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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/30/2022 02:06 (Entered as : 04/30/2022 2:06 AM)
Reported: 4/30/2022 7:07:38 AM 07:07
Posted: 5/31/2022
Location: Greensburg, PA
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 10 mins
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects, This is a possible UFO abduction case
Intelligence analyst alien abduction event

As a former intelligence analyst I am skeptical of UFO's in general because I know the government always has access to superior technology than the public comprehends. However, after my interaction I believe I have a greater grasp of the truth.

I witnessed several illuminated craft that were floating a few hundred meters above the golf coarse as I was smoking a cigarette outside. There were a few differently shaped vehicles in their own formations. One of the vehicles instantly appeared above my house. This vehicle looked like a cylinder. It made no sound and had no visible thrusters. The ground wasn't reacting like a helicopter and nothing was in motion.

I heard messages in my head similar to thinking but without my control. "We are not dangerous." I heard. While I was forming questions in my mind to ask they were being answered in abstract understanding without words. I just knew what they were saying.

I asked what they were here for and I was told that they were studying our impending nuclear holocaust. I understood they were going back in time to watch us. I understood why alien's are being kept TOP SECRET... If society knew of our inevitable doom things would get bad.

I was concerned with this news and thought about the consequences of telling people but also the fear of stigma attached to my admittedly legitimate mental heath diagnosis which I know will be scrutinized. While thinking that I found myself inside what I am assuming to be the closest ship to me. It was white like a surgery room. I felt electricity pulse through my brain. It didn't hurt but it was like a wave. It lasted maybe two minutes. I was then back on my porch. My cigarettes' gone... Thieves.

Immediately they vanished before my eyes just zoom without a sound.

I haven't been experiencing psychotic symptoms other than the complete irony of filing a UFO abduction report. I would be more than willing to undergo psychiatric evaluations to confirm this medical intervention I received from the aliens.