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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/23/2017 21:30 (Entered as : 04/23/17 21:30)
Reported: 4/24/2017 7:41:32 PM 19:41
Posted: 4/28/2017
Location: Chappell Hill, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: 1-2 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, Animals reacted to the event
Very large ball of slow-moving light traveling east to north, vanishes mid-air without a trace. No sound, no trail.

On Sunday evening, April 23, 2017, around 9:30 pm, I went outside of my home to check on the horses. I live in a rural area of Texas, and have very little light pollution, so I can normally see a night sky filled with stars. The dogs had been barking quite a bit that night, so I went outside to check to see if something was amiss.

I was outside for a few minutes to make certain that everything was alright with the animals and to quieten the dogs, then turned to go back inside the house. Before I went completely into the garage, for some reason I turned and looked back at the sky. The sky was very clear that night and I do not recall seeing any clouds – only stars.

I was facing the northeast, at the time, and saw a very bright, single light moving slowly across the sky, parallel to the horizon (i.e. sideways, tilted slightly upwards). This was approximately the speed of a single engine prop plan – based on what I could tell. This was a single light and it did not have a tail, so it absolutely was not a meteor, meteorite, or falling star. We see a lot of those in the sky, but this light was 2-4 times larger than most of the ones that I normally see.

The light was moving east to north, again, very slowly and I observed it for several seconds - possibly even a minute. Suddenly, the light disappeared completely. It didn’t fade, as a meteor or meteorite does, it was like someone turned-off a switch and everything went dark.

There was nothing in the sky to block my view and this light was well above the trees. Also, there was absolutely no sound at all, so it obviously was not a plane, drone, or helicopter.

I continued to watch after the light disappeared, but it never returned and there was never any sound. Everything was still extremely quiet, except for some cows about 1 mile away and my previously rowdy dogs were now completely silent.