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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/3/2000 19:40 (Entered as : 11/03/2000 7:40 p.m)
Reported: 11/5/2000 06:23
Posted: 12/2/2000
Location: Dover, DE
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
11-03-2000: Large "Stealth" Style Craft Hovers Near Delaware Highway 113 (milemaker 46.5)

My family was driving south on route 113 (mile marker 46.5) in Delaware, when we saw bright "airplane" lights in the distance approximately 2 miles away. We Continued to drive towards the lights, which appeared to be a plane flying too low. As we approached the lights, we thought they might be from an athletic field, however; as we approachedk even closer, we could clearly see a "Stealth" shaped aircraft (except that the ends of the wings curved inward toward the fusilage). The aircraft appeared to be approximately the size of a passenger jet (big!!). The aircraft hovered in mid air, approximately 200 - 300 feet off the ground, as we passed within 200 feet of its location over a field on the side of the highway, near a stand of trees. There was no sound we could hear over the "road noise" of our van. We were very exited and I turned our van around in the highway median and went back for another look. The aircraft moved across the road in front of us and off in a northeast direction. We lost sight of the aircraft as we drove by a stand of trees, and when we cleared the trees, the aircraft was gone. The aircraft appeard to have three lights on the front of each wing which projected from the nose of the aircraft. There was also a red blinking light in the middle of the plane. At the time, we were six miles or so from the Dover Air Force Base. I think this may have been an experimental military jet, but I have never heard of a jet this large capable of hovering like a Harrier Jet. Also, the lack of any discernable sound intrigued us. We wanted to pass this "sighting" along in case others also report this sighting. There were many cars on the road at the time, and we are sure that many other drivers must have seen the aircraft. I reported the sighting to the Delaware State Police the next morning. I am hoping that someone can identify this sighting as a specific military airplane, as we are interested in researching this aircraft. Maybe its not as uncommon as we think, but we've never hear of, or seen anything like this. Thanks, ((name deleted))