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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/7/2017 05:50 (Entered as : 04/07/2017 05:50)
Reported: 6/8/2017 4:48:16 PM 16:48
Posted: 6/9/2017
Location: New Iberia, LA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 1 hour
Large glowing orb like craft over New Iberia.

It was almost 5:50 AM when I went out my back door and into the garden to water my plants. This time of day is usually very dark outside and sunrise would be approaching in about 30 minutes. I usually look at the stars as soon as I come outside, but this morning a bright ball of light immediately caught my eye.

At first I stood on my step staring and thinking how odd. My brain ran through many possible reasons why I could see this bright round shape; is there a planet really close to us, was it a search helicopter in the distance, a weird street light off in the distance, anything that I could think of. I stepped of the step and walked closer to the fence to see if I could get a better angle, possibly giving it a reference point or position. It looked to be past the bayou, and possibly past the park. Then it moved, very swiftly to the left and up. I froze blinking my eyes. Immediately telling myself no, nope, there is no way you are seeing things. Then it moved again to the right. Now I  am retreating back to my steps. I stood there staring and then I checked the surrounding sky. I could see stars, street lamps, trees, everything as normal, but nothing was as large as this object.

Then the moment came when I thought to myself, does it know that I am staring at it? I shook my head a! nd went back inside, almost had my daughter come outside to verify it. I decided against that notion, I didn't want to worry her and also it was time for her to leave for school. Made sure she was ready and out the door and I went right back outside to the garden to see if it still was there. It was and this time I took photos. I noticed in the photos it is not as prominent or as large as it was to me standing there. I moved to a different spot to gain a better angle. Still it sat in the same spot. As the sun started to rise i thought that it would disappear into the light within a few minutes. Minutes passed and I could still see it just as clear and now with little shimmers of metal. The object stayed the same shape the whole time, and no lights flashed that I saw. I started to water my garden and try and watch it at the same time. I noticed that it started to move up and I had to reposition a few times to track it through the trees. Then it slowly moved right more and then some more. I watched this object for nearly an hour, taking photos and video clips periodically. Around 7AM, I went  back into my home where I  was for about 30 minutes. When I came back out it was nowhere to be seen.

It was eerily quiet that morning. Usually there are people out, lots of wildlife wandering in and out of backyard or the neighbors. No squirrels, raccoons, cats, dogs, opossums, children, trash trucks, work trucks... nothing. I waited to read about it from other people in the paper, local blogs, texts, instagram, something.  No one said anything, and I felt awkward telling anyone. It was there large, round, brilliantly bright and quiet on a very still morning for at least an hour that I knew of.