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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/23/2021 04:21 (Entered as : 02/23/2021 4:21 AM)
Reported: 1/25/2022 1:07:02 AM 01:07
Posted: 3/4/2022
Location: Arlington, VA
Shape: Light
Duration: >10 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, Animals reacted to the event
Bright orange orb hovered adjacent to, near top of radio tower

My bedroom is where I can easily see the moon. Before I went to bed around 11:40 pm, I noticed the moon was high in the sky and very bright. (Just a ritual of mine to look for the moon before closing my bedroom curtains up on the 22nd floor. There was nothing unususl about the moon: bright white, where it should be at that time of night, etc. I went to bed.

At 4:20 a.m., I was awake because my spouse was snoring loudly. As well, Finnegan (my cat) was being very loud, knocking some things over loudly outside our bedroom, near the living room. I felt angry with my spouse (who had been intending to get his CPAP machine, but had been neglecting it), and I was annoyed with my cat, who was acting so strange and being even clumsier than he usually is. I just got right up, to feed the cat (again), hoping this would calm Finnegan down some—and also to sleep on the chaise lounge in the family room (away from snoring husband). Because he'd not picked up his CPAP machine, I was rather accustomed to sleeping in the other room: I'd arranged a tall room divider around the chaise lounge to block out the early-morning light when I'd retreat there to sleep there once every two or three nights. My husband had moved the room divider that day, & I noticed it would not block the sun from the closest window when it rose in just a couple hours. As I looked over at the window to confirm this, before repositioning the room divider, I was very confused because at first, it seemed there was almost a large harvest moon (though not perfectly round & higher in the sky—and impossible, as I'd seen the normal moon earlier, and the moon NEVER is seem in that direction/area.) This glowing, orange orb was in the distance adjacent (just to the right of) the top of one of those red-lit (radio?) towers. I walked to the window and couldn't believe my eyes. Then, I grabbed my iPad to take a picture of it through the window. As I snapped a couple pictures, I imagined showing my older son and my spouse the next day and them saying, "Must have been a reflection or something." So, I walked to our large balcony on the 22nd floor to capture it on my device. Right before I stepped outside, I became afraid/spooked and thought, "Am I really going to step out here in the dark with no cars or anyone, anywhere—with this inexplicable orb out there?! What a perfect opportunity to be freaking abducted!" So, I just opened the door a bit to get the picture— didn't step out at first.. Once I'd opened the door, though, my fear mostly disappeared, and I simply stepped right out, I just felt a sense of awe, and a sort of happiness about the amazing nature of our universe. (I'm not a sky watcher or anything—and trips to, say, planetariums don't really interest me much, and I just find all the stuff about just regular SPACE spooky, so that whole "amazement-instead-of-fear. thing was a bit odd.) I stood outside far longer then I'd intended, just captivated by this orb. My *expected* "normal" reaction to such a thing would be: sustained fear, running to wake my spouse and kids to see this thing, taking some melatonin to calm my anxiety, etc. But so strangely, I just suddenly felt so calm & SLEEPY [moments before, I assumed it'd take me an hour to get to sleep because I was so angry that my spouse didn't care enough about my ability to sleep to get his freaking CPAP, and I was irritated with my bizarrely nutty cat. So, the sudden calm, sleepiness thing doesn't make ANY sense.

Have you ever have surgery, and you're nervous, and the anesthesiologist tells you everything will be totally fine and says, "Count backward from 10," and right when you get to 9 or 8, you feel SO (thankfully) calm and relaxed? It was sort of like that, but more protracted.

Anyhow, the orb seemed to change very subtly in position and appearance, but not in any odd or even really perceptible/obvious way. It mostly seemed to hover and emit a lovely, peaceful orange glow. It didn't fall or descend swiftly, or ascend while I was observing.

