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UFO Report Index For Craft Shape EGG

Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
4/4/22 14:28 Sacramento CA USA Egg 20 years, I am with Alien UFO 4/22/22
4/1/22 13:45 Georgetown SC USA Egg Period of 30-45 seconds. Brownish, bronze colored round or egg shaped UFO passed by. Silent and no change of course. 4/22/22
3/18/22 07:10 Villa Rica GA USA Egg Not sure, I was driving. 2 VERY bright orbs stationary in sky. 4/22/22 Yes
3/3/22 08:01 Phoenix AZ USA Egg
No sound weird looking though it was helicopter 3/4/22 Yes
2/14/22 12:00 Jenks OK USA Egg 1 minute A white circular object moving slowly from east to west. I have a video 3/4/22
1/19/22 13:04 Reading PA USA Egg 30 seconds I was driving home from work, an noticed a white light moving in the sky seemed odd, took a picture at the time 3/4/22 Yes
1/15/22 15:55 Boston Area MA USA Egg Around 20-40 seconds It was quick headed on a downfall to fast for airplane, and then after a short time disappeared but if it was visible you could see. 3/4/22
12/18/21 17:30 Ragged Point CA USA Egg 15 seconds Pilll shaped object (vibrating) 3/4/22
12/14/21 06:00 Staten island
USA Egg 3 seconds Bright light blue/white eggs shaped 12/19/21
11/15/21 17:45 Lincoln City OR USA Egg 45 minutes very bright object moved west then moved straight back stayed 12/19/21
11/11/21 09:00 Taipei (Taiwan) Taipei Taiwan Egg
Accidental shoot 12/19/21
9/10/21 23:30 Sweetwater TX USA Egg 8 seconds Was sitting next to a little bawnfire talking and listening to music when I took a drink and looked up to see 5 small crafts flying in 10/19/21
8/29/21 03:35 Columbus OH USA Egg Maybe 20 seconds I was homeless living in a tent with my GF at the time. Woke up to a loud metallic hum. Sat up and saw a craft hovering in the field 3/4/22 Yes
8/15/21 17:46 Atlantic Ocean (in sky; above) VA USA Egg 1 hour Multiple Objects seen in the sky during a commercial flight 8/20/21
6/26/21 13:32 Marathon NY USA Egg 10 mins say a egg shaped craft fly over me and my friend 8/16/21
6/3/21 03:00 Boynton beach FL USA Egg Seconds Egg shaped object came out of the ocean moving on an angle upwards very quickly 7/31/21
5/30/21 17:06 North Hollywood CA USA Egg 3 minutes This UAP object was travelling very slow from East to West. This happened directly over the MTA North Hollywood Station located at Lank 7/31/21
5/1/21 12:45 West Hollywood CA USA Egg 10 minutes UFO sighting from West Hollywood looking NE 5/20/21
4/22/21 10:00 Surprise AZ USA Egg 1 hour I can go or send anyone at anytime to this area and they will get proof because I believe this is a base and if anyone observes then su 5/20/21
3/15/21 19:00 Quilcene WA USA Egg <1 minute I will try to send a short video I got of it... Object moving quickly to the east of me headed south. No sound like a plane would have, 3/31/21
3/14/21 09:00 Isleboro ME USA Egg Picture Round White Ball over Water in Isleboro, Maine 3/31/21
3/13/21 13:00 Jacksonville FL USA Egg All afternoon different s ((NUFORC Note:O Witness provides no details about her sighting. PD)) 3/31/21
2/9/21 22:45 NYC (Brooklyn) NY USA Egg 2-3 seconds Saw an cylindrical object in Brooklyn, with a solid light in front streak across the sky 3/2/21
1/26/21 18:00 San Antonio TX USA Egg 4/5 min ((NUFORC Note: No significant information provided by witness. PD)) 3/2/21
1/25/21 15:30 Trabuco Canyon CA USA Egg 30 seconds White Orbs 50-100 in front of Saddleback Mountain in Trabuco Canyon CA 3/2/21
12/11/20 18:09 Burlington VT USA Egg 2min Bright light shot up into the sky, very fast and then came to a complete stop and lingered. 12/23/20
11/3/20 21:00 Chicago IL USA Egg 2 seconds While sitting outside last night, I witnessed a seemingly low-flying egg-like object move incredibly fast through the sky. The view fro 12/23/20
10/21/20 22:00 Mullica hillf NJ USA Egg 3 minutes Orange triangle object slowly shrinks into ball and disappears 12/23/20
10/17/20 10:00 Newton-in-Cartmel (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 5 minutes Whilst driving north on A590 my wife and I observed in distance an egg shaped irregular object apparently still in the air which we est 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:15 Sevierville TN USA Egg 15 minutes Three lights on an a hovering, egg like object that slowly dimmed before it disappeared. 12/23/20
10/5/20 20:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY USA Egg 3 minutes Shape, speed and flight pattern seem to defy normal aircraft 11/5/20
9/30/20 17:08 Edmond OK USA Egg 30 seconds Silver UFO seen in Edmond suddenly vanished 11/5/20
9/4/20 23:00 Livingston NJ USA Egg 0.4 seconds I was looking at the sky and saw a white thug whiz bye too close to the ground for a meteor, followed by 2 more 12/23/20
9/1/20 15:00 North Providence RI USA Egg Home I don’t even know where or how to start this ... I just got back home with my daughter who at the time was 4 . It was sunny and pretty 3/2/21
8/26/20 23:00 New Franken WI USA Egg 1 hour or so Strange floating object 4/22/22
8/12/20 17:30 Boston MA USA Egg 20 minutes Observed by my associate and I in the southeastern sky from Castle Island Boston, southeast of Logan Airport. It remained completely st 8/20/20
8/7/20 03:00 Klamath Falls OR USA Egg 5 minutes Cloaked egg shaped ufo with a thin strip of illumination surrounding it at a 45 degree angle, moving at a relatively slow speed. 8/20/20
7/31/20 22:30 Toronto ON Canada Egg 3 seconds An oval light, orange in the centre and fading to yellow/white flew north-west to south-east across the sky. Faster than an airplane, s 8/6/20
7/31/20 15:38 Norwalk CA USA Egg 2 hours 40 minutes UFOs Norwalk California 8/20/20
7/28/20 17:20 Albuquerque NM USA Egg 17:20 Date July 28 2020 Time was approx 515-520 pm.

I saw 3 egg looking possible ufos today. I was going south on wyoming between Academy
7/27/20 03:10 Glassboro NJ USA Egg 1 hour Green and yellow lights in Glassboro, NJ. 7/31/20
7/27/20 03:10 Glassboro NJ USA Egg 1 hour Seen yellow and green lights 7/31/20
7/24/20 00:00 Waterbury CT USA Egg 2-3 minutes Egg shape ufo, very bright red lights at a way too fast speed in the sky, started to bounced up and down then side to side in a speed t 7/31/20
7/19/20 20:00 Fairdale WV USA Egg 3 minutes I glanced up at the sky and noticed a very shiny silver, egg shaped object, moving very slowly like it was gliding. There was no sound 7/23/20
7/12/20 19:30 Astoria NY USA Egg 1 minutes UFO over Astoria, NY. 7/23/20
7/12/20 Los Angeles CA USA Egg Current Blue oval shape on top left of the moon. 7/23/20
6/27/20 22:15 Gold beach OR USA Egg 10 minutes I was caring for my father Who was dying of cancer when I stepped outside of the trailer At my grandmothers home to have a cigarette wi 7/23/20
5/21/20 19:30 Marina Del Rey CA USA Egg 10 minutes Guess what.

I was outside the coffee bean.. about 30 minutes ago. 1930hrs.. PST.

At maxella and Glencoe, marina Del rey. CA.

5/19/20 22:00 Kingston NY USA Egg 12 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no data. PD)) 6/25/20
5/19/20 13:45 Philadelphia PA USA Egg 3 minutes White-gold textured ellipsoid vectors past skyscrapers in daylight 6/25/20
5/10/20 23:00 Cool CA USA Egg all night Two stationary bright lights slowly changing shape and position, with binoculars: many bright white lights. 6/25/20
4/27/20 23:00 Fayetteville GA USA Egg 20 minutes Bright object over Atlanta, GA. 6/25/20
4/25/20 23:57 Tucson AZ USA Egg 6 minutes While letting out dog out my wife came to get me about a strange light in the sky. I went to our backyard and in the southern sky was a 6/25/20
4/7/20 18:00 Warrior AL USA Egg 10 minutes Miles away,i watched small,fast moving crafts,appear from nothing,some in pairs one flanking the other,move across the horizon.But spac 6/25/20
4/1/20 00:00 Stockton CA USA Egg
3/23/20 21:30 West Hills CA USA Egg 3 hours I see an oval shaped Blue light in the night sky above Woodland Hills, California. 5/21/20
3/18/20 22:00 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg Couple minutes Solid white large globe shaped UAP with two jets flying beside and away from it at 45 degree came over the western mountain horizon 4/22/22
3/18/20 10:00 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg Couple of minutes or more Solid large white globe escorted by two jets , flying at 45 degree angle away from ball on each side, reached for binoculars and gone! 4/22/22
3/4/20 21:51 Lashburn (Canada) SK Canada Egg 57 seconds Looking into the night sky when I noticed 7 objects in the sky to the south. 5/1/20
2/28/20 16:02 Holly Springs NC USA Egg White egg shaped u f o It was egg shaped, flew north then suddenly stopped then flew west then disappeared in thin air . 4/9/20
2/11/20 19:30 San Francisco CA USA Egg >30 minutes Weird bright and big orb that had large spikes and was larger than a star and higher up than any plane 2/13/20
1/28/20 09:45 Asheville NC USA Egg 5 seconds dark pill shaped object over the black mountain range 2/7/20
1/26/20 18:15 Kenai AK USA Egg 2 minutes Bright Red and Orange Egg shaped crafts flying about 500 feet, 6 in a row, no sound whatsoever, lights not blinking. 1/31/20
1/22/20 17:45 Warren RI USA Egg 19:00 Upside down egg shaped glowing object with blue whispy tail and red blinking orbs. 2/7/20
1/11/20 04:30 Garretson SD USA Egg 30 seconds White seemingly hovering Tic-Tac object Near a plane in the sky Observed for 25 seconds Rapidly accelerated out of visible range in app 2/7/20
1/6/20 21:30 Supply NC USA Egg 1 minute saw a huge yellow oblong shape ( big as tree) Descending over trees and then it was gone 2/7/20
12/5/19 04:45 Norfolk VA USA Egg 15 seconds Bright Object in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/19/19
11/23/19 05:00 Pinetop AZ USA Egg 1 hour Over 100 ufo’s traveling along the same flight path in the early morning hours of 11-23-19. . 12/1/19
11/10/19 00:30 Glenpool OK USA Egg 20 minutes 3-4 lights and/or round-egg shaped craft near Glenpool Ok, multiple times 6/25/20
10/24/19 18:45 Anaheim CA USA Egg 20-30 seconds Low flying/hovering egg shaped object seen in southern california w/video. 12/1/19
10/12/19 20:19 University Place WA USA Egg 12 minutes 25-30 white pulsating objects with red glow moving North to South viewed in University Place, WA 12/1/19
10/12/19 18:30 Louisville KY USA Egg 45 seconds Metallic egg shaped object vanished in front of our eyes! 12/1/19
10/7/19 17:31 Racine WI USA Egg 4 minutes Multiple Silver disc/egg shapes slowly hovering over coastal Lake Michigan/Racine. 12/1/19
10/5/19 18:00 Hainesport NJ USA Egg 25 minutes Stationary egg shaped light that began moving after 20 minutes, details seen through binoculars. 12/1/19
10/4/19 20:12 Chesapeake VA USA Egg 30 seconds Every Friday my husband & I get Chick-fil-A for dinner, but Friday October 4th at 8:12pm something out of the ordinary happened. We do 12/1/19
10/4/19 13:40 Brick NJ USA Egg 5 seconds Was a very shiny silver egg to round shape Hovered in the same spot then suddenly as we looked at it, it just simply disappeared . 12/1/19
9/30/19 19:00 Lewisville TX USA Egg time Giant circle with craters shining light in the sky 10/4/19
9/25/19 16:00 Buellton CA USA Egg 5 minutes Saw two egg shaped oblects flying in opposed directions. A plan flew between them and both disappear. 10/4/19
9/24/19 21:55 Tucson AZ USA Egg 5 minutes On my way home just passing the casino del sol, I noticed 2 egg shaped lights faded on and off next to each other. Then Maybe like half 10/4/19
9/19/19 09:00 Flagstaff AZ USA Egg Ongoing Saw like a teardrop whor egg-shaped object just staying. ((anonymous report)) 9/19/19
9/14/19 22:00 Troy IL USA Egg 2-3 seconds Orange globe caught my eye almost directly overhead but off to the west about 20 degrees. Going NNE about as fast as a helicopter might 9/19/19
9/2/19 15:00 Pikeville NC USA Egg 2 minutes I casually glanced up in the sky above me and about 100ft i saw a craft shaped like a blimp but was almost clear like it was trying loo 12/1/19
8/31/19 12:20 Lake Oswego OR USA Egg 30 seconds Noon sighting of multiple fast moving objects 9/6/19
8/31/19 08:00 Alpine WY USA Egg 1 hour Seen object in sky that looked like a reflection off a airplane...except it was not moving at all like a airplane watched it in a spott 12/1/19
8/22/19 12:00 Albuquerque NM USA Egg 15 minutes Saw a white egg shaped orb above I-25, in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. 10/4/19
8/19/19 05:00 Ann Arbor (E of; on S HWY 23) MI USA Egg 3-5 seconds Green Egg gives air show in South Central Michigan 9/6/19
8/11/19 16:30 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 30 seconds I was laying in the jacuzzi and was looking up at the clouds. Im an cardiographic technician or ekg tech so im use to looking at small 8/23/19
8/11/19 16:30 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 30 seconds It was white and very small egg shaped. I was laying in the jacuzzi staring at the sky and it was moving very i was like its no 8/23/19
7/31/19 21:15 Ararat VA USA Egg Seconds A huge house size football shaped object appeared out of the cloud. ((MUFON CMS REPORT)) 8/23/19
7/29/19 10:30 Watsonville CA USA Egg 30 Large hovering black object. 8/23/19
7/24/19 23:00 Plymouth CT USA Egg 1-2 seconds Bright blue light moved through the sky then disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
7/24/19 22:55 Killingly CT USA Egg 10 seconds Blue egg shaped object with glowing yellow edges descends through night sky. ((anonymous report)) 7/25/19
7/22/19 20:35 Louisville KY USA Egg 2 minutes Me my brother my sister and my neighbors were outside we saw a egg shaped tin looking object that had a bright light that looked like s 7/25/19
7/16/19 21:40 Chicago IL USA Egg ~3 minutes Bullet shaped object burning up falls towards Chicago, then changes directions and shoots away July 16 2019 7/25/19
7/8/19 19:00 Dundee Townnship IL USA Egg 20 seconds Slient Black Egg Shaped Craft with open front and huminiod visable 5/20/21
7/5/19 21:35 Lockhart TX USA Egg 2 seconds Super fast craft flying low leaving green trail 7/12/19
7/2/19 18:00 Morrisonville NY USA Egg 15 minutes Silver ufo spotted for second time. 1st in Chazy now in Morrisonville 7/5/19
6/23/19 19:30 Medford OR USA Egg 30 seconds I noticed a bright white reflective moving object as I got on the freeway. it disappeared and reappeared a couple seconds later further 7/5/19
6/15/19 22:55 St. Paul MN USA Egg 1 minute Saw a short flash of light and saw a egg-shaped shadow in the middle of the light. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
5/31/19 17:00 Wilkes-Barre PA USA Egg 30 seconds White craft appeared from behind the clouds. It was traveling north and moving very fast. It moved behind the tree line shortly after I 6/7/19
5/25/19 22:30 New Ulm MN USA Egg 5 minutes Bright, then dim white light...very rapid "leaps" of horizontal and vertical direction. ((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
5/25/19 22:00 New Holland PA USA Egg 10 seconds I love looking at stars every night when they're very visible. This night I was on back porch,sky was clear.It zoomed past stars at fas 6/27/19
5/18/19 21:20 Fortson GA USA Egg 1 hour Approx. 9:20 p.m., I walked outside of my garage where I spotted a large, bright circle looking craft above our house. 6/7/19
5/17/19 20:25 Fort Myers FL USA Egg 1 hour Two kyobjects in the s that are always around me. 6/7/19
5/13/19 16:30 Olive Branch MS USA Egg 20 minutes Reflecting object in the sky slow moving. ((anonymous report)) 5/14/19
4/26/19 11:00 Tempe AZ USA Egg 5 second Egg-shaped, and also white, but it wasn't solid white, it looked like a ball of bright, white illuminated cloud light. ((anonymous)) 5/9/19
4/21/19 23:00 Lexington NC USA Egg Intermittent activity for Hovering Light Over NC. 4/25/19
4/17/19 19:55 North Phoenix AZ USA Egg 30 seconds Three Orange-Red egg shaped blurry orbs over North Phoenix changing positions. 4/18/19
3/29/19 07:00 Greenwood SC USA Egg 4 seconds Small green light moving across the sky that quickly shifted downward towards the ground. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
3/14/19 21:00 Old Bridge NJ USA Egg 21:00--? Low cloud haze over entire sky, unable to determine exact shape, however the unnatural motion caught my eye 3/15/19
3/12/19 14:00 Portsmouth VA USA Egg 5 seconds I was laying in bed in my room and i happened to look up and see this oval/egg shaped craft with no wings or tail or chopper blades. I 4/25/19
2/26/19 21:00 Summerville SC USA Egg 2 seconds Bright green egg-shaped object quickly move across the sky. 2/27/19
2/23/19 19:00 Millinocket ME USA Egg 30 seconds My husband was getting dropped off at our home,by his father. I was in the car in the driveway when they pulled up. They had talked fo 2/27/19
2/22/19 05:00 Clementon NJ USA Egg 60 minutes ((HOAX??)) you can do this. 3/21/19
2/18/19 14:40 Charleston SC USA Egg 2 minutes There a bright egg shape ball it lasted about two minutes. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/19
2/14/19 11:24 Fayetteville AR USA Egg 3 minutes Blackish grey egg, or oval shaped craft, hovering slowly then vanishing in broad day light. No sounds where heard. 2/14/19
1/1/19 13:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Canada Egg 7 minutes White beam of light scanning me like a book during the day playing tennis with my daughter 4/25/19
1/1/19 00:03 Sarasota FL USA Egg 5 seconds I was sitting outside with my mother and girlfriend on New Year’s Eve night. My mom kept saying my name and I was ignoring her because 1/24/19
12/23/18 18:00 Corona CA USA Egg 1 minute Looked up and saw 2 dark shape disc like oval with 4 green lights on each disc being escorted by a loud chopper. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
10/26/18 14:00 Akron OH USA Egg Several minutes Gray blimp-like object seen in daytime sky and photographed. 11/9/18
9/23/18 08:28 Hollister CA USA Egg <120 seconds Reddish Orange egg shaped object spotted in or near Northern California/ Central Valley 9/27/18
9/11/18 20:31 The Woodlands TX USA Egg 20 minutes Orb photographed 9/11/2018 The Woodlands Texas 9/13/18
8/14/18 15:00 Stoke on Trent (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 5 minutes Ball or egg-shaped object seen and photoed. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
8/14/18 07:30 Shelburne VT USA Egg 2 minutes There was a bright egg shape object in the sky we were looking at it for 2 minutes and then it disappeared I believe it was in the fall 8/17/18
8/9/18 21:00 Magnolia DE USA Egg 2 minutes Peanut shaped a/c, completely silent, hovering over a corn field in my town, 50-60 yds. ((NUFORC Note: College student report. Pd)) 8/10/18
7/21/18 04:15 Pompano Beach FL USA Egg 15 minutes Golden sideways egg shape staying in the low sky over Atlantic Ocean in the dark early morning sky. Almost like a huge harvest moon. 8/10/18
7/14/18 13:15 Pilot Rock OR USA Egg 10 minutes Buzzed by a white egg shaped object south of Pilot Rock. ((anonymous report)) 7/19/18
7/2/18 00:50 Ankeny IA USA Egg 20 minutes Sitting at a red light at ordnance and hwy 69 and noticed a light in the sky. Car next to me also seen it and we all got out of the ca 7/5/18
6/10/18 10:00 Hayden ID USA Egg 1 minute Egg shaped, burnished silver, no engine noise, slow moving. 6/15/18
6/2/18 20:10 Rochester MI USA Egg 5 minutes I saw a bright white tic tac in the sky, silently flying west to east in Rochester, Michigan. 6/7/18
5/15/18 23:00 Kahului HI USA Egg 5 minutes It was late at night and I looked into the clouds and a huge orange glowing egg shaped ufo was hovering above the clouds then I looked 11/5/20
5/2/18 20:30 Lamesa TX USA Egg 4 seconds Egg shape object over Lamesa, TX. 5/4/18
5/2/18 14:00 Farmington UT USA Egg 10 minutes Driving on Legacy Highway from West Valley to Ogden when I noticed an object I thought was a plane but as I got closer I could seen it 5/4/18
4/22/18 23:50 Tolland CT USA Egg 15 seconds Egg shaped object flying over Tolland to then disappear. 4/26/18
4/17/18 11:00 Burnt Hills NY USA Egg 5 minutes Looked out of my class window and noticed a small egg-shaped object made of metal. ((anonymous report)) 4/19/18
3/22/18 07:18 Pelham AL USA Egg 5-10 seconds Object seen during morning commute near Pelham, Alabama. 4/13/18
3/8/18 16:47 Bailey CO USA Egg 3 minutes Egg shaped object hovering over the foothills looking NE from Burland Meadows section of Bailey.

