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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/19/2016 20:16 (Entered as : 07/19/16 20:16)
Reported: 7/20/2016 11:41:34 PM 23:41
Posted: 7/22/2016
Location: McKinney, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: ~3 minutes
High altitude light

On 7-19-2016, on or about 20:16 hrs (CDT), while taking a break outdoors and watching a single engine plane doing “touch and go’s” from a nearby airstrip, I noticed a fairly bright white light approximately the size of or a little larger than a “BB” if held at arm’s length.

The object was well above the local commercial air traffic, appearing at least as high as passing cirrus clouds and moved in a straight line from East to West. The observation lasted at least approximately three minutes and during this time, the object never seemed to change brightness, size, shape, or color.

When I first noticed the object, it was approximately at the 10 or 11 o’clock position in the sky and remained visible until approximately the 2 o’clock position before fading out. If holding my hands at arm’s length, the object would have been about three to four hands high off of the horizon.

Shortly after the object moved out of view, I observed two passing commercial aircraft in landing pattern and observed the glint from any reflective surfaces on them for comparison; neither of the craft had the same reflective luminosity of the object I had observed a few minutes earlier.