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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/2020 11:55 (Entered as : 08/15/2020 11:55)
Reported: 8/15/2020 12:03:18 PM 12:03
Posted: 8/20/2020
Location: Schertz, TX
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Three Tic-Tacs over Schertz Texas on 08/15/2020

I hereby swear that this report is the absolute truth as I witnessed it, so help me God.

On 08/15/2020 at approximately 11:55 AM CST, I was playing football with my Son in our backyard located in Schertz, Texa,s just North of San Antonio. We first noticed one “white or pearl” colored object sitting perfectly still almost directly above us in the clear blue sky. Then after looking closely, we actually noticed a total of three similar objects all completely stationary.

My first thought was that “this must be some sort of weather balloon or google balloon” etc, but they remained completely stationary on a what is a typically windy day here in Schertz, for over 30 minutes as we observed them. I even had time to go inside and retrieve some high powered binoculars. I then came back out and viewed them continually for over thirty minutes. They never moved an inch.

When viewed through the binoculars I could see that the material these objects were made of was very similar in appearance to abalone shell or mother of pearl. They were not wafting around in the wind like you would think a cloth balloon would be, but appeared to hold there shape in a rigid manor. One of the objects, (the circular shaped one) had a straight line of “lights or reflectors” starting at the center of the object going towards the outside edge as well as more “lights or reflectors” on one quarter of the edge of the object following the perimeter (as I have illustrated in the quick sketch I made while I was observing these objects).

The second of the three objects appeared to be a more rectangular shape, but with slightly rounded corners and a line in the center (again as I have illustrated in my sketch). The third object was closer to circular, but because of it’s close proximity to the Sun it was very hard to view . I also took pictures of the first two objects with my phone and will include them with my report. The picture of the third object did not come out unfortunately.

Per the recommendation of Mr. Peter Davenport from the UFO reporting center I immediately placed a call to the security desk of nearby Randolph AFB and spoke to the desk SGT (name omitted) . I gave him my name and information and then I advised him of what I was seeing and he said he intended to deploy “observers” to my area to attempt to see them as well. He did also say to me that he was not aware of any balloon activity, but that “he would not normally be privy to such information.” Again, per the recommendation of Mr. Peter Davenport from the UFO reporting center I next immediately placed a call to KENS 5 NEWS a local TV station in San Antonio and gave all this information to their tip line asking them if they were aware of any balloon activity, but they have not yet followed up with me further. After making these three calls we returned outside and all three objects were gone.

I have never seen anything like a UFO before or anything unexplained frankly, but this was in fact unusual enough to me that I had to call and also to file a report and share my sketch and pictures. After seeing the newly released “Tic-Tac” UFO footage released by the US Navy I felt compelled to share this report. What I observed was eerily similar to what was described by the Navy pilot in the Tic-Tac UFO incident. An elongated rectangular shape with smooth edges not unlike a tic-tac or a capsul.

Lastly, I just want to reiterate that we observed these objects perfectly still and silent for over 30 minutes. My neck was literally hurting from peering straight up for so long. Also on a more personal note there was a strange feeling of danger or “fight or flight” that came over me as I observed these objects, they “felt” unnatural. That is my report for what it’s worth.

I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Very best regards.