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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/12/2021 20:06 (Entered as : 8/12/2021 20:06)
Reported: 9/16/2021 6:01:27 PM 18:01
Posted: 10/19/2021
Location: Brandon, FL
Shape: Light
Duration: 3 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
8/12/21; just turning dark.

Sunday nite I went to the store. I came back from hwy60 driving south on my road. When I got past our neighborhood entryway and almost to the first street, I started seeing bright red lights flying across the sky, ahead of me, flying east to west. It looked like red lights on planes. I saw several going by in a group. I thought it was probably a bunch of helicopters.

Not flying high up like jets but above the tree line, maybe lower than planes, like helicopters.

I have seen the sheriff flying 5 or 6 helicopters all together coming back from the south coming back to tampa a few times before. Like some kind of training trips.

But the lights were bright red, and not blinking and no other lights anywhere else, just bright red ball of light. Not like a helicopter or plane has.

But as I kept coming south, I saw more and more. At least 15 to 20. I knew it couldnt be planes or helicopters. And they werent in any pattern, just bunches of red lights flying across the sky.

Pretty fast. Not like a helicopter, and was going upwards not like a plane would be flying straight.

They were pretty close to me, maybe within a mile.

It was about 8:06pm There was a man walking on the sidewalk with a little dog and he was just stopped, standing there looking at them. There was a truck behind me that kept going slower and finally stopped.

I kept driving to my street and turned in east, toward my house. I was watching them continue to go by in a big spread out pattern. I got to my house and I had a fair view toward the south. I stopped and I found my phone and got to the camera and took a couple pictures.

Then I tried to go to video but couldnt find the right button in the dark. So I just took a couple more pictures until they had all gone by.

The last ones went by. they were spread out.

In my pics you can see 4 of them far away, high up in a straight pattern. Those would have been as far away as tampa or the bay by that distance.

My pictures were from 8:07 to 8:08pm when they had all gone by. My pictures show white lights but they were all bright red lights.

One of my security cameras is pointed toward the 2 story house but it doesnt go up very high. And there is trees in front of it. But at 8:06 and 30 sec, there is a flash, like lightning, behind the trees. But there wasnt any clouds or lightning around. I think it may have been the large group of them maybe that caused the flash.

I called the tv stations, mcdill, tia. Only answers were, we havent heard any other reports. And channel 13 said it could be drones. Drones wouldnt be that big and have that bright of a light. Mcdill is a major AFB and has radar and look out all the time. These objects were headed straight toward mcdill, probably 12 or so miles from my location. Mcdill said there wasnt any military aircraft in the area, and then said you should contact ufo reporting center web site. They didnt confirm or deny they saw anything.