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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/7/03 07:40 Pleasant Hill MO Oval 20 min. I saw 6 very bright lights perfectly spaced apart and they werent moving, when we cam back to were they were 5 min later they were gone 10/7/03
10/7/03 06:20 Las Cruces NM Triangle 15 minutes Along I-10 about 15 miles south of Las Cruces, large triangular craft outlined with very bright, white, lights. There was a lighted dom 10/7/03
10/6/03 22:53 Kansas City MO Teardrop 5 seconds the object,while lit, flew faster than any plane I've ever seen. 10/7/03
10/6/03 04:00 Shell Knob MO Sphere 15M UFO SEEN HOVERING OVER FIELD ON ROUTE 13 ABout a 1/4 mile from Washington Street. THis was no plane! Had no sound nothing! Beam of ligh 10/7/03
10/6/03 03:55 Holland MI Cone 5-7min. To sum it up,hmmm....what was it? 10/7/03
10/6/03 La Vista NE Other 1.5 hrs The motionless objects sparkled like jewels,then came together and back to formstion in a split second. 10/7/03
10/5/03 18:30 Wapakoneta OH Light 20 mins Strobing Red-White-Blue lights splitting in the sky. 10/7/03
10/5/03 18:15 Phoenix AZ Formation 15 to 20 minutes There was a constellation of "stars" in the sky, except it was broad daylight and no clouds, some moved, then they faded away. 10/7/03
10/5/03 08:00 Carpentersville IL Triangle 10 Seconds We witnessed a Pyramid shaped object just above the tree line about 500 feet up moving west southwest at a rapid rate around 8:00ish Ce 10/7/03
10/5/03 06:15 Susanville CA Light 2 seconds I was on a boat in Eagle lake, I looked up and seen a light streak across the sky from NE to SW at dawn. It was moving faster than any 10/7/03
10/4/03 23:45 Syracuse NY Formation still going cluster of lights (with a few steaming out) flashing in serial order from red to green stayed in same spot, but appeared to be moving 10/7/03
10/4/03 23:05 Kansas City KS Changing 20 min. Flashing, skipping lights from a disc shaped object moving extremely fast in Kansas City. 10/7/03
10/4/03 21:30 La Moille IL Changing 45 min My wife used to be a skeptic, now she doesnt know what to say but that it was the most amazing thing she`s ever seen 10/7/03
10/4/03 20:00 Murray KY Changing 1.50 hours Hoovering object w/flashing red, blue, and green lights. There were three cited at the same time, but differnt sections of the sky. 10/7/03
10/4/03 18:10 Brighton CO Teardrop 45-60 seconds My husband and I saw a bright white light with a short tail glidding fast accross the sky from east to west. 10/7/03
10/4/03 16:30 Lafayette LA Light 15 min 2 very bright balls of light dancing. The brightest light I have ever seen. 10/7/03
10/4/03 01:00 Concord CA Fireball 10 seconds Oval Shaped Firey Object Near Concord Naval Weapons Station 10/7/03
10/3/03 20:40 New Bedford MA Formation 8 minutes Five lights fly over New Bedford Harbor in strange formation 10/7/03
10/3/03 20:30 Ootischenia, Castlegar (Canada) BC Light 15 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: there were five of these objects in the sky at one time flying in various directions 10/7/03
10/3/03 12:50 Coventry RI Formation 1 minute a triangle formation of crafts 10/7/03
10/3/03 06:45 Madison OH Light 5 seconds Bright white light abruptly disappears in identical fashion as other examined tapes of UFO's 10/7/03
10/3/03 02:30 New Delhi (India)
Cylinder 3 min (approx) UFO SEEN OVER NEW DELHI (INDIA) 10/7/03
10/2/03 21:45 Marlette MI Light 3 seconds strange light seen by 2 private pilots from light aircraft at night at appx 3500 feet agl to the NE over thumb of Michigan 10/7/03
10/2/03 21:00 Goose Creek SC Diamond 60 seconds Object moved the full view of night sky in less than 60 seconds 10/7/03
10/2/03 19:30 Mobile AL Chevron 15 sec fast moving Chevron/ V formation of lights 10/7/03
10/2/03 19:15 Smithers (Canada) BC Unknown 2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A huge orange ball with a very short tail 10/7/03
10/2/03 19:13 Charlotte NC Oval 2 Minutes small orange oblong craft seen over Charlotte, NC at 19:14 on October 02, 2003 10/7/03
10/2/03 10:32 Ghent (Belgium)
Circle 13 sec Floating disk above Ghent 10/7/03
