, getting brighter on a collision course 4/22/22
3/8/22 18:56 Sanford FL USA Triangle 3-4 mii until we passed i White and green blinking lights on each aircraft in the triangle 4/22/22
3/8/22 18:18 Sturbridge
USA Cross 1 minute Object was seen hovering motionless until we had stopped vehicle in road where it then began to proceed over us 4/22/22
3/8/22 17:28 Swayze IN USA

MADAR Node 22 4/22/22
3/8/22 15:46 Leon Guanajuato
USA Circle 7 seconds Object appeared while streaming live. 4/22/22 Yes
3/8/22 12:09 Tyler TX USA Light Almost 30-60 minutes Random light shows up moving strangely and no bright stars in sight. 4/22/22 Yes
3/8/22 07:52 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
3/8/22 07:34 Youngstown OH USA

MADAR Node 73 4/22/22
3/8/22 01:46 Littleton CO USA Circle 2 minutes Daytime orb sighting, Littleton, CO 4/22/22
3/7/22 21:34 North vernon IN USA Light 45 seconds Noticed a bright light like the sun coming up the it started to change colors from orange to red to blue to white then other colors was 4/22/22
3/7/22 21:05 Warrenton OR USA Sphere 3 minutes Spherical orb moving very fast with unnatural speed and varying brightness. 4/22/22
3/7/22 20:30 Jacksonville FL USA Sphere 8 hours Bright light fell from sky, numerous beings descended onto my roof via a shroud of clouds and I was violated sexually, lost 8 hours. 4/22/22
3/7/22 20:30 Jacksonville FL USA
8 hours Just adding pictures to previous report 4/22/22 Yes
3/7/22 14:10 Chitchester (Australia) Western Australia Australia Formation 30 mins Strange shaped object 4/22/22
3/7/22 06:47 Star Valley AR USA

MADAR Node 53 4/22/22
3/7/22 04:48 Victoria BC Canada Oval 15 to 20 seconds Spotted a blue object streaking across the sky from north to south. 4/22/22
3/7/22 04:30 ROSEBURG OR USA Sphere 5 sec Ball of blue light falling slowly west to east in the northern sky 4/22/22
3/7/22 04:28 Merritt WA USA Light 4-5 seconds An array of green pulsing light that condensed into a mass object 4/22/22
3/7/22 04:00 llanddudno Gwynedd UK/England Circle 1 hour stagnent orange ball of light that went from small to big 4/22/22 Yes
3/7/22 03:57 Adelaide South Australia Australia Light 1 second beam of light caught on camera it took out power and made a sound 4/22/22 Yes
3/6/22 21:00 Largo FL USA
15 seconds heard a helicopter flashing redlights and in front of it spaced evenly were 4 bright green orbs going east 4/22/22
3/6/22 20:30 Fairview Park OH USA Light I minute Moving light 4/22/22
3/6/22 20:25 Syracuse NY USA Formation 2 hours I have been filming and witnessing bizarre UAP for 2 years. This fleet was recorded flying overhead after spotting numerous orbs. 4/22/22
3/6/22 19:00 Kingsport TN USA Triangle 1 minute 3 reddish-orange lights in an isosceles triangle 4/22/22
3/6/22 18:45 Bristol (UK/England) City of Bristol UK/England Light Few seconds I saw a low small white very bright light moving across a clear sky for a few seconds it then appeared to flash and totally disappear 4/22/22
3/6/22 18:27 Hopatcong NJ USA Unknown 30 Seconds Possible Craft which shot something out or was almost hit by something 4/22/22
3/6/22 18:10 Honolulu HI USA Circle Approximately 40 minutes I saw a glimmer in the sky and looked up to see a white object stationary 4/22/22 Yes
3/6/22 17:30 Dallas OR USA Other 10 minutes I took 5 minute video of it 4/22/22 Yes
3/6/22 16:55 Oaklandon IN USA

