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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/16/2014 06:41 (Entered as : 12/16/14 06:41)
Reported: 12/16/2014 5:46:04 AM 05:46
Posted: 12/18/2014
Location: Spring, TX
Shape: Chevron
Duration: 1-2 seconds
Characteristics: The object left a trail
Falling object changing direction

Good morning. On my way to school today, at 6:41 central standard time I witnessed a strange sighting in the eastern sky. I saw an object which appeared to be 2/3 of a triangle (or the leading edge of a chevron or an arrow falling from the sky. It was either white or faint blue in color.

What got my attention is that it changed direction in flight. It went from falling downward at a slightly southern angle to falling straight down. The total sighting lasted no longer than 2 seconds. On thinking about it later, I wonder if I saw the sonic wave or buffer and did not see an object but instead saw its sonic wave. Whatever it was the change in direction got me.