10/2/03 02:45 Kerrville TX Circle 15 seconds first i saw 8 white lights in a V formation of wich i thought to be one single craft with the 8 lights on it .then they moved west towa 10/7/03
10/1/03 22:40 Slocan Park (Canada) BC Light few seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A glowing white ball dropped from the sky. 10/7/03
10/1/03 21:00 Bellevue WA Light 8-10 seconds Star seen in Seattle moves east then quickly fades away, no meteor trail. 10/7/03
10/1/03 21:00 Rye CO Sphere a few seconds Orange balls in the sky 10/7/03
10/1/03 00:00 Saco ME Circle 2 minutes My wife and I watched a stationary bright white star much larger than a planet hover above the Ocean for about 2 minutes, and then it d 10/7/03
9/30/03 22:34 Poplar Grove IL Light 10 Minutes TWO brightly lit UFO's spotted near Poplar Grove, IL 10/7/03
9/30/03 21:00 Montauk NY Triangle 5 seconds 2 fast moving, silent boomerang/triangle shaped lights. 10/7/03
9/30/03 21:00 Nantucket MA Triangle 10to20 sec. this boomerrang shaped object glided over the buildings, no noise at all, 400 to 600 ft. off the ground 10/7/03
9/30/03 19:45 San Francisco CA Unknown 30 seconds Bright light with a long tailing streak moving Westward 10/7/03
9/30/03 12:00 La Sal UT Sphere 1 sec a small object that appered and disappered very fast. 10/7/03
9/30/03 07:17 Toronto (Canada) ON Diamond
Web cam shot of "panel of lights"? 10/7/03
9/30/03 03:30 Richfield UT Other 2 seconds GREEN falling star. 10/7/03
9/30/03 01:15 Hestes (Union Pacific RR siding between Hutto and Tayl) TX Oval about 10-12 seconds Oval shaped object like a domino with rounded cormers with rows of white lights, moving at high speed. 10/7/03
9/30/03 00:30 Yukon OK Disk approx: 40 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Saucer hovering and slowly moving sideways a bit. 10/7/03
9/30/03 00:00 Tucson AZ Oval home It looked like it was hovering, around us the green light was getting brigter for about 1 minute and then left faster than light. 10/7/03
9/29/03 23:30 Bucharest (Romania)
Triangle 10 seconds looked at a bright star,looked again,star became a very big golden triangle which didnt move at all,went to get video camera,when i wa 10/7/03
9/29/03 21:00 Mercer County KY Unknown 2 hrs. plus i've watched the sky since the mid-60's, so I am fairly familiar with what is up there and what might be I pulled from my driv 10/7/03
9/29/03 20:00 Tres Pinos CA Flash 5-7 seconds Bright sustained slower moving streak across the northwestern sky in Central California Monterey Bay Area 10/7/03
9/29/03 19:50 Mooers NY Disk 15 minutes Bright illuminating circular object, moving at rapid speed, following our light. 10/7/03
9/29/03 19:15 Palo Alto CA Light 1 hour 4 big bright lights hovering over Stanford university area...changing one arched away and disappeared. Seen from 280 fr 10/7/03
9/29/03 17:00 Glens Falls NY Cigar 15 sec. Bright cigar shaped witnessed by three people through binoculars. 10/7/03
9/29/03 05:00 Arlington WA Triangle 5 minutes metalic object high alltitude 10/7/03
9/29/03 00:17 San Carlos AZ Triangle 45 sec. 3 lights spoted over Apache Reservation 10/7/03
9/28/03 23:10 Olympia WA Light seconds looking through an open drivers-side window to the west while about to pull into my driveway, thought what i was to see was a very brig 10/7/03
9/28/03 23:05 Norwich (Norfolk) (UK/England)
Oval 1.5 seconds Oval, Orange, very fast, high, although difficult to say how high due to clear night. Heading from SW to NE 10/7/03
9/28/03 23:00 Oak Ridge NC Light 1 hour Bright light skipping around at approximately a 60 degree angle from ground. I Much brighter than any other object in the sky. 10/7/03
9/28/03 22:00 Bellevue WA Light couple hours WE HAVE VIDEO TAPE OF IT! ((NUFORC Note: Probable "twinkling" stars, we suspect. PD)) 10/7/03
9/28/03 21:00 Northamptonshire (UK/England)
Oval 1 min an orange object flying through the night sky 10/7/03
9/28/03 19:30 Santa Fe NM Teardrop 15 min I saw a short teardrop shape brighter than Mars with a small bright object following, with a bright letter " D" in the center. 10/7/03
9/28/03 19:29 Baker City OR Rectangle 15-20 sec. Panel of light surgically zig/zagged across sky. Here to gone in 2 seconds flat. Impressed the hell out of us. WE WANT 1 10/7/03
9/28/03 18:00 Santa Fe NM Egg 1 hour at least A large bright egg shaped object that moved slightly. 10/7/03
