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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/14/2020 19:00 (Entered as : 08/14/2020 19:00)
Reported: 8/18/2020 3:33:00 PM 15:33
Posted: 8/20/2020
Location: Gatesville, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration: ~20 minutes
Two White Sphere Ojects Observed North of North Fort Hood, Gatesville, TX

At approximately 1900, Friday, 14 August 2020, while on duty of gate security at North Fort Hood Army Base, Gatesville, TX, myself and two of my fellow security officers observed two white objects in the Northern Portion of the sky at about a 45 degree angle up in front of the Main and only gate to North Fort Hood Army Base, TX. The two objects were white in color but not a metallic shiny white, more of a dull chalky white but were round in shape with no wings or any lights observed. The two objects were approximately 80-90 feet apart from each other with the object on the right about 20 feet in the sky lower the than the object on the left and appeared to be farther away. I do not know the approximate altitude of the objects because I have never seen them before so I do not know their relative size to be able to determine how high up they were. If I had to guess their altitudes, I would say approximately 10 to 15 thousand feet. They were not moving at all and I do not know how long they were there; it is like they were perfectly suspended in the air. The sky at this time of day was still blue and stars were not yet visible so you could still observe other aircraft such as helicopters (olive drab H-60 Blackhawks) flying and landing in the nearby helo pad to the North of our front gate but they too did not require lights at this time. There were also two takeout food delivery people who use their own vehicles to enter the base to deliver food to our Soldiers who also observed the objects and they two commented about how strange the objects were. Then all of the sudden after maybe 20 minutes, both objects disappeared. I do not know exactly how they disappeared or if they just moved out of the area because we could not stay looking at them the whole time because we had to focus on our job of checking ID cards for those persons entering the base.

One of my coworkers who observed the objects that Friday night saw the same object above his backyard in Copperas Cove, TX, approximately 20 miles from the Gatesville, North Fort Hood sighting, on the afternoon of Sunday, 16 August 2020, and that is the one which is labeled as such.

Myself and my coworkers have never seen anything like this before and we cannot tell you what we think it is because we just do not know. That is why I am submitting this report. I am really ashamed of the photos I am submitting but as I said, this is all we have. There is also a short video of the objects from Friday 14 August but the quality is very poor because it is so pixelated. Please when you open up the JPEG file of the photos zoom them in and you will see that white dot in all photos but understand that when you do that; the image will not be sharp. As I worked the same location on Saturday and Sunday 15 and 16 August at the front gate of North Fort Hood, I did not see the objects. I have never seen a UFO before so I cannot tell you that these objects are UFO’s but I do believe they exist. Please provide some sort of feedback at your earliest convenience as to what you and your staff think these objects were. Thank you.