I remember thinking, before I went back inside to sleep immediately, on the lounge-thing, "Whoever's in that thing or controlling it from afar—they're just interested in what's going on here. And it was nice they waited until there's usually not a person awake to get panicked—they're not bothering anyone at all." It didn't seem strange to me at the time that I was so chilled out. [By the way, I do not drink [a glass of wine makes me nauseated] or use any intoxicating substances—never been one to crave it. As well, I do not have visual hallucinations or vision problems. Plus, I'd always been very skeptical about reports of UFOs & non-human-animal sentient life forms, etc.] Anyway, I was so sleepy by the time I started to walk in that, when I got to the balcony door, I turned to take one last picture, but as I was closing the balcony door, I noticed the last "picture" wasn't a picture–I'd accidentally pushed the "video" button—NO CLUE WHY I DID NOT *INTENTIONALLY* TAKE A VIDEO—just this quick, accidental video. No clue why I didn't stay around until the thing disappeared, videotaping the entire time. So, my sudden calm sleepiness actually, later, I interpreted as influenced somehow by the orb or sentient beings associated with it. This is especially the case, as well because I never have "happy dreams at night." Now and then I have bad dreams/nightmares, but I couldn't recall the last time I had a happy dream. When I immediately fell asleep back inside, the entire time I slept I had the happiest dream I can recall. It was simple: o being out with some very fun/funny friends, just hanging out, having a great time. laughing a lot. Another extremely strange thing about this is that after I woke, I didn't even RECALL the orb or ANYTHING the ENTIRE DAY. The following night, I did my usual, normal thing of looking out at the phase of the moon before bed. THEN, I suddenly remembered, grabbed my iPad, showed the pictures to my spouse, who (a scientist) said, "That is amazing! That CAN'T be anything from this world at this time." He usually can't stay awake past midnight, but he stayed awake a long time, urging me to report this, etc. I called, on (I think) the night of February 23, 2021 [late at night] the hotline associated with this site. A nice gentleman answered. I apologized for calling late—I thought I'd get voice mail. He was very interested and asked me to send the pictures and video I took, to him via email, which I did, I also included a written description of all this in my email because, for at least two nights, the site's form section was down. Tonight, I found the site again but saw my emailed report had not been posted, so I'm just posting it now.

All my immediate family members have looked at the pictures and short video and have agreed that this thing isn't and "normal"or "Earthly." My older son was HIGHLY spooked out by it, as he sees the area right from his main bedroom window and just cannot think of any explanation (though he would have been said, "Mama, you're just crazy sometimes," had I not taken the pictures, etc,). He avoids discussion of anything about it, but he doesn't worry actively. My younger kiddo is really fascinated.

This all occurred on the eve of a difficult birthday for me. *On* my birthday, February 24, I looked at Youtube with my younger son to see if others had reported (& taken better video) of such orbs–they had! And one of the very first comments I read was from a guy who explained he saw basically what I saw, *also on the eve of HIS birthday, and that he had the same thoughts and feelings I did!*

EVERY NIGHT since, I've checked outside, hoping to again see this beautiful orb. It hasn't returned. My birthday is approaching again, so I got a new tripod and set up my telescope, just in case whoever or whatever is responsible for the orb is back in my area at that time of year.

By the way, to verify this, I want to point out that I did publiclybask community members on an Arlington forum/sort of our only "newspaper" (Arlington doesn't have its own newspaper, and it seems most people think we're just part of D.C., which is understandable)—I think it was the Arlington Patch (online), later that same week (possibly the following week, because I was afraid people would scoff at me–but no one did! No one had been awake to see it, but other Arlingtonians were very supportive and also expressed appreciation that "they" were not causing any trouble, but just checking things out, minding their own business or whatnot. A couple peopje said they wished they had been awake to see it.)

I will upload my media, below, where it's requested, but I'd like to note I sent it back when all this happened, too, as I explained, above.

Thank you so much for your helpful, good work!

Attached: 2 brief video clips, 5 photos [one or more are a bit blurry, but at least a couple *are* focused]