MADAR Node 87 4/22/22
3/6/22 16:30 Tampa FL USA Light 5 minutes Saw what sort of looked like Starlink satellites, but they were traveling due west. 4/22/22
3/6/22 14:00 Riverview FL USA Changing 20 minutes While driving my 16 yr old daughter to work, we saw what looked like seagulls floating in the air. Not flying.... gliding. 4/22/22
3/6/22 09:45 Bay Village OH USA Sphere ABOUT 3 MINUTES 1 OR 2 SMALL SPHERES 4/22/22
3/6/22 07:14 Concho
2 hours for 1 month to east of property 4/22/22
3/5/22 21:47 Silverlake WA USA Changing 4 or 5 hours I saw a glowing, spinning "star" above the lake near Mt. St.Helens. 4/22/22 Yes
3/5/22 21:30 Dundee MI USA Circle Maybe 15-20 seconds 3 orbs in a straight line perfectly spaced apart, all flying in unison as if it were one 4/22/22
3/5/22 18:00 north olmsted

Circle Very short sighting I was standing on my lawn when I heard a military Jet screaming by afterburners on I looked up saw the jet then saw perfect circle 4/22/22
3/5/22 01:02 Amesbury NH USA Fireball Over about 2 or 3 minutes 3 fireballs moving slow from West to East 4/22/22
3/4/22 22:44 Fort Myers FL USA Circle A couple seconds It happened on my way back from my girlfriends house. 4/22/22
3/4/22 22:15 Central islip NY USA Oval Long Not sure what it is 4/22/22
3/4/22 22:00 Phoenix AZ USA Formation An hour I saw a light formation as a circle then I was able to capture different ships 4/22/22 Yes
3/4/22 20:28 Lakewood CO USA Other 3 years Continuous contact with the forces of the universe 4/22/22 Yes
3/4/22 18:25 Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas OH USA Other Everyday for over 3yrs I realized over a year or so ago that all that was happening was coming from the sky. 4/22/22
3/4/22 17:35 San Bruno CA USA Circle Approx 5 minutes Subject appeared into my field of view while laying on my back stretching gazing upward out my windows. 4/22/22
3/4/22 12:30 Westbrook ME USA Cigar 5 min Shiny UFO spotted 4/22/22
3/4/22 08:57 Garrettsville OH USA

MADAR Node 64 4/22/22
3/4/22 06:00 Goodyear AZ USA Cigar About 3 minutes Leaving to work on 175th Dr. towards Yuma followed me up to the stop sign 4/22/22
3/3/22 22:08 Laytonville CA USA Chevron 20 min Flying orbs 4/22/22
3/3/22 21:35 Solvang CA USA Disk Less than one minute Dark red flash of light on a flying disc 4/22/22
3/3/22 07:48 Raceview (Australia) Western Australia Australia

MADAR Node 134 4/22/22
3/3/22 05:27 West Chazy NY USA

MADAR Node 65 4/22/22
3/2/22 19:02 New York NY USA Sphere 30 seconds 2 craft locked in tight side by side formation round shape I was using night vision 4/22/22
3/2/22 18:57 Pine City NY USA

MADAR Node 82 4/22/22
3/2/22 16:18 Grayson KY USA Oval 2 minutes Oval object in sky on double aa hugest before you get to Grayson 4/22/22
3/2/22 07:30 Buford

I was driving to Atlanta to work one morning south on I-85 and looked up and saw a Tic-tac style UFO. It was flying near a large airli 4/22/22
3/1/22 19:00 Las Vegas NV USA Triangle 5 minutes Large triangular shaped object over nellis air force base 4/22/22
3/1/22 04:29 Star Valley AZ USA

