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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/2/2009 04:12 (Entered as : 05/02/09 04:12)
Reported: 5/3/2009 3:33:11 PM 15:33
Posted: 5/12/2009
Location: Leesburg, GA
Shape: Flash
Duration: 5 minutes
Pinpoint flash of light in stationary position four times, fifth flash off to the east then it was gone.

My husband and I were standing out on the carport watching the sky. I was facing him (facing North) and he was facing South. He called my attention to something that flashed in the sky. I turned around and didn't see anything at first but kept watching because my husband told me to just wait that it was flashing at intervals (roughly one minute). I kept watching where he told me to look (we used two stars in the sky to locate it) and I caught the flash. It wasn't something "twinkling", it wasn't going off quickly enough to be considered a blink, it was just like a pinpoint flash. It didn't illuminate the sky around it. I know it sounds idiotic (and I'm not saying this is what is was) but the best way I could describe it is if someone was setting off a flash bulb really, really high in the sky. I kept standing there and watching in the exact same location and in about a minute it flashed again in the exact same spot. Sure enough within another minute it flashed again, in the exact same spot. It didn't move a single inch because as I said, we were using two stars to guide off of with the location. The last and final flash was to the left of the stars and then we didn't see it again. It flashed very brilliantly each time we saw it, the last flash that was off to the east of the spot it was initially holding position in was just as intense as the others. It was just a very bright white flash. The light didn't reach the ground or anything it just looked like a star flashing really intensely at one minute intervals from really far up in the sky. The final flash we saw, as I stated before, was not in the position it initially was and after that we didn't see it anymore although we were both keeping our eyes on the area we saw the flashes in. The final flash was far enough from the first ones that it couldn't have been a "star" moving. If it would have stayed lit up, the distance it was with the last flash, you could have definitely detected noticeable movemenet. But since it didn't stay lit, an! d we did n't see it move, we just saw that it HAD moved pretty far from its first location. There were no clouds, it was clear and we had a half moon that wasn't visible because it was low on the horizon. We didn't see or hear any planes or helicopters and the flash seemed to be coming from so high up a plane or helicopter wouldn't be at that altitude anyway. It looked like a star (as bright as Venus) would light up for a split second then go back out only to light up again about a minute later. I know my report was redundant as far as the descriptions, but I want to make sure what we saw is understood as a single light and not an affective "flash" although that is what we would call it. I also want to make it clear that it moved far enough from its original location that there is no way it could have possibly been a planet or star. The location of both areas were in the same field of vision range.