Watched it a few minutes to
2/24/18 14:30 Parkland FL USA Egg 10 seconds I saw the flying object several times between clouds in Parkland, FL. I was able to capture a video of one of them. 3/2/18
2/8/18 19:15 Aurora CO USA Egg 3 minutes Was parking my truck walking back to my house heading SE, noticed flashing light like orb it had to be SW. ((anonymous report)) 2/16/18
1/19/18 20:00 Melbourne FL USA Egg 5 minutes UFO on fire. 1/25/18
12/30/17 12:00 Liberty Lake WA USA Egg unsure Object hovering above the Spokane River/ Not a drone to big. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/11/17 19:05 Gold Canyon AZ USA Egg 10 seconds Two large, orange bright football/egg shaped objects with windows low in sky 1/12/18
12/7/17 11:00 Champaign IL USA Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Walking to class and hovering craft making some sort of cracking noise. ((anonymous report)) 12/8/17
12/5/17 16:15 Midwest City OK USA Egg 5 seconds Group of small dark egg/orb shaped items which seemed to vanish. Corner of 29th and S. Douglas Blvd 1/12/18
11/2/17 02:04 Boise ID USA Egg 45 seconds ((HOAX??)) Eight egg-looking saucers in the air temp dropped. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/24/17 00:35 Milford CT USA Egg 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) white egg or tic tac shape moved behind cloud cover very bright white in NW sky moving slowly. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/18
10/23/17 01:02 Rowlett TX USA Egg 15 minutes Bright light unlike a star or planet, it seemed to glow 11/3/17
10/18/17 01:51 Long Beach CA USA Egg 23 seconds As usual during my late night walk, I looked up and saw a medium lit light. Moving slowing opposite of the LBG airport. I thought nothi 11/22/17
9/27/17 23:00 Derby/Ansonia CT USA Egg 5 seconds Heading to a friends house, I saw a pretty big sized egg shaped craft hovering in the sky. 10/5/17
9/23/17 22:54 Whittier CA USA Egg 4 minutes Egg shaped that emitted lights in Sky in Whittier, California left a trail. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) 9/28/17
9/20/17 23:00 Port Lambton (Canada) ON Canada Egg 3 minutes Flickering orange light slowly moving east and then west at high speed. 9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30 Napa CA USA Egg 5 seconds 2 egg-shaped aircraft travelling in formation at hypersonic speed east of Napa, CA, south to north towards Travis AFB. 9/21/17
9/8/17 18:25 Albuquerque NM USA Egg split second Metallic object fell from sky in front of me while I was driving north a few miles south of Albuquerque Airport. 9/12/17
9/7/17 22:00 Billings MT USA Egg 1 hour Glowing egg-shaped UFO with Flashing Lights. ((anonymous report)) 9/8/17
8/30/17 20:05 San tan valley AZ USA Egg 3 minutes 3 oval orange orbs flashed lights on than off before dissappearing. 9/5/17
8/19/17 07:20 Mansfield OH USA Egg 2 minutes I was standing outside on East First St and saw this weird thunderstorm cloud roll by from north west to south east towards south of Wo 9/5/17
8/19/17 06:20 New York City (Jamaica) NY USA Egg 3 minutes Egg shape object trailing plane in Queens, NY. 8/24/17
8/15/17 17:00 Silverton OR USA Egg Unknown An unidentified object that was not discovered until the photo was downloaded into my computer. 8/17/17
8/8/17 06:53 Ridgewood NJ USA Egg 15 seconds Metallic egg craft with a shadow circle orb around it. 8/11/17
8/3/17 21:40 South Daytona FL USA Egg 5 minutes Red-orange, glowing egg shaped orbs hover in formation and fly away single file. 8/4/17
7/23/17 20:30 Meriden CT USA Egg 30 seconds Flew extremely low overhead. Silent craft, absolutely no noise. Single red/pink light on craft. Moved from East to West. 7/27/17
6/17/17 18:00 St. Paul MN USA Egg 10 seconds Egg-shaped, stone-colored ufo over St. Paul. 6/22/17
6/6/17 23:55 Brussels (Belgium)
Belgium Egg 5 minutes Red glowing object flying by on a cloudy night. 6/22/17
6/6/17 10:00 Reno NV USA Egg Unknown I was driving on I-80 West just before the MnCarren exit and noticed a metallic oval shaped object hovering about 50 feet off the groun 1/4/19
6/2/17 23:55 Brussels (Belgium)
Belgium Egg 5 minutes Red glowing object flying by on a cloudy night. 7/7/17
6/2/17 21:15 Lake Havasu City AZ USA Egg 90 seconds Bright red, egg-shaped object was seen flying overhead headed NE. No sound could be heard coming from the craft. 6/9/17
5/23/17 01:00 Leadville CO USA Egg 15 seconds Silent, no lights, glowing gray, 8ft tall egg. 8/4/17
5/14/17 13:30 Covington GA USA Egg 30 minutes I was sitting on the deck of my wife's parents house on mother's day with a pair of binoculars. I was using the binoculars to watch a f 6/2/17
5/11/17 21:00 Alamogordo NM USA Egg 20 minutes Looking towards the S, I noticed a stange group of orange lights. I told my friends to look outside. The lights did not move. 5/15/17
4/30/17 04:25 Chiloquin OR USA Egg 2-3 seconds "Grape like" object seen hovering in Chiloquin, Oregon. ((NUFORC Note: Report by Mr. Ron Wright, experienced UFO investigator. PD)) 1/12/18
4/16/17 22:00 Loveland CO USA Egg 3 minutes Loveland, CO, UFO red and yellow, egg-shaped object. 4/20/17
4/14/17 22:00 Saint James MO USA Egg All Night Bright orange egg shaped lights shining in my windows. 4/20/17
3/13/17 14:00 Las Vegas NV USA Egg 1 minute Did you see this one? Las Vegas, NV. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
2/26/17 15:30 Superior WI USA Egg 3-5 minutes White egg shaped object over Lake Superior, middle of day, disappeared. 3/10/17
2/22/17 20:50 Bowen Island (Canada) BC Canada Egg 15 minutes I saw what looked like I though a meteor heading towards me. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 3/10/17
2/20/17 12:45 Hiwassee
USA Egg 15 seconds Fast white hazy object larger than jet incredibly fast and noiseless and higher than 30K ft 2/22/17
2/15/17 09:50 Algood TN USA Egg 5 seconds I saw a boomerang shaped aircraft in the beautiful night sky. 2/17/17
1/10/17 21:40 Hemingway SC USA Egg <1 minute I looked up to see three lights out of my drivers window. These lights were elongated. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/17
1/1/17 00:05 Rancho Cordova CA USA Egg 5 minutes I seen 5 reddish orange objects flying over my apartment building they were moving in progression of 2s except the last one was by itse 1/6/17
12/31/16 17:00 Mesa AZ USA Egg 20 minutes Metallic object flashing in sky. 1/6/17
12/29/16 20:40 Delray Beach FL USA Egg 5 seconds We were walking on the beach at night and saw a fast moving, oval/orb shaped orange light moving across the sky. It looked like it had 12/30/16
12/15/16 20:00 Davie FL USA Egg 5 minutes Ultra-Bright White Blimp like Object. ((anonymous report)) 12/21/16
11/15/16 20:00 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 30 seconds 2 fast low flying planes follow point of light in sky over east valley in Phoenix 12/5/16
11/7/16 13:30 Staten Island NY USA Egg 4 minutes Staten Island UFO sighting. 11/7/16. 11/11/16
10/27/16 10:00 Asheboro NC USA Egg 4-7 seconds Grey object, 5 miles north of Asheboro Airport, moving rapidly and changing directions at extreme angles. 10/27/16
10/9/16 00:00 Mt. Airy MD USA Egg 40 minutes Strange lights in egg-shaped formation over Mt. Airy, Maryland. 10/11/16
9/29/16 22:10 Phenix City AL USA Egg 45 minutes I was on my break for work. I noticed that the sky looked like it drop to the earth because the stars were so close. 10/11/16
9/24/16 03:13 Downy CA USA Egg 10 seconds White egg shape object high speed at (jet speed or faster) high altitude with no sound or lights ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/9/16 09:30 Sandy OR USA Egg 10 seconds Telephoned report: Adult male reports witnessing a silver disc in the morning sky. 9/9/16
8/30/16 23:57 Holden MA USA Egg ~10 seconds White/yellow glowing egg shaped object flying low south to north Holden, MA. 9/2/16
8/28/16 12:16 Piscataway NJ USA Egg 8 minutes Middlesex NJ 8-10mins 2 3D objects turned into one white circle with a hole in the middle 9/2/16
8/27/16 23:00 Surf City NC USA Egg 5 minutes 6 glowing orbs floating silently just above the houses. 9/15/16
8/14/16 18:00 Vancouver WA USA Egg 5 minutes Leaving Clark County fair; noticed an object flying at high speed going N. Tried to get video but I think I was to far away. 8/16/16
8/12/16 07:00 Reynoldsburg OH USA Egg 30-45 seconds We were sitting outside this morning getting ready to take the kids to school. And we looked up and seen a egg shaped form in the sky. 8/16/16
8/11/16 19:30 Ashland OH USA Egg 5 minutes Storm clouds. When I looked to the south behind the storm I could see a white egg-shaped craft; reflective. 8/16/16
8/4/16 20:30 Upper St. Clair PA USA Egg Unknown Bright white object seen before sundown, larger than a star or planet, but disappeared by nightfall. 8/16/16
8/3/16 04:00 Winnemucca NV USA Egg 20 minutes These were not US aircraft. 8/4/16
7/17/16 22:35 New York City (over the Hudson) NY USA Egg 30 minutes Huge Egg Shaped Glowing Hovering Behind Manhattan (Seen from Brooklyn: Bushwick Rooftop) 7/22/16
7/10/16 11:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Canada Egg 1 minute Watched 5 luminous balls, in triangle formation. 7/22/16
7/9/16 00:40 Syracuse NY USA Egg 2 minutes+ Brilliant green light in western sky. 7/15/16
7/6/16 10:15 Littleton CO USA Egg 6 minutes Object going slow then fast. Random directions then proceeded north. Circular egg shape. 7/8/16
6/19/16 04:30 Buena Park CA USA Egg 30 minutes Silver thing over Buena Park/Anaheim/Fullerton. 6/24/16
6/8/16 18:20 Buena Park CA USA Egg 30 Small flashing object. ((anonymous report)) 6/10/16
6/1/16 22:00 Amsterdam CA USA Egg 2 minutes I noticed an egg shaped deep orange glowing object close above me in the sky. 8/20/20
5/21/16 19:15 Myrtle Beach SC USA Egg 3 minutes Two objects small and very fast video proof. 6/10/16
4/29/16 21:45 Santa Cruz CA USA Egg 4 minutes 3 slow moving orbs chased by fast walker 5/6/16
4/25/16 01:00 Waverly FL USA Egg 1 hour Orange floating like sphere came to where we were. Then slowly,silently drifted off along the tree line. Pure energy! 4/29/16
4/19/16 21:17 Rothsay MN USA Egg 5 minutes I and 5 other people witnessed 2 unknown craft flying at a low altitude. They were egg-shaped. 4/22/16
3/26/16 14:25 Sacramento CA USA Egg 2.5 minutes Luminescent Egg Shaped Object in Sky on SW Flight 4/15/16
3/11/16 20:00 Skykomish WA USA Egg 2 seconds Saw a large flaming blue egg travel across the part of the sky to the south of my cabin. 3/18/16
3/4/16 19:09 Las Vegas NV USA Egg 2-3 seconds Was out in front of the house and I looked up and I seen this bright white egg like shape going though the clouds and it was going at a 3/11/16
2/19/16 21:00 Churchville PA USA Egg 3-5 seconds After hearing helicopter in area for approx. 5 minutes, I looked out window and coming from S to N is a helicopter. 2/26/16
1/23/16 10:30 Yuma AZ USA Egg 12 minutes Videoed 2 egg shaped, multi-color pulsing craft near full moon above Yuma. 1/29/16
12/31/15 15:00 Monmouth OR USA Egg 10 seconds A white balloon gives off a bright blue light and disappears along with the balloon. 1/5/16
11/21/15 01:30 Vannuys CA USA Egg 2 minutes Blimp-looking object glowing like a full moon descending into the ground. 11/26/15
11/18/15 13:50 San Diego CA USA Egg 5 Close about 0.5 miles at start. Rotating and looked like it was reflecting light or had lights on it. It moved vertically then changed 11/19/15
11/12/15 04:30 Alexandria VA USA Egg 20 seconds 4 craft seen, low altitude, bright orange 12/10/15
11/12/15 04:00 Alexandria VA USA Egg 2.5 minutes Unknown lights, not helos. 11/19/15
11/8/15 03:30 Milwaukee WI USA Egg 1 hour 4 bright objects in the sky looks like drones. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of planets in the E sky. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05 Pie Town NM USA Egg 00:10 large light in western horizon bright and unusual. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:15 29 Palms CA USA Egg 20 minutes Blue, cloud-shaped light hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
10/29/15 02:00 Orlando FL USA Egg 1 hour Large stand still lights orange red white near other stars like the dipper moved position 2 times rhythm of lights changed from solid t 10/29/15
10/26/15 13:38 Centreville MD USA Egg ? Driving 2 white objs, same alt., hovering, do not move, until you look and they are gone. ((NUFORC Note: Possible aerostats/blimps? PD)) 10/29/15
10/24/15 02:30 Medford MA USA Egg 10 seconds Was outside looking at the constellations with a friend. We were observing Orion’s Belt and trying to locate Venus when I look to my le 10/29/15
10/23/15 18:56 Happy Valley OR USA Egg 6-8 minutes Egg shaped objects with a flame-like tail, three in triangle formation, video link included 12/14/18
10/6/15 14:00 Annapolis/Crofton MD USA Egg >1 hour Driving towards Baltimore, 2 white egg-shaped stationary objects were seen hovering in the sky. They were both at the same altitude. 10/16/15
10/4/15 14:10 St. Petersburg FL USA Egg 1 minute Large silver egg shape object over st Petersburg 11/19/15
9/25/15 01:00 Paterson NJ USA Egg 3 hours I noticed a Commercial aircraft flying very low and very slow as soon as this airplane passed a small dark egg shaped object about a qu 9/29/15
9/16/15 22:30 Winnsboro TX USA Egg 3 still objects that flas I have been seeing three objects in toward the west of east Texas that moved back and forth in the same area they looked egg shaped and 9/25/15
9/14/15 18:30 Annapolis MD USA Egg 1 hour Two egg-shaped crafts hovering way up in the sky. Pretty good distance between the two. Was absolutely still and no noise. Hovered for 9/17/15
9/12/15 15:00 Guatemala
Guatemala Egg 1-2 minute I saw an object flying a little higher than a bird, it was black shaped like an egg or bean.. it had two small promotories in the sides 9/17/15
8/23/15 00:15 Kenmore NY USA Egg 3 minutes Two orange objects over niagra frontier 8/27/15
8/16/15 22:00 Centereach NY USA Egg 2 minutes Light that looked like flame silently moved over our heads quickly. 8/27/15
7/31/15 23:00 West Friendship MD USA Egg 2-3 minutes Pictures and video of blue egg shaped orb. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, caused by pointing a camera at a bright source of light. PD)) 8/6/15
7/31/15 22:16 Venise en Quebec (Canada) QC Canada Egg 5 minutes Orange, egg-shaped orb over Venise end Quebec 8/6/15
7/4/15 22:48 Buffalo WV USA Egg 5 minutes Egg-shaped orb. Red/orange on top and bottom w/green lights in the middle. Steady, then moved, then shot up and away. 7/10/15
7/1/15 09:30 Tirupati (India)
India Egg Unknown I took a picture with a tablet and this was the outcome. 8/27/15
6/30/15 21:00 Cincinnati OH USA Egg 3 hours? Lights in sky. There were 2 that appeared to be next to each other. Not stars. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 7/3/15
6/29/15 00:30 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 6 seconds A large flagellated bug, the size of a house, silently floating around Phoenix. 7/3/15
6/22/15 20:02 Long Beach CA USA Egg 15 minutes Double egg shape with gold like mid section. ((NUFORC Note: Image in video looks to us to be a jet aircraft, at mid altitude. PD)) 7/3/15
6/13/15 15:30 Waterbury CT USA Egg 7 minutes Egg shaped object flying slow with no noise, and gained altitude until dissapeared. 6/15/15
5/23/15 13:00 Michelton/Brisbane (Australia)
Australia Egg 00:30 There was a bean shaped flying object soaring higher than common army jets. In mitchelton brisbane, there are numerous flyinh vehicles. 5/29/15
5/15/15 14:30 Baltimore MD USA Egg 15 minutes White egg shaped sphere hovering at a high altitude. I had to get binoculars to get a clearer picture. When it went behind some trees, 5/22/15
5/1/15 00:07 Mountain Home ID USA Egg 3 minutes White egg shaped object and 4 round colored objects seen in the southern sky from Mountain Home, Idaho. 5/8/15
4/27/15 18:30 Sacramento CA USA Egg 5 seconds Unknown small white light. 5/8/15
4/11/15 01:15 Pontotoc MS USA Egg 7 White glowing brite shaped like cotton candy made a descent from above the stars at an angle shooting down then two flames shot out the 4/17/15
3/28/15 16:20 Valley Stream NY USA Egg 5-10 minutes Multiple unidentified objects over Long Island. 1/20/16
2/18/15 23:00 Cannock (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 3 minutes Flying Egg over Morrisons Cannock!! 2/20/15
2/16/15 02:45 Tomahawk WV USA Egg 10 seconds The UFO was egg like shaped. I saw 3 of them and each were different colors. The colors were red, blue and green. Hovered maybe about 5 2/20/15
1/12/15 00:30 St. Thomas (Canada) ON Canada Egg ~2 hours Tear shaped fast moving object surrounded by purple hue. 1/16/15
12/11/14 00:00 Williamsburg VA USA Egg 10 minutes Bright light object with three clusters of light. 12/12/14
12/9/14 20:48 Salt Lake City UT USA Egg 4-5 seconds Blue-green craft in the sky, then disappearing. 12/12/14
11/26/14 17:00 Wheat Ridge CO USA Egg 3:00 Glowing red, egg-shaped object standing upright with small end down with white light on small tip. North to south travel. 12/5/14
11/24/14 08:00 Spring TX USA Egg 5 minutes There was a hovering silver egg shaped object above Spring, Texas. 11/26/14
11/21/14 17:00 Columbia MD USA Egg 10-20min ((HOAX??)) While sitting in traffic, I noticed three specks in the sky. 11/26/14
10/13/14 20:00 Reynoldsburg OH USA Egg 10 seconds I'm laying out side. And I see a light with a twitch out of the corner of my eye so I kinda watch... And all of a sudden this huge egg 11/6/14
9/28/14 20:30 Stanwood WA USA Egg 4 minutes Bright flash of light followed by a small egg shaped craft. 10/3/14
9/25/14 19:05 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg south It was red and didn't move. After 10 min., it disappeared. First sighting it looked silver 10/3/14
9/23/14 07:42 La Guajira (Venezuela)
Venezuela Egg
That day we were on a work visit in a wind farm and I took the photo of the pole for the report and after it was taken I realized that 6/25/20
9/20/14 20:30 Donora PA USA Egg 30 minutes 15-20 glowing egg-shaped lights, no sound, shared trajectory and elevation. 9/25/14
9/15/14 06:52 Jacksonville FL USA Egg seconds At a glimpse while driving on 9a headed towards San Jose before the Phillips hwy exit,there was a black egg/cigar shaped object with gr 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:15 Hoover AL USA Egg 3-5 seconds Green glowing object moving past me overhead. 9/18/14
9/13/14 23:15 Anaheim CA USA Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovering 3 feet off ground. Dark blue with rose/pink pulsaing interior light. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:29 Vancouver WA USA Egg 3 seconds Xenon blue light seen falling at 15 degree angle northwest of Vancouver, WA. 9/18/14
9/8/14 00:00 Schenectady NY USA Egg 2 minutes One egg-shaped object with odd wings on each side. Orange / yellowish color hovering above the trees approx. 2 minutes then flew quickl 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:04 London (Canada) ON Canada Egg 45 seconds Huge, with red, orange, green, yellow, and white flashing lights and produced a very, very loud humming noise and was light hazel color 9/10/14
9/3/14 10:45 Woodhaven MI USA Egg 10 seconds Red egg-shaped orb seen in sky over Woodhaven, MI. 9/5/14
8/10/14 15:50 Sea-Tac WA USA Egg 10 minutes Floating egg shaped object clearly visible with sunlight reflecting off a perfectly smooth surface with 2 antenna like protrusions 8/22/14
8/2/14 21:40 Orlando FL USA Egg 3 minutes Orange craft during storm. 8/8/14
8/2/14 04:30 Port Lambton (near Sarnia) (Canada) ON Canada Egg 60-90 seconds Bright white pulsing egg shaped object moving from south to north. 8/8/14
7/29/14 20:06 Edgewood MD USA Egg 30 seconds I was standing outside when I saw something in the sky not moving and it rapidly went away in a flash. 8/1/14
7/26/14 01:25 Concord NC USA Egg 5 minutes Me and a long time fire were walking out to his car and I saw this amber light an brought it to me buddies attention. He thought it was 7/26/14
7/12/14 21:05 Whitewright TX USA Egg 30 seconds Lights made no sound and were close enough to see the details/shape. 7/20/14
7/11/14 11:30 Litchfield ME USA Egg 20 seconds Looking in the western sky there was a bright silver egg shaped object that was nearly stationary. After spotting it and watching for 2 7/20/14
7/9/14 04:40 Beaumont CA USA Egg 22 minutes Bright egg shape light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus in the SE sky?? PD)) 7/11/14
7/7/14 13:00 Westerly RI USA Egg 30-45 seconds Dark cloud followed by 5-6 chrome egg shaped crafts 3/6/15
7/4/14 23:00 Orland Park/Bridgeview (between) IL USA Egg 30 minutes Egg shaped objects in group formation of 2 heading west across Harlem Ave Apprx 14 seen. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Emmaus PA USA Egg 5 minutes 1 large egg shaped, very bright orange/yellow ball like thing moving steadily towards the south. Disappeared over the mountain. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00 Bartlett IL USA Egg 7 minutes Bright green/red HOVERING object 5 mins west sky (during fireworks to north) DARTED with impossible speed SE, hovered, disappeared. 7/5/14