9/28/03 18:00 Gaspé (Canada) PQ Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange fireball with long orange tail seen passing from east to west. 10/7/03
9/28/03 17:30 Houston TX Cylinder 2 - 3 minutes Object had no wings or tail and made no sound. It appeared cylindrical and at times disc like. We saw it in daylight in a clear sky 10/7/03
9/28/03 07:50 Marstons Mills MA Other 2 minutes Black void in the sky moving at a fast pace, this is the 3rd sighting in a year...... 10/7/03
9/28/03 04:00 Tacoma WA Unknown Several hours Tacoma/Puyallup - Light that moved & changed color 10/7/03
9/28/03 01:30 Athens GA Triangle about 1 min. the only thing you could see was 3 lights in the shape of a triangle, floating slowly over a field near some houses. 10/7/03
9/28/03 01:30 Bristol TN Triangle around 10 seconds I just woke up from a nap, and i go outside to jump on the trampoline and listen to music. I turned off the deck light and went outside 10/7/03
9/28/03 01:04 Las Vegas (close to) NV Triangle 1 minute I was returning from california I saw tree lights appear theiy were brigther than a star a little brighter that venus, they appear clos 10/7/03
9/28/03 01:00 Intersection of Hwy. 395 and 85 CA Triangle 10 secons IT was triangle in shape,it was about one mile north of us,it wan the ground.It had 3lights, one on each corner,it made 10/7/03
9/27/03 23:00 Kolkata (India)
Triangle 5 minutes the objects moved at great speed but silently and quite low.they were clearly visible 10/7/03
9/27/03 19:25 Johnson City NY Circle 3 minutes Circular craft cross sky, stops, and flies off 10/7/03
9/27/03 14:00 Oroville WA Oval 2 seconds Bright shining oval shaped shere, it rolled over and then disappered. 10/7/03
9/27/03 07:00 Ask not to give this out. MN Light approx: 60 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Blue lights and another 5 under rainbow. 10/7/03
9/27/03 03:00 DeKalb TX Triangle 3 minutes 3 bright white lights in a triangle moving slowly then dimming out 10/7/03
9/27/03 00:15 Kittatas WA Light 5 seconds Fast moving star like object moving from North to South with no trail or sound. 10/7/03
9/26/03 20:25 Wapato WA Light 15 secs Yellow white lights in the sky turned an orange color and accelerated at a tremendous speed. 10/7/03
9/26/03 20:24 Pitcairn NY Light 5 Min Bright object was seen traveling below the big dipper south to north 10/7/03
9/26/03 18:30 Santa Clara CA Sphere 15 seconds Observed a spherical object moving at high speed, in a straight course from southest to northwest. The object appeared to be round in s 10/7/03
9/26/03 15:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Disk 1 minute fuzzy edged, disklike object, unable to determine altitude or speed due to its appearance, flew in a staight line without course change 10/7/03
9/26/03 13:15 Seattle (area) WA Unknown 1/2 hour dark, blimp-like object over Seattle 10/7/03
9/25/03 22:35 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Egg 20 sec 3 Weakly lit egg shapes in tight formation. 10/7/03
9/25/03 21:00 San Jose CA Triangle 4-7 minutes Red & White Triangle 10/7/03
9/24/03 10:55 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 10 minutes Unknown sphere seen in relatively close range moved rapidly and suddenly stopping and changing positions placement in the sky. 10/7/03
9/24/03 02:40 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere less than 2 seconds 9/24/03 BklynN.Y. sphere less than 2 seconds. object moved at speed of meteor. stopped and made a left turn an dissappeared 10/7/03
9/23/03 22:30 Success AR Triangle 4minutes triangle in shape two of the smaller ones went into one of the big ones and then they shot off in a westerly direction .I have pictures 10/7/03
9/23/03 22:15 Seymour IN Other 30 seconds A flock of 1000 lighted ducks soaring between Mars and Earth blocking Mars for a split second. 10/7/03
9/23/03 20:00 Sonoma CA Other 3-4 seconds Bright light appears in aftermath of power outage in Sonoma, California on September 23, 2003 10/7/03
9/23/03 19:45 Palm Beach Gardens FL Unknown 5-7 min's extremely bright glowing object at dusk, then fading to three lights circling craft in odd flash pattern 10/7/03
