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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/11/2014 00:45 (Entered as : 07/11/14 1:00)
Reported: 7/15/2014 9:53:29 PM 21:53
Posted: 7/20/2014
Location: Roscommon, MI
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 10 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
2 Orange Balls hovering over Higgins Lake, MI

I was camping at South Higgins Lake State Park with my family. Around 12:45am I noticed a bright orange light over the water that wasn’t there a moment ago. I went to the beach to go look at it with my Mom.

When we got to the beach, we could see that the object was hovering in the air above the tree line. It appeared to be the same size and similar shape to a hot air ballon. The light was so bright and high in the sky that it had a reflection on the water.

As we watched it, a second one appeared. They would hover, then combine into one glowing object, and then one would reappear again next to it.

As we were watching, two other campers joined to stare at the orange fire balls. I did not know these campers. We stood there in awe for about 10 minutes as we watched these two balls of light fade in and re appear in the sky.

Then the two lights sunk below the tree line and left a orange glow for about 30 seconds till the lights faded out.

There is a military base near by, and there were about 5 to 8 boats on the water that night at 1am. Those boats were still on the water at 2am, when I finally decided to go to bed.