7/3/14 10:05 West Reading PA USA Egg 40 seconds Egg shape object - flying in rapid speed with flashy orange/red lights! 7/4/14
6/24/14 21:55 Oklahoma City (NW part of city) OK USA Egg 30 seconds Quickly descending and then slowly moving, lit, object in NW okc sky. 6/27/14
6/17/14 04:15 Tallahassee FL USA Egg 10 minutes The morning of June 17th 2017 around 4:00 am I had walked outside with my daughter to show her some things on the porch that seemed mis 6/22/17
6/16/14 09:45 Colorado Springs CO USA Egg 15 minutes Large gray object and 20 little ones floating in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Photos shows gray, blurry, indistinct object. PD)) 7/20/14
6/14/14 22:40 E. Lansing MI USA Egg 30 seconds This is the first I've seen a thing that looks this different from everything I've seen in the sky in 50 years. 6/20/14
6/13/14 13:00 Hanover Park IL USA Egg 15 seconds Red egg-shaped object followed by boxkite type of structure 6/24/14
6/8/14 19:34 Scottsdale AZ USA Egg 3 minutes Bright orange marble sized fireball/orb. 6/13/14
6/2/14 12:00 Florence NJ USA Egg 10+ minutes Metallic egg or disc shaped UFO stationary at cloud height. 1/26/15
5/25/14 00:00 North Las Vegas NV USA Egg 15 minutes Husband and wife, while swimming, witness two very bright orange/yellow spheres pass overhead. Wife was frightened. 6/4/14
5/22/14 Birmingham AL USA Egg 3 minutes Red glowing object in the sky. 6/4/14
5/18/14 20:50 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 5 minutes Three bright orange orbs pass by separately, one after the other. 6/4/14
5/18/14 11:00 Stuart FL USA Egg 1 hour 1 Orange egg-shaped orb that shifted and moved. The Moon yet to come up. I was facing toward the Atlantic Ocean. I understand that Satu 6/4/14
5/14/14 20:25 UK/England
United Kingdom Egg seconds Orange egg shaped object photographed leaving the sun at sunset 6/4/14
5/10/14 22:00 Gloucester MA USA Egg 2-3 minutes Egg shape craft with white lights. 6/4/14
5/3/14 04:10 Fulton MS USA Egg 5 seconds Egg ufo. 5/8/14
4/29/14 13:00 Atlanta GA USA Egg 2 days ((HOAX)) I was taken up and served as a prince, the small yellow creatures acted as if they had never seen a human before. 3/20/15
4/19/14 13:00 Parma OH USA Egg 30 seconds Grey/silver egg shaped object, low altitude, heading north in Parma, Ohio. 4/24/14
4/18/14 00:00 Mt. Pleasant MI USA Egg 10 minutes Bright lights power gone from car. 4/24/14
4/15/14 17:45 Sylva NC USA Egg 10-15 seconds Loud egg shaped aircraft. 4/18/14
4/5/14 18:00 Morehead City NC USA Egg 40-60 seconds Silvery Daylight Orb. 4/11/14
3/24/14 23:30 Eugene (general area) OR USA Egg 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red and blue egg like shaped.flying ahead of me then drifted like a zigzag then took off really fast the opposite way. 3/27/14
3/24/14 22:00 Reynoldsville PA USA Egg 45 seconds 3 Orange blinking lights moving about 2x faster then a plane. 3/27/14
3/23/14 21:38 Darfield (New Zealand)
New Zealand Egg 80 seconds 2 large reddish orange balls of light moving across the Canterbury Plains. 3/27/14
3/21/14 21:45 Bakersfield CA USA Egg
I saw a shape it looked like a ball too fast for a plane/aircraft, and too slow for shooting star. 3/27/14
2/16/14 21:45 Pismo CA USA Egg 15 seconds Pismo beach sighting orange in color egg or oval shaped Appear to be a star then started moving in a direction changed direction. 2/21/14
2/15/14 01:30 Santa Ana CA USA Egg 4-6 minutes Orange glowing egg in the sky over Orange County. 2/27/14
1/26/14 18:30 Albuquerque NM USA Egg 18:45 The craft was no any commercial or military aircraft I've ever seen. 1/30/14
1/21/14 08:30 Park City UT USA Egg 45 seconds Large white egg shaped light with another white light in center and two white lines (like chemtrails) on either side. 1/24/14
1/2/14 19:00 Venice FL USA Egg 20 minutes Floating, glowing objects that at one point formed a triangle. 2/7/14
1/1/14 19:45 Boston MA USA Egg 15 minutes Over Boston, 4 bright orange lights approach separately, hover, then recede to the South East. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:45 Bradenton FL USA Egg 10 mins. One white/red light hovering over Bradenton, FL. - posted 1/7/14. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00 Chandler AZ USA Egg 20 minutes 3 Orange "orb" shaped objects over Southwest Arizona, followed by a fourth. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:05 Albuquerque NM USA Egg 2 minutes Bright reddish gold object seen in Albuquerque NM FIVE MINS after midnite on new years 2014. 1/10/14
12/25/13 16:25 Fredericksburg VA USA Egg 2 minutes Bright orange object in the night sky over Fredericksburg, VA. 1/10/14
12/22/13 08:45 Virginia Beach VA USA Egg 1 hour 12/22/13 08:45 Virginia Beach VA white egg shape object hovered for 1 hour and dissappeared after cloud cover came in. 1/10/14
12/17/13 13:30 Brunswick NC USA Egg 5 seconds White egg shape object spotted while working. 12/23/13
12/9/13 18:20 Marietta OH USA Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped craft hovered over tree line, fantastic white lights. 12/12/13
11/29/13 11:00 Newark NJ USA Egg
Black egg floating in the air on freylinghuysen ave by mcD's. 12/2/13
11/28/13 18:30 Manassas VA USA Egg 5 minutes 8 orbs seemingly connected in brentsville lake jackson manassas area. 12/2/13
11/1/13 20:30 Nashville TN USA Egg 25 minutes Was a cloudy night, hovering low amongst clouds saw large lighted object with a red light atop (moving clockwise atop the craft). 11/11/13
11/1/13 20:29 Johns Creek GA USA Egg >1 hour Viewable from subdivision off McGinnis ferry rd. tonight is the 3rd time I have seen this bright object. it is not a star. have nothing 11/11/13
11/1/13 19:30 Pismo CA USA Egg 1 hour Egg shape bright light over pismo beach ocean. 11/11/13
10/20/13 18:30
CT USA Egg 2 hours Bright light visible in W sky for long periods of time that seem to be fixed in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 11/11/13
10/16/13 22:30 South Weber UT USA Egg 3 seconds Bright egg shaped green light fly across the sky in 2-3 seconds. 10/23/13
10/9/13 17:00 Wellington OH USA Egg 5 minutes Shiny object only 500 yards off the ground the size of a small plane with no wings moving very slowly for 5 min south to north. 10/14/13
10/8/13 19:30 Cumming GA USA Egg 10 minutes Was not a believer in UFO, am very skeptical and suspicious but after seeing the speed of the object made me a believer. 4/11/14
9/6/13 21:25 Prosser WA USA Egg 3 seconds I observed a grayish-white, football-shaped object going from SE to NW. 9/9/13
9/1/13 15:00 San Antonio TX USA Egg 12 seconds Unidentified egg shaped phenomenon moving slow among visible birds passing it up! 3/18/14
8/20/13 21:14 Flat Rock MI USA Egg 6 minutes 10-15 UFOs spotted over I-75, orange in color. 8/30/13
8/19/13 23:00 Virginia Beach VA USA Egg 3 seconds Bright white light spotted hovering in the sky, then disappears. 8/30/13
8/12/13 13:00 Arlington Heights IL USA Egg 3 minutes CLEARDAY SIGHTING. 3/18/14
8/9/13 10:30 Naches WA USA Egg 2 minutes Large oval craft seen breaking through clouds. 8/30/13
8/6/13 21:00 Lawndale CA USA Egg 3 seconds I saw an airborne egg shaped object that was completely silent and pulsing a dim red light. 8/30/13
8/4/13 10:50 Berkley MI USA Egg 20 seconds Orange UFO in Berkley, MI 8/30/13
7/31/13 23:10 Commerce CA USA Egg 5 minutes Stepped outside of my job for my 15 min break with my friend. I walked to my Car an sat on my trunk facing east. While I was talking t 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL USA Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL Just after finishing dinner on 7-29-2013, I walked out onto the front porch. It was approximate 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL USA Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL 8/30/13
7/25/13 19:00 Major (Canada)
Canada Egg 5 minutes Soft hovering sound, then a sound like fighter jets, small and grey, the size of a golfball, I ducked so it would not hit me. 6/20/14
7/24/13 02:31 Lybrook NM USA Egg 1 minute A triangular star cluster shot off an egg shaped craft southwest on 7/24/13 at 2:31 in the morning over Lybrook NM. 8/30/13
7/19/13 17:00 Elkins WV USA Egg 5 seconds Dark gray &quot;egg&quot; spotted hovering in daytime sky, disappears suddenly 8/30/13
7/10/13 22:22 Jacksonville FL USA Egg 5 seconds UFO sighting in Jacksonville, FL 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:20 Chalfont PA USA Egg 30 minutes 9 yellow / red disks silently sailed across the sky at low level, first three in a line, the next we're 6 red disks in zig zag pattern 7/14/13
7/4/13 20:50 Chalfont PA USA Egg 5 minutes 9 orange/red spheres a few hundred feet above silently travel across our neighbors properties July 4, Chalfont, PA. 9/30/13
7/3/13 04:07 Surprise AZ USA Egg 1 second Motion activated video of object in a bubble for about 1 second. 9/30/13
6/29/13 Monrowville PA USA Egg 1.30 Scarier !!!!!!! 7/5/13
6/26/13 20:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY USA Egg Not seen with naked eye Unknown Object In Brooklyn NY 7/3/13
6/22/13 22:00 San Tan Valley AZ USA Egg 10 minutes Glowing orange, oblong object moving rapidly in easterly direction suddenly getting small and dissappearing 7/3/13
6/22/13 14:30 Worcester MA USA Egg ~2 minutes White metallic egg shaped object spotted in Worcester Ma. 7/3/13
6/17/13 19:00 Meeker CO USA Egg 10 minutes Meeker, Colorado, Football Shaped UFO on Video. 2/27/14
6/12/13 22:45 Kalispell MT USA Egg 20 minutes Bright Orb/Sphere in western sky with Red/Blue/Green rotating lights. 7/3/13
6/8/13 23:45 Wyomissing PA USA Egg 10 seconds Blue Craft Traveling at an Extremely High Rate of Speed w/ Zero Sound 7/3/13
6/2/13 12:55 Puget-Theniers (France)
France Egg In the photo Ufo behind my camera on solar halo. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "sun dog?" We will look at the photo, when it arrives. PD)) 6/2/13
5/31/13 01:00 Marion IN USA Egg 10 minutes It looked like a small fire ball hovering over the outskirts of the ciity and moved very slow. 6/2/13
5/16/13 18:35 Honolulu HI USA Egg <1 minute Grey roundish object illuminating in the sky near diamond head, honolulu 6/2/13
5/8/13 13:30 Boulder CO USA Egg 5 minutes Slow-moving, silver craft seen over Boulder, CO 6/2/13
3/29/13 21:00 Gainesville FL USA Egg 5-6 minutes Illuminating Orange-Red glow, beautiful that flew so low. 5/15/13
3/15/13 20:00 Woodstock GA USA Egg 3-4 minutes Glowing orbs mistaken for falling stars 6/2/13
3/10/13 21:31 Winters TX USA Egg Night sky Red, yellow, blue and white lights and underneath the craft. 3/18/14
3/10/13 17:00 Sydney (Australia)
Australia Egg 30 minutes The object was oval and traveled slowly 5/15/13
3/4/13 Indiana (no idea) IN USA Egg a few seconds Fox News UFO. 4/12/13
1/26/13 15:47 Athens GA USA Egg 1-3 minutes Two black objects that moved vertically, sideways in the same area for couple minutes 1/30/14
1/7/13 12:35 Greenwood MS USA Egg
((HOAX??)) I was walking and saw a egg like shape hit the ground in the woods. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:37 Farmington NM USA Egg 4-5 minutes Red egg shaped no sound quiet. Hooverd then shot off. 2/4/13
12/14/12 20:00 Grand Turk (Caribbean)
Caribbean (Grand Turk) Egg 1 minute Gold egg seen from cruise ship 2/4/13
12/13/12 16:45 Ocean Springs MS USA Egg 10 minutes 2 Red/White Egg Shaped Craft spotted 2/4/13
12/11/12 04:30 Spokane Valley WA USA Egg 10 minutes Objects light up the sky like daylight before disappearing. 12/20/12
11/29/12 23:00 Mercer Island WA USA Egg 10 minutes Colorful object flying over Mercer Island. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, or model airplane?? PD)) 12/20/12
11/13/12 05:37 Birmingham AL USA Egg 2-3 minutes Metallic object rolling across morning sky 11/19/12
11/10/12 21:10 Ballentine SC USA Egg 2:00 minutes Yellow-orangish in color like object (eggplant like shape) appeared to not have lights on the outside, but radiate light from inside. 11/19/12
10/31/12 22:00 Greensboro NC USA Egg 15 seconds Blue egg shaped light shot across my apartment in greensboro then disappear. 11/4/12
10/30/12 18:30 Shrub Oak NY USA Egg 2 minutes The night of hurricane Sandy a tree was ripped from its trunk by a huge gust of wind. It pulled the utility lines and the utility pole 11/19/12
10/21/12 05:30 Stewartsville NJ USA Egg 8 seconds What the heck was that? 10/30/12
10/18/12 15:00 Sedona AZ USA Egg ~2 minutes My girlfriend and I were hiking on a trail in Sedona, Arizona in mid October of 2012. Ironically I believe the name of the trail we wer 3/6/15
10/16/12 19:11 Gold Coast (Australia)
Australia Egg 45 seconds Orb shaped UFO , red and blue flare out 10/30/12
10/14/12 12:50 Centralia WA USA Egg 15 minutes Photo of an orange, egg shaped light, moving in a constant deliberate manner on a south to north course near Centralia, Washington. 10/30/12
9/27/12 20:40 Scotrun PA USA Egg 8 minutes There we 2 egg shape or bell shape orangy glowing objects. They hovered in close proximity travelling in multiple directions. 10/30/12
9/21/12 20:30 Plainfeild NH USA Egg 4 seconds Driving north on rt 12 a and saw the shape shoot across at tree level. It was a blueish green color. Then there was a burst of light an 9/24/12
9/18/12 21:30 Bradley IL USA Egg 15 seconds Two small football shaped objects locked in formation with no lights. 9/30/13
9/15/12 21:00 Meridian ID USA Egg 15-20 minutes A fluxuating flaming orb moving across the sky. 9/24/12
9/11/12 20:40 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Canada Egg 2+ hours Several objects seen moving over north shores of Lake Ontario, over a 2 hour period. 9/24/12
8/29/12 12:00 New York City (Bronx) NY USA Egg 10 minutes 5 bright white egged shaped crafts 9/24/12
8/21/12 20:30 North Bend WA USA Egg 2.5 hours Red/White Flashing Craft scene multiple nights in the skies over North Bend, Wa 9/24/12
8/12/12 20:30 Denver CO USA Egg 20 minutes Orange egg lights 8/19/12
8/12/12 20:30 Sun City Summerlin NV USA Egg 2 minutes Flying egg shaped object bright white mlights hovered above me then glided west over red rock 8/19/12
7/31/12 21:00 London (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 45 seconds Bubble/egg shaped pod seen flying over Chingford, NE London 8/5/12
7/24/12 23:40 East Palestine OH USA Egg 5 minutes Strange UFO sighting in East Palestine, Ohio on the night of July 24, 2012 8/5/12
7/15/12 03:00 Columbus OH USA Egg 15 minutes Flying object in Columbus Ohio July 15th 3am. 8/5/12
7/10/12 18:30 Jackson Center OH USA Egg 3 seconds High speed disc 9/24/12
7/9/12 05:35 Los Angeles CA USA Egg 10 minutes Dark egg-shaped object seen in the early morning sky above the East Los Angeles area. 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:33 Fort Collins CO USA Egg 1 minute Egg shaped object flying over head. 8/5/12
7/4/12 18:00 Gaithersburg MD USA Egg 8 minutes Nine unidentified flying objects in the night sky flying very slowly in single file and emitting no sound. 8/5/12
7/4/12 12:00 Milford MA USA Egg 5:20 I and two other people witnessed a round craft in the sky that resembled the color of a beer ball. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 11/11/16
6/29/12 21:37 Shelbyville TN USA Egg 20 minutes Erratic dim, and bright oval objects, moving across sky. 7/4/12
6/27/12 02:15 Seattle WA USA Egg 15 minutes lights started appearing out of nowhere. 7/4/12
6/19/12 16:15 Rosemead CA USA Egg 1 minute Oval, egg-shaped object seen above Rosemead, CA. 6/20/12
6/12/12 16:30 Laporte IN USA Egg 1 second UFO's buzz farm tractor and cars 6/20/12
6/4/12 16:00 Dallas TX USA Egg 1 day I found 2 small orange pods with alien like organisms , curdle up in the fetal position, growing inside then. 8/30/13
6/3/12 14:00 South Chicago Heights IL USA Egg 5 minutes White egg shaped object over south chicago heights moving from west to east. 6/8/12
5/27/12 20:50 Hanalei Bay HI USA Egg 7 minutes Undulating orange lights over Hanalei Bay 5/29/12
5/18/12 17:30 Fayetteville AR USA Egg 10 minutes Black walnut shaped craft observed in broad daylight floating across sky with no sound 8/30/13
5/11/12 17:00 Chazy NY USA Egg 30 seconds Small egg shaped object with blinking white light rose into the sky 5/29/12
5/7/12 20:35 Portland OR USA Egg 3 minutes Fireball with black rotating band sighted in SE Portland near Hawthorne 5/5/12 5/13/12
4/29/12 20:15 Cary NC USA Egg 3 minutes Round suv-sized object seen traveling, hovering, traveling, just after sunset; no lights, no sounds 5/13/12
4/6/12 21:50 Reading PA USA Egg 2 to 3 minutes Left Lebanon Pa.towards Reading Pa.around 9:35PM about 10-15 minutes into our trip before Myerstown i noticed an extremely Bright,Silve 4/18/12
3/22/12 22:00 Spokane WA USA Egg 20 minutes Bright glowing white orb, morphing into cylindrical shape and then back to orb hovering for 20- 30 minutes 5/13/12
3/16/12 12:00 Monterey CA USA Egg unknown Metallic egg-shaped object over the ocean 5/13/12
3/6/12 00:20 Russell Springs KY USA Egg 3 minutes Old music box started playing and not been wind up in years 3/13/12
2/28/12 22:20 Mechanicville NY USA Egg 1 second Green/Blue tear drop shape shot down from the sky, emitting a bright white light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 3/13/12
2/28/12 22:15 Hamden CT USA Egg 2 seconds Green egg shaped object with lightning like explosion. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 3/13/12
2/19/12 19:00 Morgan Hill CA USA Egg 1 hour Object floating in sky immediately goes warp speed and stops! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 3/13/12
2/12/12 22:45 Ft. Duchesne UT USA Egg 8-10 minutes Glowing egg or oblong shaped flyiing object rose up from the ground and went east. 3/13/12
1/28/12 19:15 Port St John FL USA Egg Couple Minutes Orange object high in the sky traveling upward 2/3/12
1/13/12 17:00 Fullerton CA USA Egg 3 seconds or so Vertically moving object that was glowing and accelerating quickly 1/24/12
1/12/12 15:00 Miami FL USA Egg 1 seconds My brother was filming half a dozen kids jumping of a bridge while the object flew silently over them heading to Cuba. 1/10/14
1/5/12 07:30 Maple City MI USA Egg 40 minutes I saw a round object, come over the top of my house, making a strange humming sound and the object was bright white, with a yellow dot 1/12/12
1/1/12 02:00 Norfolk VA USA Egg 20 Red and white lights flashing egg shape object making zig zag circular movement 1/12/12
12/17/11 10:50 Danby NY USA Egg seconds Green egg shaped object. (( 1/12/12
12/16/11 17:30 Leominster MA USA Egg 2 minutes Driving east on Rt. 2 just at the Rt.2/190 split in Leominster and saw three egg shaped lights hovering in the sky. 1/12/12
12/1/11 19:00 Holden Beach NC USA Egg 3 hrs off and on Saw burst of bright orange lights in the sky over the ocean at holden beach nc 12/1/11 12/12/11
11/28/11 18:30 Lake Oswego OR USA Egg 1-2 min Gold/yellow Orb seen over Lake Oswego Oregon by 2 people. 12/12/11
11/20/11 22:00 Millbrook AL USA Egg 10 seconds 2 night sky Camoflaged "things!" 12/23/13
11/2/11 15:50 Hermosa Beach CA USA Egg 3-4 min 4 white egg shaped objects over Hermosa beach 12/12/11
10/23/11 02:00 Hammond IN USA Egg 3 to 5 mins I was sitting outside on the side of my house smoking and looked up and seen what i thought too be a balloon but it was moving too fast 10/25/11
10/5/11 20:30 Charlotte NC USA Egg 3 minutes About 20:30 on 4/8. I see a blur of light out of the corner of my eye. I look up, ((Staarlink satellites??)) 4/23/21
9/26/11 18:15 Towson MD USA Egg 10 seconds Single, chrome, stationary object witnessed near Baltimore, Maryland. Vanished instantly. 8/5/12
9/21/11 20:00 Salem OR USA Egg 2 mins Was driving at about 8 pm, suddenly in front of me in the sky a bright green egg shape appeared slowly crossed sky then accelerated and 10/10/11
9/10/11 20:45 Allen TX USA Egg 5 seconds I was walking my dog down my block in this evening like I always do. As I came to the end of my block, I looked up and saw green blue p 10/10/11
9/4/11 13:30 Faribault MN USA Egg 5 minutes craft, egg shaped, with U shape around half of it, slowly flying by at about 500 feet in the air, lasting about 5 minutes 10/10/11
9/3/11 21:00 Freedom NH USA Egg 20 seconds i was camping near ossipee nh on the maine border. it was about 9pm and dark. i was on a golf cart heading in a easterly direction. my 10/10/11
8/25/11 00:31 Des Moines IA USA Egg 7 sec Siting looking at the stars was moving fast and steady rusty dark look no lights but had a glow and was heading west it came out of sig 10/10/11
8/15/11 15:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY USA Egg 3 minutes UFO over Brooklyn, NYC, Flatbush Avenue. 6/20/14
8/15/11 13:30 Mississippi (central part) MS USA Egg 1 Sec. EGG Shaped possibly round Metalic UFO speeding down the interstate southbound on I55 central Missippi state. 8/21/11
8/10/11 13:00 Worcester MA USA Egg five minutes Silent craft overhead 10/10/11
