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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/30/2015 08:00 (Entered as : 10/30/15 08:00)
Reported: 10/30/2015 8:23:07 PM 20:23
Posted: 11/6/2015
Location: Afton, MO
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 10 minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Massive glowing amber yellow rectangle.

Massive glowing amber yellow rectangle flying way high in the sky, maybe, near the stratosphere, really slowly crept across sky and very slowly shrank into a barely visible dot that disappeared.

An older style rounded wing silver airplane was flying low in the sky beneath it when I noticed it and had my mother come confirm what I saw.

I tried to film with my LG Volt cellphone, but only saw sky in the viewer.