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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/9/2001 11:15 (Entered as : 03/09/01 11:15)
Reported: 3/10/2001 15:13
Posted: 3/16/2001
Location: Kansas City, MO
Duration: 5 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object

Okay...I work around the airport and I go out and eat in my car and listen to my favorite soap-opera during lunch via my tv/radio. I'm sitting out there watching the planes take off and land. It's a sunny/hazy day here. I spotted, what I thought to be a flock of birds heading in a west-east direction through my front window in this haze. All I can see is small dark movements heading east. When this object was in view out my side driver window, it sort of came out of the haze and I knew it wasn't birds. It was a large black mass and as it moved easterly, it was again surrounded by this haze in the sky and disappeared in it. I carry my camera in my purse now, in hopes that i see something phenomonal, and took it out to snap the pic when it was highly visible out my side driver window. Snapped the pic and nothing happened. Looked down and seen that my batteries had fallen out. Jeezzzzzzzz! This has never happened before and this is a somewhat new camera. By the time I put the batteries back, in the object was gone. I never have had an experience like this before and question myself whether this was for real or not.

((NUFORC Note: Source is anonymous. No other reports from Kansas City for this date at the time of this writing. PD))