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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/18/2008 23:00 (Entered as : 07/18/08 23:00)
Reported: 7/22/2008 5:07:19 PM 17:07
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: St. Charles, MO
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 1 minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Black triangle motionless on southside of MO 370 just off of Discovery Bridge w/3 white & 1 red non-blinking lights.

Friday night, July 18th, around 11pm just south of the Discovery Bridge on Missouri Highway 370 in St. Charles County, Missouri.

I was driving westbound across the bridge around 11pm on our way home. We had been in the car since 9am that day as we had left Panama City, FL after finishing a week's vacation there. That morning we (me, my wife, 2 sons and a neighbor boy we had brought with us) had all tried to guess what time we would arrive home that night. My oldest son had guessed 11:23pm and as we crossed the bridge around 11pm we were only 15 minutes from our house and it appeared he would "win". As we passed the sign on the bridge saying "Entering St. Charles County" someone made the comment that the Missouri River looked weird. I looked up ahead and saw three white lights shining in the air just south of the highway up ahead. It appeared to be a large plane that was apparently travelling east on its way to Lambert airfield to land. It seemed to have one light on each end of its wing and one on the nose of the aircraft. Although I couldn't actually see the aircraft in the dark, the lights seemed unusually bright or powerful. For some reason I tried to get a rise out of the boys sitting in the backseat and I inexplicibly blurted out, "If you think that's weird, look at those lights up ahead. It's a UFO!" Immediately everyone yelled, "Where?" Then I told them I was only kidding, it was just a plane on its way to Lambert. As I said this I kept watching the object to see how big of a jet it really was because it seemed to be moving very slowly. The neighbor boy asked if those lights were on a lightstand because they weren't moving. I told him no, it was too high in the air for that but then I realized he was right: it wasn't moving. The only reason the lights appeared to be moving was because we were approaching the object. As we came off the bridge, the object was absolutely motionless and appeared to be triangle shaped because the three lights were now marking the outline of a triangle. I would guess it was at the most about 500ft in the air. As we passed next to it (below it to the right of it), I kept glancing up at it and now! what I saw were a total of 6 white lights (the three marking the outline and three more at the midpoints) and one red light in the middle. The lights were not as powerful as we passed the object and none were blinking and somehow the object didn't look as big as it did when we were on the bridge. I started shouting, "it IS a UFO!" I wanted to pull over, but I was in the passing lane and couldn't get over to the exit. Amazingly all the cars were just driving by like everything was normal. Looking back though, it WAS very subtle and could have been easily missed. The object was absolutely still. No lights were blinking. It looked like headlights from a large plane and if I wouldn't have kept watching it after I made my UFO joke I would have missed it too. Everyone in the car saw the same thing, a black triangle outlined by three white lights and a red light in the middle. I was the only one who saw the three additional lights at the midpoints. The neighbor boy also saw only one of the "midpoint" lights. My youngest son thought there was a slight indentation in the rear of the craft. I didn't see this. It looked like a perfect equilateral triangle to me. That's the one thought that kept racing through my mind was how perfect a triangle it seemed to be. As we passed at the closest point, I could actually see some depth or height to the object too but it was essentially very flat. My oldest son tried to take a picture of it with his cellphone out of the rear window, but the headlights from the approaching cars behind us prevented him from finding it in his viewfinder.