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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/11/2020 21:30 (Entered as : 07/11/2020 9:30)
Reported: 7/13/2020 6:06:09 PM 18:06
Posted: 7/23/2020
Location: Clayton, GA
Shape: Light
Duration: 3+ hours
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted other objects, The object changed color, Animals reacted to the event
Star-like bright white light from 04/01/2020-Present, moving erratically but localized, NW and E sky, morphing color/shape zoomed in

On 7/11/2020 and 7/12/2020, my husband and I went to Persimmon Road to watch and investigate a bright white light that has been seen in 3 different positions multiple nights weekly since April 1, 2020.

The first sighting on April 1 was out my bedroom window as I was lying in bed, in the northwest sky appearing over national forest land. It was by far the brightest light in the sky and at first appeared to be a bright star such as Venus. But after an hour in bed watching it, close persistent observation showed it to be moving with abrupt changes in direction, circular motions and other erratic movements . It ‘sparkled’ and seemed to fade in intensity at times. It would disappear, then reappear nearby. I took a video holding my phone very still and as zoomed in as it would let me. Outside, there were no plane or helicopter noises, only silence. I called the nonemergent local Clayton police line to ask whether they had other sightings of a drone or light in the sky that night. They told me no, but to let me know whether a drone came close to our private property and they would intervene at that point. I was unsure as to why someone would fly a drone in one spot (relatively one spot) for over 2 hours at night, unless they were searching for moonshine stills or something. I made my husband come look and confirm that it was in fact moving and that it was not Venus. I did not look closer at my video but posted it to Facebook and asked if anyone else had seen it.

After the 3rd or 4th sighting within 1 week, I was watching the barely moving light carefully and the surrounding less bright stars. Then, about 5 other ‘stars’ started moving- not nearly as bright or as big as the original- all with separate flight patterns, all with abrupt erratic movements. They clustered in the sky next to the original and did not stray too far from it, still in the northwest sky. I got so afraid I had tears in my eyes and slept in my daughter’s bed with her that night. I would not look out my window intentionally for about two or three weeks after that. I didn’t want to know at that point. My curiosity won out after a while, and I went back to observing, this time casually, before falling asleep each night. I saw a Facebook post in April from a reporter for an ATL news station that showed a string of lights near ATL that was later attributed to the satellite train. I wanted to believe this because it was easier that way. But my light(s) and my experienc! e observing them did not appear consistent with the satellite train, not to mention I looked up the satellites’ positioning and course near us- they weren’t nearby. I asked a friend of mine who’s father is a pilot locally if he knew of any lights; he advised downloading the FlightAware app and checking the area for any registered planes, drones, other craft when I saw it next. I did see many planes with their normal blinking lights in the sky above us reflected clearly on the app; I did not see any nearly stationary crafts within our NE part of the state, nor in NC or in the adjoining towns.

In May and June, the light was present less often and always alone that I could see, but it had changed position drastically- it was in the western sky, very low , so low it appeared to be in the tree line in the woods right beside our house, shining even brighter than before (maybe closer?), still moving so that at times the trees would block it intermittently. If I looked while lying in my bed, it was shining directly into my eyes but would occasionally dip down (into the National Forest?) and disappear for minutes to half an hour before popping back up again. My dog barks often at the woods behind our house due to coyote, bears, possum, etc. He seemed to bark nearly constantly on the nights the light showed up behind the house. Always between 9:30 to 10:00 pm sometimes until 1 AM (still there if I woke up at that time) and always silent. We went on vacation for about a week for July 4th, and while we were with family, I got out my phone to show my mom my video from ! the first night. This time, I paused the video and took still frame screen shots of my moving bright white spot- and I figured out that I could zoom in further than before. And the zoomed in pictures really amazed me (coupled with disbelief that I had not thought to do this before). Frame by frame, split second by split second, the size, shape and color of the light changed, which was what was causing the sparkling and flickering effect from an unfocused distance. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it, especially the drastic nature of the changes and the range of colors. I got excited (I’m in the medical field, science is exciting anyway for me) and told my husband as soon as we got back, we were going to actually go looking for the source of the light through the trees and track whether it was close or far, and try to get another video and pictures this time. He was not as excited as I was but agreed to drive once I saw it through the trees. But every nig! ht the next week, it was cloudy and/or I didn’t see the light ! in eithe r of its usual position(s). I thought I had missed my chance. My husband stated that the most wide open area of sky near our part of the county was out near the Persimmon Road Fire Station clearing and that we could go there to just see if it was in the sky at all.

