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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/5/1999 02:50 (Entered as : 06/05/1999 2:50)
Reported: 5/12/2016 12:58:05 PM 12:58
Posted: 5/20/2016
Location: Interstate (I-295 ??), DE
Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Very similar to Phoenix lights incident 1997.

So a friend of mine with the name of ((girl's name deleted)) and myself were travelling from NJ to DE for a wedding reception for one of her family members next day. I cannot remember which road we were taking as she was driving but it was one of the main ones as I remember paying toll shortly after. I believe it had 9 in the number so it was on 495 or 295, but I remember it wasn't 95.

So there she was driving and it was past 2:30 am and I reclined the passenger seat and I was trying to get some sleep. Then she pokes me to wake me up saying: "((male name deleted)) wake up there is a UFO next to the car!" and she had a nervous laughter to her voice and she said that twice. Now my first impression was that she just wanted to wake me up so I can keep her company so I pretended I was fast asleep till the second poke.

I turn to her (as I was sleeping facing my door) and I ask her ok where is it? Now she used to make fun of my belief in UFOs, so I couldn't have taken anything coming from her about that matter seriously.

She points to some lights outside her window that seemed a few miles away at least. They appeared to be a row of round white lights at least 6-7, reminded me of portholes of a ship with lights shining from inside now that I think about it. Any ways these lights were many feet above the ground but it's so hard to tell how far they were, we were going through a flat area with no street lights or houses, possibly fields. I automatically looked for scientific explanation for what we were looking at, I said may be it's a construction tool/crane of some sort or row of lights on a building.

But we continued to drive further and we DID NOT leave the lights behind which can only mean they were not stationary and keeping pace with our speed! I asked her how long has it been since she first saw the lights and she said a few minutes! I asked her to stop the car and the lights may have just stopped if they were following us. So now I see the lights stationary/hovering in the air with absolutely no sound and I had this feeling that something intelligent was looking at me while I was looking at it/them. Few seconds after, the row of lights moved together (which confirmed to me that they were attached to the same object and not individual) from being horizontal to being suspended in the air at about 20 degrees! The craziest thing I have seen is as it started to tilt from flat to 20 degrees, it "wobbled" like it was in water not in air! Reminds me if you have a bathtub of water and gently drop a plate how it will land at the bottom. It was bigger than plane f! or sure but I could not confirm what it looked like, I thought I could see a black silhouette of the body which I thought it was flat but I am not 100% sure. It was dark with no lights around but these.

I had the hairs on my body stand on end and it then hit me that that WAS NOT EARTHLY! It immediately reminded me of the Phoenix lights which I saw briefly in 1997 on the news with the volume down and never got the whole scoop on it. I cannot explain to you how it just hit me that I am witnessing something out of this world and how different it was between believing and witnessing! I had a 35mm camera behind my feet as we wanted to take pictures next day at the reception and I frantically was looking for it under the mess of the empty fast food wrappers and I was about ready to leave the car to take a snap (I thought I will make history and all) she grabs my left arm and said: "They will take you with them!" and until this day I cannot believe what I said in response.. "I want to go with them!".

Whomever is reading this, at that particular moment I was ready to leave EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on earth to experience for myself that we are not alone, even if I couldn't come back EVER! Any ways I took note of the time on the dashboard which was 2:50 am.

I get out of the car go around the back, got the camera ready and this thing tilts and wobbles again just like it did before so now it's at 45 degrees suspended in the air with no sound. And then.. NOTHING! It just disappeared! I thought I may have missed it take off but I am very positive that it just was no longer there! It was like when you turn off the lights in a room kind of effect! So here I am on the side of the highway with a camera loaded with film, mouth wide open and looking at nothing! I went back to the car and looked at the time and there was none missing, we drove further down hoping to find it again if it has just moved further down but there was nothing! We paid toll and kept on going but there was nothing.

Next day, we told her parents and they kinda chuckled, but didn't call us crazy. It's funny that there is a ufo shaped house in DE we used to often pass and I wonder what's the story behind that? I am willing to undergo any kind of test to the truth of my encounter and I was not under the influence of any mind altering substance. I am a doctor by background and I believe in evidence not stories.