8/1/11 04:30 Severa Park MD USA Egg about 30 seconds three flashes, 3 objects moved to a certain spot in the sky, started spinning, then disappeared 8/7/11
7/29/11 22:00 Concord CA USA Egg 5 minutes On July 29,2011 at 9:55 pm My husband and I saw a large low flying glowing orange object that was heading in an northeast direction. I 8/7/11
7/5/11 22:00 Stevensville MI USA Egg 1 min Four Glowing craft in formation near stevensville MI 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 Lancaster OH USA Egg 15 Mins Witnessed a floating pulsating orange ball, that stopped glowing, flashed blue/white lights, glowed orange again, then went out. 7/6/11

6/10/11 19:45 Maplewood MO USA Egg 40 seconds My daughter looked across the parking lot above a strip mall and asked if that was a hot air balloon. It was black or dark and looked l 6/12/11
6/6/11 14:30 San Tan Valley AZ USA Egg 20 minutes June 6th, 2011, egg or disk shaped object seen over Eastern Phoenix area 7/4/11
5/18/11 21:00 Savannah TN USA Egg 60 seconds I'm standing there with a spotlight and I see a red object way up in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
5/7/11 Winona MN USA Egg 1-2 min Strange object in night sky 5/12/11
5/3/11 21:30 Davenport IA USA Egg 10min Bright Light over Davenport, Iowa. 5/12/11
4/20/11 00:15 Mesa AZ USA Egg :20 Bluish white egg shaprd light falling from sky 5/2/11
4/9/11 23:30 Port Douglas (Australia)
Australia Egg 2 hours Multiple objects moving in an irregular fasion changing colour and direction at speed. 10/19/11
4/6/11 21:20 Knoxville TN USA Egg 3 to 5 seconds ball of light flying over Farragut/West Knoxville 5/2/11
4/1/11 08:00 Wichita KS USA Egg 20 minutes My neighbors and I were on our way to work. As we were leaving our garages a huge light was seen by Scott, my next door neighbor. He ye 4/3/11
2/13/11 07:35 Clementsport (Canada) NS Canada Egg 3 seconds The fastest thing I ever saw in the daytime, in the sky. 2/18/11
2/12/11 06:00 Calumet OK USA Egg 1 hr Egg shaped Orb west of Okc 2/18/11
2/10/11 07:28 Rochester MN USA Egg 30 seconds a shiny saucer or egg shaped object in the sky at Walmart store 2/18/11
1/16/11 14:30 Roswell NM USA Egg 3 seconds I was on flight American Airlines 1924 on January 16, 2011. The pilot announced that we were on descent just over Nevada bordering New 1/31/11
1/14/11 16:30 Vieux Fort
St. Lucia Egg 2-5 minutes Metallic egg shaped hovered behind resort and untill right of mountain, lasting 2-5 minutes. 1/31/11
1/7/11 07:30 Vista CA USA Egg 4 min Zig sagged light in sky 8/7/11
12/23/10 22:00 Peotone IL USA Egg 15-20 ((HOAX??)) Fast, Blue shapped egg craft, very bright. 1/5/11
12/23/10 21:00 Willmington IL USA Egg 5 secs ((HOAX??)) Very Fast Egg shapped craft, Red, flew by at a speed that airplanes ussaualy dont fly at. Craft was flying north. 1/5/11
12/23/10 21:00 Monee IL USA Egg 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Egg shaped Craft, Red, Very Fast, Flying North East. 1/5/11
12/23/10 20:40 Peotone IL USA Egg 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Was driving in the country side, saw a blue egg shaped craft flying very low. 1/5/11
12/23/10 20:30 Manteno IL USA Egg 1 mins ((HOAX??)) Saw Egg shaped craft taking off from a felid, it was blue, flew for about 500 ft then diseparred. 1/5/11
12/23/10 19:30 Manteno IL USA Egg 5:00 Mins ((HOAX??)) Saw egg shaped craft on the ground in felid, then it turned a blue-ish color and took off, 1/5/11
11/22/10 23:00 Little Rock AR USA Egg 5-10 Beware. 1/5/11
11/11/10 15:00 Nashville TN USA Egg 5 seconds a shiney sitting in the skys over nashville 11/21/10
11/2/10 08:39 Flint MI USA Egg 3 minutes Flint Michigan November 2 2010 UFO sighting oval gray grey metallic sighting 11/21/10
10/29/10 19:45 Tionesta PA USA Egg Present This is nothing like I have ever seen. 11/21/10
10/14/10 19:28 Shelbyville
USA Egg 5 minutes 4 objects one moving others still and started moving when it was in their area. erratic patern. 11/21/10
10/10/10 22:30 Garden Grove CA USA Egg 2 hours Blue Light in Garden Grove 11/21/10
9/18/10 14:42 Rochester NY USA Egg 2min Semi-egg shaped object floating above local highway 20-25 feet in the air. 11/21/10
9/9/10 02:00 Spanaway (south of) WA USA Egg aprox 30-45 secons Strange glowing light and noise from two crafts in Washington state 11/21/10
9/5/10 21:40 Cincinnati OH USA Egg 4 seconds During the WEBN 2010 Fireworks show a bright white light flys directly thourgh the show and was recorded on my dvr. 11/21/10
9/2/10 22:00 Oak Lawn IL USA Egg 2 minutes low flying fast moving aircraft in airport airspace. 11/21/10
8/18/10 00:15 White Sulphur Springs MT USA Egg 30 minutes very bright egg, eye shaped object seen over Castle Mountains 8/24/10
8/14/10 21:45 Freehold (Canada) NJ USA Egg :06-:08 UFO spotted over Freehold, New Jersey. 8/24/10
8/8/10 22:07 Vancouver (Canada) BC Canada Egg 10 minutes green oblong object over UBC campus, slightly southwest in position, with non-uniformly emitted light 8/24/10
7/29/10 18:50 Brielle NJ USA Egg current Egg-shaped object in sky moving in semi circle way, Has craters or holes through the object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
7/8/10 21:30 Dymchurch (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 10 minutes 6 flying objects what were they 8/24/10
6/5/10 05:50 Sydney (Australia)
Australia Egg 2min White bright light, spinning with a circular trail around it, snapped a photo of it. 6/10/10
6/2/10 18:20 Peoria AZ USA Egg 15 seconds Silver, solid, egg shaped object heading NW. 6/3/10
4/3/10 11:16 Monterey CA USA Egg 00:10 Lights that flashed in the sky and flickered. ((NUFORC Note: Very little information provided. Possible Iridium satellite. PD)) 4/13/10
3/20/10 00:29 Bristol (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 3 mins 3 glowing egg shapped balls flying in an Aries formation the glowing on objects stopped one by one 4/13/10
2/26/10 14:00 Sonoma CA USA Egg 30 min. Large unidentified craft observed in the Napa sloughs. 12/12/11
1/31/10 19:40 Delray Beach FL USA Egg 15 minutes The most memorable part of the experience was the lack of sound and the fluidity of its motion. 1/5/11
12/31/09 05:21 Mexia TX USA Egg 4 seconds I saw a blue light apear in the sky and it moved around then disapeared! 2/14/10
12/26/09 20:00 Bedford (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 mins Red Craft 2/14/10
12/24/09 06:15 Snohomish WA USA Egg 30 seconds After a second i realized that light that i saw in the sky was flashing and slowing down getting brighter as it descended. 2/14/10
12/21/09 21:00 El Dorado AR USA Egg 2-3 hours Six egg shaped or actually appeared like they had two parts appeared in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD)) 2/14/10
12/21/09 18:00 Delray Beach FL USA Egg 10 min 2 Fiery glowing objects over Delray Beach, FL 2/14/10
11/5/09 18:20 Birmingham (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg One Minute ball of fire over city center 12/12/09
11/3/09 00:00 Glen Ellyn IL USA Egg 1 hour.. and counting Bright sparkling egg shaped ufo in Glen ellyn, IL exploding with colors 12/12/09
10/11/09 12:30 Glendale AZ USA Egg 20 minutes 2 eggshaped objects over Glendale Az. near stadium. 12/12/09
10/10/09 12:00 Crested Butte CO USA Egg 1min metallic egg shaped craft above crested butte, CO. Also have seen great amount of activity READ ME! 12/12/09
9/28/09 16:00 Dublin (Ireland)
Ireland Egg 3minutes Low flying white Eliptical shaped craft with black underside, witnessed for 3 minutes moving very slow and making a 90 degree turn. 12/12/09
9/20/09 00:00 Northern Quebec (Canada) QC Canada Egg 2 hrs Four bright lights in the sky in the middle of nowhere 12/12/09
9/19/09 19:43 Toronto (Canada) ON Canada Egg 5 - 6 seconds Egg shaped UFO sighted over Toronto and Barrie Ontario on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 1943 hours 12/12/09
8/14/09 04:00 Pleasanton/Livermore CA USA Egg 2 hours Three orbs over the Tri-Valley area 8/27/09
7/30/09 21:30 Pittston PA USA Egg 1 minute 5 bright orange shapes in sky. 8/5/09
7/21/09 10:20 WInchester KY USA Egg 5 Minutes UFO sighting in Winchester, KY, red craft in the sky. 8/5/09
7/7/09 21:05 Pueblo West CO USA Egg 5 Minutes White-yellow egg shaped object moving in a NW direction over Pueblo CO. 8/5/09
7/5/09 09:30 Bagram (Afghanistan)
Afghanistan Egg Unknown Unknown objects behind planes in Afghanistan. 8/5/09
6/29/09 00:15 New York NY USA Egg 5 min For five minutes around midnight of 28 june we watched a silent slow-moving well-lit disc-shaped object moving from north to east.. 8/5/09
6/27/09 04:12 Willamsburg/Ottawa (between) KS USA Egg 7 sec egg/oval object moving rapidly throught the sky with a very bright light blinking 8/5/09
6/22/09 18:35 Mattoon IL USA Egg 10 seconds Yellow egg shaped object in the eastern sky; flew south 8/5/09
6/14/09 Ottawa IL USA Egg 4 MIN It was this past Sunday when I looked up and say what I thought at first was a hawk flying very high like they do when looking for prey 8/5/09
4/24/09 11:53 Huntsville (Canada) ON Canada Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX)) UFO Sighting :) 5/12/09
4/20/09 15:00 Waco TX USA Egg 1 MIN It was a gray egg shaped thing in the air by the airport. 12/12/09
3/31/09 12:30 Muenster TX USA Egg 10 seconds I was standing on T-box at golf course 8 miles north of Muenster, Texas looking toward the Northwest. A very bright, gold colored objec 4/14/09
3/31/09 10:15 Perth Amboy NJ USA Egg 10 seconds Huge bright white light egg shaped, looked as if it were falling toward staten island 4/14/09
3/30/09 13:55 Buda TX USA Egg 3 min. it was a thought procecc 4/14/09
3/1/09 15:30 Windsor (Canada) NS Canada Egg 6 Minutes Egg shaped UFO floating and levitating before blinking off. 3/19/09
2/26/09 17:00 San Pablo Bay (on Napa River) CA USA Egg
spaceship like craft or object seen in the area of the sloughs off of the napa river and San Pablo Bay. 2/14/10
2/24/09 10:24 Corral Hollow road vicinity (on Interstate 5) CA USA Egg 45 seconds small, white egg shaped craft. 4/14/09
2/16/09 18:10 Knoxville TN USA Egg 20 minutes Egg shaped Bright Light in the sky , it appeared to glow bright white but the photos taken only showed it to be red and turned to blue 3/19/09
2/12/09 14:00 Aalborg (Denmark)
Denmark Egg less then a minute I saw a round egg shaped object hovering the sky, it was grey or silver looking, then it started moving away fast. 3/19/09
2/10/09 18:00 Grover Beach CA USA Egg 15 minutes oval/disc shaped object with red, green, and white neon lights blinking going slowly over central coast ca 3/19/09
2/8/09 14:30 Erin WI USA Egg 3 min I saw 9 egg shaped orbs in the sky, which than dissapeared and moments later three military jets flew by 3/19/09
2/5/09 14:15 Gila Bend AZ USA Egg 15 Mins. Egg Shape over Gila Bend,Az. 2-5-09 3/19/09
2/3/09 20:00 Weaverville CA USA Egg outer structure spinning It looks to me like "it's" trying pose as a star or planet. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus or Sirius?? PD)) 3/19/09
2/2/09 22:15 Springfield IL USA Egg 1-2 minutes a small egg shaped craft fully visible in the night sky. My friend aslo witnessed this event. 3/19/09
2/1/09 09:45 Clearwater FL USA Egg 1 minute Went outside to have a smoke, noticed a metallic, egg-shaped object very very high up moving very fast, disappeared after a minute. 3/19/09
1/16/09 20:00 Riverside CA USA Egg
Large bright egg shaped craft mooving slowly across riverside. 3/19/09
1/13/09 21:43 Portland OR USA Egg about 5 minutes Three egg like ships on my street 3/19/09
1/13/09 17:15 Louisville KY USA Egg 30-45 sec Rapid traveling balloon-shaped object travels up wind, and flies off after a 30-45 second show. 3/19/09
1/7/09 14:00 Yanbu (Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Arabia Egg 5 min UFO IN SAUDI ARABIA YANBU CITY JAN2009 4/14/09
1/4/09 18:45 West Valley City UT USA Egg over an hr in a half bright star like object white and kinda yellowish for two hours 1/10/09
1/2/09 18:00 Clayton NC USA Egg six hours ((HOAX??)) 4 egg shaped lights, one takes off very rapidly. 1/10/09
1/2/09 16:30 Shoreview MN USA Egg 3 seconds Egg-shaped light rocketed through the clouds off into the horizon 12/1/19
12/19/08 08:45 Milpitas CA USA Egg 45 min appearing and reappearing lights. moving side to side 1/10/09
11/19/08 07:30 East Haven CT USA Egg 5 minutes A white egg shaped light suddenly dissappears and more return..........

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/15/08 20:00 Manitowoc WI USA Egg 3-5 seconds a white egg shaped light with a trail of blue-aqua colored streak behind it moving in a downward motion towards the ground. 1/10/09
11/5/08 03:45 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Nepal Egg 10 seconds Reddish yellow shaped object on kathmandu valley of country Nepal 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:10 Salina KS USA Egg <10sec Fast, Silent, Low Flying, traveling over the center of town!! 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:50 Hibbing MN USA Egg 1.5 seconds object seen in hibbing, mn traveling west faster than any plane or comet and much lower than a shooting star and brighter than an airp 1/10/09
10/22/08 21:30 Green Bay WI USA Egg 2 minutes Long, egg-shaped, reflective, silent craft overflies west Green Bay. 6/21/18
10/15/08 22:00 San Ramon CA USA Egg 3-4 minutes This happened some years ago when I was with my ex-boyfriend. He invited his married friends/couple over for dinner. When they got ther 2/7/20
10/14/08 16:45 Falls Church VA USA Egg 10 minutes huge changing light in the sky, not there any day afterward 1/10/09
10/7/08 19:00 Ronkonkoma NY USA Egg 90 min Same object flashing red yellow green white for 90 min in NW sky daily since 9-23-08 ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD)) 10/31/08
10/4/08 19:45 Saint Clair Shore MI USA Egg 4 t o 6 Minutes Slow Moving Fireball ????? 10/31/08
10/2/08 20:00 Philadelphia PA USA Egg 30 sec Did this sighting have anything to do with my husbands illness? 10/10/11
10/1/08 19:12 Bonham TX USA Egg 5 minutes Silver egg shape over six houses. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 10/31/08
9/24/08 17:40 Yaisu/Fujieda (Japan)
Japan Egg 1 minute Two strange object in Shizuoka-ken, Japan. 6/9/09
9/17/08 20:00 Riverside CA USA Egg 20 SECONDS Slow moving black egg shaped object hovering down from sky 10/31/08
9/9/08 13:40 Oxford FL USA Egg 4 seconds object moved from west to east over central florida at a very high speed and only about 100 feet in the sky 10/31/08
9/7/08 10:30 San Jose CA USA Egg 5 min White egg object Hovered then speed off with great speed 10/31/08
9/2/08 03:36 Vestal NY USA Egg 5 minutes Close range observation of a brightly lit egg shaped UFO in Vestal, NY 10/31/08
8/30/08 23:00 Trout Lake WA USA Egg 2+ hours Orange egg shaped object headed towards Mount Adams in Wa 10/31/08
8/25/08 02:30 Aurora CO USA Egg 5 min. UFO seen in backyard 10/31/08
8/19/08 11:30 Ashland NH USA Egg power line seen a ovel shaped light moving low to ground back and forth vilently.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/17/08 22:06 Washington, D.C. DC USA Egg 1 minute (egg shaped) anomaly shooting a beam of light towards the ground? 10/31/08
8/14/08 01:30 Roseville CA USA Egg 8 Minutes Three crafts hovered over head, apparently examining me, then departed. 10/31/08
8/11/08 20:15 Gillette WY USA Egg 2-5 minutes Bell shaped object emiting bright light from bottom spotted near Gillette Wyoming. 10/31/08
8/8/08 15:00 Sunnyvale CA USA Egg 60 seconds Reflective silver object, possibly orb or egg shaped flying near some fighter jets this afternoon in Sunnyvale, CA 8/12/08
7/25/08 17:00 Aurora IL USA Egg 3 min I was sitting in my loft when I noticed an amber colored orb floating about 6 miles away. It was sort of pulsating, and then it suddenl 8/12/08
7/15/08 05:00 Miami FL USA Egg nothing ((HOAX/OBSCENE)) it was brown with a red line,two lights on bottom(ten one when it did a u turn). 10/31/08
7/11/08 23:30 Perth (Australia)
Australia Egg 10 seconds Egg shaped U.F.O flying back and forth for about 10 seconds then shooting off in a northerly direction 1/10/09
7/6/08 21:45 San Antonio TX USA Egg 6 seconds white, egg shaped object traveling very fast and no sound what so ever 8/12/08
7/1/08 15:00 Smithfield NC USA Egg seconds Eggshaped ufo spotted near plane 10/31/08
6/25/08 00:00 Surrey (Canada) BC Canada Egg 2 minutes Some guy told me you can call UFO's, I asked him to video it, he did, then I did. (Djice9) 3/19/09
6/16/08 06:50 Downers Grove IL USA Egg 2 minute In the morning I looked outside my window to see a white mailbox shaped object with thin black lines and thick red lines floating above 7/5/08
6/14/08 23:00 Brooklyn MI USA Egg 15-25 min Three (total) egged shaped flying lights over Brooklyn, MI 7/5/08
6/14/08 22:00 Edwardsburg MI USA Egg 10 Minutes Orange objects traveling in the same flight path over Michigan 7/5/08
6/9/08 23:00 Lowell MA USA Egg 10 min Blimp-like Craft crossing Lowell, MA super slowly... proceeded by Tactical Craft 6/12/08
5/23/08 07:22 Oak Lawn IL USA Egg 40 seconds Flying Black Egg Craft? Is this the way a Chupacabra Travels? 6/12/08
5/19/08 15:45 Pleasant Prairie WI USA Egg 2-3 minutes I observed a stationary egg shaped silver object, over Highway 31 in Pleasant Prairie, WI, on my way to work for about 2-3 minutes. 6/12/08
5/15/08 01:05 Tokyo (Japan)
Japan Egg 20 minutes Planet-size sighting in Tokyo, Japan 6/12/08
5/13/08 08:10 Los Angeles CA USA Egg 2 minutes Bright orange and silver glowing ball shaped objects in the Los Angeles Sky.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/25/08 01:50 Wellington MO USA Egg 3 sec. wow.....the ufo was awesome....but it took my cow......i want my cow back....

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/22/08 22:30 Saraland AL USA Egg about 3min. We saw a bright egg shaped craft after work. 6/12/08
4/22/08 00:00 Palatine IL USA Egg 15 mins I saw an egg shped flying saucer in the sky at midnight, it was glowing in a green color. It flew so close to my house, I could see ali 6/12/08
4/21/08 15:00 Redding CA USA Egg 4 mins. 3 egg like objects in the sky. 6/12/08
4/21/08 01:07 Redding CA USA Egg quick glimps 3 egg like objects in the redding sky!!! 6/12/08
4/15/08 00:00 Karachi (Pakistan)
Pakistan Egg 1 mint My friend, and I saw a line of 3 lights. Each of these lights had a yellowish-oranginsh glow. The lights seemed as if they were traveli 6/12/08
3/30/08 06:01 Sydney (Australia)
Australia Egg 5 minutes Taken of Warriewood Beach Sydney whilst taking photos of a sunrise 4/13/10
3/29/08 14:30 Salton Sea CA USA Egg 3 min ((HOAX??)) I was driving north on highway 86 just passing the salton sea when i noticed an egg shaped object 3/31/08
3/28/08 12:00 Westfir/Seattle OR USA Egg 15 seconds While i was looking at the space neddle yesterday through a web site known as earth cams i noticed a egg or disc like craft towards the 3/31/08
3/25/08 20:08 Los Angeles CA USA Egg One or two minutes I saw the returning white and egg-shaped Endeavor space shuttle in sky followed by a second egg-shaped object. 3/31/08
3/10/08 06:37 Orlando FL USA Egg about 3 seconds A bright bluesh/green light heading quickly towards the ground. 3/31/08
3/9/08 19:00 Odessa FL USA Egg 15 seconds I was driving down the road and saw a large egg shaped object that was dark in color. I was able to see it for around 15 seconds then s 3/31/08
2/21/08 19:30 Purdy NY USA Egg 5minutes An oval flying object descended from a cloud and returned within 5 minutes. No wings. 6/12/08
2/18/08 19:30 Titusville FL USA Egg 6-10 minutes UFOs Sighted near NASA 3/4/08
2/15/08 19:03 UK/England
United Kingdom Egg 3-5mins egg shaped object big red flashing light 3/4/08
2/12/08 01:00 Tullahoma TN USA Egg 15 i was standing outside and saw a ufo right above my house and it made no noise and it had bright white and green and red lights and all 1/10/09
2/10/08 10:30 Corona CA USA Egg 31/2hrs Admitted Brilliant Blue Light Stationary Over 3 Hours 2/14/08
1/12/08 20:45 Hampton TN USA Egg 15 seconds observed half egg shaped object pic on phone 2/14/08
1/12/08 15:30 Marlton NJ USA Egg 10 minutes Bright egg shaped UFO seen by 4 people 2/14/08
12/31/07 23:53 Myrtle Beach SC USA Egg 25 seconds Large ghostly shape like a stacked hamburger almost transparent and extremely large prodominantly white. 1/21/08
11/12/07 13:00 Live Oak FL USA Egg
Super great unconfirmed job... You the MAN… ((NUFORC Note: Criticism of NUFORC. PD)) 11/28/07
10/24/07 18:00 Garden City KS USA Egg 10 minutes Egg Shaped Objects Over Garden City Kansas 11/28/07
10/6/07 13:00 Oak View CA USA Egg 30 seconds to a minute Egg-shaped rust-colored craft in Oak View, CA rapidly traveling north to south, on Sat., Oct. 6. 11/28/07
9/12/07 03:00 Aurora CO USA Egg 5 mins Two flashing objects in night sky. 10/8/07
9/1/07 04:00 Boston area MA USA Egg 7-8 seconds A round fast moving polished object 10/8/07
8/28/07 13:25 Yaphank NY USA Egg 4 mins i was going to my cousins house out east.. he lives near Southaven park...