MADAR Node 53 4/22/22
3/1/22 03:00 Wentzville MO USA Other 6 to8 seconds Tuesday I seen space craft ,the bottom ,look like squares all across the ,no sound, no lights, I drew sketch of it ,street lite reveal it enou 4/22/22
3/1/22 03:00 Wentzville, MO USA
15 seconds or 20 seconds I seen space craft ,the bottom ,look like squares all across the ,no sound, no lights, I drew sketch of it ,street lite reveal it enou 4/22/22 Yes
3/1/22 01:30 Daleville VA USA Disk 2 hrs Object moved in gridlike pattern for 2 hours, moving incrementally, other object met and sped off quickly. 4/22/22
3/1/22 00:00 Fort Payne AL USA Cylinder 20 seconds I'm capturing these "rods" on my infrared security camera usually between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. each morning. 4/22/22 Yes
2/28/22 22:30 Norwalk
USA Oval 3min Hovering object about 15 feet in diameter hovering over the highway. I though it was a plane but is stood still in the sky and we passd 4/22/22
2/28/22 15:22 Jonesboro AR USA

MADAR Node 143 4/22/22
2/28/22 11:27 Norris City IL USA

MADAR Node 115 4/22/22
2/28/22 03:53 Indio CA USA Triangle 1:03 One craft had red color the other was a white orb 4/22/22
2/27/22 16:34 Dothan AL USA

MADAR Node 195 4/22/22
2/27/22 15:00 Queen Creek AZ USA Star it lasted about 30 second Saw a star the held position and then moved. 4/22/22
2/27/22 08:47 Kansas City MO USA

MADAR Node 40 4/22/22
2/26/22 20:00 Everett WA USA Unknown 10-15 minutes total object or objects flying low from south to north 4/22/22
2/26/22 13:00 Tampa FL USA Light under 10 seconds I saw a very white light in sky for about 8 seconds 4/22/22
2/25/22 21:46 Indianapolis IN USA

MADAR Node 21 4/22/22
2/25/22 15:00 Rio Rancho NM USA Changing 3.0 seconds My daughter (27 years old) was looking out the living room window and said “are you seeing this shit”. I then looked out and saw them 4/22/22
2/25/22 11:54 Dothan AL USA

MADAR Node 195 4/22/22
2/24/22 19:35 Hondo TX USA Light 10 minutes Blue starlike object appeared above neighborhood street light i could only see 1 object until recording i found serveral others 4/22/22
2/24/22 18:00 Mobile AL USA

MADAR Node 63 4/22/22
2/24/22 14:44 Edmond OR USA

MADAR Node 197 4/22/22
2/23/22 04:30 Oceanside CA USA Diamond 1 minute hovering over crater in empty field 4/22/22 Yes
2/22/22 05:04 Santa Claus IN USA

MADAR Node 114 4/22/22
2/22/22 05:03 Portage IN USA

MADAR Node 178 4/22/22
2/21/22 12:39 Buffalo NY USA

MADAR Node 163 4/22/22
2/21/22 06:00 Trinity FL USA
Several minutes There was a fixed object in the sky 4/22/22 Yes
2/21/22 05:27 Midwest City OK USA

