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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/23/2009 21:39 (Entered as : 04/23/09 21:39)
Reported: 4/23/2009 7:42:16 PM 19:42
Posted: 5/12/2009
Location: Malton (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration: 60 seconds
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Large yellow orb that didnít flash, blink or make any sound (reminded me of a star)that remained motionless in the sky near an airport,

Time was 21:39 April 23rd 2009. It was dark out and the sky was clear. I could see the constellation of Orion clearly. In fact the event occurred in close proximity to my view of Orion.

My brother and I were just closing the front door of our house from the inside when my brother called me outside. He said look up there Ė he pointed to the sky above the area of the Woodbine shopping centre. My brother exclaimed that there were two objects in the sky. I said they must be planes Ďcause we live only minutes from the airport. I saw the two lights, one that I am certain was an airplane cause of the flashing light pattern and the relative size of the lights. The object of concern was a very large yellow light and was shaped like a star in the sky (basically round). This yellow object did not flash or blink like an airplane nor did it grow or shrink in size. It just stayed in the same spot for approximately 60 seconds, then moves to one side very quickly and disappeared. When I first saw it (and my brother too) an airplane had been in the same airspace as the yellow orb light thing. The airplane seemed to have come from behind the light (UFO?) and broke away hard from the shared airspace and the plane continued towards the airport and then out of sight. I have lived by the airport all my life (33 years) and I see airplanes every three minutes (I live 2 minutes from the airport). Oh, as I am writing this I can remember the absence of noise. I could only hear the faint hum of the highway off in the distance. Overall, I must say that the yellow orb (UFO?) is not like any aircraft Iíve ever seen. My brother (older than me) was slightly shaken by the unusual sight too.

Thank you for your attention to my observation report.