so iam driveing down sunrise hwy and i see this thing fl
8/16/07 10:40 Darien CT USA Egg 1 second ((HOAX??)) Neon green object dissapears in night sky. 10/8/07
8/12/07 20:00 Issaquah WA USA Egg 25 minutes strange dissapearing objects over lake sammamish. 8/14/07
7/27/07 14:00 Gatlinburg TN USA Egg seconds Took Picture of an object over Gatlinburg Tn possiably UFO 8/7/07
7/15/07 13:30 Longview WA USA Egg 5 Minutes Shiny metal egg over Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregon. 1/21/08
6/22/07 02:00 Fresno (20 min. N of) CA USA Egg approx 3 minutes 3 strange lights, hovering, flipping, and spinning like a top; very close to the I5freeway. 8/7/07
6/8/07 22:15 Grimsby (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 1 MINUTE APPROX LIGHT BULB IN THE SKY. 10/8/07
5/31/07 23:00 Springfield MO USA Egg 60 min MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Brightly lit object on May 31st seen flying east over SW Missouri around 11pm is the Sanyo blimp. 6/12/07
5/23/07 23:30 Albany NY USA Egg 20-30 seconds slow and lighted, it was completely visble in the night sky 6/12/07
5/18/07 09:45 Naperville IL USA Egg 2 min Sighting of inverted egg or tear drop object 6/12/07
5/13/07 02:50 South Elgin IL USA Egg 1 Large bright blue light shoots across low in the sky 6/12/07
5/2/07 23:30 Redondo Beach CA USA Egg ~1 hour Light not resembling star or aircraft hovers high above South Bay, California. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Jupiter?? PD)) 6/12/07
4/28/07 Moreno Valley CA USA Egg
object caught on camera while taking photo of my sail boat 6/12/07
4/21/07 21:30 Blackpool (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 5 mins Eight UFO's over Blackpool, England 4/27/07
4/12/07 22:47 Calgary (Canada) AB Canada Egg <2 seconds small object from SW to N. 30-35 degress above the horizon - dispersed into 9 -12 egg-shaped low luminous objects (<2seconds) 4/27/07
4/11/07 13:25 Northampton MA USA Egg 15 seconds Pure white, opaque, slightly elliptical, non-luminous thing moving at a very high rate of speed, with no apparent effect on atmosphere. 4/27/07
4/5/07 21:30 Bel Air MD USA Egg 40 mins Large glowing egg shaped light that rotates. At certain points in its rotation, you could see dozens of lights. 4/27/07
4/3/07 13:00 North Bay (Canada) ON Canada Egg 10 minutes 7 Golden Discs sighted over Nothern Ontario Lake in April 2007 11/28/07
3/27/07 17:00 Seattle WA USA Egg 20 seconds Two Crafts. One sighting. 3/31/08
3/9/07 19:30 Houston TX USA Egg 5 minutes Gray egg shaped object with many colored lights flying low in the sky, then either vanishing or flying away very quickly. 4/27/07
3/3/07 18:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Colombia Egg 10 seconds egg object seen falling rapidly 3/8/07
1/25/07 21:40 Bath OH USA Egg 4 minutes Egg shaped object ringed with red and green lights observed rising into a clear night sky with no sound. 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:25 Tampa FL USA Egg 20 minutes Bluish Egg Shaped craft with red and blue blinking lights over Tampa 2/1/07
1/2/07 13:00 Comstock Township MI USA Egg 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Three black, egg shaped objects moving in a triangular formation. 2/1/07
12/31/06 17:30 Milwaukee WI USA Egg 30 sec while cooking steaks on 12/31/06 at 1730 hours i looked to the south west skys on a 45 degree angle and noticed tew egg or football sha 2/1/07
12/29/06 00:53 London (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 15 seconds just a light getting closer and closer then dissapered. 2/1/07
12/27/06 18:25 Perry GA USA Egg 15 minutes Unusual objects moving parallel to I-75 2/1/07
12/22/06 04:45 Zama (Japan)
Japan Egg 1 minute Two egg shaped lights slowly circling around each other. 2/1/07
12/20/06 19:20 Pahoa HI USA Egg 2 seconds Egg shapped orange Moon object over Hawaii neighborhood. 2/1/07
12/11/06 22:50 Birmingham (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 seconds Bright blue, white egg shaped light flying very fast and low from right to left of my sight for 2 seconds in Sutton coldfied England. 12/14/06
10/20/06 07:45 St. Augustine FL USA Egg Blink of an eye Brief Blue-Green egg thing (Low flying) 2/24/07
10/20/06 06:30 Providence RI USA Egg less then a minute eggs shape bottom glowing craft 10/30/06
9/19/06 00:04 Arlington TX USA Egg 30 seconds Oval UFO streking southward in the DFW area, going about 1,000 mph silently. 10/30/06
9/15/06 03:00 Barnesville PA USA Egg 5 seconds A dual-colored, egg shaped object, streaks into view and hovers directly overhead for several seconds. 6/4/14
8/29/06 13:25 Portland OR USA Egg 1 second Object seen east of Portland Airport at 1:25pm Moving steadily south and level 10/30/06
8/26/06 Spring Bank Airport (Canada) AB Canada Egg 4 Mins Still following up on this report.Alberta UFO study group. 2/1/07
8/13/06 23:00 Redding CA USA Egg 2minutes egg shaped orb slow moving north towards mnt shasta moved across the sky for a minute then made a right turn and disapeared at a extrem 10/30/06
8/10/06 01:00 Dumont NJ USA Egg 2 sec Fastest object beutiful colors,than dissapeard,no noise! 10/30/06
8/6/06 04:55 Canton MI USA Egg 15-20 seconds Extremely bright flash of light, faint crackling sound with electrical discharge as craft stopped in midair. 2/28/13
8/4/06 17:00 San Francisco CA USA Egg 1-2 minutes Egg shaped object over San Francisco 2/1/07
7/31/06 03:13 Leicester (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 minutes Egg shaped 20+ ufo's crash landing on runway. 10/30/06
7/26/06 00:30 Richmond VA USA Egg 3 UFO sighting near Short Pump, VA stationary egg/box shaped object with three lights 10/30/06
7/22/06 04:00 Azusa CA USA Egg 10 min egg shaped orange light braks in 2 then disapears over azusa 10/30/06
7/17/06 23:30 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Canada Egg 2 min. Two egg shaped, Lighted, super fast moving, vibrating objects traviling north one behind the other. 10/30/06
7/17/06 13:00 Doraville GA USA Egg 1 hour I was looking out my window, I first saw a red light it rotated and changed color to silver letalic. it moved west and dissapeared, the 10/30/06
6/30/06 17:25 Manchester (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 10/15.mins it was still light, the ufo moved slowley at are pace when followed us, an stayed in one spot while we had a good look, 4/27/07
6/25/06 07:00 Victorville CA USA Egg 15 min Blue bugish oval with insect like undercarage and leaning one side top knot 7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30 Dayton OH USA Egg 10 minutes Objects appeared over Dayton, Ohio, 7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50 Houston TX USA Egg ~2 minutes Dual White/Black/Red Ovalesques over Clear Lake, Texas 7/16/06
6/20/06 22:20 Santa Fe Springs CA USA Egg 2 minutes I saw an egg shaped noiseless object 200 feet above my car with red lights that disappeared after I yelled 7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30 West Chester PA USA Egg 5 seconds bright green egg shage light in SE pennsylvania sky 7/16/06
6/3/06 23:30 St. Cloud FL USA Egg 2 minutes Low flying object in central Florida. 7/16/06
6/1/06 19:15 Ogden UT USA Egg 10 min. It moved slowly, was very very high, and reflected a lot of light (or produced light). 7/16/06
5/15/06 23:00 Baltimore MD USA Egg 15+ Mins. Stationary long objet with dome in middle. Red/orange & blue lights kept shining with varying degrees of intensity. 7/16/06
5/4/06 00:00 Wausau/Greenbay (on Hwy. 29) WI USA Egg 2 1/2 hours Red near ground 1 beam light seperate into 4 which rotated and the tops rotated of the beams. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light?? PD) 5/15/06
4/26/06 12:00 Alexandria VA USA Egg Recess ((HOAX??)) Unidentifyed circuler objects near shcool, one repoted witness. 3/31/08
4/14/06 20:00 Shoreline (Seattle) WA USA Egg 5 sec a large orange egg traveling at eye blinking speed thru the S.W sky, seemed to attract three smaller ogjects to it. 5/15/06
3/30/06 19:15 Lawley AL USA Egg 16 minutes Unknown lights filmed descending into wooded area 10/30/06
3/6/06 14:35 North Hills CA USA Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX)) As I sat in my car taking my break, I looked at the sky and observed through clouds a round egg-like silver object. 5/15/06
2/28/06 18:00 Austin TX USA Egg 1 min This object was silver in color and oblonged shaped. The sun was shining off of it causing it to glow. The item was visible for about a 3/11/06
2/16/06 14:00 Estero FL USA Egg 20 seconds military jets trying to intercept egg shaped matalic object 3/11/06
2/15/06 14:00
NM USA Egg 15 min We were driving along the interstate 20/10 westbound heading to Arizona when we look to the South and see an odd shape in the sky. It d 3/11/06
2/9/06 22:08 Fairfield CA USA Egg 2-3 minutes Traveling east to west, egg shape object with brown flood lights beginning to flash and then spark. 2/14/06
2/1/06 13:15 Hogback Mountain VT USA Egg Unknown Photo at scenic area displays object in sky, upon digital scanning and zooming object is visible. 8/12/08
1/29/06 23:00 Visalia CA USA Egg 30 minutes Orange objects in the sky 2/14/06
12/28/05 23:30 Schoharie NY USA Egg 1 minute Egg shaped vessel lit by some means not of this earth. 2/14/06
12/24/05 21:00 Jefferson GA USA Egg 1-2 minutes 3 objects with speeds unimaganable. 10/30/06
12/22/05 19:10 Agua Dulce CA USA Egg 3 seconds This is the second time in two weeks. Driving north on 14 Fwy, looked to right and saw an egg shape object fall from the sky. The 2/14/06
12/6/05 16:35 Riverside CA USA Egg 40 minutes Lime Green Egg-Shaped UFO Over Riverside,Ca 12/16/05
11/15/05 15:00 Sembach (Germany)
Germany Egg 2 Minutes An undiscribable object floating over Sembach Air force base in Germany 5/15/06
11/11/05 23:33 County Durham (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg
Looking out my window at the sky, the sky was clear. me and my brother both witessed two exactley same size egg shape objects fly throu 12/16/05
11/11/05 09:00 Calhoun KY USA Egg one minute Chrome cigar shaped craft without wings emitting no sound or vapor trails 2/14/06
11/10/05 13:30 Camp Verde AZ USA Egg 0.5 second Shiny Silver football shape, seen for only a half second. 11/19/15
11/8/05 14:45 Webster NY USA Egg 15-20 seconds groups of white-ish silver shapes moving quickly from right to left in a horizontal line 12/16/05
11/5/05 03:06 Wayne NJ USA Egg 3 minutes Object landed on roadway and changed brightness several times. Also caused power outage to my house until it disappeared. 2/13/20
10/31/05 21:00 Johnstown PA USA Egg 3 minutes lights in SW sky 10/31/05 9pm 11/3/05
10/17/05 22:00 Wixom MI USA Egg 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness is anonymous. Possible hoax? PD)) Poval-shaped object seemed to float above several farm buildings, 10/20/05
10/15/05 16:00 Mineola TX USA Egg 40sec. Saw a metalic football shaped object traveling 200 to 250 mph at about 1000 to 1500 ft. No sound,no windows,no wings ,no trail . 4/27/07
10/14/05 19:45 Lincoln (east of) MT USA Egg 15-30 minutes egg/circle shaped, red/yellow/white lights - west of Lincoln tonight 10/20/05
10/10/05 14:45 Los Angeles CA USA Egg 10 seconds Egg UFO over Hollywood Hills and LAX in LOS ANGELES, CA. 10/20/05
10/2/05 15:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Canada Egg 2 minutes It zigzaged around and went very fast. It had lights that were not flashing 10/11/05
9/29/05 08:45 Spring Valley CA USA Egg 10 seconds Egg-shaped metal object that remained stationary in sky, and disappeared as I watched. 10/11/05
9/1/05 22:00 Banning CA USA Egg 1 hour Observed several egg shaped objects. The first appeared on the western horizon around 10 pm PST. we were able to observe the craft for 9/15/05
8/25/05 01:00 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Canada Egg 5 sec A glowing green round object, that flew across the night sky at about 1 in the morning and then vanished into thin air in 5 seconds. 10/11/05
8/21/05 14:46 Derby (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 30 seconds High spead UFO sigting. 10/11/05
8/4/05 22:30 Fernandina Beach FL USA Egg 90 sec at most Two rose-red ovals chase each other 5k feet overhead on straight course, little or no sound. 9/2/05
7/11/05 05:23 Auckland (New Zealand)
New Zealand Egg ongoing Constant movement of erratic bahaving Yale Blue coloured semi transparent egg like a nite-lite...

I have to admit I have been a sta
7/8/05 10:15 Fargo ND USA Egg 10 minutes slow-moving cigar/egg shaped object seen above Fargo 12/16/05
7/3/05 21:00 Lake Waco TX USA Egg 4-5 minutes We came to show my good sighted brother but it was gone. 7/5/05
7/3/05 12:00 Tacoma WA USA Egg 1 second? My kids (12 & 10) were walking near the waterfront in Tacoma and I saw all of the boats in Puget sound and took a picture with my digit 7/15/05
6/25/05 12:01 Newton NC USA Egg 4 min. Small Silver Floating Eggs seen in NC 7/5/05
5/25/05 00:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY USA Egg ? may the 25th 2005 in america new york looking over the cornfield a sphere like shape appeared and then immerged into the air 5/28/05
5/24/05 23:15 Cape Girardeau MO USA Egg 10 min Very large ,stationary,illuminated like a 100 watt bulb egg or football of light 5/28/05
5/19/05 11:25 Ledgewood NJ USA Egg about 6 seconds Shiny chrome like eggish shaped object moving slowly but high up then disappearing after going behind some trees. 5/24/05
4/17/05 05:25 Topeka KS USA Egg 1 second It just all of a sudden came across the sky. It was bright blue with a yellow to orange color tail. It shot across the sky then just di 5/11/05
4/14/05 16:30 Sunbury (inflight; location unknown PA USA Egg 10 Seconds Egg shaped object sighted from civilain commuter flight 4/16/05
4/7/05 13:30 Lake Stevens WA USA Egg 30 Object vanished behind a tree. 4/4/14
3/21/05 09:30 Castro Valley CA USA Egg 2 Minutes Shiny white object flys silently over our home 4/16/05
3/10/05 17:35 Bainbridge Island WA USA Egg 2 minutes tiny white blob moving irregularly in southern sky 5/11/05
3/6/05 22:42 Granby VT USA Egg two hours strange humming orb ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. PD)) 4/16/05
2/24/05 22:00 Tabiona UT USA Egg 2 hours Tabiona/Wolf Creek Pass UFO sighting - lasted about 2 hours, extemely large craft, very bright, just parked in the sky. 4/16/05
2/20/05 02:15 Hicksville NY USA Egg 12 minutes Craft hovers of duffy ave farm in hickville long island 2/22/05
2/19/05 23:47 Rochester NY USA Egg 30 seconds the egg shaped objects were there, and the light flashed and they were gone. 5/11/05
2/12/05 19:00 San Diego CA USA Egg seconds Craft lands straight down over Miramar base at out of conrol speed. 2/22/05
2/10/05 23:20 Vancouver WA USA Egg 1 hour 10 minutes Bright white and blue light with red lights flashing around it. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD)) 2/22/05
1/9/05 03:00 Worcester MA USA Egg 1 second Eggs in the sky 1/11/05
1/2/05 01:00 Melba ID USA Egg 2 min This object was a dark color and had white flash lights with a green color left behind it as it flew 1/27/05
1/1/05 06:51 Monterrey (Mexico)
Mexico Egg less than 1 second i was just taking pictures of night view with my digital camera, and i suddenly realized that i took a picture of UFO 1/11/05
12/16/04 23:50 Roy UT USA Egg 5 seconds Very bight light flashes across night sky. 5/24/05
12/1/04 09:00 Dublin OH USA Egg 1.5hrs egg shaped craft 12/3/04
11/27/04 18:30 Lewisville TX USA Egg an hour Bright lights in Lewisville, TX 12/3/04
11/11/04 01:00 Quebec (Canada) QC Canada Egg 10 minutes Craft sighted over lake. 12/3/04
11/1/04 02:36 Denman (Australia)
Australia Egg 10 minutes Green, egg shaped glowing objects in sky. Hovering around southern cross star constelation. We were not under the influence of any ille 11/2/04
10/28/04 03:35 Ridgecrest/China Lake CA USA Egg 1.30 min an object of size,color,and speed of likes I've never seen 11/2/04
10/18/04 08:00 Fairfax CA USA Egg 5 minutes 5 black orbs ,in formation, gather into one egg shape form and fly off at 20 miles an hour ,at 3 thousand feet. 10/27/04
9/29/04 21:45 Baltimore MD USA Egg ? Ovoid object with blinking lights moving slowly over downtown Baltimore 10/27/04
9/22/04 02:30 Mackay (Australia)
Australia Egg 30 -45 secs a bright light getting closer to us, then vanished 10/27/04
9/19/04 22:00 Johnson City TN USA Egg 8 minutes College Professor reports acorn shaped anomolous object 9/29/04
9/1/04 20:34 Providence RI USA Egg 2 Minutes Two Oval/Egg shaped objects over Providence sky 9/9/04
8/31/04 21:00 Galeton PA USA Egg 8-10 mins comet shaped object hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD)) 9/1/04
8/30/04 23:15 Boynton Beach FL USA Egg north big huge bright yellow light .. light faded 3 small red lights then no lights at all! 9/1/04
8/26/04 14:35 Sunol CA USA Egg Instant Egg shaped object photographed in color in Northern CA 9/9/04
8/19/04 17:00 Shorewood MN USA Egg 5hours object floating over minneapolis area August 19, 2004 12/14/04
8/15/04 02:00 Faluja (Al anbar)(Iraq)
Iraq Egg 1 minute "Tic-tac"-like encounter. 6/1/18
8/12/04 09:45 North Dallas TX USA Egg 1 minute Egg shaped, hovering over Frisco or West Plano. Moved west, then east, then disappeared. Not a plane or meteor. 8/24/04
8/10/04 23:55 Arlington TX USA Egg 2 minutes Dark object with glowing green-yellow light seen over Arlington, TX 8/11/04
8/5/04 07:45 Truckee CA USA Egg 1:30min Large,white, shimmering, orbital object seen skimming peaks on Donner summit, CA. early morning 08/05/04 8/24/04
7/23/04 19:30 Surfside Beach SC USA Egg 4 to 5 sec. I saw a somewhat egg shaped object follow the coast line. 8/11/04
7/22/04 14:00 Huntington Beach CA USA Egg 3 seconds While video taping a spider making a web ,I captured a U.F.O. fly bye in the sky behind the spider. 8/11/04
7/16/04 16:30 Chicago IL USA Egg 2 - 3 hours 3 big balls of light just sitting in the sky over by O'Hare Airport 9/1/04
7/12/04 11:55 Quincy CA USA Egg 2-3 minutes Shimmering egg shaped object heading north over CA. 7/25/04
7/11/04 15:45 Sunderland (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 4minutes three egg shaped crafts in a triangula formation 7/25/04
6/27/04 04:17 Dripping Springs TX USA Egg 10 seconds? An oval, chartreuse and white, very bright object moving from south to east parelling the horizon with a long, bright tail. 7/8/04
6/18/04 21:00 Plymouth MA USA Egg 10 min We saw an object that was almond shaped and was illuminated like the moon hovering across the sky. 4/27/07
6/15/04 05:30 Flushing NY USA Egg
4 Eggs shaped UFO in NY 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 8/5/09
5/20/04 21:40 Boston MA USA Egg 20 seconds wobbly flying red object 6/4/04
5/12/04 12:07 London (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2mins Flesh textured and dark, with lights on side. 7/5/05
4/19/04 23:10 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 1 minute Strange object in the night sky 4/27/04
4/9/04 21:37 Not Given (Canada) ON Canada Egg Approx: 20 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Egg shaped (dark orange on inside, light orange/yellow on outside). 4/27/04
