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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/12/2014 13:45 (Entered as : 05/12/14 13:45)
Reported: 7/19/2014 8:22:55 PM 20:22
Posted: 7/20/2014
Location: Lawrence Township, NJ
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: Entities were seen, Animals reacted to the event
Powerful, low-frequency throbbing. "Presence" in daughter's doorway.


In the early morning hours of May 12, 2014 (after 1:30 AM when I went to bed but before 2:00), I awoke to an intense sound of extremely low frequency throbbing that seemed to fill my bedroom. In fact the low frequency throbbing--repeating approximately every one second--seemed to vibrate my entire body. It was as if I was immersed in a vibrational field that permeated me, as opposed to the sound propagating through the room from one direction or another. Yet nothing else in the room was apparently vibrating, not even the windows.

This sound was unlike anything I'd ever heard or felt before.

I found the low-frequency throbbing to be extremely agitating to the point of being intolerable. So I was compelled to get out of bed to locate the source. I'm on the 2nd floor of a 3-story condo unit so I initially thought the sound might be caused by someone in a unit above, below or beside mine -- from WHAT I had no idea. The sound was totally unlike anything I could identify.

As usual, my bedroom door was closed, having to open it to check things out. But as I walked around the dark condo I could not locate the direction of the source of the sound, which appeared to be uniform in intensity throughout the 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo. The sound did not appear to be coming from any perceivable location -- either outside the condo or inside from adjacent units.

My daughter slept in the middle bedroom with her little dog and, glancing in, I did not see any movement.

While I'm usually of a rather calm, deliberative nature (being a scientist), this low frequency throbbing nevertheless agitated me in a way that is difficult to describe -- more so than, say, from someone using a subwoofer above or below me which can cause the floor or ceiling to resonate. The emotion I felt was not so much from being incensed that someone would make such noise in the middle of the night. Instead it was from the sensation of my body being violated in a bizarre manner. I was having a reaction like I would if I suddenly discovered that I was covered in leaches but wasn't able to remove any of them.

Unable to locate any likely source of the sound -- which was of constant pitch, intensity and periodicity -- or conjure up a hypothesis as to its bizarre nature -- I reluctantly went back to bed.

I must add that when I initially awoke to the sound it was as if I had only slept for a moment -- awaking from a blank, dreamless state. Likewise, I have no idea how long I lingered awake after returning to bed. It was as if someone flipped a switch and suddenly it was morning. This is quite unusual for me when I usually remember multiple dreams every night.

Subsequently, I was amazed to discover, upon listening to "Coast-to-Coast" radio at 1:20 AM on May 30th, that another person (in Pryor, Oklahoma) had experienced this same low-frequency throbbing that he said "vibrated through me!" --MY DAUGHTER'S EXPERIENCE -- I didn't mention anything about this bizarre phenomenon to my daughter that morning, other than asking her why her dog was sleeping in the hallway. That was when she asked me: "Were you standing in my doorway last night?" Puzzled, I replied: "No, why would I do that???" Looking disturbed, she said: "SOMEONE was standing in my doorway last night and it creeped me out!" Asking her to explain, she said she woke up a few minutes after 2 AM to go to the bathroom, using her cellphone light to navigate. Curiously, her dog was not in bed with her but was instead standing at the end of the hallway, next to my closed bedroom door. She picked him up and carried him back to bed with her, only to have him immediately jump down and nervously pace the room before running out. This highly unusual behavior spooked her, as the dog is a creature of habit, sleeping with her all night, EVERY night during the 2 years we've had him.

At that point she perceived a dark presence standing in her doorway -- apparently on the threshold of her perception -- and in a panic she shined her cellphone light at it but it was gone. But when she turned the cellphone light off, she could sense the dark presence lurking there again.

Frightened, she turned on her nightstand lamp and again the figure was gone. Eventually she got up to see if maybe I was up and about (and maybe playing a trick on her). She saw that my bedroom door was closed (as usual), but that her dog was now curled up on the hallway floor in front of my door. This is something he only does when my daughter is having a sleep-over with a girlfriend, or when her boyfriend is in watching TV with her and I don't want the dog in my bedroom. Otherwise, at bedtime, the dog dashes into her bedroom to sleep with her on her bed -- all night long.

So that particular night, the dog was acting like there was someone in my daughter's bedroom! But because the terrier wasn't barking or hiding under the kitchen table, he was reacting as if the presence were benign -- as he does with my daughter's friends. At such times he comes into my bedroom to be with me. I must emphasize, the dog will NOT stay in my daughter's bedroom when ANYONE else is in there (except for me).

My daughter went back to bed, leaving her night-stand light on and barely sleeping all night. But her dog stayed in the hallway, sleeping on the floor, which is where I found him later that morning when I opened my bedroom door to come out.

At some point I asked her if she had heard any sound that night, like a deep throbbing, and she said she didn't hear anything.

My daughter was deeply disturbed by what happened that night, and kept asking me if I had played a spooky trick on her or something, hoping I'd say "yes" and admit it. Of course I hadn't. I had only walked by twice and glanced in once when investigating that horrible pulsating sound, which she would have heard if she were awake. At that time the dog was still in bed with my daughter.

The behavior of our dog leads me to believe that my daughter's experience with the "presence" came AFTER mine (with the throbbing sound). At the time of my experience, the dog was still in bed with my daughter, but during her experience the dog ran out of her room to the end of the hallway, sleeping there until I opened my bedroom door to come out for breakfast. If her experience had come first, when I went to investigate the throbbing sound, I would have found the dog sleeping in the hallway outside my door, which he wasn't.

Now my daughter doesn't want to talk about the incident. The story she told is greatly out of character for her because she has no interest if not an outright aversion to such "creepy" things. Recently, in fact, she got quite angry at her boyfriend for taking her to see a horror movie.

My daughter's second experience: Unfortunately, the story is not over. The following morning (May 13th) I asked her if she slept well (code for: " Anything unusual happen???") and she reluctantly admitted she had another "weird" experience. She said she woke up at almost exactly the same time as the night before (2 AM) and looking through her doorway saw a kaleidoscope of "strobe lights" as if flashing behind a fractured, stained-glass window. She made a drawing of what she saw (she's quite a good artist, her room is full of her paintings). This startling phenomenon lasted for only a few brief moments but left a profound impression on her.

Again, her dog had inexplicably left her room to sleep on the hallway floor in front of my closed bedroom door.

The following and subsequent nights (without exception), the dog was back sleeping in bed with my daughter -- all night long.

No, my daughter does not do drugs or drink alcohol or smoke -- it's contrary to her very reserved, shy, conservative nature.

As a scientist I can only say the phenomena my daughter and I experienced are a great "unknown," and quite possibly "unworldly" or "other dimensional."