MADAR Node 172 4/22/22
2/16/22 16:13 Wellington FL USA Circle For about 5-10 minutes I stared up in the sky as I was checking my mail and in between a couple of clouds it seems to be a disc shaped object 4/22/22
2/15/22 19:00 Eagle River WI USA Cross Several second's Outside for a smoke and saw lights coming at the house. Ran like hell! 4/22/22 Yes
2/15/22 12:07 Sonora CA USA Oval A few seconds Caught on camera using super slow motion setting revield this craft on video 4/22/22
2/15/22 12:07 Sonora CA USA Circle A few seconds Filming in super slow motion as I got home ((NUFORC Note: Bird in flight. PD)) 4/22/22
2/14/22 06:10 Channarayapattana (India) Karnataka India Unknown 15min A 'S' shaped glowing light in the horizon during early morning. 4/22/22 Yes
2/10/22 11:49 League city TX USA Disk N/a UFO in clouds 4/22/22
2/10/22 04:39 Los Angeles CA USA Other 30 seconds? seen it from a distance it came closer did not look like any aircraft I ever seen wasn’t flying fast was close yet no sound 4/22/22 Yes
2/9/22 19:50 Emeryville CA USA Formation 30 minutes Several glowing orb lights in random formation above Hwy 80 in Emeryville 4/22/22
2/9/22 02:05 Vancounver WA USA Disk Approximately 30 seconds Saw a metallic 1 foot thick disc hovering in the street. It made a loud noise, projected light onto the street 4/22/22
2/9/22 01:30 Tempe AZ USA Unknown >20 minutes Red and green lights hid the actual shape of craft 4/22/22
2/4/22 05:00 Charlton (UK/England) Royal Borough of Greenwich UK/England
15 miuites The 2 Green and Red Orbs that came out of the big white Orb flew from left to right in a straight line back and forth 4/22/22
2/1/22 05:30 LaFollette and Powell TN USA Rectangle 1 1/3 hours Object followed me matching my speed 4/22/22 Yes
1/31/22 21:30 Winsford Cheshire West and Chester United Kingdom Other A few seconds do Bright light moving 4/22/22
1/31/22 20:45 Spokane WA USA Disk 40 seconds Large disk object with two beans of light hovers over with red and orange blinking lights. 4/22/22
1/19/22 17:15 Vicksburg
USA Disk
They were turned up like mapping 4/22/22
1/9/22 22:00 Yuma AZ USA Oval several minutes Stationary oval object with lights in center. 4/22/22
1/9/22 04:36 Eagan MN USA Sphere At least 30 minutes Sphere in north sky spinning and changing colors 4/22/22
1/8/22 17:16 Indian Lake NY USA Light 2 minutes, pic + vid take Light appears to notice me, noticing it 4/22/22 Yes
1/3/22 20:30 St. Mary's ON Canada Changing 15 minutes I saw an incredible shining silver disc that had an "aura" enveloping it. 4/22/22
12/31/21 23:52 Moses Lake WA USA Light Couple minutes Multiple spheres of light slowly zigzagging upwards until they faded away... 4/22/22
12/25/21 22:30 Whitmire SC USA Changing 1-2 minutes Blues orbs moving very strange in the sky. 4/22/22
12/3/21 19:30 Gladys VA USA Light 45 minutes Single point of light pulsing high over, believed to be low earth orbit. 4/22/22
12/3/21 18:41 Phoenix AZ USA Rectangle 2 -3 minutes Took a phone picture out of window while driving on highway 4/22/22 Yes
12/3/21 16:14 Las Vegas NV USA Cylinder 15 minutes Cylinder or tic tac sited 4/22/22 Yes
12/3/21 16:14 Las Vegas NV USA
15 minutes Sighted an odd object in the sky, in the landing pattern of McCarran airport. 4/22/22 Yes
11/25/21 20:16 Delta CO USA Circle About two minutes A circular craft was flying low paralleling my car on the highway. 4/22/22
11/20/21 20:59 TACOMA WA USA Light 5mins of 7 to 4 ufos 7 UFOS HOVERING AND CHANGING COLORS FLYING STRAIGHT INTO THE AIR 4/22/22 Yes
11/15/21 17:13 Liberty PA USA Changing 10 to 20 minutes It’s a series of lights that would always go back to being a triangle. 4/22/22 Yes
11/5/21 17:08 Minneapolis MN USA Circle 30 seconds Round object with flashing lights. 4/22/22 Yes
11/2/21 20:30 Plaquemine