4/8/04 22:24 Albany OR USA Egg Bright Flashes Bright flashes hovering and an egg shaped aircraft went from hovering it high speed instantly. 4/27/04
4/1/04 18:00 Duncanville TX USA Egg 5min red orbs going west very fast whistling 4/9/04
3/29/04 17:00 Hayward CA USA Egg 10-12 minutes Chrome colored object in western sky. 5/4/04
3/25/04 21:00 Fischer TX USA Egg 15 minutes Hill Country Texas apparent mapping or topographic ufo flying north to south and then east to west straight lines, no lights, no sound 4/9/04
3/25/04 21:00 Fischer TX USA Egg 15 minutes Texas Hill Country apparent mapping or topographic ufo flying north to south and then east to west straight lines, no lights, no sound 4/9/04
3/22/04 21:30 Greenville TN USA Egg 40 minutes Truckers followed by pulsating red light for 2 nights 4/9/04
3/19/04 23:10 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 1 minute Eggshape In the Night Sky 4/27/04
3/12/04 02:14 Daytona Beach FL USA Egg 2 min Orange sphere appeared, turned, blinked, then faded away into the distance 3/23/04
3/9/04 13:01 Mississippi WV USA Egg 15 minutes hovered flashed then left 9/9/04
3/7/04 21:30 Lake Wales FL USA Egg 15 minutes Six 4-foot diamter orbs observed for 15 minutes by 2 witnesses 11/28/07
3/7/04 14:00 Winter Springs FL USA Egg 15 sec 3/7/04 Winter Springs, FL EGG shaped; 15 secs. partly cloudy and sunny day, looked up in the sky and saw an egg shaped craft 6/4/04
3/7/04 13:30 La Mesa CA USA Egg 5 minutes 4 objects, light gray egg shaped. 3/17/04
3/2/04 12:35 Pasadena CA USA Egg 5 minutes Small ovid object observed coming in from the San Gabriel mountains and hovering over Pasadena 3/9/04
3/1/04 22:00 Newbury (Canada) ON Canada Egg approx: 2 minutes. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Glowing egg shaped object flew over the hydro towers. 3/17/04
2/17/04 01:00 Pittsburgh PA USA Egg 25 minutes Ok well I was outside star gazing as i often do thanks to Mike Gullo. When all of a sudden My dog started barking, as i looked around i 3/2/04
2/16/04 20:30 Amityville NY USA Egg 5 minutes A large, silent, fast moving object with lights moving back and forth over my neighborhood. 3/2/04
2/11/04 10:15 Irvine CA USA Egg 2 minutes An object that disappeared in the clear blue sky 2/12/04
2/5/04 17:30 Limassol (Cyprus)
Cyprus Egg 10min+ we were driving towards the mountains, i was in the passenger seat, we were headed north, to our left we saw a red line, it looked like 3/2/04
1/31/04 15:00 Bristol TN USA Egg 45 seconds MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Dark oval object photographed in daytime. 1/31/04
1/25/04 15:00 Hayward CA USA Egg 3 min I just read the other Hayward report on your site. Sound like the same thing I saw this weekend. It was along the Hayward hills, near t 1/31/04
1/23/04 00:10 Alger WA USA Egg 3 seconds Large bright egg shaped flash 1/31/04
1/22/04 22:55 Chesterfield VA USA Egg 3 minutes saw egg shaped object in southern sky. Reddish in color. hovered for a moment then speed off in southern direction. all three witness' 1/31/04
1/13/04 16:00 Camden NJ USA Egg 1:00 I woke up to go to the toilet as I was sitting on the throne I looked out the bathroom window,I saw these green egg shaped thing 1/17/04
1/11/04 03:28 West River MD USA Egg two min. It was the size of large star, egg shapped moving up, down,zigzaging sideways and glowing a yellowish amber 1/17/04
1/4/04 10:40 Hayward CA USA Egg 5 minutes 3 egg shapes over Hayward, CA area 1/17/04
12/28/03 20:00 Deer Park NY USA Egg 30 sec it was egg shaped and had an orange glow on the entire underside heading sw to ne at 20:00 12/28/03 1/17/04
12/20/03 22:40 Evansville IN USA Egg five seconds bright light falling from sky, southwest to northeast. descending at 90 degree angle 1/17/04
12/16/03 02:00 Webster SD USA Egg none ME AND A FEW FRIENDS SAW AN EGG SHAPED CRAFT ON A COUNTY ROAD. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 4/27/07
12/5/03 01:15 Portage MI USA Egg an hour It would follow us. 12/9/03
12/2/03 00:24 South Nyack NY USA Egg 10 minutes It was a bright light that just hung in the same place in the sky and then moved slowly 12/9/03
11/30/03 12:25 Nottingham (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 3-4 mins Five intensely bright flashing lights at high altitued in bright daylight. 12/9/03
11/21/03 20:15 Mesa AZ USA Egg 2 seconds Bright Green Light above Mesa 11/26/03
11/15/03 21:00 Bournemouth (UK/England)
11/2/03 17:00 Delhi (India)
India Egg 5 sec the eeg shape thing moving with great velocity and glowing completely with white light following a rainbow path 11/8/03
10/19/03 07:00 Yermo/Ft. Irwin CA USA Egg Unknown Possible Craft Landing Site in Southern California Desert Near Military Base 10/31/03
10/11/03 01:29 New York City (Manhattan) NY USA Egg 2 minutes object discharged another, flew at first low then went higher hovered around empire state building 4/16/05
9/28/03 18:00 Santa Fe NM USA Egg 1 hour at least A large bright egg shaped object that moved slightly. 10/7/03
9/25/03 22:35 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Australia Egg 20 sec 3 Weakly lit egg shapes in tight formation. 10/7/03
9/22/03 03:15 Garden city GA USA Egg 10-12 minutes Round " Ball shape in the sky 9/24/03
9/17/03 20:30 Atlanta GA USA Egg 3-6 seconds Floating, silent panel of lights 9/24/03
9/13/03 17:25 Tijuana (Mexico)
Mexico Egg 8 minutes El objeto estaba inmovil en el aire, era de un color plateado y en forma de huevo. 9/17/03
9/7/03 12:03 Pecs (Hungary)
Hungary Egg 25min ((NUFORC Note: Hoax. PD)) Small object lands 10/11/05
8/30/03 22:00 Mississaugam (Canada) ON Canada Egg 12:30 AM It was around 10:00 pm saturday night. the sky was clear and we were looking for mars on the south side of the sky.but then i looked st 9/4/03
8/30/03 Mt. Katahdin area ME USA Egg
Unexplainable shapes in photos 4/9/04
8/26/03 21:05 Everett WA USA Egg 8 seconds Egg shaped, fast moving, inside atmosphere, unlit with no sound. 8/28/03
8/21/03 13:00 Bellingham WA USA Egg 5 minutes Silent orb moving forward in pulses 8/28/03
8/17/03 00:30 Federal Way WA USA Egg 3 Minutes Witnesses see six green glowing egg shaped objects overhead flying east followed by a flashing blue saucer!! 8/28/03
8/3/03 12:35 Oceanside CA USA Egg 1 minute Tight formation of metallic egg shaped crafts 8/4/03
7/30/03 07:52 Las Vegas NV USA Egg 5 min Multiple objects in formation that flew away at tremendous speed 8/1/03
7/28/03 23:30 Woodstock IL USA Egg 1 minute One bright white object with a star burst pattern of light around it 8/1/03
7/9/03 20:30 Oakland CA USA Egg 3 to 5 min. july 9 2003- glowing pink object hovering above san francisco bay 7/16/03
7/6/03 20:30 Bahia de Los Angeles (Baja, Mexico)
Mexico Egg less than 10 minutes glowing ball flying from south to north at the south end of the bay... Bahia De Los Angeles Baja California Norte 3/28/04
7/4/03 20:30 Vancouver WA USA Egg 2 minutes The craft slowly climbed and then vanished. 7/16/03
7/4/03 19:45 Renton WA USA Egg 5 min. Dark oval object over Seattle 7/16/03
6/24/03 10:20 Terrace (Canada) BC Canada Egg 10 to 15 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Egg shaped object hovering over the south side of the river. 7/16/03
6/15/03 16:00 Carthage MS USA Egg 25 minutes saw something weird on the 15th 6/18/03
6/12/03 16:53 Kenna WV USA Egg 3 seconds First let me say this is going to sound crazy. I was watching National Lampoons vacation. When they were doing the Walley world scene 7/16/03
6/11/03 14:15 Auckland (New Zealand)
New Zealand Egg 30 secs Oval, shiny object caught on camera in vacinity of aircraft 7/16/03
6/7/03 16:00 Truckee CA USA Egg ? While driving back from Nevada, to calif. we started to get into a thunder storm. Shortly after passing the welcome to calif. sign, my 7/16/03
6/5/03 21:00 Ardmore TN USA Egg 30 to 45 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Hovering egg shaped object. 7/16/03
5/31/03 20:04 Wollongong (NSW, Australia)
Australia Egg 2 Minutes Orange egg/oval shaped space craft shrinking and glowing bright and then changing color to red and looked like it was comming back and 6/3/03
5/27/03 07:30 Fremont CA USA Egg 20min Egg shape craft, silver and reflective in the San Francisco bay area. 5/27/03
5/15/03 21:37 Portsmouth (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 14 minutes bright light moving rapidly side to side, clock spinning 5/27/03
5/10/03 22:00 Welcome NC USA Egg 30-45 minutes Egg-shaped pod with large spheres on either side. Blinded by craft. 25+ minute sighting. 6/13/14
5/1/03 23:02 Arizona City AZ USA Egg 1min On May 1, 2003 at approximately 2303 hours, in the northwest sky, I noticed what appeared to be a slow moving egg shaped star. It was m 5/9/03
4/15/03 22:50 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
Australia Egg 1 minute Object enters with flash of light and explosion,flys, hovers,exits with bang & disappears, 3 sitings same location. 4/22/03
4/15/03 01:00 Goderich (Canada) ON Canada Egg 20 seconds energy glows seen over town following aircraft 5/24/05
4/11/03 15:00 Charlotte NC USA Egg 30-45 secs Brief sighting of Egg/Orb heading North to South 4/22/03
4/5/03 18:53 Dundee (UK/Scotland)
United Kingdom Egg 15mins My friend and i saw an egg shaped craft in the sky which we shot at and it disappeared. 5/9/03
4/4/03 01:00 Staplefield (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 mins Egg shaped hovring craft with purple and green lights 5/2/03
3/29/03 11:00 Skjaldbreid (Iceland)
Iceland Egg picture Skjaldbreid Iceland 4/22/03
3/15/03 11:30 Arvada CO USA Egg 2:00 I was standing on my back deck at about 11:30am today and was watching a jet fly over my house. In a blue, cloudless sky I saw another 3/21/03
3/3/03 11:00 Bethel CT USA Egg 3 Hours We left our school early that day, and then went bike riding in Huntington Park. We stopped for a picnic, and saw some craft flying by. 4/22/03
2/23/03 06:30 Oswestry (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 1 minute Egg shaped object travelling about 100 to 150 m.p.h flying below 1000ft, I was about a mile away from object. 12/9/03
2/14/03 14:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Canada Egg
sliver bullet 3/21/03
2/14/03 00:30 Sanford NC USA Egg 10min Oval shape object with big bright light on the top and a ring of colored lights around it. 3/21/03
2/11/03 05:35 New York City (Brooklyn) NY USA Egg 0630 I saw something to the affect of a fireball yellowish orrange, its light got real bright .. soon after real dim and moving round 3/21/03
2/8/03 03:20 Schoten (Belgium)
Belgium Egg 1min Egg -shaped object in the woods 3/4/03
2/3/03 20:00 Plymouth Meeting PA USA Egg 3 Minutes As my mother was driving my friend and I to the mall, I looked to my right and saw a strange sight. A egg shaped craft, slightly light 3/21/03
2/2/03 20:08 Auburn AL USA Egg 4-5 seconds large elongated oval of light which appeared moon-like. It did not light sky adjacent to it. Roughly the size of 3 moons side-by-side 3/21/03
1/29/03 22:30 Los Angeles CA USA Egg 30 sec 5 red orange lights coming together, forming a circle, and rising up out of sight. 3/11/03
1/25/03 17:45 Van Nuys CA USA Egg 5 min Object floating above the Van Nuys area. Did you see it? 3/11/03
1/15/03 14:00 Sterling Heights MI USA Egg 10 seconds Sometime in early 2003, during the winter, I had been living in an apartment on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex in Sterling Heigh 2/14/10
1/6/03 04:00 Moundville AL USA Egg 3 1/2 hrs twp egg shaped objects with lights moving in z pattern...batteries and lights on our vehicles stooped when object approched us. 3/21/03
1/4/03 11:25 Oued Bakrat (Algeria)
Algeria Egg 5 the first time in north africa seen a ufo 4/27/03
12/17/02 23:00 Newport AR USA Egg 1 minute Red Lights outline an object in the sky 11/26/03
12/10/02 18:00 New Wilmington PA USA Egg 23 min Pennsylvania: New Wilmington 12/23/02
12/8/02 18:45 Sharpsville PA USA Egg 72 hours (est) Western Pennsylvania 6/10/03
12/4/02 16:00 Gainesville FL USA Egg 30-40 secs Large egg shaped object motionless in sky 12/23/02
11/19/02 04:00 Pittsburgh PA USA Egg 30 min Three egg like spheres followed two cross country track runners 11/20/02
11/15/02 07:30 Mexico City (Mexico)
Mexico Egg 11 seconds UFOs at Mexico City. 3/4/03
11/14/02 08:00 Hayward CA USA Egg 10 min. Strange craft over Bay Area 11/20/02
11/13/02 18:00 Adams WI USA Egg 5 minutes UFO's Sighted in wis 11/16/02
11/13/02 06:45 Sparta WI USA Egg 10 minutes Egg shaped bright and blinking lights descending slowly amoung cloud, then disappearing 11/16/02
11/9/02 00:45 Annandale VA USA Egg 4 to 5 seconds Falling bright white object seen over Annandale, VA. area night of 11\9\02. WHO ELSE SAW IT!!?? 11/16/02
11/6/02 21:05 Champaign IL USA Egg OVer the course of seven Object moves across sky and stops. Minutes after, a circle of lights is seen moving in a perfect formation, then the lights converge 11/9/02
10/29/02 12:00 Bertram TX USA Egg 30 min Egg shapped craft, leaving trail of spider web like material 11/4/02
10/19/02 17:50 Calgary (Canada) AB Canada Egg 10 mins STRANGE OBJECT SPOTTED OVER THE CITY OF CALGARY 10/28/02
10/17/02 19:42 Kracow (Poland)
Poland Egg 3 mins Egg-shaped object traveling at high speed. Krakow, Poland. 10/28/02
10/16/02 22:15 Las Vegas NV USA Egg 20 minutes I was looking up in the night sky, when I noticed some objects moveing of to the left of rio casino.

I focused on them thinking they
10/10/02 22:00 Bahamas
Bahamas Egg
we are sitting outside and commenting on all the air traffic tonight. over to the east we were watching what we thought a plane but nev 10/15/02
10/2/02 07:30 Santa Fe NM USA Egg unknown Oct. ?,2002, Santa Fe, NM, egg or football shaped object discovered after downloading photo 9/24/03
10/2/02 06:34 Northford CT USA Egg 23 seconds A Glow in the Sky...... 12/23/02
10/1/02 19:20 New York City (Staten Island) NY USA Egg 5 minutes Egg Shaped Object Circling 10/15/02
10/1/02 16:00 Staten Island NY USA Egg 5 seconds Egg-shaped object parallels plane. 4/7/17
10/1/02 08:30 Santa Fe NM USA Egg unknown Oct, 2002 , 8:30 AM, Santa Fe, NM, caught while photographing Santa Fe RR train station, duration unknown 9/24/03
9/23/02 21:00 Lebanon Jct. KY USA Egg 5sec. Very bright white flash of light high in the sky moving south fadding out as it went over Kentucky. 10/15/02
9/12/02 01:00 Brockville (Canada) ON Canada Egg seconds Cloaked spacecraft 9/19/02
9/11/02 21:00 Worcestershire (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg
i was driving my truck on the M5 motorway in wocestershire in uk about around 21.00 on the 11.9.02 heading south and on the left of me 9/29/02
9/10/02 11:15 Peterborough (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 4 seconds Egg shaped craft rising behind cloud in broad daylight 3/4/03
8/22/02 23:40 Monroe NY USA Egg 5 minutes Orb- brilliant white on Rt 17, NY 3/21/03
8/10/02 15:00 Emory TX USA Egg 5 Seconds I saw a reddish orange egg shaped object fly north to south at a low altitude. 1/11/05
8/8/02 04:00 Staunton VA USA Egg 5min Silent Cloaked object with 2 witness and radio interference 6/25/20
8/2/02 12:30 Seattle WA USA Egg 5min High, fast moving whiteish shape heading north 8/16/02
6/30/02 02:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Colombia Egg 2 min Strange being in my bedroom and real dream having eggs 3/19/09
6/28/02 21:00 Wisconsin Dells WI USA Egg 2 min A giant egg shape trail moving slowly side to side and left after a couple minutes 9/13/02
6/28/02 13:26 New York City (Staten Island) NY USA Egg 30 seconds Silver egg shaped UFO low flying in New York 9/13/02
6/18/02 16:30 Kettering OH USA Egg 1 hour ((HOAX??)Witnessed "Tic Tac" UFO for an hour, took picture with cell phone. Object was seen 3-5 miles below a/ct. ((anonymous report)) 6/27/19
6/15/02 20:30 Equinunk PA USA Egg 1 hour 7 ufo's stop over the upper delaware river valley 12/16/05
6/13/02 14:00 Tulsa OK USA Egg 1 minute Metallic, egg-shaped, silent, low-flying, object. 3/10/17
6/10/02 20:15 Hogansville GA USA Egg 25 minutes "star" seen before darkness, looked with telescope, had arm rotating around it, to slow to be a satellite, the exploded. 6/12/02
6/6/02 23:25 Aurora (Canada) ON Canada Egg 15 seconds greenish white egg shaped light in the sky, moving towards the ground. 6/12/02
6/4/02 11:00 Cabins WV USA Egg unknown Transparent Object Seen In Picture After Downloading. 7/1/02
6/1/02 16:00 Blenheim (New Zealand)
New Zealand Egg 3 minutes Gleaming white smooth low flying egg over Woodbourne, Blenheim, New Zealand 1/11/05
5/25/02 20:20 Morrison CO USA Egg 1-2 minutes Small red and black object seen flying over Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado. 6/12/02
5/4/02 15:45 Long Island NY USA Egg 10mins. I was driving east on hemstead turnpike approaching farmingdale and I looked up in the sky and saw a trail, pretty fat trail in the sh 5/14/02
5/1/02 23:30 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Malaysia Egg 10-5 there laser-like egg objects shining laser at me for a whole night 6/4/04
4/30/02 20:15 Cheyenne WY USA Egg 5 minutes The EggBeamer! 5/14/02
4/19/02 21:30 Carterville IL USA Egg 25-35 minutes Flat craft with egg-shaped profile 7/30/02
3/29/02 17:45 Last Chance CO USA Egg 15 min. Unknown oval object illuminated silently, startling cattle and observers. 9/13/02
3/17/02 00:15 Globe (20 miles east of) AZ USA Egg 2 minutes Egg shaped light spotted, over an hour of time lost? 12/9/03
3/15/02 22:45 Lakeland FL USA Egg 30 seconds bright egg shaped object,no trail. 3/19/02
3/6/02 23:50 Burney CA USA Egg 6-7 minutes Captured on video a very bright, fast moving and color changing object. 3/19/02
2/23/02 14:00 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 30.min un dia anterior abia visto cerca de 10 objetos brillantes como globos entonces espere cerca de la misma hora para comer unas hamburger 3/19/02
2/22/02 14:00 Phoenix AZ USA Egg 45.min heran las 2 pm cuando salimos del restaurant donde estabamos comiendo mi companero y yo cuando mire al cielo por un momento pense que 3/19/02
2/22/02 10:00 Front Royal VA USA Egg 10min while headed north on route 522 i noticed a silver orb , at first I thought it was a high altidude ballon with a milar coteing . while 8/24/04
2/2/02 21:00 Lake Wales FL USA Egg 15 minutes There were 2 sets of 4 all in a straight line. Slowly one by one the bright light started to disappear (as if the light was being turn 2/22/02
2/2/02 18:10 Schuyler Falls NY USA Egg 5 minutes egg shaped object 2/22/02
1/7/02 17:49 Bel Air MD USA Egg 3-5 seconds Flourscent Green blue centered egg shaped object crossed our field of vision in a curved path and instantly disappered 1/11/02
12/4/01 19:00 El Dorado AR USA Egg
Saw a round like object in the morning sky. The object was a a stand till for a short period of time. It then exit in the clouds and wa 1/11/02
11/27/01 20:00 London (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 30mins Glowing egg shaped craft 12/5/01
11/8/01 23:30 Exeter PA USA Egg A few minutes Triangle array of egg shaped objects. 11/20/01
11/3/01 01:45 Morrison CO USA Egg 30 seconds EGG SHAPED CRAFT NEAR THE FOOTHILLS OF MORRISON 11/20/01
10/19/01 00:30 Wicklow (Republic of Ireland)
