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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/6/2019 23:00 (Entered as : 01/06/2019 23:00)
Reported: 1/28/2019 9:05:55 PM 21:05
Posted: 2/1/2019
Location: Point Blank, TX
Shape: Oval
Duration: All Night
Repeated Appearance Of Star-Like Object In The Sky East Of Houston, Texas.

This report is a single event involving this UFO. I do not think it is extraterrestrial. I think it is man made. I have viewed this object multiple, multiple times in the past 3 months or longer. I can view it during any night when the sky is clear.

For the past 3-4 months I noticed a star in the sky, first to the SW of my property and now to the SE of it. The object appears to be a star, but it is too bright to be one. I investigated a website that gives the minute-by-minute location of the planets in our solar system and the night of this sighting only three of the planets were visible at the time of my sighting, and all three were located to the North of my location. In the opposite direction of the star as I observed it. I took multiple photos of it and some video clips.

I used a Canon PC-2200 camera with a 50X zoom. When zoomed to 50X the object can cover the entire viewing area of the camera. The object is oval or relatively round. It does not have the appearance of any of the planets in our solar system. And I believe it is too large in the viewing area of the camera to be a star.

I also observed this object and pursued it early one morning between 3 AM and 7 AM. My thinking was as I approached the object its angle from my position would increase if it was at a relatively low altitude, one a star or planet could not be found at. The closer I would get, the larger the angle would become. If that makes sense.

I was not able to make a determination that morning. I drove about 25 miles to a nearby town in the course of my driving. I watched the object from my truck while I drove. It was a very clear night with very high cirrus clouds. After driving about 18 miles the object began to grow small and dimmer and disappeared when it went thru the cirrus clouds. I stopped my truck, got out and viewed the entire sky for about 3 minutes. The star was gone. So, I terminated my trip and turned around to return home.

About 5 miles down the road is a small town with a pizza restaurant I frequent. I decided to pull into its parking lot and take a look to see if the star was not there. It was there, clearly. So, I proceeded along my original path until I was about 25 miles from my home. I did not notice a discernible change in the angle of the star from the ground, and concluded it probably was not within 50 miles of me, maybe more.

I stopped at a Walmart to buy something. When I returned to my truck I remembered I had a pair of binoculars in it. I took them out and viewed the object. I will describe this object not as an oval but more like a fat football. The binoculars have a power of about 10X or 12X. The object took up about 50% of the viewable area of the lens. That suggested to me the object must be relatively close, a location far too close to have been a star or a planet.

The object consisted of chambers that appeared something like the cells of a honey comb but they were shorter and more blunt. They and the object, star, all appeared to pulsate very slightly. The object had 3 black spots and what I can only describe as a smile. The cross section of a smile. It too was black. The object rotated as 2 of the 3 black spots disappeared as did the mouth. In the course of about 15 minutes the 2 missing black spots reappeared. The mouth did not reappear. I left and went home. I have not seen that object again.

Almost every night the star/orb appears to the SE of my property. Some nights it seems to move across the sky like a star or planet. But the majority of nights it does not. I view it between 23:00 PM and 24:00 PM and then against at 5 or 6 Am and its in the same general location. This object starts the evening out at a very high altitude. During the night it descends to an altitude where it appears like the Star of Bethlehem in many Nativity photos. Relatively big and with 4 points to the naked eye.

Again, I have seen this star in the sky almost every night for 3 months, maybe longer. I ignored it for a month or more, though it did not appear to be a star or planet to me. I don't think it can be either one for several reasons detailed above.

That's a synopsis of what I have witnessed from my residence for over 3 months. The objects I have seen do not behave like those described in most UFO reports, darting, high speed turns, etc. This star(s) is relatively stationary, and the only speed it ever demonstrated was the morning it ascended and disappeared into the cirrus cloud during the trip I described above.

I have other witnesses to this star(s).

Very Best Wishes