9/23/03 01:30 Fort Collins CO Triangle 15 seconds Strange triangle-shaped aircraft with 7 dim lights flying low, fast, and completely silent. 10/7/03
9/23/03 01:05 Fort Collins CO Triangle 5 seconds 3 lights in rigid formation traversing the sky in about 5 seconds 10/7/03
9/22/03 19:30 Santa Fe NM
still ongoing there is a small "moon" in the sky maybe 1/10th the size of our normal moon or less. many people at the whole foods grocery store were 10/7/03
9/21/03 19:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 3 minutes Videotaped disc shaped craft in broad daylight 10/7/03
9/19/03 20:00 Fenton MO Sphere 2 minutes red spheres in the sky 10/7/03
9/17/03 20:30 Caguas (Puerto Rico)
9/17/03 19:30 Montgomeryville PA Light 5 - 10 minutes While looking for Mars in Sept. I saw an unblinking bright red light in the southwest sky which disappeared. 10/7/03
9/15/03 22:15 Denver CO Formation appox 2 sec The formation can best be described as being in the shape of a "snake" 10/7/03
9/15/03 21:00 Abingdon VA Circle 30 minutes a large, perfectly round light, much larger and brighter than any star 10/7/03
9/14/03 16:30 London (UK/England)
Circle 1 hour 4 ufos over london 14/09/03 10/7/03
9/14/03 16:00 Costa Mesa CA Fireball 5 min Bright light moving fast across the sky 10/7/03
9/12/03 21:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Other 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I immediately noticed a bright yellow/red round object in the sky. 10/7/03
9/11/03 02:45 Irving/Grand Prairie TX Cigar 10-15 minutes Large Cigar Shaped Craft 10/7/03
9/10/03 20:30 Cape May NJ Formation 30 mins. Red Orange lights in formation a good portion of sky with sophisticated movement. 10/7/03
9/9/03 22:00 Myrtle Beach SC Light 15 minutes Bright orange lights appearing and disappearing over the ocean 10/7/03
9/6/03 21:00 Pleasant Hill (5-6 miles south of)l MO Other 30-45 sec a straight row of six bright amber colored lights just above the trees. 10/7/03
8/30/03 11:30 Jaipur (India)
Disk ? While in Jaipur, India I took a picture which I am emailing to you from atop the City Palace of the opposite hillside. When looking at 10/7/03
8/27/03 23:00 St John's (Canada) NF Light 2 min star like object that travelled across the sky changed direction and continued at what appeared to be different speeds and disappeared. 10/7/03
8/18/03 20:00 Rockledge FL Other 1min claw hand appears after using scanner on computer 10/7/03
8/3/03 23:00 Toledo OH Light 4 hours odd flashing group of lights seen in toledo 10/7/03
7/24/03 Port Renfrew (Canada) BC Formation 5 min row of many big and small lights 10/7/03
6/15/03 22:30 Lake Charles LA Disk a few seconds Unusal objects moving fast and quite over southwest Lousiana 10/7/03
5/15/03 22:00 Northallerton (UK/England)
Disk about 30 seconds Myself and my sister saw a saucer shaped object in Norththern England 10/7/03
5/10/03 01:00 Leamington Spa (UK/England)
Light 5 mins Two yellow lights moving fast changing direction very abruptly. 10/7/03
4/2/03 16:30 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Cylinder 5 mins I've seen the 4 to 6 ft cyinder in Australia 10/7/03
3/15/03 01:00 Greenwich NY Unknown unknown; instantaneous? An indescribable feeling/light felt/seen in a short instant. 10/7/03
3/6/03 02:00 Virginia Beach VA Triangle three minutes A jet-black triangle with white lights at it's corners and one flashing in the center which emmitted a haunting sound. 10/7/03
12/15/02 08:00 Colchester CT Cylinder about a minute The object was cylinder shaped and had a light coming out of the bottom 10/7/03
9/23/02 21:30 Bridgewater (Canada) NS Light 15 minutes point of light preformed arcing movements and speed impossible for any other aircraft 10/7/03
7/22/02 21:30 London (UK/England)
Cigar 5-10 mins Cylindrical craft sighted in London. 10/7/03
2/13/02 20:00 Phoenix area AZ Oval 4 HOURS reddish orange lights over Palo Verde Nuclear Plant following a vehicle with new technology. 10/7/03
1/11/02 18:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Circle dont know 11/01/02 new york, saucer shaped object captured on film. posted 06-10-03 10/7/03
11/15/01 22:00 Darlington (UK/England)
Light 10 seconds Myself and my sister saw a saucer shaped object in Norththern England 10/7/03
