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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/7/2019 20:15 (Entered as : 10/07/19 20:15)
Reported: 10/8/2019 10:38:26 AM 10:38
Posted: 12/1/2019
Location: Richardson/Garland, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: 5-10 seconds
4 lights in sky 10/7/19

The sky was pretty clear last night as I was able to see all the stars etc... I was looking up at the sky and noticed 4 very dim lights EXTREMELY high in the sky (you really had to focus to see those 4 lights (50% visible) seemed like they were in space that's how far it looked like they were) and it was moving south I would say. Those 4 lights were REALLY far apart from each other but symmetrically aligned and was moving diagonal then straight and then again diagonal. Those 4 lights were in perfect sync with each other and the lights were all horizontal and not a triangular form or anything. After it passed the moon, they disappeared. I really was spooked out and had goosebumps. My buddy did not believe me at all. It's hard for anyone to believe until they see it for themselves and I KNOW WHAT I SAW LAST NIGHT... definitely were not planes or anything, I am 110% positive as they are more blinking lights and would be one big solid light from down here. I saw! 4 lights . . . like this