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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/21/2020 05:09 (Entered as : 05/21/2020 5:09)
Reported: 5/21/2020 8:52:55 PM 20:52
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Godley, TX
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 30 seconds or less
Characteristics: The object made a sound, Animals reacted to the event
UFO sound

Wednesday Morning I had just woke up from a dream and just praying to GOD so I was just awake in bed since I couldnít go back to sleep. Then I heard the rooster crow and then I was like oh man here we go since we have roosters and that would all the much more keep me from sleeping . Then all of a sudden I heard a sound similar to that of the movies when a UFO passes Literally and then it seemed like it just got darker out of nowhere and everything grew quiet the roosters did not make a sound. I just layed in my bed thinking what it was and looked at my door since I couldnít make out whatís outside since it was dark. (I live in the country of Tx so it gets dark no city lights). At the corner of my room door there was a white light but nothing else seemed to shine but just that corner, so that was strange and then I was more thinking man is this aliens. Which I am not the person to think this I donít watch alien movies, the last time I had to ever see one was back in 2012/2013 around there so be! lieve me it took me a while to think of this possible cause. I looked at my phone to see the time it was 5:09 is what I saw so I just stayed laying there thinking which we know if your like me just laying in bed thinking time usually passes by. I thought it had been 5 minutes already so I checked my phone again and it was still saying 5:09, so I was like what thatís crazy. I finally got up and went to the living room to look out through the back door and turned on the house light and I didn't see anything. So I just went back to bed thinking about this experience of what it could have been since I knew if a transformer went out it wouldnít have made the same sound I heard, even then thereís no transformer in the back yard, itís just acres and coyotes.