Ireland Egg 3 minutes HOVERING LIGHTS OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW 11/20/01
10/15/01 22:30 Wahpeton ND USA Egg
It lasted about 10 min. but seemed longer. 8/16/02
10/2/01 06:50 Sandyville WV USA Egg 5 min or so Red Glowing Blimp-Like Object Hovering over a field 10/12/01
9/11/01 09:00 Madhatan NY USA Egg 1:00 i downloaded pictures from cnn of the crash into the second tower, and just to the bottom left of like 6 of the pictures there is an ob 10/12/01
9/10/01 23:16 Merriam KS USA Egg about 20 seconds UFO over Kansas City...What is it?? 1/29/02
9/1/01 02:30 Blackburn (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2hrs Egg shaped object. Managed to film it for about 30 mins! 10/12/01
8/29/01 23:30 Nottingham (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 12secs we was on a return journey from visiting family,when a light almost blinded me .my passenger turned to me and said look out behind, i l 10/12/01
8/12/01 15:00 Kingman AZ USA Egg 25 seconds white and blue lights in a storrm 8/20/01
8/1/01 19:15 Binghamton NY USA Egg 45 min a black with gold streaks with a haze around it (ufo) went into a cloud and never came out the other end. 8/5/01
7/29/01 21:30 Hamilton (UK/Scotland)
United Kingdom Egg 5 mins Hamilton is on the aircraft approach from the south to Glasgow airport (and there were aircraft in the vacinity right at that time)but 8/5/01
7/22/01 22:15 Paris KY USA Egg 5 minutes Lights off in the distance flew close to us for a few seconds and in ablink of the eye they were gone. 8/5/01
7/17/01 21:30 Jensen Beach FL USA Egg 6 seconds VERY LARGE GLOWING OBJECT (Greenish blue) Crashing to earth STRAIGHT DOWN at a very high rate of speed 8/5/01
7/15/01 05:00 Arlington Heights IL USA Egg 5 min Object hoverd 100' above thr groung @ 5:00am, was silver in color and had a egg shap with fountain arms on it, next the object nmoved i 8/5/01
7/11/01 23:00 Grants Pass (Murphy Area) OR USA Egg Seconds Large egg shape UFO, solid (no blinking lights) white light with blue tones in it. The UFO was traveling north to south at a very high 8/5/01
7/3/01 22:30 San Diego CA USA Egg 15 minutes My sister, friend and I saw some UFO's 8/5/01
7/3/01 22:30 San Diego CA USA Egg 15 minutes a white oval shaped light that appeared and disappeared three times and the shooting of a lightning bolt type of ray. 8/5/01
7/2/01 19:30 Miami FL USA Egg 3-4 mins four kids rangin from 12 to 11 years of age, first noticed something falling high over the sky, at first they thought it was a crashing 8/5/01
7/2/01 02:35 East Stroudsburg PA USA Egg 4 minutes Unknown craft, wierd movement and flew across the south to southwest the to north west 8/5/01
7/1/01 22:40 Countryside IL USA Egg 4-5 seconds neon blue eggshaped object fell from sky very large no lights no sound lots of mass and leveled out when approched ground 8/5/01
6/27/01 07:05 Ann Arbor MI USA Egg 10 minutes Translucent egg-shaped balloon like object in early morning sky in Ann Arbor, MI. 8/5/01
6/24/01 22:45 East Haddam CT USA Egg 30 seconds Unbeielveable speed and brightness never seen before 10/12/01
6/14/01 21:30 Rockton IL USA Egg 30 minutes Burnt orange egg shaped craft seen hovering over field about 20 miles NW of Rockford Illinois, with a light projecting down. 8/5/01
6/10/01 22:30 Anchorage AK USA Egg 15minutes Egg has other egg 8/5/01
6/9/01 16:25 Reading PA USA Egg 15 minutes Saw a white grocery bag like object climb to over 10,000ft with a smaller white object trailing the larger one to the SW. 8/5/01
6/1/01 13:00 Charlotte NC USA Egg 5 minutes Silver egg-shaped objects following aircraft around Charlotte International Airport 4/17/15
5/8/01 20:50 Folkestone, Kent (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 3mins Black balloon/round shaped going extremely fast over the South East coast of England. 8/12/01
4/24/01 08:00 London (Ontario) (Canada) ON Canada Egg 5 min 04/01 Below London Ontario Flattened Egg 10 feet of ploughed feild paseing my Van 11/01 12/7/06
4/7/01 23:23 Antioch CA USA Egg 11:28 I was driving to my paper route (east bound). It was a full moon here in Antioch and no clouds were in sight.The time was 11:23pm, I lo 4/28/01
4/7/01 17:00 Canton OH USA Egg
It was a large, egg shaped craft that had a glow of blue. there were 3 of them traveling very fast in circles, up and down, side to sid 4/28/01
3/14/01 20:45 Lawrenceville NJ USA Egg 5 seconds I exited my car and I look up and this egg shaped object streaked across the sky. It traveled faster than anything I've ever seen befo 3/16/01
3/2/01 20:24 Puyallup WA USA Egg 10 seconds Glowing, Egg-shaped object sighted over Puyallup, WA on March 2nd. 3/6/01
2/28/01 19:05 Ahmedabad (India)
India Egg @ 5 Min. Dear all, Till today I was not believeing in this thing but yesterday we have found really very typical experience at Ahmedabad city in 3/6/01
2/27/01 01:35 Duvall WA USA Egg 1minute saw an egg shaped ball of yellow light at night that flew like a slow plane but was below treetops 3/6/01
2/25/01 17:45 Covington TX USA Egg 45 seconds UFO sighting Over President Bush's Tx White House? 3/6/01
2/16/01 22:17 Mesa AZ USA Egg 2 minutes Black,grey,and white egg shape low to the ground and NO LIGHTS! 2/24/01
2/12/01 09:45 Vancouver WA USA Egg Silver Ball This morning at 9:45, when I went driving up on I-5 north of Vancouver to Hazel Dell Chiropratic, I saw and keep it watching what is th 2/18/01
1/28/01 17:15 Mira Loma CA USA Egg 5 minutes I rolled my telescope out to look at venus against a Light/Dark Blue dusk Sky.I panned the scope to Venus. About 10 seconds later an Eg 2/18/01
1/26/01 07:45 Branford CT USA Egg 2-3 minutes shiny object in the sky 2/18/01
1/10/01 12:10 Graham NC USA Egg @ 15 min 1/09/01 I had contact with Peter Davenport as to a questionable sighting of circular or egg shaped objects in southern sky shortly afte 2/18/01
12/25/00 11:30 Miami FL USA Egg 10minut it muve slow to the southwest it pass an airplane it was silver and a 1/4 of the airplane. 2/18/01
12/24/00 00:10 Lake Havasu City AZ USA Egg 20 mins Egg shape UFO on Christmas Eav. over Western Arizona 1/3/01
12/23/00 06:50 Three Rivers (Canada) PQ Canada Egg 5 sec Red object with trailing red tail travelling at extreme velocity slows and changes color 1/3/01
12/22/00 22:00 Cordova IL USA Egg 5-10 minutes Large orange orb NW Illinois see 12/23/20
11/27/00 20:03 Helena MT USA Egg 2 mts very bright egg shaped craft traveling west to east 12/2/00
11/23/00 12:00 Forest lake MN USA Egg 2 minutes Looked up into a clear blue sky. It appeared out of thin air just like a clingon ship on Star Trek. It was cloked invisible. It didn't 7/3/20
11/20/00 15:00 St. Joseph MO USA Egg 10 seconds I was a passenger driving down the Belt Hwy. loked up and seen a round shiny metal object that stayed in the same spot but got smaller 12/2/00
11/13/00 00:01 Canyon CA USA Egg 10 minutes 3 egg shaped flying objects making a ringing noise 12/2/00
11/6/00 20:00 Kearney MO USA Egg 21 seconds Turquoise egg flickering over my neighbor's house materialized and flew over my house. 12/2/00
11/1/00 03:00 Commack NY USA Egg 3 min Egg Shaped Ufo Over Long Island NY 5/9/03
10/31/00 19:15 Cygnet OH USA Egg 45 Min. Saw a craft streak across the sky in ohio. 12/2/00
10/31/00 19:15 Cygnet OH USA Egg 45 Minutes The ship crossed the sky, stopped shot up about a half mile, hovered for a while and changed a multitude of colors and departed with us 12/2/00
10/23/00 22:00 Seattle (Ballard neighborhood) WA USA Egg 2-3 seconds Anybody else see another green light in Seattle? 12/2/00
10/15/00 20:00 New Castle PA USA Egg 10 Minutes UFO dropped a large white ball of light that fell to the ground. 12/2/00
10/15/00 12:35 Sherwood Park (Canada) AB Canada Egg 45 sec. I was talking to my wife on a cell phone from a work site just North of Sherwood Park Alberta. Mid-way through the conversation I notic 1/11/02
10/15/00 04:00 Clear Lake TX USA Egg 3 secs 1 1/2 times the size of a full moon, green and moved alot faster than normal at 4 am 12/12/09
9/22/00 23:30 Bradenton FL USA Egg 30 seconds Disappearing double egged object twice 12/2/00
9/15/00 15:00 Stuart FL USA Egg 2 minutes Chrome shiny object moving north from Stuart, Florida. At first glance appeared to be the underside of a commercial airplane until 90 4/28/01
9/14/00 21:00 Homewood AL USA Egg 5-8 secs. football or egg shaped silver ufo floated over mountain crest in alabama. 6/18/03
9/14/00 08:10 Vancouver WA USA Egg 1 1/2 min. White object on clear day 9/17/00
9/10/00 23:00 Eldorado AR USA Egg 45 SEC I SAW TWO UFOS CHASING EACH OTHER & STOP IN MID AIR! this is not the first ones i saw !.got witnesses 6/12/08
9/1/00 02:30 Cameron Park CA USA Egg 3hours Object was circular with kind of a square shape at the top (grey) 12/2/00
8/19/00 18:45 West Seneca NY USA Egg 5 min. Egg shaped metallic objects flying slowly in perfect sycronization without noise. South, south west flight path 8/25/00
7/28/00 01:50 Tonopah AZ USA Egg 8 seconds bright egg shaped object moving at an incredible speed west of phoenix 8/5/00
7/23/00 15:00 Valley Stream NY USA Egg
I spotted a very fast reflective object not of this world. 12/9/00
7/14/00 22:20 Quincy CA USA Egg 15 seconds Bright oval light covering 30 dgrees in 15 seconds on 07/14/00. Winked out of sight. 7/23/00
7/12/00 23:00 Route 280 Exit 1 NJ USA Egg
Dear Sirs: I like to report the UFO witnessing. On July 12, 2000 around 11 PM I was driving back home from New Jersey Route 280 West 4/28/01
6/22/00 21:30 Providence (On the coastline, SSW of) RI USA Egg five seconds An egg shaped object passed in close proximity of my aircraft. 8/19/00
6/22/00 21:00 Pine Haven WY USA Egg 00:45 The object was not a airplane, or star, if anything it was some NASA satalite or a UFO 2/18/01
6/2/00 00:00 Peru IN USA Egg 4-1/2minutes Slow moving silver egg-shaped unidentified flying object observed from my front porch twice::::very concerned!!! 6/6/00
5/28/00 14:00 Maricopa CA USA Egg 1 minute Single Oblong Object w/ dull metallic sheen spotted at high altitude and moving slowly at approx. 2pm, clear, sunny day. 6/6/00
5/22/00 23:00 Gardner KS USA Egg 20 seconds This orange fireball suddenly slowed down and turned green, then suddenly dated off to the east. 6/6/00
5/16/00 11:00 Charlotte NC USA Egg 1 minute A small, white object followed a plane about to land at the Charlotte airport. 6/21/00
5/15/00 02:30 Winter Haven FL USA Egg ufo ufo 8/12/08
5/5/00 23:45 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Australia Egg 10 minutes Strange circular object outside my home 12/20/00
5/1/00 17:00 Prairieville LA USA Egg 3 seconds bright, glowing egg-shaped object came down extremely fast: disappeared at tree level. 6/6/00
4/24/00 22:30 Cincinnati OH USA Egg 30 Seconds At about 10:30PM, I was on westbound I-275 and Highway 128 when a Huge EGG or Top shape object was right above my vechile moving north. 5/3/00
4/20/00 21:05 Santa Clara CA USA Egg 20 to 25 sec. Saw orange colored light moving across the sky 4/26/00
4/19/00 19:10 Alabaster AL USA Egg 1 minute One at a time appeared each in a different direction, a total of 3. Then all 3 disappeared instantly, and reappeared all at once in dif 5/3/00
4/8/00 18:35 Seattle WA USA Egg 2-3minutes Ufo's over Downtown Seattle 4/15/00
4/8/00 18:00 Seattle WA USA Egg 20 minutes UFO's are for real! 6/6/00
3/11/00 19:10 Rye (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 12 seconds i object bright light ,slow moving ,silent black objectegg shape moved away from central light-light stopped and retracked on itself 12/2/00
2/29/00 22:00 Tumwater WA USA Egg 3 mins. UFO moving rapidly across the sky. Large sudden movement up,down and then up again. Possible twirling. Loss sight of ufo due to obst 3/7/00
2/26/00 06:29 Tonawanda NY USA Egg 1 minute Orange egg shaped object traveling upward at 3 rates of speed and breaking the atmosphere or disintegrating-followed by a black triangu 2/27/00
2/15/00 21:20 Fredericktown (Outside of) OH USA Egg 10 minutes I saw two bright white objects in the night sky swoop down and out of the horizon. 2/23/00
1/19/00 03:19 Lake Worth FL USA Egg about a minute While walking to the corner store this morning, I saw a large object travelling north, actually bow-tie shaped, flitting along the sky 1/22/00
1/19/00 03:00 West Palm Beach FL USA Egg 20 minutes Grey visitation and abduction. 12/1/19
1/1/00 23:00 Erath LA USA Egg 2:00 Yellow egg shape craft displays of technolegy 5/15/06
12/10/99 15:32 OSU Experiment station OR USA Egg 3-4min. Egg shaped silver object flying approximately 2000ft directly below a comercial airliner. 1/7/00
11/16/99 23:30 Oklahoma City OK USA Egg 5 seconds Large blue green fire ball, slightly larger than the hiway lights. 11/17/99
11/16/99 19:15 Cleveland OH USA Egg 2-3 sec I was reading the reports from last year of the four fast moving objects Nov.'99. I also reported it to you. And their was a note that 12/2/00
11/8/99 10:00 Iowa City IA USA Egg 10 minutes A white egg shaped object appears in the sky on a clear blue morning and thens grows in size and drifts slowly north. I watch it closel 11/17/99
11/1/99 17:50 San Diego CA USA Egg 10 minutes Noticed illuminated egg-shaped object with strobe lights travel from N to S/SW. No engine noise and travelled slowly. Object emitted pa 11/2/99
10/25/99 19:30 Huntington Beach CA USA Egg 30 seconds The sky was clear. I was on my porch smoking and I noticed three egg shaped lights in the formation of a triangle flying very fast... 11/2/99
10/10/99 03:00 St. Agnes de Dundee (Canada) PQ Canada Egg 90 min. early morning bright object egg shape fully colorder chaging colors as it turn as it was going it change to white colors 12/2/00
10/4/99 19:51 Houston TX USA Egg 19:54 Saw what at first appeared to be 2 stars in the horizon. 10/19/99
9/23/99 14:00 Millsboro DE USA Egg 45minutes Followed vehicle and occupants from Home to destination approximately 30 to 40minutes away. Stopped when vehicle stopped and appeared t 10/2/99
9/16/99 04:05 Menomonie WI USA Egg 30 min. post script to Leader Telegram article reporting strange object in sky witnessed by 3 people. 10/19/99
8/30/99 20:45 Okinawa (Japan)
Japan Egg 2min sitting under the stars and suddenly 2 objects appeared as they split into two different directions at abnormal speed. There was an pla 10/2/99
8/11/99 20:45 Peterhead (Scotland)
United Kingdom Egg 5 minutes bright white object travelling very fast,trail dissipated after 1 second visible in daylight 8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30 Munising MI USA Egg overnight into morning saw object flash and disappear on first night and on the next morning 3 objects appeared to come together in a triangle formation. 10/2/99
8/5/99 19:00 Northfield MN USA Egg 10 min. they buzzed over hyw.35 and stoped over my appartment building and then they rose up into the clouds and vanished. 8/10/99
8/4/99 04:00 Grants Pass (Murphy area) OR USA Egg Six seconds At 04:00 hours flying NE to SW, two white egg shape objects, flashing off and on. 8/30/99
8/1/99 12:00 South Point OH USA Egg 5 minutes bright egg shaped craft 11/2/99
7/25/99 19:00 Seneca KS USA Egg 6to8min slowly moved then speed up horizonaly rapidly, then darted verticly 8/10/99
7/15/99 17:05 West Bend WI USA Egg evening it is true they do exsised. 6/20/05
7/12/99 23:17 Chautaqua Road NY USA Egg 7 mins me and my friend (who was driving) were traveling up chautaqua road when we noticed a light just ahead in the sky and very low. It was 7/14/99
7/10/99 17:10 Tucson AZ USA Egg 20 minutes object traveled at treetop level west untill it was due south of our home. It then sank below the tree line. About 10 minutes later it 7/14/99
7/7/99 23:39 Grissom AFB (approx. 20 south of) IN USA Egg 10 min in my sight as (craft) ? travelled S. it's narrow end was forward, it was a shinny metallic in tone. 10/12/01
7/6/99 11:15 Rochester (3 miles east of, Hwy 12 W) WA USA Egg 10 secs I was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended 8/30/99
7/6/99 00:00 Cranston RI USA Egg 10 seconds A silvery egg-shaped craft is seen over a highway. 4/8/02
7/1/99 20:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Canada Egg 4 minutes Eliptical orange object getting bigger and smaller 8/5/01
6/25/99 00:00 Anderson CA USA Egg 5 seconds I saw what appeared to be a white shooting star (no tail), 4x larger than the brightest star in the sky, moving very fast. It suddenly 7/5/99
6/15/99 11:00 Ontario CA USA Egg 10 min Egg shaped object near Ontario International Airport, in Ontario Ca. 10/31/03
6/5/99 15:00 Wilmington DE USA Egg 5 minutes In June 1999 a shiny silver egg shaped craft was seen in North Wilmington, DE 11/26/03
5/18/99 22:00 Douglas GA USA Egg 5 min I was on my way to work.I saw what looked like a big copper colored sphere.It split into two then four then eight. I did this until the 9/28/02
5/18/99 14:00 Tombstone AZ USA Egg 20 minutes White, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82. 8/30/99
5/18/99 14:00 Tombstone AZ USA Egg 20 minutes White, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82 near Tombstone AZ. 8/30/99
5/7/99 21:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Canada Egg 30 sec Nickel sized egg moving through the sky. 2/12/04
5/6/99 04:30 Cranston RI USA Egg 3 seconds It flew over the highway 4/8/02
4/2/99 22:30 St. Louis Park MN USA Egg 3 minutes Basketball size object,metallic,flying down street than into a park. 4/26/99
3/31/99 18:00 Compton CA USA Egg 15 minutes Egg/Saucer over Los Angeles. 6/4/14
3/27/99 22:00 Marstons Mills MA USA Egg 50 minutes While walking our dogs my son and I noticed a strange craft or light that seemed to travel in short spurts( not particularly fast). The 4/26/99
3/20/99 16:00 Macon GA USA Egg .1 second While videoing trees and sides of house object enters frame at high rate of speed moving from east to west 9/28/02
3/7/99 01:00 Belvidere VT USA Egg 10 mins no sound..LARGE..passed closely over our camp and down across the valley and out a pass in the moutains. 12/2/00
3/2/99 Covina CA USA Egg 2-3 min Object, peach glowing egg shape ends up and down moved slowley south to north high in sky. emitted single popping sound. 4/2/99
2/7/99 20:30 Quartzite AZ USA Egg 90 sec.(approx) Object appeared from the south/west, moving parallel to and pulling away from a low-flying small jet aircraft, flight path of both was 4/2/99
1/11/99 20:00 Washington County MO USA Egg about 3 minutes My 6 year old brother dustin pointed it out to myself, my mom, and her boy friend. 1/22/00
12/31/98 23:41 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Dominican Republic Egg 2 minutes Object was yellow ligthted egg moving north to south at a very low altitude and amazingly fast for a plane,no noise of engine. New year 5/24/99
12/15/98 15:15 Cincinnati OH USA Egg 30secs. It was fast, at a very high altitude. It looked very small and had an odd contrail. Clear sky. 4/2/99
12/15/98 07:10 Atlanta GA USA Egg 2 minutes On approach to downtown atlanta via automobile (traveling east on I-20) I noticed what I thought was a military helicopter or transport 1/28/99
11/17/98 21:00 Cleveland OH USA Egg 2 minutes I have utmost respect for Peter Davenport and his attempts to categorize and document UFO anomalies.

