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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/9/2022 10:00 (Entered as : 11/09/2022 10:00 AM)
Reported: 12/14/2022 11:22:47 AM 11:22
Posted: 12/22/2022
Location: Bakersfield,
Shape: Other
Duration: 22 seconds of footage
Characteristics: The object emitted other objects, The object emitted beams, The object made a sound
Type of energy beams before and after a Humanoid figure appearing behind me.

Sat, Dec 3,
Report #: 222
I was adjusting my tablets position on bench in my backyard for a better view of the spaceships in the sky because there were more than usual. I wasn't aware that I was recording until later when reviewing the footage. Instead of my planned hour of footage, all I got was the attached video recorded by accident. I had no idea that anything was behind me. Thinking back I do vaguely remember hearing a type of rustle sound and turning around but thats it. When looking at the tape that was probably the second beam when he was beamed back up. I live alone in a locked gated estate and rarely have visitors. No one was on the property that day and as silly as the anomaly behind me in the video looks, I still have no idea what it was. I just know it wasn't me. I know this may seem like a hoax because whatever it was that appeared behind looks so weird and ridiculous. At first I thought it looked like someone snuck up behind me and was holding up a cereal bowl or a hat and wearing gloves or something. Well thats not the case. I even checked my security system tapes to see if someone got in without me being notified. I have several cameras with facial recognition on the perimeter of the property that are always on. Nothing, not even a rabbit breached the perimeter that day. Anyway, I'm trying to keep this short. None of this really matters except to me really I guess, because what I am really reporting is the partially uncloacked UFOs and their activity in the video. I never would have noticed the distorted beams if it wasn't for what I believe to be a visitor magically appearing and disappearing right next to me. One i guess who just had to know for sure what I was holding or attempting to record. I would never have believed this. But later when re-watching the video. I noticed what seems to be a transporter beam in between me and the pine trees about 25-30ft(tops) behind me. And a second beam visably shooting left to right across the screen that makes 2 holes in the clouds directly over head possibly touching down just a couple feet behind where I was standind. I have included the original 22 second video, plus one that I adjusted in order to slow it down and zoom in. I didn't alter or add anything thats not in the original. I only changed the color palet to enhance the energy beams eminating from one of the ships.There were about a dozen partially visible vessels and some cephalopods plus other anomalies i can't confidently describe in the sky over my backyard that day besides the few noticeable in the video. This is activity is normal here for me, especially on cloudy days. But this is the very first time I've ever seen an actual beam that physically moved or distorted some pine trees. Then a second one which I believe was a return trip transport beam of some kind made distinct holes in the clouds overhead. Or opened up a type of portal hole. So in conclusion I want to say that I wouldn't see the need to report anything if it was just the ships even with a strange humanoid appearing and disappearing behind me because who would believe it anyway? I wouldn't believe it myself if it wasn't for seeing the energy beams the video. I've always dismissed any thoughts I may have had about being watched because of the unusual amount of spacecraft/Ufos over my house on daily basis. I have orbs fly directly over my house in groups 4-7 days a week. These leave in the morning around 7am or so and return just before dusk. Besides those their are many more flying over separately at different times, speeds and altitudes everyday 24/7. Its worse at night I've recently learned after purchasing a P-series Nikon on ebay that takes night photos as bright a day. About 1/2 of the orbs I notice are disguised as planes when viewing them with the naked eye, but on camera they are either one orb, a group of three orbs, or a tic-tac shaped craft. Usually white. The planes are some type of hologram. Sometimes appearing translucent exposing the orbs flying within the apparition or projected image of the plane itself. I have several hundred of pics and videos of these things.. I may just include a couple of extra images with this report so who ever you are that is reading this can see them. Look I don't know what I'm reporting this for. I don't know who you are. I'm noticably worried and nervous about doing this for all the guessable reasons. I also feel like anyone that reads this thinks I'm crazy. I never truly believed I would ever see ufos or aliens at all. I never gave it much thought. But I also never thought anyone that said to me that they had seen one was lying or crazy either. Look, I love Sci-fi space movies, doesn't everyone? My plight started on thanksgiving day about 4 years ago. I was walking my dog and I saw a group of aircraft far off in the distance with the sun reflecting off them flying in my direction spraying a ridiculous amount of chemicals(geo engineering aerosols or whatever, don't get me started). I remember very well wishing to myself that i could see what type of planes they were. I thought about running back to get my binoculars and realized I had my iPad with pretty decent zoom right in my hands. Right then, one of them broke formation. In less than a few seconds, it went from being to far away to tell what it was, to directly above my head. It was a ball of digital fire. It started sputtering. The spray shut off, and it slowed way down changing back and forth from a fireball to just a chrome ball. I thought it was going to seriously crash directly into my house a block away as it swooped down slower just maybe a couple hundred feet away and a few hundred feet up. It was still heading towards the ground. For a second it slowed down even more. I swear it might have been closer to me then that. I felt a bit panicky as i quickly looked around in the normally very active neiborhood for someone. For anyone else that sees it too. But there was no one. Maybe because it was Thanksgiving. Anyway, It was just me and it. It was surreal. It was in a way life-changing. Probably in ways I think I've yet to really understand. Then it fired back up! And yes it made noise. A strong roar like a giant blowtorch as it turned back into a strong fire ball and took off. I mean took off at mach speeds. I watched as it disappeared from sight heading straight for the top of Bear mountain which is the only thing between me and Edward's Airforce Base. But not before I was luckily able to catch one perfect photo on my Ipad.( I will include this photo).

