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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/13/2015 19:05 (Entered as : 1/13/2015 19:05)
Reported: 1/14/2015 4:45:35 AM 04:45
Posted: 1/16/2015
Location: Iberia (outside of; rural), OH
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 2 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted beams
Unexplained 2 objects first noticed at approx. 19:05 that remained until approx. 21:00.

Weather: bitter cold, already dark, very heavy cloud cover in parts and clear, starry others.

While out saw what I initially thought was an aircraft just to the northeast of me. It was moving slowly- appearing to be one big country block off to the northeast of me. It was low, and that's what caught my attention, and moved very slowly. Thought it could not be a plane. Originally thought maybe a heli-copter & either an emergent situation or the sheriff's dept looking for something. ? It seemed to be staying right in that area (and did for at least two hours) sometimes higher above but often appearing not far above the wooded area. When it seemed lower, the dogs (many) one big country block over would bark like crazy. At one point it seemed to be closer or something and moving away from me- and I saw blue lights moving horizontally left to right and back again. But not like just lit. More like someone skilled at piano, playing one note quickly at a time one aft! er another. I was in and out, as it was so cold out. Intermittently, would get online searching for anyone that was also seeing something. I saw object one on and off for 2 hours. Near the end, I went back out and did not initially see it. When I turned toward straight east I saw a bright "star" seeming almost straight east, seeming higher up but pretty much positioned above the State route & moving slightly. So initially, thought it had moved quite a bit while I was in.

Got my tablet and tried to take video and pic, but was just appearing as a star would. Was messing with my tablet when I spotted the original one over where I head watched. Then realizing, there were now two. Then the one I originally saw seemed to be shining a white light in the thick cloudlike atmosphere toward the other and then started moving to the west (quicker but still not fast)and the other moved over and started heading west (trailing slightly behind and more south) and they passed on my! north side- heading west. I no longer could see because of ho! w the ho use is, so ran in and looked out west side. Object 1 headed straight west toward Martel, Caledonia, etc. Object 2 seemed to head more southwest (more west than south but more at an angle) As they passed and after I no longer saw the white spot light type light or the blue lights I saw when it wasn't nearly as dark, but was as if I saw red lights (not moving or flashing) as they went.

Did anyone else see anything???? I wondered drones or weather balloons, but whatever they were, they were more the size of small aircraft. They could not have been planes. & I doubt that two helicopters could hover so very long, or move that smoothly. I have NEVER believed in the "alien type" ufos- but I have no explanation. Seems like had to be drone type or large technology that I am just not aware of. It is very rural here. There are residents but very small population. A lot of wildlife. Deer, turkeys. etc. ???

Tried pics, too dark. Took a video with my tablet of object 2- when! I didn't realize it was not the first one, but it only appears like bright light, as a star would.