Triangle 1 minute Triangle shape with blue flames on each corner 4/22/22
10/29/21 19:00 Barnes KS USA Circle About 5 minutes It was stationary, with a red light. I looked to my West, and another one, identical, with same red light. Other person captured photos 4/22/22
10/6/21 22:01 Cincinnati OH USA Unknown Ruffly 3 hours Ancient Hebrew math symbols. 4/22/22
10/5/21 18:11 Plantersville MS USA Cigar 1 minute The way it was shaped and moving. 4/22/22
9/29/21 17:58 Egg Harbor NJ USA Changing One minute low altitude, quiet/silent object with visible distortion around and in front of it 4/22/22
9/21/21 18:58 Cidra (Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rico Unknown about seconds i saw a large dark spacecraft 4/22/22
9/18/21 04:09 Fountain FL USA Light 3 to 5 seconds Bright light 4/22/22
9/13/21 19:00 Los angeles CA USA Light 2 minutes Looked like a red star with an oval shaped ring of light. 4/22/22
9/5/21 19:12 Morrison CO USA Circle
Live Photo on camera captured object flying across the screen 4/22/22 Yes
9/2/21 18:35 San Jose
USA Rectangle 30 to 40 seconds I got the pictures what is it? 4/22/22 Yes
9/1/21 19:00 Madison
5 minutes Watching a lightning storm during Hurricane Ida. A “light being” just appeared in the storm and appeared to be playing/dancing in storm 4/22/22
8/18/21 21:00 San Diego CA USA Disk 10-15 minutes Noticed bright light traveling at impossible speed and started to record 4/22/22 Yes
8/14/21 23:59 Darien CT USA Circle 45-60 seconds Bright white light in the sky 4/22/22
8/12/21 08:30 Cincinnati OH USA Changing 5 minutes I have a 2 second video and 38 pictures of objects and crafts flying, shapeshifting and cloaking in and out of a lightning cloud. 4/22/22
8/7/21 22:49 Victor CO USA Circle 10 minutes Strange lights over Victor Colorado 4/22/22
7/23/21 21:15 Bonita Springs FL USA Triangle 5 min Heard a sound not far above us. Looked up, saw a huge ship hovering above almost still, bright light from the center, just watching 4/22/22
7/13/21 18:00
Hertfordshire United Kingdom Changing 5 minutes The biggest spacecraft maybe mothership 4/22/22
7/12/21 01:00 Reno NV USA Light Ten minutes 3 bright lights not connected all in a row 4/22/22
7/8/21 20:45 Commack NY USA Triangle 4 min Black triangle with 3 light in each corner and Orange middle hue hovering approx 200ft off ground 4/22/22
7/7/21 13:05 Green Mountain NC USA Other Aprox 2 interv of 30 sec Heard Ham-radio sounds 4/22/22
7/4/21 20:00 Duxbury MA USA Circle 15 seconds Me and sister saw, didn’t know what it was and it shot back into clouds. 4/22/22
7/3/21 23:00 McMinnville OR USA Sphere Few minutes maybe. Low lights 4/22/22
7/3/21 21:52 las vegas NV USA Light about 3 minutes or so my co workers and I were outside our balcony on a break when we saw flying green lights in the sky 4/22/22 Yes
7/3/21 19:00 Clarkston, Washington WA USA Delta 5minutes The ship did a backwards flip into an invisible cloak followed by two I dentical side by side Starlike satellites this ship looked like 4/22/22
6/28/21 22:30 Boardman OH USA Circle Approximately 5 min June 18.2021 orange lights in triangle 4/22/22 Yes
6/7/21 12:42 Oshawa ON Canada Sphere 10- 15 seconds Fast Bright Orange Spherical Object 4/22/22 Yes
5/29/21 20:22 Las Vegas NV USA Circle
Sighting in Las Vegas 4/22/22 Yes
5/2/21 21:50 Bessemer MI USA Other 5 to 10 seconds Tall being disappeared and at night I woke from sleep in pain. 4/22/22
4/20/21 21:44 Batesville and floral AR USA Triangle ? Walk outside and saw an object hovering in the air 4/22/22 Yes
4/14/21 20:00 Mccrae Victoria Australia Other 1 min A friend i trust as an honest person told me of his sighting and shared pictures and short video taken from mobile phone 4/22/22 Yes
4/10/21 22:00 HAMPDEN MA USA
2 minites The video is self explanitory. 4/22/22
3/30/21 20:36 East Wenatchee WA USA Cylinder 40 seconds looked out into the night sky and saw the 24 craft 4/22/22
3/24/21 01:40 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Canada Light 2-3 minutes Stargazing, saw 1 light flashing irregular, change colour, impossible movements then split to 2. 3 minute timeline. 4/22/22
3/20/21 22:30 Poulsbo WA USA Unknown Ten minutes Observed one floating and lighted sphere, and then either one lighted rotating triangular craft or three separate crafts in formation. 4/22/22
2/17/21 21:30 Flekkefjord null
Big and triangle. Super fast. 3 round big lights under it with the colour of orange fire 4/22/22
2/15/21 06:29 Baytown TX USA Disk Millisecond Found photo of possible UFO on my phone!! 4/22/22
2/7/21 04:56 Carlton River (Australia) Tasmania Australia Circle 45 seconds I saw round bright white light moving silently and slowly through sky, which then sped off at incredible speed in different direction 4/22/22
1/6/21 14:30 Huntsville, AL / Marion. IN / New Orleans LA
USA Other 1/07/2021 - 3/07/2022 I've only seen the inside of the craft. However, I ve seen numerous Terrestrial beings 4/22/22
1/2/21 18:38 Tucson AZ USA Oval Jan 2021 till march 2022 aircraft show up at sundown and hover over us till sunup every night since jan,2021 through now! still going on sometimes as many as 20 4/22/22 Yes
12/2/20 08:58 Clovis NY USA Unknown Roughly around an hour Several objects some look like crafts but most move so fast normal speed recording does not show without digging 4/22/22 Yes
11/1/20 16:00 Waldo FL USA Light 10 minutes I saw a false God over 200 ft tall .made of human souls 4/22/22
10/8/20 22:30 Davis OK USA Formation almost 2 min Looked like the little dipper, but then all at once, the lights burst away and went in different directions. 4/22/22
10/8/20 14:30 NORMAN OK USA Rectangle 8 sec. A rectangular object that was circled by an orb. 4/22/22 Yes
9/4/20 22:33 Grand Haven