I've heard and read that the largest deepest D.U.M.B base in the country is located up there and that it is protected by these spherical shaped spacefairing craft. The orb seemed small enough that it would be just the right size for one person in there. Possibly two. Some are different sizes. I've seen very large ones in NASA photos of earths moon and among the ruins on almost every planet and moon in our system. I'm still not sure if there is always a physical pilot in them. I feel they can be both manned or autonomous. But I remember feeling very strongly at the time that there was someone inside it, someone driving it. And that for some reason they felt me looking at them wishing to get a closer look and broke ranks specifically for that reason because somehow it heard me, it saw me, and maybe even knows me. Hey, who really knows for sure? Maybe they were just looking for a place to land or wanted to take a shortcut. It seemed to be sputtering a bit. Possibley because of a fuel problem.The fire seemed to power it up or only work when its powered up. Also the fire has to be on to ommit the smoke trails. Maybe its not chemtrails they are ruining the sky with? Maybe they just have anbad muffler really high emissions problem? Just kidding. Long story hopefully a bit shorter, as I decide in real time to give a much larger disclosure than I planned that was my first picture of a UFO. I started paying just a little more attention after that and saw my second one a couple days later. I got very clear pictures of both on my phablet. Thought about reporting but to scared. Showed a couple people(4 in total to this day)but even with the pics no one believed me or cared. Now I see multiple ufos of many different types any time I want to spend five minutes to look, but I'm tired of buying more SD cards. Also, its getting kind of old and more upsetting being the only one i know that gives a crap. People won't even look up if you ask them to regardless what for. Maybe thats why I'm writing so much.Maybe this venting is helping me relieve some stress? It is stressful not being able to find information on the things I now know. After that first encounter its like my mind opened up to accept everything I see with my own eyes and make my own evaluation. I spend a lot of time studying now. I'm currently monitoring the migration, behaviors and working habits of all the cephalopods that I now know are responsible for the making of clouds. It has only rained 1/10 of an inch here in almost 8 months but there are more cloudy days then I ever remember. All these clouds are made, atleast in part, by giant cloud emitting tentacles of almost completely invisble giant octopi and squid. I will include some images and some live video of these as their tenticles are often visable when they are busy spraying.

I'm worried they may possibly be solely responsible for the droughts plaguing many areas all over the world as they seem to eat as many clouds as they make.

Sorry this is so long for an intended quik and simple ufo report. If I did know you and trusted you, and knew what the final destination and outcome of this report was, I would possibly report more and be much more revealing and concise. I just don't know these things. I imagine not knowing what might happen if someone reports a UFO may be a common problem that has a significant effect on the amount of reports being received. I will say that my biggest concern isn't with the abundance of ufos over my house assumably associated with living close to military base. Its not knowing who's flying them, what the hell they are destroying and poisoning the sky with almost every day. Why? And these trails don't just evaporate or disappear. They ruin the sky turning day into night and beautiful blue into what looks like the worst storm you've ever seen is coming. Then the weather man says it's clear blue skies. I mean its horrible. And that's not all that spray does or becomes as it exspands either. You probably know more about that then most from reports. It would be great to here back on your evaluation or with any info or feed back concerning the attached material. I appreciate you taking time to read this. I hope to get the heads up if the men in black are heading this way. Take care and have a wonderful day! Link to report photos-
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