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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/10/1996 03:20 (Entered as : 10/10/96 03:20)
Reported: 2/12/2000 00:18
Posted: 2/16/2000
Location: Higginsville, MO
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 3sec
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
illuminated triangular craft, flying at high speed from South to North

I had seen a craft as described by the police outside of St.Louis on 10/10/96. I remember the date because it was the morning of my birthday, and I was coming home from a poker game. Since I had to drive, I had had no alcoholic beverages, otherwise I wouldn't of believed it. And I had noted the time of the event. As I was walking around the back of my home, I caught an object out of the corner of my eye. It was triangular and the entire craft was illuminated, about as brite as a yard lamp. When I noticed it, it was about 45* above the southern horizon. I would guesstimate 20,000-25,000 feet. it traveled north to the end of my field of view at approx 10* above the northern horizon. The entire event took less than 3 seconds. The craft would of been vissible to travelers along I-70, 13hwy, 20hwy, 24hwy and route 10, in the counties of Lafayette and Ray in Missouri. My home is approx 46 miles East of Kansas City, 6 miles north of I-70, and 12 miles south of the Missouri River, and 20 miles east of Marshal Missouri. Whiteman AFB (home of the B-2) is approx 28 miles SSE. My background is as a L.P.N. for the dept of mental health. Army Reserves 1985-1993 as a combat medic and L.P.N. and participated in Desert Storm in the 159th MASH attached to 3rd AD/7th Corp