We went on 7/11, 2 days ago once it got dark. And low and behold, there it was just over the treeline in the EAST part of the sky, bright white as ever but still appearing like a star to the common observer. I took video with my iPhone, my husband took video with his android phone. No other star or cell tower blinking showed up on my video, only this light. And to my surprise, zoomed in, I saw the light pulsating, sending rings of light-concentric circles- out from the center while enlarging intermittently, then shrinking back down to normal. Like in a cartoon depiction of a boombox speaker blaring with each beat. We got in the car to attempt to track it or localize it in reference to the town of Clayton. We didn’t get much closer but my husband felt that it was pretty low in the sky still. At around midnight, we had a local cop stop and ask if we were ok, since we ended up on a road near the prison. And we decided to go home. I looked at both videos on the way home. “! Calm down”, my husband said. “You have to see this, zoomed in!” I said. I started taking still-frame screen shots of the video and zooming in during the video, and the colors, shapes and rate of changing from one configuration to another were startingly beautiful. I took about 30 still frames of a variety of appearances, enlarged them, and posted the video and still shots to facebook because this was INCREDIBLE. I contacted an old friend from the Air Force who had told me he flew over Clayton regularly when he was on duty, to see if he had seen anything or could suggest an etiology. He denied seeing anything and had no idea what it could be.

Why hadn’t we brought out our monocular? I couldn’t find our binoculars, of course. That meant that last night, on 7/12/2020, we had to go watch again, this time before dusk so I could approximate the time it appeared in the sky and perhaps get a picture of it in the daylight of dusk. Nothing until around 9:30 or 35 pm, despite other stars being visible first, including the big dipper in the opposite direction behind us. Then suddenly, the light appeared in a position lower to the tree line than the night prior. It wasn’t there, then it was. The monocular didn’t help much especially since you have to hold it very still in order to see something else moving, and didn’t focus as well as I’d hoped and it gives you a headache after a time. But the light seemed closer tonight and my husband’s video did not disappoint. The video and pictures were the best yet. I will continue to watch and record this light for as long as it shows up, and I’m trying to find someone with a t! elescope.

Examples of the morphology once zoomed in: 1. Perfectly round, white and densely uniform in color 2. Round white outer ring with dark or sometimes bright green inner ring. Bright or deep red hue around the periphery, often 3. Overlapping spheres with sharp contrasted border between them 4. Square multicolor center with less defined outer hue border 5. Square within a square within a square, right angles seen fairly clearly 6. Round flat dark yellow brown shape with a central bright yellow ‘raindrop’ center 7. White ‘apostrophe’ outline with darker center and purple hue periphery 8. Yellow, orange and green areas on a white irregular circle 9. White and grey circle with borders showing ‘tri-division’: half circle and two unequal divisions of the other half 10. Shadowy amorphous nondefined darkly faded circle 11. Bright white sphere with a black ‘slot’ horizontally through the center, not extending to the edges 12. ‘Sand dollar’ notched edge circle with central white protrusion 13. Green center with white periphery and red halo, with 3 horizontal black lines and one vertical brown line through the green center 14. ‘lumpy’ textured green and white circle 15. Similar to a pokemon ball: pink top half, reddish bottom half with clear lined division between them;white boxed protrusion coming up from bottom 16. Yellow and purple nebula like haze with a clearly defined white bullet shape in the center There are so many more given there are at least 4 shape changes for every 1 second of video.

I invite your people to come to Clayton and investigate this, since it seems to be a long term type anomaly. My only worry is that I get too close for comfort to sleep at night, or it (if of intelligent design) figures out it’s being watched and leaves for good.

Thank you for your time.