I am also dumbfounded that my
11/16/98 22:30 Sheffield City (Just outside)(South Yorkshire) (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 10 mins est. Strange sighting near Sheffield, UK. 4/28/01
11/11/98 00:45 Derby, Derbyshire (UK/England)(UK)
United Kingdom Egg 1 sec We both were stood at my front door, and we both loked up at the same time to see an egg shaped object travel above the gap between the 11/19/98
11/10/98 18:48 Federal Way WA USA Egg 5 seconds I was driving southbound on I-5,just past the Federal Way truck scales, when I noticed an unusual light that appeared to hover over the 11/19/98
10/15/98 01:30 Round Rock TX USA Egg 15 seconds On approx. 10/15/1998 @ 0130 .I went to my back patio for a cigarette. I was outside for at least 3 min. i know this because i was almo 8/30/99
10/12/98 04:00 Lincoln NE USA Egg 11 sec 3 Lights not as egg shaped but close, thumb nail. Flying in tryangle formation flew over for 7 seconds not to close but not far away. f 11/1/98
10/10/98 22:30 St. John's (Canada) NF Canada Egg 2 hours Started off as 3 points of intense yellow light in triangle formation - then grew larger - it becage a single egg shape - VERY bright. 12/2/00
9/22/98 16:18 Portsmouth RI USA Egg 2 sec Amber/gold rising from tree level 45 deg up. Fast and accelerating. Dissaperaed behind tree branch. Very bright. 9/26/98
9/19/98 21:30 Seattle WA USA Egg 3 minutes The "craft" had about 6 white lights around its perimeter and a redish one in the middle. The thing was moving slowly towards the west, 11/1/98
9/19/98 19:00 Comerio (Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rico Egg 30 seconds Slow moving silent craft seen in the mountains of Comerio, Puerto Rico. 5/15/06
9/15/98 21:00 Bethel CT USA Egg 3min In Sept. of 1998 at aprox. 10:00PM my wife, daughter and I came out our front door headed for our automobile to visit my wife's mother 9/17/03
9/15/98 12:00 Jamestown NY USA Egg two mins sliver orb, seen flying with air force one 9/24/03
8/21/98 15:00 Torrance CA USA Egg 2 MINUTES egg shaped, reflected the sun. 11/1/98
8/18/98 20:30 Dayton (Sutro hills area, NE) NV USA Egg 15 min In the evening playing with my daughter, back door blinds were open. My daughter SCREAMED 'LOOK DADDY LOOK, ALIENS'(She's only 3 1/2.) 11/1/98
7/19/98 11:30 Hicksville (Broadway & Old Country Road) NY USA Egg 12:15 a.m. Craft resembled size of three blimps and changed shapes, then turning into giant metal island. (See below) About five vehicles stopped 11/21/98
7/15/98 15:00 Bristol RI USA Egg 4 min. there was no heat allmost like it was floating but was all medal blow my mind. 8/30/10
7/7/98 00:30 Marty SD USA Egg about 2 minutes Amber egg-shaped craft,ascended at slow speed. 10/12/01
7/5/98 01:00 Boundary Waters MN USA Egg 10 minutes blueish/orange football size object over fishing spot- no sound 8/5/01
6/20/98 07:00 Morris MN USA Egg 00:20 UFO in morning sky...jets following 4/26/99
5/23/98 20:00 Kolhapur (India)
India Egg 10 sec when we went to eve walk we saw one egg like thing which is colouries with redium green. and just passed away with speedly. 11/4/02
4/9/98 23:45 Costa Mesa CA USA Egg 10min one object sighted 9/19/02
4/3/98 18:42 Fredericksburg VA USA Egg 5 sec. a grey egg shaped heading north w/ green and blue propelation colors behind it moving about mach 3 at about 900 ft up 11/20/02
2/23/98 20:33 McAlester OK USA Egg 3 MIN Observed a bright flash and from center of flash egg shapped yellow/white egg shapped ufo appeared. Spotted craft through 16x 50 power 1/28/99
11/22/97 16:15 Petoskey MI USA Egg 6-8 seconds Very large flouresent green/bright white egg shaped "thing" traveling extremely fast. 1/28/99
10/20/97 22:00 Grimsby (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 minutes Bright green egg shaped object hovering for some time then shot off in a nothern direction very fast 8/16/02
8/31/97 05:15 Lost Lake OR USA Egg 3 min Two blue egg shaped objects floated past our campground about 200 feet above the ground moving about 25 mph,lasted about 3 min. 1/10/09
7/14/97 23:15 Pascagula MS USA Egg 3:00 min. I experienced a u.f.o. sighting that I dont fully understand who,what or why?. 4/1/01
7/4/97 13:00 Long Beach CA USA Egg 2 minutes egg shape UFO sppoted 4th of Jul 1997 Stainless steal reflective in color about 13:00 hours hovering 9/2/05
6/15/97 15:00 Wapakoneta OH USA Egg 1 minute Egg Shaped Object in broad daylight. 4/12/13
6/1/97 00:01 Egg Harbor Township NJ USA Egg 45-50 MINUTES Bright Object in the sky 8/12/08
5/15/97 05:00 Los Angeles CA USA Egg ~5 minutes This is a classic report. I have never been able to forget it. I did report it to LAMUFON and I was contacted about it. We spoke for at 7/5/18
5/5/97 12:15 West Chester (outside, on Rte. 202) PA USA egg 10sec Driving north alogn Rt 202 I noticed egg shaped metallic objectmoving through the sky. It was highly reflective and shone brightly.It 1/28/99
4/22/97 00:34 Worcester MA USA Egg 30seconds It was a bright white/Yellow light, moving at an incredible speed. Too fast for any plane Went from west to East, The White light woul 3/7/98
4/15/97 13:00 South Point OH USA Egg 10 minutes I and a co-worker were traveling on Route 52, just past the bridge into Ashland, Kentucky. A large, silent, matte silver object appear 1/28/99
4/3/97 20:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Australia Egg 10 seconds ? At aprox. 20.45 I noticed 2 light emitting pinkish egg shaped objects n/w of my position. They were aprox 50 miles away travelling extr 3/7/98
1/15/97 17:30 Long Beach NY USA Egg 5 mins A bright luminesant egg shaped object aproached the beach from the south and hovered with out sound for three mins. 3/7/98
1/9/97 15:00 Margate (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 2 White Egg UFO in Margate, Kent. England 8/23/19
12/17/96 00:30 Bellingham WA USA Egg 3 minutes large egg shaped bubble, could see through it yet it was irredecent. About the size of a large pickup truck. Vibrating yet silent 11/19/98
12/13/96 15:20 Simi Valley CA USA Egg 4 min A silver metallic object streaked across the sky in a northeast direction. It suddenly slowed to a complete stop before going straight 3/7/98
8/24/96 15:00 Unknown FL USA Egg 10 minutes Egg Shaped UFO seen from air plane over Florida 3/19/02
8/15/96 21:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Canada Egg 2 minutes Large, bright two egg-shapped orbs attached together forming oval/circular shape. 7/23/00
7/21/96 01:30 Newtown, TAS (Australia)
Australia Egg under 2 minutes I was in my room, and I saw to lights in the sky, they hovered over me for a few minutes, and then shoot off toward the mountain. 7/5/99
7/1/96 19:00 Albany OR USA Egg 5 minutes In the early evening, I saw a white, egg-shaped object making its way across the sky. 4/27/04
6/21/96 21:45 Avebury
United Kingdom Egg 15 minutes - Unknown Egg shaped ball of light UFO at Avebury, England during summer solstice 1996. Landed in field. 8/5/12
4/25/96 23:00 Riggins ID USA Egg 4 seconds Large white egg with comet-like tail seen above salmon river at french creek. 2/4/13
7/24/95 22:00 Romford (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg morning Two pure white egg shaped objects joined by another .THEY FORM A TRIANGLE for a few seconds 12/16/05
7/15/95 20:00 Salem NH USA Egg approx 30 seconds over the tops of the trees we could see this bright yellow object with something brown in the middle. once it went past the trees, we 6/18/98
6/30/95 03:00 Ecoporanga (farm area; ES) (Brazil)
Brazil Egg 2 min Large egg -shapped object floatted in farm yard area in the North Espirito Santo State, Brazil 7/16/06
10/8/94 18:30 Kingstree SC USA Egg 15 minutes Egg shaped yellowish lights that danced around a tree and house. 7/5/18
8/25/94 12:00 New York City NY USA Egg a minute no light and moved very slowly 6/6/00
8/25/94 11:45 New York City NY USA Egg 5 Mins + Observation of egg blimp shapped object in front of World Trade Center Towers, NY. Possibly a second sighting. 6/21/00
8/7/94 17:00 Port Richey FL USA Egg 15 seconds Silver Egg Shaped craft 11/28/07
7/27/94 22:00 Apex NC USA Egg 15-20 minutes 3 egg shaped yellow crafts seen in the sky by 12-15 witnesses, hovers for 15-20 minutes then vanishes! 8/5/12
7/15/94 21:00 Aventura FL USA Egg 1-2 minutes Three egg-shaped objects drifting over Aventura Mall 8/16/02
6/15/94 15:00 Tallahassee FL USA Egg 20 sec or more I saw an egg like object out of the side of my eye while driving, but it changed speed and shot away with no transition time. 6/12/07
4/15/94 14:30 Dayton TN USA Egg 7 seconds Green object flies over Dayton, TN. in 1994 2/1/19
11/15/93 12:00 Rome City IN USA Egg 3 minutes Two eggshaped objects hovered in the sky then speed away. 8/28/03
7/18/93 00:30 Sainte-Julie (Canada) QC Canada Egg 10 seconds It wasn't a rock or a birds flew in the night 10/30/06
6/1/93 Salt Lake City UT USA Egg a few seconds The late nite sighting 10/12/01
4/10/93 17:30 Omaha NE USA Egg 30 seconds An egg-shaped white light with a red tail crossed a clear sun-lit sky. 12/2/00
2/9/93 02:00 Lake Stevens WA USA Egg 45 seconds Multiple sightings of an egg-shaped craft. 2/20/15
10/9/92 19:49 Peekskill NY USA Egg 40 seconds They're not here to mess withour heads so much (well, maybe a little), they're here to sweep away any large asteroids coming by here 3/23/18
10/1/92 18:00 Springfield MO USA Egg 90 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: We saw a large football shaped object hovering above an apartment complex . 12/12/09
7/17/92 23:00 Kocevje (Russia)
Russia Egg
Me with my father hade direct contact with them. they research us. we hade 3.3mm micro chip from them under the skin. 2/16/18
6/21/92 05:00 Mt.Vernon IL USA Egg 45mn. I was driving down route 15 ,when i noticed the craft resting on the ground It was about 200 yards away. 1/28/99
5/20/92 07:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Canada Egg Few minutes I remember when I was a kid and having breakfast and getting ready for school and the back door was open so I was going to close it and 1/12/17
4/15/92 19:30 Midlothian VA USA Egg roughly 2 minutes Unreported 1992 Sighting 9/29/04
2/16/92 02:00 Windsor CA USA Egg
Egg shaped figure floating twelve feet from ground with flashing lights. 12/23/02
1/6/92 20:00 Windover (near) UT USA Egg 2 minutes I may have met Ezekiel’s “wheels within wheels" 1/17/04
8/24/91 22:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY USA Egg ? it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen, but i dont remember what happened. 10/30/06
8/15/91 22:45 Marquette MI USA Egg seconds I was on the second floor deck, looked up for stars, craft went right over me, just above tree tops, no lights, covered mile to power c 11/1/98
8/15/91 01:00 Peru IN USA Egg 15 minutes UFO - 15 feet away and scared to death. 8/24/04
7/20/91 16:30 Sierra Vista AZ USA Egg 2 to 3 minutes 7/20/91, 1630, Sierra Vista AZ, 2 to 3 minutes, flattened egg, matte black, observed by myself 4/7/17
7/15/91 23:00 Abingdon IL USA Egg 4 minutes i couldnt believe we were seeing this thing right above was very spooky! 8/5/01
7/11/91 13:00 Albany OR USA Egg 10-15 minutes three black egg shapes 8/20/01
3/1/91 04:30 Minneapolis MN USA Egg 10 minutes 5-6 silver, egg-shaped craft desending one by one at early sunrise on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. 6/6/00
9/22/90 19:00 Champaign IL USA Egg 2 min Black silhouette in twilight sky, almond shaped UFO moving N to S at constant speed and low altitude 5/28/05
6/23/90 22:25 Salem NY USA Egg 45 minutes Object seen but nothing came out on film. 1/10/14
11/28/89 18:35 Peace Vally MO USA Egg 90 seconds. We saw orange-white balls of light, approximately 40o above the horozon, slightly to the north-west of our house. 7/23/00
11/5/89 02:00 Groom Lake NV USA Egg 12secs This is a little long, so please hang in there. On Nov.5th,1989, I, along with cousin, were listening to am radio KFI in Los Angeles.Th 11/30/99
8/11/89 18:00 Portsmouth NH USA Egg 30 sec. Low flying disc shaped UFO 1/31/04
6/15/89 13:00 Grassmere (Canada) BC Canada Egg 5 minutes It was a warm and sunny day and I saw a metalic, egg-shaped vehicle that must have been about the size of a car, it was strange. 3/21/03
4/20/89 13:00 Tupelo MS USA Egg not sure exactly Very bright egg shaped object and some missing time. 7/7/17
3/6/89 01:00 New Lenox IL USA Egg 3 days 1989 Sighting 2 main ships many small (USA, Illinois) 3/11/03
7/16/88 23:45 Whittier CA USA Egg 2mins Low flying egg shaped object observed by hospital employees as it flew in front of Hospital 3/9/04
6/1/88 02:00 Tamarac FL USA Egg 5 seconds It was a clear night, 2AM and on my way to my parents home.

I was traveling West on Commercial Blvd. Turned North, onto, one block
3/17/88 22:00 Pleasantville NY USA Egg 20 minutes Event reported over Briarcliff Manor and Pleasantville New York. Extremely large craft. Multiple colored lights. 2/16/00
3/17/88 20:00 Ossining NY USA Egg for at least 1hour or so My mother Leyda, says something told her to look out the window, and she says she looked out.few seconds later she calls me to the wind 6/23/99
7/20/87 23:00 Widnes (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg a minute OK, i put this behind me, but in 1987 i was walking home from the pub, and i heard a low humming noise i turned and there was a silver 7/8/04
6/1/87 21:00 Hw 20 west of I-5 about 10 miles CA USA Egg 10 minutes Large multi colored sphere hovering just feet above me. 11/5/20
6/1/87 03:00 Olympia WA USA Egg 5 minutes sighting years ago in WA 3/19/09
3/8/87 12:27 Ghent WV USA Egg 10 minutes It was scary! 4/1/01
6/1/86 05:00 Plainview TX USA Egg 5 min. seeing an egg shape object in the daylight sky 6/18/04
12/5/85 05:00 Manaus-Amazonas (Brazil) AL Brazil Egg 10:00 this case happen to me and my brother my english is not so good but i will try to tell you ,what happen that night. I was sleeping in 8/7/07
9/12/85 16:10 Kaunakakai HI USA Egg 3 minutes Silent egg-shaped golden-copper object 12/23/02
7/7/85 23:30 Yosemite Forest (Yosemite Valley) CA USA Egg 2 hours Close Encounter With Aliens and a UFO 6/18/03
7/1/85 22:00 Magnolia NJ USA Egg 20 minutes 1985 ufo over Magnolia Public School 1/22/04
10/15/84 23:00 New Boston TX USA Egg 1 hour Controled flight. Extremely low altitude. Extremely slow speed. NO SOUND! Observed at close distances. 10/27/04
8/7/84 21:00 Caribou ME USA Egg 15 minutes Three of us saw a large object with a searchlight darting and traveling over fields in northern Maine. 8/7/07
6/1/84 17:00 Wakefield MA USA Egg 2 MIN. UFO OR WATHER SATELLITE ? MY HEART TELLS ME =UFO 3/4/03
4/15/84 Branford CT USA Egg 6-7 minutes Colorful section off egg-shaped craft 14 ft. 7/11/14
6/15/83 00:15 Cloverdale CA USA Egg 45-60 seconds Luminous egg see over The Geysers east of Cloverdale, CA 8/30/99
6/1/83 01:00 Broadgate (Jamaica)
Jamaica Egg 5 miniutes large object traveling upward with ligths from windows 1/10/09
11/1/82 00:00 East Texas River TX USA Egg 10 minutes Four witness huge craft in East Texas. 11/20/02
6/10/82 22:00 Coronado CA USA Egg 3 seconds Two objects, high altitude, high speed, egg shaped, white aura, flew from edge of horizon to center vision then shot out into space. 4/16/05
10/15/81 09:00 Apache Lake AZ USA Egg 10 minutes UFO sighting Apache Lake in 1981during broad daylight hours. 12/12/09
8/12/80 00:00 Nevada City CA USA Egg 30 minutes/30 seconds? Possible abduction. 1/5/16
7/10/80 14:30 Brookwood (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 1 minute Silent silver egg shaped object flying slowly at around 500-1000' in the UK. 12/20/12
6/12/80 17:30 Caquas (Puerto Rico) PR Puerto Rico Egg 10 minutes Traveling through air Pockets time travelers ? 12/23/02
6/7/80 13:00 Oklahoma City OK USA Egg 10 minutes Floating titanium, metallic, football-shaped UFO seen up close. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is former Boeing empl. PD)) 1/23/16
2/15/80 22:00 Hollister CA USA Egg 10 minutes more or less I was in High School just got out of late Basketball Practice. My older brother came to pick me up and take me home. It was late even 10/30/06
2/6/80 20:22 Derby (UK/England)
United Kingdom Egg 3.5 Seconds Walking North in a quiet town street,with my wife, I glanced over my right shoulder and saw an object flying across the dark sky. I cri 3/11/06
1/13/80 21:50 Bremen (Germany)
Germany Egg
in the night of 13.january to 14.01.1980 at 21:50 at night my girlfraind and i have seen a very big UFO. first we are thinking it is a 1/11/02
9/30/79 21:03 Joliet IL USA Egg 5 seconds Cold Case UFO Joliet, IL. 2/1/07
6/30/79 Renton WA USA Egg 15 minutes Watched stat. obj. from basement for 10 min. Obj. looked like white grain of rice. Went up stairs and got my binoculars. 9/11/15
6/1/79 22:00 Hollister CA USA Egg 2 Minutes ORANGE BRIGHT EGG SHAPED OBJECTS 7/1/02
6/30/78 02:30 29 Palms CA USA Egg 15 minutes while in the marine corp. I seen two ufo's that looked oval and like chrome and moved together very quik. 8/5/09
6/1/78 13:00 Katy TX USA Egg 1 minute egg shaped metalic object viewed over Katy, Tx in 1978 2/14/08
5/1/78 00:30 Clarence Center NY USA Egg 3-5 min A brief up close interaction with a massive UFO. 8/16/21
1/6/78 17:00 Gloucester (Canada) ON Canada Egg 5 minutes Large football shaped object with no wings, no windows and lights were the wings should be, very close I could clearly see it. 2/7/14
7/2/77 01:00 Carlsbad Cavrans (near) NM USA Egg 1 minute Orange/Reddish in color. Steady in brightness. Rising straight up from horizon. Slowly to about 90 degrees in the sky. Then lights out 7/4/12
6/1/77 23:00 Houtzdale R.D. PA USA Egg five minutes While driving south on Route 53 with my brother, we were exiting a thunderstorm. Leaves, trees and branches were moving violently. It 1/28/99
6/1/77 01:00 Hesperia CA USA Egg 1 hour stay away! 8/12/08
5/13/77 13:00 Lake Guadalupe (Mexico)
Mexico Egg 5 minutes It was silent and metalic and reflective. 10/15/03
12/4/76 14:00 Hull (UK/England)
6/30/76 22:00 Conley GA USA Egg 1-2 minutes UFO came directly over us. 7/25/19
8/5/75 18:31 Richmond VA USA Egg 5 minutes On August 5, 1975, at 6:31 P.M., while I was riding a bicycle, I stopped, along with my friend to watch a beautiful UFO. It was undergo 3/19/09
8/1/75 04:00 Sunland CA USA Egg 10 minutes Shimmering, iridescent ovoid over Sunland, CA emits brilliant flash and disappears 7/4/12
7/13/75 19:30 Shoreline WA USA Egg 5 minutes When driving north on I-5 just north of Seattle we noticed a group of persons standing on the side of the freeway pointing and looking 7/4/12
6/30/75 22:00 Taupo (New Zealand)
New Zealand Egg 90 seconds It was a clear sky, no moon, I was 20kms from this huge electric green light bulb that appeared in the nothern sky - from where I was s 5/12/11
7/15/74 02:30 Valley Falls KS USA Egg 3 minutes A yellow egg-shape object slowly decended behind a tree line west of my house. 3/6/01
6/1/74 13:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Canada Egg 1 min Egg shaped object small perhaps 9 to 10 feet silent hovering. 8/21/11
10/11/73 18:45 Jupiter FL USA Egg ~4 hours Egg-shaped object emits light ray and missing time occurs . 1/31/20
6/26/72 10:00 Fort Beaufort (South Africa)
South Africa Egg 2 hours Police officers fire shots at UFO in South Africa 10/11/05
9/8/70 22:00 Kirkby (Merseyside) (UK/England)
8/15/70 14:00 Sabana Seca (Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rico Egg 30 seconds 1968-70 white egg shaped UFO over Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 11/4/12
6/16/70 01:00 Electric City WA USA Egg 20 minutes Three Egg shaped objects flew thru the Coulee. There was a large one and two small objects flying together.. They all flashed colors of 2/14/19
6/6/70 03:00 Maui HI USA Egg 30+minutes form sucks was making warners bros. movie rainbowbridge with jimi hendrix,chuck wein [andy warhol] movie maker,and ben harris myself w 5/11/05
4/15/70 21:30 East Aurora NY USA Egg 5min low eggshaped ufo two silhouttes in craft 50 feet over me 11/9/04
1/20/70 15:00 Danville NH USA Egg 20 min sister ans i were sliding in the snow;when this egg object landed; 1/22/00
6/30/69 10:00 Westphalia IN USA Egg 1hr ret. mst. u.s.a.f 2/8/05
9/23/68 17:00 Burnaby (Canada) BC Canada Egg 3 minutes I have never reported this but have seen anything like it before... It was just before dusk and I looked up and saw this golden oval ob 4/16/05
8/17/68 21:30 Nebo NC USA Egg 10-15 minutes Strange orange light hovering in the sky over western NC-dogs going crazy-have a video of it 8/22/18
6/20/68 19:00 York PA USA Egg 5-10 seconds Egg shaped object lit-up like the moon. 5/15/06
8/15/67 22:00 Abilene (near) KS USA Egg 15 minutes Blimp shaped ufo, with loss of time. 5/22/15
10/30/66 17:50 Gulfport MS USA Egg South to North 15 feet across, Egg shaped, Internally Glowing Very Bright, Briliant, SOLID RED Colored Objects slowly passes over street. 3/21/03
9/25/66 17:00 Los Banos CA USA Egg 2-3 min 2 egg shaped objects in daylight near Los Banos CA 10/15/02
5/15/66 22:00 Mentone AL USA Egg 10 seconds Both objects skirted the top of the ridge, keeping equi-distant with each other; traveling very fast. 7/25/04
10/24/65 18:15 Danvers MA USA Egg not certain whirring, egg shaped, and about a mile away from a nike -zeus instillation 3/19/09
9/15/65 15:00 Indianapolis IN USA Egg 20 seconds Zig Zagging Egg in daytime 5/24/05
8/6/65 01:00 San Antonio (ranch outside of) TX USA Egg 15 minutes We spotted the glowing object slowly hovering about 15 feet above the densely planted mesquite, oak, and huisache trees. 5/27/03
7/31/65 22:00 Pell Lake WI USA Egg 5-6 minutes Four egg-shaped aerial objects were observed in the sky on the evening of July 31, 1965 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin 6/12/07
7/15/65 15:00 Westbury NY USA Egg 1 minute Object travelled silently around 60(?) MPH.At arms length about fist size-Multi colored and "evaporated". 1/31/04
7/2/65 22:30 Narragansett RI USA Egg 15 sec. Golden egg chased by navy fighters. THe egg got away. 1965 New England 4/27/04
6/30/65 20:00 Chesapeake (Norfork area) VA USA Egg 15-20 sec lookng out bedroom window saw object going by aprox distance 1500ft away and about1000ft high speed about 400-600mph. whole object woul 1/11/02
3/15/65 17:00 Waterville ME USA Egg 10 MINS i dont remember going to my room but when i woke up i went to the site at the end of the drive hidden by the high pile of snow and ther 3/7/98
1/5/65 03:00 Los Alamos CA USA Egg 4.5 minutes 5 police officers in 1965 were attacked. 5/6/17
2/23/62 06:15 Crowheart WY USA Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovers then departs quickly on rural property in Crow Reservation, Wyoming 12/6/18
9/15/61 20:00 Wahoo NE USA Egg 5 minutes Egg shaped craft near Wahoo, NE 2/1/07
7/15/61 23:30 Newberg OR USA Egg 2.5 hours Bright orbs flying in sky west of Portland, Oregon 6/2/13
7/15/59 Alor Islands (Indonesia)
Indonesia Egg
This incident was happened in July 1959, in Alor Islands area which located at northern of Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. A 8/7/07
6/6/56 12:00 Upper Glade WV USA Egg 5 minutes Close up sighting in rural West Virginia around 1956/7 12/12/11
6/1/55 20:30 Clinton TN USA Egg 5 or 6 minutes Egg shaped craft landed on lonly country road, seen by a family of five. 5/14/02
5/1/55 15:00 Holbrook MA USA Egg 1 minute I turned around and over the trees was a large yellow object shaped like a football without the tips on the ends. 4/16/05
6/15/52 Luke Airforce Base AZ USA Egg 15 min This was in the summer of 1951 or 1952, not sure, went to Litchfield Park, Arizona every summer to visit a girl friend, and we went to 4/27/04
6/30/71 14:00 Yellowstone National Park WY USA Egg not known Old photos from 1871 show what appears to be objects in the air. 12/12/09
22:30 Imus (Cavite) (Philippines)
Philippines Egg 4 minutes O just want to share what i saw that night. 3 of the ufo fly in triangle formation. 4 were flying in straight line. The other groups of 10/10/11
70's 10:00 Detroit (down town) MI USA Egg 5 minutes Seven UFO's Sighted in Detroit in the 70's 2/18/01
07:00 Ft. Collins CO USA Egg 20 minutes ((HOAX??)) News article reports landing of saucer on college campus. ((NUFORC Note: Possible April Fool's prank?? PD)) 4/4/14
02:15 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Brazil Egg 15min Navio de guerra da marinha brasileira em patrulha, avistamos um objeto não identificado pelo radar, não sendo também visto por demais a 2/16/00
02:00 Calico (north of) NV USA Egg 45 mins We got lost in our motor home north of Calico, Nevada, about midnight. We wandered about for a couple of hours then shut down for the n 4/27/04