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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/7/2019 22:00 (Entered as : 12/07/2019 10:00 PM)
Reported: 11/11/2022 12:58:20 AM 00:58
Posted: 12/22/2022
Location: , County Offaly
Shape: Circle
Duration: 8-10 minutes
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I was looking up online about identifying UFOS. No video or picture I seen was simular to my encounter. I came across your website where it said to email if I had a sighting.

My sighting happened just as the sun was going down. I came home from work, walked in my front door to where I rolled myself a cigarette inside. I walked out again into the front of my house to smoke my cigarette.

As I walked out from my front door I seen something in the distance in the sky moving towards my direction. No sound, nothing.

As I watched, my body completly froze and what I seen in the distance spotted me. From afar, in a split second it shot right up over my house.

I was unable to move and as I looked up watching. My whole life started to flash before me. The only way i can describe this is how its said to happen where life flashes with a person before they die.

That's exactly what happened at first. The lights were so bright I was unsure of exactly what I was seeing and the size of what I was seeing at that point.

I seen 3 red lights in a regtangular shape. What I seen next looked the only way I can describe, like a chanel on a tv that isn't fully tuned in. Where the image on screen distortes and splits in two till its properly tuned in. It did exactly that.

Looking at the 3 trangular lights I started to see the whole shape of the craft, it was a big circular shape with 3 red lights in a triangle shape on it.

At this point I started to get a really bad feeling in my stomach and in my gut. I never felt something so completely wrong.

A small circle in the middle of the craft started to turn and open. The absoulte fear that came over me ill never forget.

Ive always been a very intutive person. And anyone that knows me would always say that . However, this was a feeling I never ever felt or experienced before.

I knew if I stayed there it was gonna take me. Finally my body had movement and I ran inside in a panic. I panicked so much I was not able to even pick up or hold my phone.

Something in me then said what the hell am I doing?. This is unheard of and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I put myself together as quick and best I could and ran back out. It was still in the same place right above my house. I looked up, I felt it look down on me. Then it shot up into the sky and dissapeared.

I had to leave that house after, as it didnt end there.

With 2 people staying with me after my experience, because I was too afraid to stay there alone. We all witnessed the same terrifying things nights after.

I had a sky light in my room. What we all thought was the moon that we had seen through my sky light way over half an hour of us chatting.

When walking outside on that exact spot I was in before for a cigarette. We each said upon walking out how small the moon was that night.

The "moon" that we all seen in that same spot through my skylight for about an hour at this stage. Suddeny was not the moon anymore.

It shot down from up in the sky right over my house. I started uncontrollably crying bearly able to breath. I didnt even see my friends reactions.

A fighter jet came in that moment and chased it away. I ran so fast leaving my two friends behind running to my parents house 10 minutes away. I never went back to that house after that.

I feel very lucky to have seen what I did. The fear was outweighed by how special I felt with my first encounter.

To see my life flash before me. To be unsure and in a situation unknown. I can honestly say in that very moment and even now to think back on, my heart felt and feels full.

There is only one reason why, and here is where the intuitiveness comes out in me.
What is real in this world for sure?. I'm not sure anyone can answer that....

What I can say though,

Is what i seen was


What I felt was


I seen a part of the world we live in that's real, and I didn't have to die to feel it.

Della L
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