5/10/01 14:00 Youngstown OH Sphere 45 mins. Well, We were walking in to a store when my girlfriend said look at those balls in the sky,I looked where she had pointed in the sky an 10/7/03
9/16/00 01:00 Portland ME Unknown 3 hours implanted piece in hand. 10/7/03
9/11/00 20:15 Ashland KY Other 20 min orange object moved up river -altitude 400 ft. 10/7/03
8/10/00 22:30 West Danville VT Light 3 minutes 3 faint objects in wedge formation travelling very fast, high ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy NOSS satelites.)) 10/7/03
7/19/00 13:00 El Paso TX Sphere 2 hrs Spheres in a triangular formation over the skies of El Paso, TX show their beauty as well as their capabilities and intelligence. 10/7/03
5/11/00 01:00 Russia (Over)
Fireball 15 Minutes I saw a gigantic orange ball inside clouds in the dead of night when I was flying to Japan over Russia. 10/7/03
11/15/98 23:00 Ellensburg WA Fireball 15-20 sec Orange dripping orb.... WA 10/7/03
11/12/98 21:00 Towanda PA Triangle 15 sec Large silent flying triangle craft heads over town. 10/7/03
10/28/98 01:00 Pageland SC Light bright light while laying in bed watching tv i closed my eyes and before i closed my eyes i looked at the clock and it was 1:00 am and i open my eye 10/7/03
8/25/97 13:30 Ft. Dix (near) NJ Other 15 minutes The object appeared to be a large airplane, but it was a dark grayish color unlike any any military planes. My wife and I were driving 10/7/03
7/4/97 16:00 San Diego CA Cigar 8 minutes On July 3 1997 my 2 brothers and I saw a cigar shape going northwest it lasted a few min. 10/7/03
4/1/97 04:00 Houston TX Other 1-2 minutes Large Bus sized cloud - emanating several beautiful colors from center but not making it past outer edge of the cloud 2 minute sighting 10/7/03
7/3/96 10:00 Hoh Rain Forest WA Disk 7-10 seconds saw a slow, low flying silver disk around 10 AM . 10/7/03
11/1/95 22:00 Fontana CA Other around 15 min Saw a U.F.O. dropping some glowing stuff 10/7/03
10/25/95 23:00 Puyallup WA Light 3 minutes Blue and yellow lights hitting the window, but not shining inside. 10/7/03
3/15/94 21:00 Asheville NC Disk 30 min Seen craft very close hovering over telephone poll not moving or making a sound. 10/7/03
9/15/93 22:00 Fort Worth TX Light 2 hours The flickering object had a smaller object moving in and out of it . 10/7/03
12/23/88 20:35 Ovid MI Formation aprox 6 mins 3 spherical object formationwatched in night sky. 10/7/03
5/5/87 21:00 Natick MA Disk 10 seconds The object was saucer shaped since the bottom part of it was covered by the trees and there were hundreds of bright lights. 10/7/03
1/16/86 09:10 Lido Beach NY Circle 20 minutes The Object was above our car hovering. We didn't see it move towards us was just there in an instance. 10/7/03
10/10/84 12:00 Traverse City MI Other couple minutes translucent football seen over city airport 10/7/03
3/1/80 18:00 Bisbee AZ Other 30 minutes Large, nearby, stationary, metallic, featureless oblate spheroid in full daylight, chased by jet fighter in Az in 1980 10/7/03
5/5/78 06:30 Gardner MA Oval 3/4 minutes At the time I was six years old. It was light outside and I looked out our bay window and almost at eye level, I noticed what at first 10/7/03
7/15/77 02:00 Roosevelt Roads (Puerto Rico)
Light 20 SECS The bright light appeared over the gate house and all the power went as it hoverd over the house. 10/7/03
1/10/77 11:00 Adelaide (South Australia)
Disk 30 seconds Several people witnessed positive UFO on clear day. 10/7/03
7/15/75 21:00 Raleigh NC Disk 8 Min UFO seen in 1975 on a desserted hwy. in NC 10/7/03
6/1/70 11:00 Burlingame CA Disk 1-2 hours The disked hovered for over an hour then moved slowly and rapidly accelerated. 10/7/03
9/27/65 05:00 Waterville ME Circle 3-5 minutes Round blue circular object hovers and dissolves in Maine. 10/7/03
11/1/62 18:00 Valparaiso FL Cigar <5 min. orange, glowing cigar over bayou 10/7/03
6/5/56 Elmore AL Sphere 1 hour Me and my cousins where playing near morter creek, near elmore ,out in woods.

A disk shaped sphere came out of sky and it was hover
6/1/41 13:00 Ludington (Hamlin Lake) MI Disk 30 seconds As a boy some 60 plus years ago I saw a round silver disc in the sky when I looked up from playing with ant hills. 10/7/03