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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/18/1998 21:15 (Entered as : 11/18/1998 21:15)
Reported: 2/18/2011 11:55:17 PM 23:55
Posted: 2/23/2011
Location: Dunns Mills, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration: 10 minutes
Characteristics: The object changed color, The object landed
Well lighted disc craft lands off NJ Turnpike at Dunns Mills witnessed by two and exits off very fast.

Traveling North on New Jersey Turnpike at Dunn's Mills overpass located at Georgetown Road at a location closely East on a field located at that point, a craft landing occurred. The skies were clear with clear untinted windows as a passenger watching numerous jets on their paths to airports, I noticed a sudden lack of air traffic. Then out of nowhere in the sky, from directly south over my right shoulder, I saw an aqua-green very bright blinking lighted object which appeared football shaped, elliptical shaped flying and descending object, only four to five hundred feet away at an altitude of about 300 feet, about 30 degrees upward from the ground plane. It was traveling at a very high rate of speed, more than 1 mile per second. It was blinking erratically and appeared to be in trouble. It felt like there was a signal or a message coming from it and I felt a strong sense of a problem within it. It passed us blinking and occulting and appeared as if it had cra! shed ahead about 2 miles east of the road still parallel to it. While he continued driving, there was discussion about it between us as my associate was an experienced small craft pilot and I was in the USAF in the 70's.

As we approached the area where the craft was downed, not knowing it would move again, I saw it rise to a height just above the vegetation and trees, crossing over the highway but stopping dead center over our northern middle lane facing west. It was now extremely recognizable as a disk shaped craft which was still slightly blinking but a as a bright shadowish green in nature and clearly translucent as a night shining skin with apparent electricity flowing through it. I wondered how this could be as I have never experienced such lighting or energy technology. It was clear visible in its entirety from top to just about underneath. After about 15 seconds we were just 100 feet traveling slower and watching. I couild tell it was about 3 car lengths in diameter determining its legnth as it appeared over an overpass but this could not be determined as exact as I could not tell if it was directly over the bridge, or might it have been closer or nearer to us.

It accelerated west and! parallel to the surface exponentially across the highway and continued to accelerate to a speed which just started to make it appear blurred at 4 seconds, quickly turned at a compound angle, 60 degrees to the right and 45 to 50 degrees upward through 2 layers of clouds. It could be seen as it was going through the second scattered cloud layer and disappeared away from our atmosphere at an extremely high rate of speed.

I had only average (laughable) interest in this type phenomenon prior to this encounter and was not a non-believer. However it did require convincing until this incident. Now I really do know. I remained silent about this until now because of the ridicule factor having been a finance company owner. I have seen... I believe.