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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/12/2014 21:15 (Entered as : 07/12/14 21:15)
Reported: 7/13/2014 8:57:05 AM 08:57
Posted: 7/20/2014
Location: Leander, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: 3-5 seconds
Hi-Speed, Low Altitude White Light ORB Sighting in Leander, Texas 7/12/14 (~21:15)

DATE/TIME: July 12, 2014. Between 21:00-21:30
LOCATION: Leander, Texas. (RM.1431 between Trails End Road & Anderson Mill Road) SKY CONDITION: Clear Skies. Good Visibility. It was not yet dark and the Sky was fairly well Lit. The "SUPER" MOON was above the horizon but low in the sky. The Sun was gone from view, but its light still present. It was not yet dark and
MY POSITION: Driving East on RM 1431. Traveling ~55mph. This is a route I commonly take 4-5x per week.

DESCRIPTION OF SIGHTING: Driving east on RM.1431, the SuperMoon was directly ahead of me and I was admiring the incredible view. Suddenly, this ROUND, WHITE BALL of LIGHT came streaking out of the Southern Sky to the North at an Altitude of approx. 700'-900' at a Distance of ~100'-150' in front of my vehicle.

This BALL OF WHITE LIGHT (which I will call an ORB) moved so fast, I feared a plane was about to crash, but I could tell it was NOT a plane. No plane moves at this kind of speed. The ORB moved more like a shooting star, only its path was horizontal to Earth and gravity didn't seem to be affecting the movement of this ORB.

As it streaked North, I had to look out my left window to follow it and as I looked North I expected to see this ORB already beyond the Northern Horizon. What I saw next clearly confirmed this was NO Shooting Star! As the ORB passed over me streaking North, I followed it by turning my head to look out my driver's side window. At the speed the ORB was traveling, I expected by the time I reacted and turned my head left that it would have been well beyond the Northern horizon.

Once I located the actual position of the ORB, I was astonished to see that it had not shot out of view, but had stopped accelerating just after it crossed over RM.1431. But that's not all.....The Hi-Speed, Low Altitude ORB I witnessed had now become 2 ORBs and were in a 'wild dance' in the sky about 100'-150' to the north of RM.1431.

As if the 2 ORBs were putting on a show for me, the lights went into a highly energetic, highly reactive state of movement that looked like a couple of Tasmanian Devils do the Tango. The 2 ORBs spun around each other, twisted, tied and twirled in a relatively tight area with one another for about 2 seconds and disappeared. I did not see how the 1 ORB became 2 ORBs. It could have split into 2, or perhaps paired up with another ORB not in my awareness...

This is the best description I can offer of what I witnessed.

SIDE NOTES: One final statement...I am a musician. For about 30 mins prior to my ORB sighting, I was trying to perfect the cadence of each syllable so that every word fit the music just right. I played my recording over & over singing these lyrics.....

It's by Intelligent Design We're on this Rock Spinning through Space Spinning through Time Where Material overlaps The Paranormal that overlaps With the Divine That's what we find This is a song about our Universe and how this Physical world overlaps with the Paranormal world, which also overlaps with God's Infinite Divinity. We are connected in ways unseen to these other dimensions.

I hope this doesn't sound crazy, but it's the truth....I heard on Coast to Coast AM that some people have invited ETs into their awareness and In the last week or two, I had actually made a few conscious requests for contact to see if anything would happen. Today it did.