Rectangle 5 minutes We saw a three flashing light that resembled a triangle 4/22/22
8/26/20 23:00 New Franken WI USA Egg 1 hour or so Strange floating object 4/22/22
8/22/20 19:27 Sennen Cornwall USA Disk Photo not video The picture was not taken with the intention of photographing the object, the photo was taken of the scenery on a trip to cornwall uk 4/22/22 Yes
6/10/20 03:00 cape coral FL USA Diamond 25 mins east to west diamond red yellow lights 4/22/22
4/23/20 12:00 Memphis TN USA Changing 2 minutes Purple Green 4/22/22
3/18/20 22:00 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg Couple minutes Solid white large globe shaped UAP with two jets flying beside and away from it at 45 degree came over the western mountain horizon 4/22/22
3/18/20 10:00 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg Couple of minutes or more Solid large white globe escorted by two jets , flying at 45 degree angle away from ball on each side, reached for binoculars and gone! 4/22/22
11/14/19 22:33
OH USA Triangle About 3-5 minutes Very large craft, bottom appeared in storm cloud, moved slow and silent with cloud, huge ship about the size of 2-3 football fields. 4/22/22
9/14/19 21:45 Mattydale NY USA Unknown Not sure You need to look threw the videos very closely this in not a joke at all contact me when you do 4/22/22
6/17/19 10:40 Seaside CA USA Unknown 1 minute maybe less Drone like object seen while working 4/22/22
4/22/19 02:00 Cap-Pele NB Bridgewater NS NB Canada Triangle on off 3 years First night most first few weeks Silent Triangle crafts some cloaked , orbs and lights and weird appearances on photos interchanging. 4/22/22 Yes
4/5/19 21:00 Palm Harbor FL USA
2 to 3 seconds 9 glowing globes crossed the sky from horizon to horizon in approximately 2 seconds. 4/22/22
3/10/19 22:00 Ontonagon MI USA Light 1 minute 3 lights appeared. 2 dropped flashing orbs. All flew away with sonic booms. 4/22/22
12/2/18 06:08 Philadelphia MO USA Light 2-3 minutes They were very high in the sky just before sunrise. They were moving in a uniform way irregularlly spaced. 4/22/22
9/16/18 22:00 Las Vegas NV USA Unknown 20 minutes I received futuristic scientific from an alien race 4/22/22
8/12/18 03:00 Interstate 80 CA USA Light Less than 1 minute Looks like a floating oil refineries up in the sky with a lot bright lights 4/22/22
7/25/18 18:01 Tamworth (Australia) New South Wales Australia Changing every night 3 years now Make no sound, travel faster than the speed of light, mostly can only be caught on a still camera, seen on inferred, change shapes. 4/22/22
5/5/18 19:45 Kenner LA USA Triangle 4hours Multiple flying objects Emanating MULTIPLE COLOR LIGHTS (red white green blue) GOLD! 4/22/22
4/19/18 16:00 Moore OK USA Disk
Stalled on the interstate with multiple people 4/22/22
3/23/18 19:56 Coto De Caza CA USA Circle 10 + minutes Saw 3 glowing spheres over the crest of a hill. 4/22/22 Yes
8/27/17 03:41 Cochrane (Canada) AB Canada Changing 8-10 minutes Bright ring shaped lights appearing and disappearing coming out of eachother and eventually form the moon for the rest of all night 4/22/22 Yes
