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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/9/2021 21:04 (Entered as : 03/09/21 21:04)
Reported: 3/18/2021 6:16:30 PM 18:16
Posted: 3/31/2021
Location: Palatine, IL
Shape: Light
Duration: :30 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object left a trail
Unknown erratic movement in a :30 second shutter photo.

I often go outside to shoot pictures of the stars, planets and Moon. On March 9 it was very clear outside, so I went out to shoot some time-lapse images of the stars. From 21:04 to 22:10 I shot about 33 photos, most at a :30 second shutter. Upon review of the first photo of the night, and only the first photo, there is erratic movement in the sky during the :30 second shot. This shot is pointing South by Southwest, and the unidentified object draws a bouncing line from point to point. Maybe this is a common camera abnormality, but I am not familiar with it. While the camera is stationary, and shows all the stars and trees in the background to be stationary, this object moved around the shot in the :30 second shutter time. Of the other 30+ shots I took that night, I donít see anything else like this, including the shots in the same direction that I took shortly after the first. I hope you can tell me what this is? I can provide other images from that ! night, if you think it could help.