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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/29/2015 18:00 (Entered as : 10-29-2015 18:00)
Reported: 11/1/2015 12:14:40 AM 00:14
Posted: 11/6/2015
Location: Gainesville, MO
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 5 seconds
Very Bright white Cylinder Shape Object.

It was 10-29-2015.

It was around 6:30 pm or so in the afternoon. Observing the sky. As I always do.

A few clouds.

Seen this cylinder shaped object in the sky. It had no wings, no lights. It was all solid white color. Very bright white. It was very large and long. I know it wasn't a plane. Was silent.

It disappeared into the clouds. I have one picture of it. As it was going behind the cloud.