4/12/17 03:40 Rowland Heights CA USA Circle More than 30 minutes Red circular object circling the moon at a fast speed 4/22/22 Yes
2/18/17 10:34 Scotia NY USA Other About 4 minutes It was something that assembled it’ self an object with intelligent 4/22/22
10/19/16 22:30 Toms River NJ USA Triangle 20 minutes About 3 feet off the ground, hovering, not moving and absolutely no sound at all. Then slowly moving forward to the corner. 4/22/22
3/23/16 19:38 Lecanto FL USA Cigar 1 min Craft moving at the speed of aircraft. NO Sound. 4/22/22 Yes
2/7/16 18:00 Fortingall Perth and Kinross UK/England Circle 30 seconds Bright white light 4/22/22
6/6/15 00:30 Harrisonburg VA USA Sphere minutes maybe 5-10 orange orb that was being chased 4/22/22
10/7/14 22:00 Frankfort IL USA Other
Bright light near my home. 4/22/22 Yes
8/14/14 20:57 New Britain CT USA
About at least 4 Minutes It came from a distance heading towards the park in the hospital when I spotted it it turned on and off and seemed to disappear until i 4/22/22
8/1/14 12:00 Fern AR USA Triangle 1 min Driving in a decorate road when we seen a hovering triangle ufo 4/22/22
7/22/14 22:00 Dudley MA USA Triangle
Was night time but I could see it plain as day 4/22/22
6/13/13 21:30 Bolton (Canada) ON Canada Triangle Unknown Saw Triangle Shaped UFO - Loss of Time 4/22/22
11/8/12 23:00 Rock Falls IL USA Light 15 min Saw an aircraft hovering above a field, no sound 4/22/22
3/13/12 01:30 Fort Worth TX USA Oval 10 min. that I'm aware of Saw object after I left work. Kept eyes on it until I got around half a mile from it. It was orange and looked like a giant footbal. 4/22/22
10/1/11 19:00 Metro Boston MA USA Oval October 2011 April 112022 Alien Entities Seen 4/22/22
8/11/10 21:30 Galveston TX USA Triangle 30 seconds Saw two v shaped craft flying 4/22/22
6/16/10 19:00 Warrington PA USA Triangle 2010-2012 June-August eve Dark triangle with 3 bright lights 1 on each corner. 100-200 feet across. Hovering low above treeline then shot across sky. Gone 4/22/22
8/20/09 14:00 Road above Stinson beach CA USA Formation 15-30 sec. Shimmering cloud/swarm 4/22/22
8/18/07 12:00 Waterloo IA USA Oval 5 Minutes A shiny silver object floating stationary then made tight but short movements. 4/22/22
7/14/07 20:23 Dothan AL USA Disk 15 seconds Flashing disk 4/22/22
10/28/04 20:05 SANTA MARIA CA USA Triangle app 20 seconds speeding about 1 mi up , took 10 secs to travel 1200 mile horizon 4/22/22
12/7/02 21:00 Chattanooga CA USA Other Six minutes It was like a Grey but it wasn't. I was like 13 and seen him in a cabin by myself when moved. 4/22/22 Yes
7/16/02 21:30 Montgomery Township OH USA Circle 5-15 minutes 1 and a half to 2 by equal measurements 4/22/22
1/2/02 01:00 Richardson TX USA Disk 60-90 seconds A craft stopped directly above me for quite a long time. It was like it was taking a reading or picture of me. 4/22/22
4/1/00 21:30 York PA USA Unknown 10- 15 seconds Very fast moving light that rapidly changed direction while I was watching it. 4/22/22
8/13/99 23:30 Near the Wisconsin Dells WI USA Triangle About 5 Minutes Three rotating lights inside of a cloud, configured in a triangle shape, emit colored beams of light. 4/22/22
3/23/99 21:30

