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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1967 20:30 (Entered as : 081567 20:30)
Reported: 7/19/2014 10:21:36 AM 10:21
Posted: 7/20/2014
Location: Melbourne, FL
Characteristics: Entities were seen, Missing time was experienced
Contact but not a vehicle sighting; 1967 evidence of collusion

Space Station: One warm night when we were living in Melbourne Village, on West Pine Road, I was having trouble sleeping. Our bed had its head against the wall and the two jalousie windows to the front yard passed for a head board. I remember leaning on my elbows, and gazing out toward the ((name deleted--neighbor's)) back yard. They had a cement-block compost station, into which they threw the copious mounds of palm fronds, pine boughs and cones which fell into their yard. They were an older couple and had time to lovingly groom their yard.

West Pine Road is a dead end. Until recently, like many roads in the Village, it had remained unpaved and without street-lights. Now, however, there was a street light and new asphalt. Still, the road was quiet, deserted, the few homes set back in the trees of their large lots. The ((name deleted--the neighbors')) yard looked like a park, like a glen in a small wood, a sylvan stand, idyllically bathed in the pale golden glow of the single street-light, high as the moon on its pitchy pole.

But what to my amazed eyes then happened. Something so strange and unexpected, so bizarre. For years, I was unable to speak words to give my listeners an understanding of what I saw. Now, thanks to 30 years of "special effects" and Sci-Fi technology, I can come closer. Have you ever seen a film where travelers in future civilizations "wink" in and out of locations? There seems to be a slit in the air and they step through? Well, this is something akin to what I witnessed. What I saw was the scene that I had been watching, the still, pastoral night-woods, "freeze" momentarily and become like a painting of itself. From behind this "set", this "prop" false-front stepped a dozen or more people.

They were intently walking, fast and purposefully, toward our yard. They streamed out from "nowhere" like they were getting off a bus back there. Crossing our yard, they went to the edge of our grove. I sprang up and went out the porch door and toward their destination in our yard. They were going up. Whatever they were climbing, I couldn't see it. But I got in there, in behind them, and went up, too.

Now, none of these folks were talking to one another. It didn't seem like they were social or maybe they were just tired and everyone seemed to be giving each other some "private" space. I was then in a small, round-shaped room; the light was pale gray. I left that room through a large opening into a curving hallway. On the outside of the hallway, that is, the larger side of the curve, were doorways. The walls, the ceiling, were pale gray, very clean, very empty, very evenly-lighted. The doorways to the apartments were set up about 8 inches off the hallway floor. You had to step up to enter them. The doors sealed tightly. Everything seemed fitted, metal, cool.

One such doorway was open. I looked in. The room was surrounded in floor-to-ceiling bookcases, filled with books. A wooden room-divider, a set of shelves with no backing back then known as an “étagère”, extended from the wall beside the door for about three feet, straight into the room. I stepped up into this "apartment", and saw, in a glass dish on one of these shelves, a painted rock. The rock was a smooth one on which was painted in yellow an area like the shape of the state of Virginia, and in black the words "Souvenir of Virginia". Just then, a woman stepped through the doorway at the far side of the room from me.

She was no one I knew. I still can see her face, and I don't believe I've ever met her before or since. She had medium-length hair, straight, auburn, cut in a "page-boy" style. Her clothes were classic business attire. She would have fit in at any American office, from 1950 to today. She seemed surprised to see me there, but she did not speak. Rather, I seemed to hear her thoughts. They went: "Oh! You shouldn't be here. My husband is coming up soon, and he'll take you back." After this, I have no memory except of finding myself in my bed at home.

But, I do not think this was a dream. I am writing this in 2002, over thirty years have passed, since it occurred in 1968. It was not dream-like. I was not asleep when it started. I have never seen reality "shift" to a cartoon of itself and people come out from "behind" the scene before or after. Only on recent Sci-Fi shows is there anything similar to this. This woman was no one to me. I cannot place any of these images as relating to my life then; I get no meaning from souvenir rocks and no association with "Virginia". These images were from outside of me, not from my mind and concerns. It was not a dream. I clearly remember getting up from bed and running out the door to the grove.

I want to comment on her attitude toward me. It was the way we who are compassionate, treat wildlife. Not like we treat a pet, but like we treat an intruder who is probably harmless if handled properly, something we don't want invading our "home" and we wouldn't kill it... unless that became necessary. But certainly NOT like one of "us", and certainly like a "problem" to be dealt with, an inconvenience and an impropriety.

The communication was there, but it was all one way. There was no "who are you? what are you doing here?" I was TOLD I was not supposed to be here and that I would be "taken care of" and soon. Maybe I'm being a bit precipitous. Maybe her attitude was like the way civilians are treated when they innocently enter off-limit areas controlled by the military.

Above written 3-31-2002 Since this was written, I have re-thought how the vehicle which the commuters took may have been hidden. Perhaps it was capable of mimicking its background the way some fish take on the color and pattern of the sea floor to escape detection by predators? I happened to witness the craft "gelling" into its new, fixed location and when its "door" opened and let the passengers debark, they appeared to step from behind the scenery which had been placed in front of the nearly-identical scene.

How did it arrive at this spot without my seeing it in contrast to the background? Could it have been invisible, immaterial prior to my seeing it "gel"? Could it have come up from below? If so, how did it do so without disturbing the ground? Perhaps it arrived so quickly that it seemed to appear instantaneously? Above written 12-21-2009

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))