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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/20/2012 03:45
Reported: 12/21/2012 12:36:09 PM 12:36
Posted: 12/21/2012
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Adult female witnesses the blue flash.

My experience that same night was at 3:45 am.

Woke up to a crackling/buzzing noise and light in my back yard. Jumped out of bed, ran to window and could only see the light illuminating the yard and the crackling/buzzing noise.

I tore through the house to get boots, coat and flashlight and froze in my tracks. Iím afraid of the dark. HAD to go. Trucking threw the snow to get to the side of house that sits closely to the neighbors, I really expected to find one of our homes on fire. There was nothing!

Went back inside and was not comfortable with the "Nothing Found" answer. Called 911 right around 4 a.m. Met two firefighters in the street. They were walking with their flash lights pointed upwards with the fire truck following close behind them. We went up to the side of the house and back yard checking for electrical issue, fire or something. They pointed out that I had no electrical poles in the backyard (my backyard neighbors live on Cottage Grove across from Washington High School). Ours come from across the street in front, but my neighbors connects to the side of house that had the issue. No burn marks and they do not see any arcing.

They left, I go back in, go to work, describe my 3:45 a.m. experience to co-workers and we then decide it was aliens. J

After arriving home around 3 p.m., a co-worker forwards your article to me. Too funny. I, too live on the S.E. side of town, but it was 30 min. later. Hmmmm. Electrical or alien? You decide.

If I had thought it was a UFO, I sure the hell would not have gone outside and I would have peed my pants!!! Will we ever know for sure? J