USA Disk 1 hour hovering disk sighted near air force base 4/22/22
10/1/97 21:45 Deltona FL USA Cigar 5 to 10 minutes Cigar shaped, light blue to white, with beam of same color light. 4/22/22
9/5/97 21:30 Maryland Heights MO USA Oval 4mins It was shaped like a octagon 4/22/22
1/16/96 00:30 Hemlock MI USA Unknown not sure not so much an aircraft seen but entities in our room appeared 4/22/22
6/15/95 22:30 Pine Bluff AR USA Light 15 seconds I saw a light shooting across the sky. It suddenly stopped and then completely changed its trajectory 4/22/22
4/19/95 21:00 South of Zortman MT USA Star ? No idea what this experience really was 4/22/22
8/13/94 19:51 Otway OH USA Sphere ? 5 minutes I saw one ufo hovering with a light that reached the ground with an eerie appearance. It paused and two others joined and they circled. 4/22/22
1/31/93 23:07 Sisters OR USA Disk 2 hours 3D CLOSE INCOUNTER Alien Abduction with full activation/awakening 1/31/93 4/22/22
6/1/92 22:00 Tacoma WA USA Light Unknown... night In the early 90's in Tacoma WA. I had an experience with a bright light and standing outside with a light on me. 4/22/22
4/11/92 13:00 Mendota, IL I-39 North IL USA Oval 3 minutes The metal UFO appeared below the clouds; it had lights around it; it made no sound & vanished in less than 1 second. It was amazing. 4/22/22
2/14/90 02:30 Minot ND USA Triangle 60-90 seconds Triangular shape with reflective dome shape protrusions in echelon formation, from front to right side. 4/22/22
7/17/86 15:35 Gloucester Gloucestershire United Kingdom Sphere 1.36seconds Black circle in sky, then shot off up wards in to the high sky 4/22/22
6/15/85 18:00 Lacombe LA USA Oval 35 min On a sailing trip across Lake Ponchartrain we spotted the craft having above land 4/22/22
7/9/74 03:23 Novato CA USA Other 3 nights. 30 min each For three consecutive nights in a row, one to four beings came into my room 4/22/22
10/10/72 01:00 Bricktown NJ USA Disk 20 Minutes this UFO was about 200 Yards away at an angle of about 50 degrees. I could clearly see the multi-colored lights of orange, yellow, etc 4/22/22
8/24/66 11:00 New Paris OH USA Triangle 5 minutes August 1966 Sighting, hovered so low and so slow we thought it was going to land.. 4/22/22
4/17/66 05:00 Atwater OH USA Cigar hours This is known as 'Portage County UFO Chase'. It went right over me. 4/22/22
6/25/59 18:00 Seaford, Long Island NY USA Disk 3-4 minutes huge circular craft, had a dome with red lights at bottom ; flying at level of top of a telephone pole, turned 90 degrees in an instant 4/22/22